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We're all waiting to get more clarity about what kind of investment will be done and when.

We see companies waiting to make decisions on new hiring, as they expect (Brexit) Article 50 to be triggered in the coming months. They want to have more clarity about the future.

We see that we are living in a world of modest growth with a lot of geopolitical uncertainties but we see also that the momentum has slightly improved in the fourth quarter. Also, in the U.S., you see that in the fourth quarter we had a growth of 1 percent. We are waiting for the investment of the new administration in the U.S. concerning the investment in infrastructure and the potential for growth and the potential for further employment.

What is very important is to guarantee the brain circulation.

One of the strengths of the U.K. is its ability to attract very highly talented people from all over the places, but also their ability to send English people outside. So they're very brain circulation-oriented and I do hope even with Brexit they will keep this asset they have.

It is very important that growth is coming back in France and we are advocating for more reforms, for more simplifications and for sure more reforms on the labor market.

We can only encourage the future president of France to continue reforming the labor market.

Sometimes it can lead to less permanent hiring, that means more temporary hiring. Sometimes it means less restructuring and large-scale hiring.

Overall our UK business has given us good growth and there's good momentum going into the fourth quarter.

We have seen no big effects from Brexit elsewhere and we don't expect to for some time, if there are any effects.

In the normal, permanent recruitment, we don't see any material impact.

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