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He's been everything that we could have hoped for and more. This guy prepares. He rises to the moment. He's incredibly focused and locked in during games, and he emptied his tank tonight.feedback
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NEW Oct 21 2017
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A.J. Hinch quotes

Oct 16 2017

To play clean baseball is what I'm the most proud of. It's not perfect baseball ... but the cleanliness of our play, being able to make those relay throws, the throw from Marwin in left field, some of the running plays that [Alex] Bregman is making at third. ... Those are small plays that don't get written about a lot, don't get talked about a lot. But they're hugely appreciated in the winning environment.feedback

Oct 16 2017

They've been up a couple of times, and there's been situations where they would be used. The type of two starts that we've gotten, it's pretty obvious it's been a little bit of a surprising lack of pitching usage.feedback

Oct 15 2017

Oftentimes we care about how players handle failure; I care about how players handle success. There's never been a day that I've been his manager that he hasn't talked about trying to get better. We're just scratching the surface. This kid could bona fide be the best player in baseball when all is said and done.feedback

Oct 14 2017

He's very sharp, sees the game in an extraordinarily deep way, has really connected well with players in our clubhouse and spent a lot of time developing relationships and being the bench-coach liaison to the clubhouse that I asked him to be. For him to be able to learn, to grow, to evolve, become a better bench coach, coninued to learn the game, those are characteristics as to why he is a hot name in every opening that's coming up so far and why one day he's going to manage, whether it's now or later.feedback

Oct 13 2017

I will always back Jose Altuve. I think in this regard I've got to tell him he's wrong. Jose Altuve's the MVP. I'm biased, I love Aaron Judge and [Cleveland Indians infielder] Jose Ramirez and [Los Angeles Angels center fielder] Mike Trout and the seasons that those guys had, but Jose was the most consistent player in the big leagues. His MVP-caliber season should be rewarded and hopefully will.feedback

Oct 11 2017

A guy like Beltran, being the 40-something that is he in the clubhouse, will keep things very even-keeled, will keep things in perspective. Beltran is very key because of his presence and because of the influence he has on our players. The attention to detail, the room temperature gauge is very important in the clubhouse.feedback

Oct 09 2017

No, I'm good. I love this time of year. I'm so proud of being the manager here and leading this group of men and I'm having fun. I think that we do all this work to get to these moments, good or bad. ... If you don't keep perspective and you don't enjoy these moments, then why do we sit up here? Like, why do we do the work we do if we don't enjoy it? So, I'm having a great time.feedback

Oct 05 2017

Yeah, I hope it makes him nervous as can be and he's a mess. I think with the adrenaline, there will be something to it, whether he can harness it. But these guys that are elite, these guys that are special, they find a way to settle in and be themselves.feedback

Sep 28 2017

Our seven through nine has been just as good as a lot of teams' middle of the order. The run-scoring has come often, it's come pretty consistently. We haven't been shut down a ton time after time after time. When you have good hitters and guys who feed off one another, it's fun to see.feedback

Sep 25 2017

We take seriously the #HoustonStrong mantra to hopefully be something that Houston can be proud of as they rebuild. We understand what it could mean to bring a championship here.feedback

Sep 25 2017

Athletes rarely need extra reasons to try to be great. But I think we've owned the responsibility of representing Houston the right way, and to be a stable part of a community that's going through something.feedback

Sep 25 2017

We've had one of the best teams in the league from day one and we've gotten stronger, but we've had to endure some injuries, and our depth in the minor leagues as been tested. Then, when we had some guys come up and added Verlander and Maybin, and got healthy, it's put us in a position for a special run. The appreciation from our fanbase is great. And, as we get deeper into the postseason we'll remember that we play a big role in [the City of] Houston's rebuild.feedback

Sep 22 2017

Disbelief is the wrong word, but I was shocked, definitely. I knew right then I wasn't going to bed any time soon.feedback

Sep 22 2017

Credibility, presence, I mean, just listen to him, look at him, talk to him. Verlander is as big of a potential impact as we could possibly imagine.feedback

Sep 17 2017

The story is almost too good to be true. We trade for him for this exact reason to come up in big moments. He was locked in from the very beginning. Nobody better to have on the mound and nobody better to celebrate with.feedback

Sep 17 2017

I just said thank you for everything that this season is about and also to stay focused for what's ahead. We have a chance to have a really special run here.feedback

Sep 16 2017

They're getting after it. They see what's at stake. They're playing hard. They're playing well, which is a good sign.feedback

