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There is no reason for it from my end. I'm just not playing good tennis and I need to try and work out how to turn that around. Last couple of weeks have been a struggle and a long way from where I'd like to
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May 23 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Andy Murray is associated, including Novak Djokovic, Ivan, and match. Most recently, Andy Murray has been quoted saying: “Movement the last two weeks has not been good.” in the article Struggling Murray puzzled after early Rome exit.
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I think there's still a lot of things that need to be worked out before it potentially happens, but I think it would be a very good

I think that it's a really exciting idea. If it comes off, I think it would be a very, very good thing for tennis. We've exchanged messages. I think there's still a lot of things that need to be worked out before it potentially happens, but I think it would be a very good thing for tennis. Tennis needs an event like that, and I think it would be very

When I started to control the points more towards the end of the first set and second set, I was hitting the ball pretty clean, creating a few chances. I didn't give him any opportunities. It was good for the first

I feel much better than I did three or four weeks

I think there's a good chance Wimbledon would give her one (a wild card) to get into qualifying. I think we've got to wait and see what happens because there might not even be a decision to be made because she might be in the main draw after Madrid or Rome, so there's a good chance she can get in by

I shake when I watch boxing. My wife was like 'Are you OK?' I had to leave the screen. I was unpacking my bag for 30 seconds, then I would come back and watch a little bit. I find it really difficult to watch, especially when I know someone that is in the fight. Like, he went out to train with Klitschko [a couple of years ago] just to understand how to run a professional training camp. If you're willing to take on board the advice of people at the top of their sports, you're going to understand quickly that the one common thing is that you have to work hard – all of the

I met him [Joshua] for the first time at the Olympics in 2012. He doesn't appear to have changed at all, which is refreshing, because there's a huge drama around every fight. When you listen to him, he does appear to be very grounded and very aware of where he wants to get to and the best way of doing

There might not even be a decision to be made, because she might be in the main draw after Madrid or Rome. [Sharapova needs around 415 rankings points from those two events to qualify.]. There's a good chance that she can gets in by right, which I'm sure is what she's hoping for and that's what Wimbledon would be hoping

I haven't felt any different or any extra pressure when I go on the court. Maybe now when you lose as No 1, it's a bigger story. It feels like each time you lose, it's treated like more of a surprise. But I've lost early in Monte Carlo before. I've lost early in Indian Wells before, I've started clay court seasons badly, so I really don't think it's to do with being No. 1. It's been a tricky year so far, and I'm hoping now that I'm through the worst of it and I can finish

If you're willing to learn and take on board the advice of people at the top of their sports, you're going to understand quickly the one common thing is you have to work hard all of the

I think that was more like at the end of last year. All that stuff felt a bit different to me. I'm now getting asked about it every week. It's almost like trying to find a reason for why this year hasn't been as good as the end of last year but it did not have anything to do with being world No1, in my

It was obviously an amazing fight, really exciting. But, when you're watching tennis and people say that was an amazing comeback or hugely brave, it's not really a comparison to what they're

You can't be doing six months going out partying and then expect to in a couple of months get yourself in great shape or turn up for the big events

I think it's true for any sport. When you listen to him speaking about his own career, he does appear to be very grounded and very aware of where he wants to get to and the best way of doing

She is obviously playing well. It looks like there's a good chance after Madrid or Rome she will definitely be inside the qualification ranking for Wimbledon. The French are going to make their decision soon [on 15 May]. It looks like it is only going to be a matter of time before she is in the main competition by right anyway, based on how she played last week. Talking to him, I get the sense he has spoken to a lot of people in a lot of different sports. He went out to train with Klitschko [in 2014] just to understand how to run a professional training

I haven't felt different when I go on to the court, I didn't feel different when I was preparing for the Australian Open as I did in previous years. I really don't think it has been anything to do with

