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Climate change is not a linear phenomenon but it's happening now and the poles are the first witnesses to monitoring this change.

But if something else is more pressing, you have to learn to be patient, and wait an hour or two before it's your turn again.

Mostly when we talk about climate change in Antarctica we talk about the western peninsula, which has the same problem as we have in the Alps in Europe, or in the Andes, with the melting of the ice. But East Antarctica is a place where you get more accumulation at the moment.

The funny thing is that the whole station is managed by a computer. The computer measures the current everywhere in the station, but doesn't allow you to use the energy wherever you want and whenever you want.

It's normal, you have more heat, you get more evaporation in the ocean, more rain or snow falling.

In 1992 during one of our crossings of the Arctic, we never measured more than 2.5 metres of thickness. That's for sure, there is less and less ice in the Arctic in the spring. But every winter the cold arctic night will continue to refreeze the ocean to maintain at least a cold ice-cover on the north. With the Antarctic continent at the opposite side, they are the only cold source of our climate keeping this fragile equilibrium allowing human species to live on this planet.

It's to show made-in-Europe technology can answer to climatic challenges and reduce CO2 emissions.

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