Sep 03 2017

From the clubhouse, I think it's kind of impossible to overstate the kind of energy that a move like this puts into the group. From the text messages to the calls to the overall excitement of our club, these additions are a huge boost on the energy and makeup component, but more importantly the baseball component. Justin Verlander is a hands-down the best possible outcome we could have had (Thursday night).feedback

Sep 03 2017

I think you learn a little bit about the resiliency of your team, but I also think the thing you learn about is how connected these guys are, how much they feed off of each other.feedback

Sep 03 2017

No, and honestly, given the catastrophe, I don't want another one, either. Where I've seen where the city was, to where it is today, it's better today than it was yesterday. It will be better every single day that we move away from the storm. Obviously, I'd love Mother Nature to stay away for a while. She's done her damage. In baseball, no, you wouldn't wish this upon any team, winning or losing or anywhere in between. (Alex) Bregman rarely got a day off. Marwin Gonzalez had to play primarily the infield. We had to call up a number of young guys to try and fill in the gap a little bit.feedback

Sep 03 2017

When you have him and you put him on the lineup card, and the players know coming to the field that we have Justin Verlander on our side, we're going to feel like we're going to win. What does that do for a team? I don't know exactly, but it gives you that confidence that when you roll out a different pitcher every day and you feel like you're going to win, you're going to win a lot of games.feedback

Sep 03 2017

But I also think the calendar flipping to September and the energy that comes with that, the opportunity to close this thing out and win the division, becomes more real when the numbers get a little bit smaller. We can start to focus on the last part of the season.feedback

Sep 03 2017

The fight in this room is exceptional. We haven't conceded anything. We haven't taken anything for granted. We've really tried to push through all of this as one collective unit.feedback

Sep 03 2017

Even though we weren't as dominant during that stretch of (42) games, we asked a lot of different things from guys.feedback

Sep 02 2017

I don't like baseball. I just wanted to see the inside of the stadium.feedback

Sep 02 2017

Sports in general are pretty therapeutic to a lot of people. Yesterday, when we went to the convention center and got a chance to see a lot of people, some first responders, some military, some evacuees, they were all so excited to see us and say hello.feedback

Sep 02 2017

I want them to think about it. For the three hours [of the game], we're pros. We're baseball people. We'll be able to compete.feedback

Sep 01 2017

Justin Verlander is hands-down the best possible outcome that we could have had last night going into September. By the responses of our team we couldn't be more excited to get him here, get him into our culture and see where he can help take us.feedback

Sep 01 2017

He's been so successful in his career. The one thing missing is a World Series ring. So he let it be known to me right away that he wants to win; he wants to win here. He respects the success that we've had this season and the previous couple of seasons and he wants to do his part.feedback

Sep 01 2017

All we can do is help. Some of it's financial, some of it is your time, some of it's your energy, and I'm going to make sure our team knows that this is just the first day we've been back. They're going to need our help a month from now, six months from now, probably a year from now until the city really gets rebuilt.feedback

Sep 01 2017

We need to do everything we can to help. It's our humane obligation to make another person smile today. I think what people probably want right now is normalcy. And what's normal on a Saturday in September is college football ... and Major League Baseball pennant races. The only way to feel normal is to do normal things, and we can provide a little bit of that. But it doesn't make the problem go away. It just delays what needs to be done.feedback

Aug 31 2017

Our families are excited. They're ready for a big group hug. Most of the feedback I've gotten is that people are excited for us to come back. But it's all in perspective. Our return to Houston is minuscule compared to the work that is going to have to be done.feedback

Aug 31 2017

We'll have three games in two days that hopefully can provide a little bit of a reprieve. What we first do at the beginning of us getting back is important. I think that initial reaction by a lot of different people in Houston has been tremendous.feedback

Aug 31 2017

I still would urge people a month from now, two months from now, six months from now, [to remember] it's going to take a lot of effort and work to get our city back to being normal again.feedback

Aug 29 2017

It's just not a good feeling to know that we can't do anything about it.feedback

Aug 29 2017

We've had a long couple of days. But it is what it is. We've had this on our mind for a few days and we beat the Angels two out of three (over the weekend). This club can handle it.feedback

Aug 29 2017

These guys are real pros and they can compete. This was more about baseball and less about distractions or frustration. They beat us.feedback

Aug 29 2017

I really thank the fans for coming out. The numbers who did and pledged their support. I'm sure they donated their time and money to come out to a unique series. I really appreciate the people doing that.feedback

Jul 26 2017

We haven't been able to name those three as our starting pitchers together all year, so it feels good to go into a series with those guys.feedback

