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I will be opening a headquarters in Barnaul as if I am from the film The Mask! Cool. Even my teeth are green!
Mar 20 2017
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Listen, they can jail anyone in this country. We've seen this with Pussy Riot, we've seen this with the May 6 protesters where 12 people are in prison though no crime was committed. So they can jail anyone, including myself.

What is happening in the court there has nothing to do with the law. They should not have been arrested. What's happening reminds me of the Middle Ages.

We should show to those held and their relatives that we have solidarity with them, that we will not let them rot. We'll be always with them.

We will be able to raise the money for everyone who will be fined, and in any case, if this law is adopted, many more people would be coming to legal rallies, and those who face attempted detention during any sort of unsanctioned protests will only resist more ferociously.

Our strategy for the parliamentary elections was to vote for any party but against the party of swindlers and thieves. Now the party of swindlers and thieves is nominating its chief swindler and thief for president. Naturally, we need to vote against him, to fight against him.

In this trial, they don't question the witnesses, and don't accept evidence, they aren't accepting video or audio recordings, photos, and so on. So it's hard to even call this a trial.

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