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Justine Greening needs to start listening to the headteachers and concerned parents who are facing the real consequences of her government's decision to put tax breaks for the super-rich ahead of investment in the next generation. Despite Tory spin, the new funding formula does nothing to reverse the cuts to budgets and every penny they have found just comes from cutting other education provision - it isn't fair, and it isn't
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Nov 11 2017
We found 48 articles in which Angela Rayner said something. The most recent Angela Rayner’s quote is: “I think it's important that MPs reflect real life and the fact that he said it 15 years ago, and the fact that he said what he said was completely unacceptable and wrong, and he doesn't share those views now, I think you can learn from that. I was a single mum at 16, I left school pregnant. I wouldn't recommend that as a thing for society to do ... but those experiences and mistakes have made me a much better politician because I can speak from experience.”. In addition, all sources we refer have quoted Angela Rayner 66 times. On this page, you will find all of Angela Rayner’s quotes organized by date and topic.
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Oct 01 2017 - British elections 2017

The fact Theresa May thinks she can win over young people by pledging to freeze tuition fees only weeks after increasing them to £9,250 shows just how out of touch she

Sep 27 2017 - Labour Party

There is a role for them. They are part of the staple British diet. Emma has to respond to what her comments are, but I'm absolutely clear that the monarchy is here and they are going to be around for a long time. I think Harry's been doing a fantastic job, especially with regard to our veterans. It's never been a secret that in the Labour party there are people who are anti-royalist. I personally feel the current generation – Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate – have done the royal family

Sep 27 2017

There is no new money and every penny has been found by cutting the education budget

Sep 27 2017 - Labour Party

We'd love to give public sector workers a 5% pay rise, but we cannot do that at the moment. What we've said is that we make sure they will get an inflation pay rise, which is more than what this Conservative government have done. We can't undo the damage that the Conservative have done to our public sector … but what we will do is reverse some of that and start putting us on the right path. But it will take longer than I would personally like to see ... we have to be responsible about that and that's what Jeremy Corbyn is going to set out in his speech about responsible

Sep 27 2017 - Labour Party

The Telegraph obviously must know more about the Labour party than I do, which is astonishing because that is not what we were talking about at

Sep 15 2017

It is a huge amount, it's £100bn, which they estimate currently, which will increase. It's a huge amount of money but of course we also know that a third of that is never

Sep 14 2017

There is no new money for education at all, and this funding for schools is coming from other cuts to education

Sep 14 2017

For many pupils and schools, funding will fall in real terms between now and 2020, which comes on top of a £2.7bn cut in real terms since

Sep 14 2017 - Brexit

Just days ago the government told us that we could trust them with the powers in the Brexit bill because ministers could not change the law without parliament agreeing to it. Yet today they are changing the law despite the House of Commons voting against it. In the space of a week the Tories have gone from Henry VIII to Charles I, simply ignoring elected MPs and ruling by decree. If they want to avoid a constitutional crisis, they must accept this vote and immediately confirm that they will abandon this rise in tuition

Sep 12 2017

They may be afraid of debating this issue but we aren't, so we will now provide the time and the vote using opposition time. The Tories are ripping up the rules of democracy in their desperation to cling to power. They're not taking back control, they're trying to take it

Sep 10 2017

Burdening young people with a lifetime of debt is neither fair nor sustainable. We have long called for action to reduce the burden of debt faced by students, in particular those from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, but time and again the Tories have refused to

Sep 05 2017 - London

This report shows that, despite the rhetoric, this government is failing to improve university access for disadvantaged young people. While admissions rates are stagnant, the rate at which disadvantaged students drop out of university is continuing to

Sep 02 2017 - London

It is no surprise that schools are facing a crisis in teacher recruitment and retention when the government has handed teachers a real-terms pay cut year after

Sep 02 2017 - London

These stark figures show that the average teacher is now thousands of pounds worse off than they were in 2010, and the government's plans to continue with the public-sector pay cap will only make matters worse. The consequence is that schools are now struggling to find and keep the staff who run our classrooms. The Tories have missed their recruitment targets five years running and for two years in a row more teachers have left the profession than

Aug 30 2017 - London

The fact is, this is not an isolated incident and it is about far more than the actions of any individual school. The damaging unintended consequences of the current system are why Labour made it clear we would review assessment and strengthen local accountability for schools, ensuring that they are fit for purpose and help children get the best start in life, rather than putting them at risk of losing their place at

Aug 16 2017 - Trump Presidency

Millions of Americans died fighting the Nazis in WW2, my husband's dad fought alongside them with so many others, POTUS has brought such

