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Of course, the show will have a sharp focus on politics, but I am not interested in catching people out but in finding out much more about the personalities which lie behind their public positions. My view is that the viewer will gain far more information and entertainment from a relaxed, informal style which allows them to express their point of
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Nov 08 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Alex Salmond is associated, including Scotland, European Union, and consequence. Most recently, Alex Salmond has been quoted saying: “There's always an understandable reason that people have to say 'we're not ready for independence, we're not ready for another referendum campaign, we're not ready to move into that again.” in the article 'Westminster politics decays before our eyes'.
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Alex Salmond quotes

Aug 30 2017

Humanity is dying before our eyes and the world looks on

Aug 14 2017 - Scottish independence

Someone shouted that out yesterday, there's no originality!feedback

Jul 11 2017

Obviously in the show there will be lots about politics but the emphasis will be very much on the lighter

Jul 11 2017

I can confirm that the President of the United States will not be appearing in person but he may well feature in quite a few of the stories I tell about recent political

Jun 25 2017 - Scottish independence

Not only was Gordon one of the masterminds of the SNP parliamentary breakthrough of the 1970s but he led the party through tough times in the 1980s. Holding his Dundee seat in 1979 and 1983 was crucial in retaining the credibility which allowed the SNP to prosper in the 1990s and beyond. The party, the national movement and Scotland owe him a great debt and my condolences go to Edith and the

Jun 09 2017 - Scottish independence

The Scottish National Party have lost many fine parliamentarians this evening and that is a grievous blow to the

Jun 09 2017 - Brexit

You've not seen the last of my bonnet and me. But overall results show the SNP will have won a majority of the seats in this country and a majority of the votes, something which I suspect the Prime Minister would like to be able to claim in the early hours of this morning but may not be able to do so. And I know that my colleagues will seek to use that influence to keep the Conservative Party from power and to build a progressive alliance to take this country forward and to avoid the calamity of hard

Jun 09 2017 - British elections 2017

We're very much in that band of politics. I think we will be facing a different Prime Minister because if we are in a situation where Theresa May, having called an unnecessary election, having had exposed blatantly during this campaign her weaknesses and deficiencies as a Prime Minister, if indeed she fails to get a majority, then she is not long for the

May 19 2017

The Tories want to deny and to block that mandate, but they haven't the got the guts or the gumption to say how. That lack of clarity betrays the weakness of their position – they know that their behaviour is antidemocratic and that it will not

May 19 2017 - Scottish independence

The Scottish Tories are mired in complete and utter confusion on the constitution. There is already a cast-iron democratic mandate for Scotland to have a choice, based on last year's Holyrood election and the subsequent vote of the Scottish

May 07 2017 - Scottish independence

Also in the north-east of Scotland it's not the greatest thing to boast you're going to win beforehand, the folk here tend to bring them back down to earth with a bump. And that I think will happen to the Tories. Boasting before an election is an extremely foolish thing to do. The people have their say at the ballot box and I think the north-east of Scotland has a way of bringing people who make vainglorious boasts down to earth with a sharp

Apr 30 2017 - British elections 2017

The general election is to reinforce the right of the Scottish parliament to decide when the time is right for another independence referendum, and if you get that sort of overwhelming vote for the SNP, then the PM's opposition will

Apr 26 2017 - Scottish independence

No, she is looking to get another election victory, which will indicate and support the right of the (Scottish) parliament to decide these things. They will know they are voting to support the right of the parliament to decide on the holding of a Scottish

Apr 21 2017 - Labour Party

Lynton Crosby’s influence in this campaign is already plain. And with Corbyn and Farron looking feeble, only the SNP can be relied on to resist. The UK as a political entity is notoriously difficult to change. Progress is often in inches not metres, and in small drips rather than flash floods. Thus the House of Lords is reformed but unelected, and the House of Commons is only elected by an unreformed system. The Scottish parliament and its sister assemblies in our neighbouring nations are the exceptions that prove the

Apr 09 2017 - Russia

What is the argument for not going ahead with a visit? Rex Tillerson is going on Wednesday, so it can't be that we have moved to a cold war position of no talking whatsoever. The idea the foreign secretary can't be trusted because he might pursue his own line, have an independent thought or cross over what the Americans are going to say just makes him look like some sort of mini-me to the United States of America. That's not a position any foreign secretary would want to be

