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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Alvin Tan is associated, including Boris and Europe. Most recently, Alvin Tan has been quoted saying: “The mood is being driven by this realisation that Trump is not going to be able to deliver all his promises – perhaps not even most of them.” in the article Dollar hits 4-month low vs yen on Trumpflation trade rethink | Reuters.

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The mood is being driven by this realisation that Trump is not going to be able to deliver all his promises – perhaps not even most of them.

The mood is being driven by this realization that Trump is not going to be able to deliver all his promises - perhaps not even most of them. All in all that's adding to a picture that the much hoped-for and hyped fiscal stimulus package may not be coming as soon as markets would like it to come, if at all.

The 25-basis point-hike is fully priced in, so that's not even going to be a factor ... it's more what the Fed's path is going to be going forward.

I think euro-sterling in particular will continue to be affected more by the European political situation, in particular the French election. I can imagine there could be some movement probably downward in euro-sterling driven by euro, but hard pressed to see any major drivers of sterling for today in the short-term given the lack of data.

One has to distinguish between the broad dollar strength we are seeing right now and ... sterling weakness. In the near term, euro/sterling is probably a better gauge for sterling direction, because the consensus is quite bullish dollar. But one has to be careful about euro/sterling as we get into the spring because I think European political risks will rise, and the euro could weaken for its own reasons.

Sterling has been under pressure because of these issues with the potential Scottish referendum, after (Sturgeon) set out red lines on Brexit scenarios and talked about continued access to the single market.

The biggest impact you see from the attacks in Berlin and Istanbul is the Swiss franc/euro. But apart from that the dollar continues to be strong after we had some rather positive comments from Janet Yellen.

There remains concern about the Italian referendum and I think that's likely to continue to dominate activity in Europe for the next few days - that's probably why sterling is stronger against the euro.

The fall in oil is pushing back U.S. bond yields and that is leading the consolidation in the dollar.. there is more scepticism about an (OPEC) output cut now.

Sterling's been the greatest outperformer since the Trump win. You'd have thought he won the UK presidency!

By and large the dollar is continuing to trade well. Expectations about the Fed raising rates are edging up and that has been helped by the good run of U.S. data ... The big one though is tomorrow with the non-farm payrolls report.

The market was expecting something from the BOJ and they did not deliver so the market has basically wiped out all the rally in dollar/yen of the last couple of weeks.

If they (the BOJ) were to have some sort of a subsidy policy for the banks, that would allow greater room for policy rates to go lower.

There is genuine worry that Britain might vote to leave and the uncertainty is going to rise into the referendum.

The out camp were struggling to get a figurehead who was popular and Boris has given them that boost.

The correlation between oil and equities is still pretty high.

Europe is holding up a bit better which is welcome considering Asia equities continued to trade lower.

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