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Andriy Lysenko has been quoted 22 times. The two most recent articles where Andriy Lysenko has been quoted are Six Ukrainian soldiers killed in past 24 hours, says military and Separatists and Ukraine troops differ on withdrawal of heavy weapons. Most recently, Andriy Lysenko was quoted as having said, “Intense mortar and artillery firing at our positions have been registered near Maryinka and Krasnohorivka. The fighting also continues near Horlivka, especially near Svitlodarsk.”.

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That is why we have grounds to believe that it was a cyber attack.

Intense mortar and artillery firing at our positions have been registered near Maryinka and Krasnohorivka. The fighting also continues near Horlivka, especially near Svitlodarsk.

The main condition and the only one for the start of the withdrawal of heavy weapons is the fulfilment of the first article of the Minsk agreement and that is the ceasefire. It has not held and by claiming they've started the withdrawal of weapons the rebels are just regrouping their their troops and relocating their weapons in other areas.

In contradiction of the Minsk agreements, Russia continues arming the militants in Donbass. According to reconnaissance information, on February 21 a military group with 60 units of armoured vehicles including tanks and armoured fighting vehicles arrived from the Russian Federation to the Amvrosiivka railway station of the Donetsk region.

At the moment there is fierce fighting on the outskirts of the town. There are clashes around the station. But our forces are holding their positions and they are completely within their rights to open fire in response.

Illegal armed groups have carried out at least 129 attacks on anti-terrorist operations in order to oust them from the occupied territories. Our soldiers, I stress, only opened fire in response.

We expect that the first and most important point of agreement is a permanent ceasefire. It's only after Tuesday's truce that it will be possible to withdraw heavy weaponry to 15 km from the front line.

We have to admit that terrorists are actively using the new tactics of sequential shelling. First they fire at our troops' positions and then they start firing at residential areas.

(The convoy) headed towards the town of Krasny Luch in the Luhansk region. The movement of military equipment was reported, consisting of 32 tanks, 16 D30 howitzer artillery systems, and 30 KAMAZ trucks carrying ammunition and fighters.

Police, special forces, the national guard and armed forces of Ukraine have are now at a state of high alert. In the free territory of Donbass, anti-terror forces will pay close attention to terrorist actions and maintain security at the polling stations during voting and the count.

Overall the situation today remained stable. Each side on the whole respects the ceasefire. This is the first relatively calm day in eastern Ukraine. But in the meantime the terrorists are reinforcing their positions.

Our aim is to release all men we've captured. We are ready to accept conditions from terrorists which are not breaking national and international laws.

A huge volume of weapons unfortunately cross the Russian border. They take them to Ukraine to bring death and destruction and try to annex part of the Ukrainian territory.

Looking at the precision of the shelling, we can say it was carried out by professional artillery gunmen of the Russian armed forces.

Now, clashes between the terrorists and anti-terrorist forces have started in this region so the search for dead civilians could not be completed.

Not far from Luhansk, on the road between Khryashchuvatye and Novosvitlivka, a column of civilians trying to escape was hit from multiple GRAD missile launchers handed to the bandits by the Russian Federation.

We have information that rebels used their routes, which are not under the control of the Ukrainian army, and got some ammunition and troops that came across from the Russian Federation. We can't say the exact numbers, we're checking this information.

Even in the event that a decision will be made to transport aid through the border controlled by the 'terrorists,' the cargo will be examined by Ukrainian border guards and passed on to the Red Cross. However, the entire responsibility for the safety of the contents will be Russia's. Russia controls the arms and the mercenaries.

They are trying to keep Shakhtarsk and won't let the Ukrainian military get there. Because Shakhtarsk is a key point which divides Donetsk region from Luhansk region.

We have many examples of terrorists carrying out provocation shootings, including into Russian territory, and then accusing Ukrainian forces of it.

All who used 'GRAD' missiles against Ukrainian armed forces will be found and destroyed. For every life among our servicemen rebels will pay with tens and hundreds of their lives. None of the terrorists will avoid responsibility.

A school and four apartment buildings were destroyed and a power plant was damaged after terrorists fired at the town of Chervonopartyzansk. One of the shells hit the bus carrying miners.

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