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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Andre Bakhos is associated, including Fed and China. Most recently, Andre Bakhos has been quoted saying: “The transports are broken right now. We will be biding time along the way to create a consolidation or support level. Whether that starts around here or in the transports around 8,500 I don't know.” in the article Slide in U.S. infrastructure stocks sign of 'Trump trade' weakness | Reuters. An other article where Andre Bakhos has been quoted is Wall Street set to open flat, with Yellen speech awaited.

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The transports are broken right now. We will be biding time along the way to create a consolidation or support level. Whether that starts around here or in the transports around 8,500 I don't know.

The market is pricing in good times ahead but the question is whether the administration is going to be able to deliver on the promises made. The world listens to what Yellen has to say and her speech does have a potential to create an interesting reality check.

With a bellwether company such as Apple reporting an encouraging set of numbers, it has brought the focus of investors back on company fundamentals.

We're looking at a relatively quiet morning as investors wind down ahead of the holiday weekend. The market has been rallying since the election and these minor pauses are welcome and necessary as traders take some profit.

While many stocks have risen quite briskly, investors are looking for some forgotten names in the rally.

People are in a holiday mindset today, but nothing appears to be in the horizon to derail the recent market strength.

The Brexit effect is in play. However, unlike Brexit, if we get a Trump victory, I believe the effect will last a little longer.

As the polls change, the market is growing more nervous and is beginning to price in a Trump presidency.

Although earnings have been coming in mixed, GE's comments of a sluggish economy is causing investors to take a step back.

I think you are going to get a tight-ranged choppy market.

The BOJ made some dovish comments and that has given investors an early push on the likelihood of no action from the Fed.

There is a heightened level of uncertainty regarding hikes, and investors aren't confident about any comments coming from Fed officials.

We're coming off a strong session on the back of solid economic data that the markets needed to justify additional exposure to equities.

People are afraid they are going to miss out on performance, so they are chasing. What is left to fuel this market if it's not earnings?

After the substantial rally, the markets are now looking for added fuel. Earnings and the ensuing comments that companies make are going to be the judge and jury as to where we go from here.

The market also keeps an eye on oil as another economic barometer. Weak oil, weak economy. Strong oil, stable economy.

This data are a barometer, to many, of economic activity and growth. Any hiccup, any speed bump in China will thwart upside activity.

The market is showing a little fatigue ... and the question is what's the next theme that's going to push markets higher. It's going to be a tug of war on economic data and the court of investor opinion as to what exactly the Fed does.

You have a little pullback this morning and I don't see it as anything more than that, unless something material, i.e. the Fed goes back on their word, come Wednesday. Right now, it looks to be like a healthy pullback and a little profit-taking off the strength on Friday.

The market is being driven by oil, technicals and on pure emotion rather than tangible fundamentals.

Investors are taking a step back, evaluating what's been going on ... and for the moment, there's a lack of negative news and some stability in oil.

By no means is this indicative of the worst is over. We've had a very erratic, choppy start to the year and the China news is going to give investors a reason to do some short covering and something to hang their hats on.

Those are violent New Year fireworks. That's quite a way to start the day off. Right now, the focal point is China, the global economic condition, and the fact that we're coming off a disappointing year on many levels, a frustrating year on many levels, only to walk in and have the (S&P) futures down 35 points.

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