It was obviously a very tough match. It was kind of the opposite of the match we had last week, where probably today he deserved to win, he created a lot more chances, he served for the match and couldn't quite get it. Last week I had 4-0, I felt like I had all of the chances and sometimes on clay matches happen this way so I'm very happy to get through. I started coming to the net more and volleying, I felt like I started to dictate more of the points and that was a big

The last time I came here I hadn't won a claycourt tournament, nor been in big finals, nor beaten some of the best players on this surface. But in the past few years I've had great wins against Rafa (Nadal) and Novak (Djokovic).feedback

I hope to stay there for a long time, but it's hard. It took me 12 years to get there, and the physical and mental effort it took to do it last year was enormous. It's not easy to stay there, but I hope I can. It's always hard to maintain your ranking at the top of the game. A lot of the young ones are starting to play better and better, so it's going to be tough. I have great memories, not only from training and living here, but also because I played my first professional match on one of these courts and I remember it

The best way to adapt to new surfaces [is] playing naturally against the best players in the

I wouldn't start the tournament unless I felt comfortable (going full tilt), but I've only been really serving at my normal pace the last couple of days. I've been trying to build it up slowly to time it right for the beginning of the tournament... the elbow has been feeling better every day, so I am positive about that. The last couple of years I spent lots of time with my team in training and preparation, working on it. Timing my slides better. Once I did that, it's such a big part of my game and how I play that it just felt much more

I've always enjoyed playing on clay but I never quite figured out the

It would be nice to reach the final here. It's not going to be easy, the first tournament back after a while, but I've been feeling good and hopefully I can do

That showed in my results and obviously winning matches and tournaments on the surface builds your confidence as well. This tournament has got a lot of history. I've come here many years and I do enjoy

When I had the injury, I had to take two and a half weeks off serving. When I started serving again, I had to progress very slowly, but in the last couple of days I've been serving pretty much close to the speed that I would normally. My elbow has reacted well, so I feel good about it. I will have had pretty much five days before my match of serving at the right speed, so I think it will be fine. Obviously I have some work to do to push myself back up in the rankings again this year. That starts this

I'm hoping, if I keep progressing as I have with the elbow, to play Monte Carlo. If not, then I just need to stay patient and I'll try the following week. I'm getting there, I just have to go

I'd say that's probably the most emotional I've been after a win. It's incredible that we managed to win this competition. I didn't know that would ever be

I don't know exactly why it is. In practice I normally play pretty well. I don't know if it's the conditions. I really don't know why I haven't played my best here over the

I have never really practised playing against serve-and-volleyers in my career but when I have come up against them, it's normally been a game style I have enjoyed playing against. It wasn't so much the serve-volley that was the problem. It was my own serve and not getting enough opportunities when he was

I felt like I had the ability to (win) but to actually go through is a whole new thing. I tried to bring different tactics ... versus the other times I played him. I didn't want to give him the same look each time. I wanted to put pressure coming into the net, using my strength, which is my ability at the net and serving

He's always played that way, maybe he was doing it better this evening. He was maybe a bit more solid from the back, a bit more consistent from the back of the court. That allows you and gives you more opportunities to come to the net. If you're making mistakes in the first three, four shots of the rally, it's not easy to come in on the correct ball. When you're a little bit more solid, you can be patient and wait for the right shot to come in

The tournaments are well within their rights to give a wild card; there's nothing saying that they can't. There's no rule in place, so the tournaments are going to do what they think is best for their event. But should you get a wild card into every event when you come back? I'm not sure about that. That's something that maybe should be looked

If someone's coming back from a drugs ban, whether they were intentionally cheating, whether it was for recreational drugs, whether it was for performance-enhancing drugs, it's difficult. You'd have to have rules for so many different things. So I think it's

[A] sixteen-hour flight to LA, and it'll take a few days to get over there. I struggled in Indian Wells and Miami last year, and hopefully I can well play

I played a good match today. It's been quite a few late finishes this week and the last couple of matches I didn't start as well as I'd like. The conditions have been a difficult with some stopping and starting. But once I got going I was moving well and I finished