Apr 09 2017 - Scottish independence

Even Margaret Thatcher, for goodness sake, was prepared to acknowledge the right of the Scottish people to exercise self determination. Self determination delayed, like justice, is self determination denied and it just won't stand

Apr 09 2017 - Conservative and Unionist Party

The Theresa May line - this is not the time or now is not the time - is not going to stand. Back in the day, I remember David Cameron telling me there wasn't going to be a Scottish referendum but that didn't last against the democratic wishes of the Scottish people and the Scottish Parliament and neither will the Theresa May line. It won't necessarily crumble today or tomorrow or next week but over the next few months that line will crumble because no British prime minister can stand against the democratic

Mar 29 2017 - Scottish independence

I mean it's not just Scotland who are looking for a referendum: The Welsh are alienated, Northern Ireland's in deadlock, England's split down the middle. MPs (members of Parliament) are stalking out of committees because they don't like the reality of which they're staring into, and this is the time in which she has decided to invoke Article

Mar 29 2017 - European Commission

After nine months of this prime minister's approach to Brexit, Northern Ireland is deadlocked, the Welsh are alienated, Scotland is going for a referendum, the English are split down the middle and Brexit MPs are walking out of committees because they don't like home

Mar 19 2017 - Scottish independence

The phrase was not once in a lifetime, it was the opportunity of a lifetime. I said it on the Andrew Marr show - it's just one of these collective myths that

Mar 19 2017 - Scottish independence

It's not something that has anything like the difficulties of securing full European Union

Mar 19 2017 - Scottish independence

The idea is to have continuous membership of the European Economic Area. That's the logic behind Nicola Sturgeon's 18 months to two years for the referendum. By definition, that is a lot easier to achieve very, very quickly because EFTA is an organisation of four countries. The European Commission in a number of examples has negotiated arrangements like this before for accession

Mar 18 2017

What I believe will happen is that the UK government will have no choice but to agree to an independence referendum and [that] that referendum will deliver a yes

Mar 17 2017 - Scottish independence

For the wider U.K., a referendum would inject more political uncertainty which could further undermine sterling, raise inflation, and thereby cause slower growth in consumer and business investment

Mar 17 2017 - Oil

Given that demands for the referendum have been brought about by Brexit, currency issues are likely to play an important role in any future debate on independence in the event a referendum is called. Oil prices could also be an important factor in deciding the vote given their sizable effect on Scotland's

Mar 11 2017 - Scottish referendum

I think events are moving on. The time is close. The time is coming. My view is that until the last two weeks May did not rate the idea of there being a Scottish referendum. Like all foolish people, you begin to believe your own propaganda: that no one wants a referendum, that it will not happen. That is what they

Mar 11 2017 - Scottish independence

I think the potential independence vote is 60%-ish. It could be

Feb 20 2017

It's difficult to know whether to be appalled at the morality of this invitation, or just astonished at the stupidity of the

Jan 24 2017

The Prime Minister and her hard Brexit brigade must treat devolved administrations as equal partners - as indeed she promised to

Jan 20 2017

And I think in that context, within that two year period, then I think the Yes side this time would win

Jul 06 2016

You cannot have a situation where this country blunders into an illegal war with the appalling consequences and at the end of the day there isn't a

Jun 24 2016 - Scottish independence

The sensible thing for Scotland to do would never be to leave the European

Jun 09 2015

It would be outrageous, disgraceful, undemocratic and unacceptable to drag Scotland out of the European Union against the wishes and the will of the Scottish

Sep 19 2014

That was a clear promise laid out by Gordon Brown during the campaign. The prime minister says such a vote would be meaningless, I suspect that he can not guarantee the support of his

Sep 19 2014

For me as leader, my time is nearly over, but for Scotland the campaign continues and the dream shall never

Sep 19 2014

I spoke to the prime minister today, and although he reiterated his intentions to proceed as he has now outlined, he would not commit to a second reading vote by March 27 on a new Scotland

