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My heart, prayers and deepest condolences are with the victims of the Manchester Attack and their loved ones. There is nothing I or anyone can do to take away the pain you are feeling or to make this
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NEW May 26 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Amber Rudd is associated, including EU, UK, and negotiation. Most recently, Amber Rudd has been quoted saying: “The only thing we can do now is choose how we let this affect us and how we live our lives from here on out.” in the article Ariana Grande to return to Manchester to play a benefit concert for victims of bombing.
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They have been given the support, training and investment needed to increase the number of armed police officers and that process is ongoing. This is a response to a particular situation. This calls for additional action, research and

If anybody is, you know, feeling panicked about the timing of this, I would just urge them to be calm and united. I have colleagues who are great civil libertarians and human rights folk and privy counsellors and I think that is it is possible to take this forward in a bipartisan

We're not able to tell you who is behind that attack. That work is still ongoing. I would expect NHS trusts to learn from this and to make sure that they do

I don't think it's to do with ... preparedness. There's always more we can all do to make sure we're secure against viruses, but I think there have already been good preparations in place by the NHS to make sure they were ready for this sort of

In fact, 97 percent of the NHS trusts and hospitals and doctors are working as normal. So the response has in fact been very good and that is due to the good work of the staff and the resilience that was already put in

I hope the answer is yes, that is the instructions that everybody has received in the past. That is good cyber defence, but I expect, and we will find out over the next few days if there are any holes in

We know it's affected up to 100 countries. It wasn't targeted at the NHS. We know from the information we have about the type of virus it is that it feels

We are clear that no patient data has been accessed. Patient data is secure. So far all we have seen is patients inconvenienced from doctors making changes to their daily life, but the fact is no patient data has been

It's the type of virus that works particularly effectively between systems that are connected to each other so it's more likely to impact on large

We are not able to tell you who is behind that attack. That work is still

This government has long recognised the growing threat of cyber-attack from those who wish to do us harm and has invested significantly to bolster our

I would expect N.H.S. trusts to learn from this and to make sure that they do

It's not going to be identical to the last one. We're setting it out for hopefully a five year term, we've got a lot to think through to work out what's the best way to deliver on our priorities. My personal view is we need to continue to bring immigration down. I want to make sure that we do it in a way that supports

It's too early to say. I appreciate you want to push me on this but we are going to have to wait until the manifesto comes

We are having a new manifesto – it's not going to be identical to the last one. It's right that we look at it

I'm not surprised that there is briefing coming out from different sides of a negotiation. But what we will always do is make sure that we conduct our negotiations more discreetly, shall we say, so that really we can have a freer negotiating hand. I think it's a mistake to allow those sort of details, if they are true, to come out from a

Diane Abbott has laid bare the chaos that Britain would face if Jeremy Corbyn is voted into Downing

We have made it very clear that we will not tolerate the internet being used as a place for terrorists to promote their vile views, or use social media platforms to weaponize the most vulnerable people in our

We need them to take a more proactive and leading role in tackling the terrorist abuse of their platforms. We need them to develop further technology solutions. We need them to set up an industry-wide forum to address the global

We need the help of social media companies, the Googles, the Twitters, the Facebooks, of this world. And the smaller ones, too, platforms like Telegram , Wordpress and

The choice [between the parties] is clear-cut, but the decision to call this election was anything

The point is with the EU they will know we have a small majority. They will watch the polls, see the debates, they read the newspapers. It's important for the EU to realise we have a strong government that is supported by the country so that we can get the best negotiation with them. Division in Westminster will risk our ability to make a success of

Pre-charge bail is a useful and necessary tool but in many cases it is being imposed on people for many months, or even years, without any judicial oversight – and that cannot be right. These important reforms will mean fewer people are placed on bail and for shorter periods. They will bring about much needed safeguards – public accountability and independent scrutiny – while ensuring the police can continue to do their vital

I said I wanted to see this tackled head-on and I welcome the commitment from the key players to set up a cross-industry forum that will help to do this. . I am clear that Government and industry need to work more closely together on this issue so that law enforcement and the intelligence agencies can get access to the data they need to keep us