I think you should really have to work your way back. However, the majority of tournaments are going to do what they think is best for their event. If they think having big names there is going to sell more seats, then they're going to do that. She (Sharapova) has an opportunity to try to improve her ranking up until that point and potentially not need a wild

The tie against Canada was tricky. I needed to have a break, I was definitely tired when I got back from Australia and my body was pretty pleased I took some time off. But away to France, after Miami, I'm into the swing of things and I've had enough

Credit to him. He came up with great, great shots and played a really, really good match. You know, you always finish matches you lose with things you maybe could have done a bit better, but he played some really good

Right now I'm obviously very down because I wanted to go further in this event. I've had tough losses in my career in the past. I've come back from them. This is a tough

He served very well when he needed to, especially when he was behind in games. Yeah, he deserved to win because, you know, he played great when he was down, and also in the important

It's the shots he was coming up with when he did come forward. I mean, he came up with some great pickups, you know, reflex volleys especially at the end of the match when it was

Right now I'm down. But I've had tough losses before and come back from

I wasn't scheduled to play Novak today, so my job's to concentrate on Sam and to go into that match with a clear head and a good game plan and try to play well. I did

If you're to get to the final, then it has an

Each match I think I've improved a little bit. That's a good sign. Hopefully I keep getting

I felt better and better as the match went on in terms of my movement. I was moving well at the end – it was very

I'd say Novak Djokovic is still the biggest threat to the number one ranking. His record in Australia is incredible. He has won it six times and won a number of finals against me too so I'm expecting him to play very well

My first ATP World Tour match win came at Queen's in 2005, so for it to become by far the most successful tournament of my career is a great feeling. Looking at the names that have won the tournament four times - some of the best players ever - winning it five times means a lot to

He played great, great tennis and dominated large parts of the match. I told him at the net he will keep climbing the rankings if he plays tennis like that. I played pretty good but he was hitting the ball

He didnt't start well and it's always difficult in the first match of the year but in the second set he played extremely well and pushed me

I only saw a replay of the second one when I was warming down. It looked a little bit awkward, but I am not used to doing

It's been a great year for British sport and I am so proud to have been a part of

Actually, I've got a bone to pick with my wife because about an hour ago she told me she'd voted for Nick Skelton. Not smart from her with Christmas coming

It means a lot to me to be named ITF World Champion. I have had such a memorable

It's the top eight players and every match will be

Thanks to my team and my family who were commenting back home. This has been an incredible journey for me to get to the top of the rankings, I could have not done it without all of

It's been really, really hard to do it, been really difficult. Obviously they are three of the best players that have ever played the game ... some of the years that they have had in that period, as well, have been, I mean, ridiculous, really. Like three slams and double slams ... So, you know, it's taken a great year to get

Obviously it's unfortunate the way that it happened today. But it's been many years of work to get

The way that it happened today was quite strange. I had always imagined, obviously, doing it on the court. Like last night, before I went to bed, I was imagining doing it, kind of thinking about it happening on the court after a

It's been such a difficult thing to do during my career because of how good the guys around me have been, the guys ahead of

Ivan has obviously helped me a lot in the periods we have spent with each other. The first time I have the best period of time in my career, and obviously since Wimbledon it's been a great

He's a tough, tough opponent. Big, strong guy, goes for his shots; takes a lot of

I think Venus and Serena [Williams] have won about four each but hadn't defended a singles title

He's done amazing, really, to get back to playing and competing again at this level after all of the issues he had with his wrists. Mentally, I can only imagine how frustrating that must have been, to kind of keep going through the same problem and having to try and come

Anything could have happened. Emotionally, it was tough. Physically, it was hard ... so many ups and

I played pretty well, hit the ball good from the back of the court, not many unforced errors. It was a good

My job there is to try to prepare as best I can and win a medal for my country. I think the best way to do that is to sort of prepare like you do for other events where you're in your own

It's different than what we're used to. I think that's why the players are staying

I'm not staying in the Village. I'm staying in an apartment with the rest of the

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