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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Aaron Levie is associated, including Microsoft, Chamath, and deal. Most recently, Aaron Levie has been quoted saying: “We are at a point where business and politics are inseparable, . We obviously want transformation in in healthcare broadly. We think that healthcare needs to be cheaper, more affordable, more efficient, more patient-centric, there's a lot of innovation that needs to happen still in healthcare. It's unfortunate that our bi-partisan system equates a side to each issue as opposed to letting us discuss each issue on its own merit and be able to focus on how do we have an economy and a country that can let companies stay innovative.” in the article 'We are at a point where business and politics are inseparable, ' said Box CEO Aaron Levie.
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But we are going to stand up for our values and ensure all of our employees are protected no matter what happens over the next four years.

Now, moving forward, we know that we must work constructively with D.C. and with the new administration on making sure that we have an economy and we have a tech sector and an innovation push that works for everybody.

There are a number of issues – especially in this campaign, which was unique in many ways – that affect our ability to build a strong culture and a strong community within our organization. First and foremost, we can't build a successful company if we don't have amazing employees that get motivated every day to work together and build awesome technologies and are able to innovate.

A lot of the rhetoric during the campaign was very divisive on the part of the president-elect. That was extremely uncomfortable for many of us in Silicon Valley, where our organizations are built on inclusiveness and diversity.

Much of the work that President Obama and other leaders have pushed through on critically important social issues over the past few years has been challenged throughout this campaign cycle. This is scary.

I'm hopeful that over the coming weeks and months we'll start to see a very different style from the President-elect. Some of the ideas that were proposed in this campaign cycle would be disastrous if put into action, and I'm confident they will not come to pass.

If you think about the social impact of technology today, that's where the play is.

That should be fairly trivial. It's not clear why it hasn't be prioritized.

I do agree, to Chamath's point, that it's a personal decision. I think based on my sort of views of this election, and how significant it is for the country, at the minimum it would be good to do a temporary pause on the relationship.

In the past nine months, we've seen huge investment in the ecosystem.

You can bring together the best of those platforms and show customers how all of these technologies can work well together in future.

We want to make sure we can be as embedded into your business as possible, and Relay allows us to do that. The more Box can help you replace other technology and solutions, the more value we can offer customers.

Work is changing in some pretty fundamental ways. We believe the way most enterprises manage their data isn't going to work.

We wanted to build technology that would help you automate those types of tasks so you don't have to have really complex and cumbersome ways of doing that work.

We want to make it clear what the risks are of a Trump presidency, but it's much more energizing to get excited about a candidate.

It (services) allows us to work with much bigger enterprises and close much bigger deals with them as well. the services increased average selling price for deals by about 20 percent to 30 percent.

Many of our largest deals in fourth quarter came from customers rolling out (Microsoft) office 365 alongside Box.

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