If we left Europol [the EU's law enforcement agency], then we would take our information ... with

There are two separate items here … It's the same paragraph but it's not in the same sentence. There is no threat. I'm amazed that's even being thrown up. We need to have an agreement, so that the U.K. can continue to help keep the European continent safe and that the European continent can continue to help keep the U.K. safe. This is not going to be traded, this is something that has to be

If you look at something like Europol, we are the largest contributor to Europol. So if we left Europol, then we would take our information – this is in the legislation – with us. The fact is, the European partners want us to keep our information there, because we keep other European countries safe as

You must recognise that talent does not only come from within police ranks. It can be found elsewhere too, in both the public and the private sector. These men and women bring expertise from the worlds of finance, the civil service, the military and business. Expertise that can make a

Where there are ongoing investigations with terrorists- these people (the companies) have families, have children as well, they should be on our side. We would do it all (access messages) through carefully thought-through legally covered arrangements but they cannot get away with saying 'we are a different situation'. They are

You can have a system whereby they can build it so we can have access to it when it is absolutely necessary. But I want to draw a very clear distinction here – I support end-to-end encryption as part of cyber security, for families, for banking, for

End-to-end encryption has a place. Cybersecurity is really important and getting it wrong costs the economy and costs people money, so I support end-to-end encryption. We also need to have a system whereby when the police have an investigation, where the security services have put forward a warrant signed off by the home secretary, we can get that information when a terrorist is

I would ask Tim Cook to think again about other ways of helping us work out how we can get into the situations like WhatsApp on the Apple

There are constant reviews and updates so that we have the right form of defense in parliament. It is not something we take lightly at all. As a result of this in the normal course of business, there will be another review. I think what this reinforces is the need to make sure security is absolutely watertight because MPs (members of parliament) do sometimes feel under pressure in their constituencies and in

We need to make sure that organizations like WhatsApp – and there are plenty of others like that – don't provide a secret place for terrorists to communicate with each

We need to make sure that organizations like WhatsApp, and there are plenty of others like that, don't provide a secret place for terrorists to communicate with each

It's difficult to see how far this will go, whether we may at some stage arrive at that place. At the moment the Government has made the decision on where to have that ban in place based on the intelligence we have

What these companies have to realise is that they are now publishing companies, they are not technology companies, they are platforms and we need to make sure that that stops. We will not resile from taking action if we need to. I would say think again. We want to do this, but we also want other countries to do

That example is best summed up by the actions of Pc Keith

I've said it many times before - we truly have the best police force in the world and I'm humbled by the work you do every day when you put on that uniform not knowing what you might

They will not win, we are all connected and today we showed that by coming together, by going to work, by getting about our normal business because the terrorists will not defeat us. We will defeat them. We are strong in our values and proud of our

The fact that he was known to them doesn't mean that somebody has 24-hour

It reminded us how we are all so connected. The terrorists will not defeat us, we will defeat them. We are strong in our values and proud of our

We are currently considering the various options as to how EU migration might work once we have left and it would be wrong to set out further positions at this

Once we have left the European Union it will be the government that sets our immigration

Money laundering still poses a real threat both to the UK's international reputation and integrity of our world leading financial

Then we will have done our commitment to the

We will be looking across work and study routes. This will include examining whether we should tighten the test companies have to take before recruiting from

My reaction to that is it's a reminder that this is a two-way negotiation. The EU and the commissioners may be considering issues, alternatives. They will be considering their negotiations with us, just as we are with them. But I'm going to make sure that what we do get is in the best interests of the

What we're going to look at is how we can get the best for the economy, driving the numbers down but protecting the people who really add value to the

I don't think it's particularly desirable, but we don't rule it out because we have to be allowed a free hand to get the best negotiations... it's a reminder that this is a two-way

This project means secure, clean energy for the country, jobs and financial security for working people and their

Subsidies should be temporary, not part of a permanent business

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