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So this is an environment where we're sitting here, the VIX is hanging out, the S&P 500 is not really moving. Very tough environment to be trading in any equity names, or the SPX, or the VIX.
Feb 01 2017
I'm not going to sit here and sugarcoat anything: I'm down money this month. I didn't think I was going to be down; I had a nice first two weeks, I was up about $15,000 and I've lost that money because when I buy in options, I'm buying volatility, and I'm also paying time decay. Sometimes it's OK to be aggressive when the market's moving and we're in one direction, but we've had lack of volatility.” said Andrew Keene on this article: Trader explains how he lost more than $15, 000 in late January. This page contains 25 articles quoting Andrew Keene. Main topics on which Andrew Keene is quoted are September and August. In addition you’ll find 52 quotes there. All these quotes are mentioned on this page and you can filter them by date and by topics.
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I think it can spike up to that 150-week moving average, which is known as a smoothing mechanism level of resistance at $34.

As long as it can get through this 50-day moving average, which is resistance, the next level is $138.

I think [XLE] can continue to go higher since we've been making higher highs and higher lows, but I think we're going to roll over.

I think this is a good setup here to the short side, [so] I'm trying to accumulate some short positions here.

I think the market's going to sell off down to the $208 level. But I don't think it's going to happen until the end of the year.

We will most likely get support here at the 100-day moving average, which is around $82.50; the next level of support is the 150-day moving average, which is around $79.50.

I am risking $150 to make $100, but I can make money if the stock is flat, lower or goes up by less than $2.50. So I like this spread.

I think Starbucks has gotten sold off pretty hard, a lot of selling pressure, but it could consolidate and move even higher.

Combine that with the chart, and I think Microsoft is going higher.

We have that measured move target to $62.50, so I think this is a great reward-to-risk set-up in Microsoft playing into earnings.

On this trade, if it goes to my measured move target of $165 by expiration, I can get 500 percent return. That $110 will turn into $500. If it sells off, the most I'm out is that $110.

We have a measured move target to the $165 level, and that's where I think IBM is heading by November.

That $110 will turn into $500. If it sells off, the most I'm out is that $110.

I think [XOP is seeing] a false breakout, and I want to play it to the downside.

When I'm trading countertrend, [I look to have] a great reward-to-risk set up.

I use the options market to find a measured move target to the upside. They're implying that Delta can move $5 between December expiration.

I think the short-term bottom is in here, and I think we can make a move higher.

Netflix has been in a range here, as the S&P has hit an all-time high. We see every time it sells off, and gets to the $85 level, it finds buyers. When we get to that $100 level, we find sellers. So, what to make of it? The next catalyst will be earnings.

I think Twitter can get up to about $22 or $22.50 by September expiration.

If it goes to $22 by September expiration, I can potentially make five times my money. That 20 cents would then go up to $1.00. I think this is an unbelievable opportunity to get long Twitter in the options market.

We saw institutional order flow in the options market on the odd-82.5 calls.

I think a lot of the retail names, despite Kate Spade having poor earnings, are moving higher. ROST [Ross Stores] is another one we see institutional order flow. I think [TJX will trade at] $85 by August expiration and I think earnings are going to be a catalyst.

Knowing that earnings are coming up, knowing that institutional order flow in the options market leads me to believe that TJX can get up to $85, I think it's going to bust through the $82 level. That's going to act as new support going forward.

If it goes to my measure-move target of $45 by August expiration, I can make 400 percent returns on my capital.

I think it's going to head lower, and we've also seen unusual option activity in the option market on the put side.

I think this is a consolidation top. I think it heads lower. He sees other retail names going lower on earnings as well.

I have until October, so I'm giving myself a long time away as I think Barrick has topped here. It's a countertrend trade, so I have to proceed with caution.

One thing I don't like here is we see lower lows and lower highs, it looks like a double top. [But] what looks like resistance becomes support, and support becomes resistance. So I think XLE can take out $70 to the upside, I think it can hit $72 by September.

I will get 300 percent of my capital on this trade on just a 10 percent move to the upside.

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