Jul 26 2017

We'll be careful with him getting him deep into games and stuff like that, and we'll use the first couple of starts to ramp him up to that. We're confident enough to activate him off the DL and test him against the Tigers, so we don't expect any problems, but until the adrenaline kicks in, we're not going to know how exactly he feels.feedback

Jul 24 2017

We're not perfect every game. We're not without our own flaws or things we can do better. There have only been a couple of nights where we got it handed to us. Most of the time we're in the game. He's going through a rut right now and things are not going his way. He's not getting beat around the ballpark as much as he is creating some havoc for himself.feedback

Jul 23 2017

It was a pretty scary incident. I go on the field, and he's got blood on the face. Blood, it isn't generally seen in our sport.feedback

Jul 18 2017

We'll move some guys around. It's going to take an adjustment for a lot of us. We're so used to putting Correa out there every, single day and having the middle infield be set and moving the pieces on the corners and in the outfield. But things change quickly.feedback

Jul 18 2017

He's a big presence in our lineup, on our team. To see someone go down like that this tough for everybody. We'll absorb it and we'll have the next man up continue to play. We'll get him better, welcome him back sometime in September and move on. But there's no doubt that it's a punch in the gut when one of your best players is down for a while.feedback

Jul 17 2017

I'm not quite giving up on the glove, even though they're burying it in the outfield.feedback

Jul 15 2017

I think we're all just really happy that he's going to face some live competition, and not worry so much about the endgame and target dates and things like that. Let's just get him in a game. I just want to see how I feel, and that will tell me where I'm at. I think I'm on the way back but only time will tell.feedback

Jul 09 2017

It's nice to say we should keep this going, but we need as many people to rest up here in the next four days.feedback

Jul 01 2017

I think guys are fixated on the home runs across the game. We've seen that change over time, OPS, power, homers, a lot of big swings, very few two-strike approaches, launch angle.feedback

Jun 10 2017

This is the best stuff I think he's brought into the game this season and I think it was a combination of everything but everything seemed to be working off his change up. He could throw it any count, he threw some nasty ones that looked like split-fingers.feedback

Jun 07 2017

They won almost every critical moment. When you do enough of those, they're going to come with a big inning and they did. Certainly they deserve a lot of credit for their at-bats. The walk in there with two outs (to Gordon) kept the inning alive. Then a few too many sliders.feedback

Jun 06 2017

I know he's sore. We're going to get him a guard to protect his hand when he slides. We'll see how he feels when he holds a bat. We might put something on his bat to alleviate the pressure. We feel good that he's avoided a bigger injury, but he may need a day or two.feedback

Jun 06 2017

We got after them early and then they put on a little bit of a push and it got really close. Then obviously Yuli's home run off of Herrera was a big punch for us.feedback

May 11 2017

He's incredibly hot. What great at-bats he's putting up. His ability to stay in the strike zone this year is incredible.feedback

May 08 2017

I just want us to cover the most ground. Jake's got some of the best range on our team, so I like the configuration.feedback

Apr 26 2017

He's such an unheralded player. After missing most of last year, getting Brantley back is like signing a middle-of-the-order bat as a free agent. Just an all-around good hitter.feedback

Mar 24 2017

I wouldn't mind taking us off that list.feedback

Mar 20 2017

I think we'll know more once he gets to the four-inning mark. These next couple starts will be important. We'd like no rain. We'd like no hiccups. We don't have a lot of room for error. But we'll know more in the next five to 10 days.feedback

Mar 06 2017

What we don't know is the cumulative effect of getting ramped up, from a pitching perspective or from a position player perspective, and how that carries over into maybe the third or fourth or fifth month of the season. I'm not sure we're ever going to know.feedback

Mar 06 2017

I think we have to separate the managerial anxiety of what could happen from the actual experience. Bregman is going to be a kid in a candy store with all these superstars around the game for Team USA. That experience is hard to quantify.feedback

Mar 06 2017

Going full speed, full boar, full game competition, third-deck fans screaming – baseball generally isn't played that way this time of year for us.feedback

Dec 25 2016

I'm most proud of how we're playing good consistent baseball. I'm not comparing it to the last couple of seasons, you know how I feel about that. But I feel like we're playing really well in a lot of different facets.feedback

Dec 07 2016

The way we compensate saves, it's very hard for anybody not to be attracted to that. If we played in a nonemotional, noncompensated neutral environment, I think we would flush that stat saves down the toilet. But we don't. There is always going to be a constant pull and tug between players, compensation, manager, analytics, what's the smart thing to do.feedback

Dec 07 2016

But by far the smartest thing to do is win the game. That makes people like me happy.feedback

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