Sep 19 2014

Scotland has, by majority, decided not at this stage to become an independent country. I accept that verdict of the people and I call on all of Scotland to follow suit in accepting the democratic verdict of the people of

Sep 18 2014

We want to see Her Majesty the Queen as Queen of the Scots, a fantastic

Sep 18 2014

Independence is not a magic wand. Are there things that go wrong for any nation? Yes, of course there are. Are there challenges to overcome? Undoubtedly. But my question is this: who better to meet these challenges for this nation than the people who live and work in this nation?feedback

Sep 17 2014 - Scottish independence

Vote for the future of this country, vote for economic prosperity, certainly we can build over a period of time. Let's also have a compassionate and just society. Let's make Scotland a country worth

Sep 12 2014

We will succeed, not because we have a wealth of national resources, important though they are, we will succeed as we maintain and build on the energy and the participation and the involvement of the people we have seen this

Sep 11 2014

Scotland is on the cusp of making history. As a country we are re-discovering self-confidence. As a nation, we are finding our voice. We have the contrast of Mr.Cameron yesterday, telling us how much he respected and admired Scotland and the Scottish people, while behind the scenes both the Treasury and indeed his own business advisor were busy trying to galvanise leading business people to say anything they could negative about

Sep 11 2014

I think the people of Scotland have moved beyond these warnings and these

Aug 06 2014 - Scottish independence

Alistair, we'll take the pound because it belongs to Scotland as much as it belongs to England. It's our pound as well as your

Apr 08 2014

America, through the administration, has quite rightly adopted a platform of studied

Nov 30 2013 - Scottish independence

This is a black day for Glasgow and for Scotland. It is also Saint Andrew's Day and it's a day we can take pride and courage in how we respond to adversity and tragedy. And that response from our emergency services and from ordinary citizens has been

Nov 30 2013

We must all prepare ourselves for the likelihood of

Mar 22 2013

With full economic levers and access to our huge natural resources, we can not only defend the progress made with devolution but we can become a fairer, more prosperous society. And one where a new, 21st century relationship is forged between the nations of these islands and with the wider community of

Mar 22 2013 - Scottish independence

Scotland now faces two futures – continuing with an outdated political entity that ill-serves the ­interests of the people of Scotland, a system that will continue to give us governments we didn't vote for. Or independence, where Scotland will get a parliament that is both fully empowered and fully accountable to those whose lives are affected by its

Aug 31 2012 - Scottish independence

The reason why part of Scotland's resources, I mean Scotland has, well water, incredibly ample supplies of clean, fresh water and a highly successful company which both produces and markets these supplies. That's in contrast, not just to other countries but friends south of the

Aug 31 2012

It's quite interesting actually, the UK debt by the time of independence will be around, well be certainly over a trillion pounds. The oil and gas reserves are worth about a trillion

May 25 2012 - Nuclear weapons

If the parliament can run education, then why can't it run the economy? If it can be trusted to run the health service, then why can't it represent Scotland internationally? If it can be trusted to protect our old people, then why can't we protect the country, and do so without the obscenity of nuclear weapons?feedback

Feb 16 2012 - Scottish independence

This is a referendum that must be built in Scotland and run for the people of Scotland. I think the prime minister had better understand that Scottish politics is about a positive vision for the future, it's about people not

Jan 11 2012 - Scottish independence

This is a huge decision, the most important for 300 years. And after a careful analysis we recognise that the first date that allows to conduct it properly, with all preparations properly made, with all the questions answered for the people of Scotland is the autumn of

Aug 31 2009 - Libya

The right reason was to release a dying man on compassionate grounds and not on any other factor: international politics, trade, whatever oil deals may or may not have been – not allow any of these to affect the

Jul 27 2009

Scottish whisky depends on integrity for its success, on provenance and reputation. And I think it is right to say to Diageo 'you are going to damage that reputation and damage the future success if you turn your back on communities like

Dec 15 2006

I'm sure Downing Street spin doctors are saying it's all just a cosy chat for the Prime Minister, but I think we should all stand back and just realise how unprecedented this is. This is the Prime Minister of this country interviewed in the course of a criminal investigation, helping the police with their enquiries in a situation where the only person with the ability to award peerages or knighthoods is the Prime Minister

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