Aug 15 2017

It is clear that something has gone seriously wrong since the coalition government privatised this service, and the future education and training of thousands is now at risk. If necessary, ministers should be prepared to step in directly and ensure that trainees and apprentices are protected, their courses are completed and adult education is placed on a sustainable footing. Relentless cuts and incompetence by successive Tory governments have left adult education in a

Jul 31 2017

That really could have been a very lot worse! I really hope the police find the

Jul 26 2017

Just weeks later they have abandoned that pledge as they beat a full scale retreat from their own manifesto. Only Labour has a fully funded plan to provide free school meals to all primary pupils while protecting schools' budgets in real

Jul 24 2017

Childcare costs have shot up since the Conservatives took office in 2010, and both wages and Government support have failed to keep pace with either the cost of childcare or the needs of

Jul 10 2017

The government has serious questions to answer on the impact of their policies such as the continued cap on public sector pay, and their failure to tackle the issues like excessive workload that affect teachers in the classroom. It is time that ministers finally admitted that we are at a crisis point, and came up with a proper plan of action to deal with

Jul 07 2017

Graduate debt is skyrocketing, with no end in sight, and students are facing a lifetime of debt with the taxpayer still picking up the bill at the

Jul 04 2017

But the government have left us with more questions than answers on what their education policy now is, and schools across the country are still facing cuts, with no sign of the funding needed to protect spending per pupil and in real

Jul 02 2017

The coalition of chaos is crumbling before our eyes. Today's admission, slipped out in a written answer, that their flagship education policy may be abandoned before it is even launched is just the latest sign that Theresa May's ministers are now in full-scale retreat from their own manifesto. They need to end the confusion by explaining to the public and parliament what their education policy actually is. If they still think they can snatch the food from our children's mouths then we will fight them all of the

Jun 27 2017 - Brexit

School budgets are being slashed, Sure Start centres are being lost and there is nothing approaching a skills plan that will let us face the challenges of post-Brexit

Jun 25 2017 - Russia

If you try and contact me by my parliamentary email address then l will not be able to respond currently, this is due to a

Jun 24 2017

Parents want to know that schools are safe for our children, and there are real questions for the government to answer. It would be completely unacceptable if they have attempted to water down safety requirements simply to make free schools cheaper or let developers make an easier

May 31 2017 - Labour Party

What is all the more shocking is that against this backdrop of failure, the Tories are choosing to concentrate on building a handful of new selective schools for a handful of better-off

May 30 2017 - British elections 2017

She says no deal is better than a bad deal, but no deal is a bad deal. Saying you're going to be a bloody difficult woman right at the start of the negotiations tends to make sure you do get a bad deal rather than working with partners across Europe. Theresa May has made us look like ogres across Europe. We're a laughing

May 10 2017

When we were in government we transformed education. We had more children from working-class backgrounds getting into universities. We created

May 10 2017

I've been deliberately trying not to talk about higher education today. I've talked about my personal story [in further education] because many politicians have talked about parity of esteem, but they've not touched FE. Because they've not felt the transformative effect that FE

May 09 2017 - Brexit

We believe that lifelong learning and education is the real ticket to ensure that our workforce in a post-Brexit economy can reach its full potential. We are not interested in cutting corporation tax to levels that are unsustainable when our public services are at crisis point. It's about investing in our young

May 03 2017

Labour supports the principle of moving towards a fairer funding formula for schools and will ensure that all schools have the funding they need. Only Labour will build an education system accessible to everyone, not just the privileged

May 03 2017

It speaks volumes that even Theresa's own backbenchers realise her approach to school funding is simply an exercise in moving inadequate sums of money around. On top of this, their cuts to per-pupil spending will mean fewer teachers, cuts to school support staff and larger class sizes; while some schools are not even able to afford basic school

Apr 25 2017

With the government failing our children so badly, it is no wonder that there are over half a million children packed in super-sized

Apr 25 2017

When she was shadow education secretary, the prime minister said large classes were a sign that schools were reaching crisis point. It is time for her to face the fact that she has created a crisis in our nation's

Apr 15 2017

This week's announcement simply does not address the looming crisis in school places. The government is completely neglecting certain areas. When the north-east gets two new schools and 2% of the places they need, local parents will know the system simply isn't working for them. This wave of schools is so expensive that ministers haven't dared publish the price tag, yet it isn't even creating places in the areas that need them most. And this is at a time when existing schools are facing a severe funding

Apr 13 2017

Well of course I am a mum myself and as a parent you just want the best for your children. You want your children to have opportunities that you didn't have and I understand

Apr 13 2017

In effect they've not been able to find the evidence to back up their ideological policy, so they've created some

Apr 13 2017 - Conservative and Unionist Party

In excluding the poorest children from the definition of ‘ordinary working families’, ministers are being as selective with the facts as they plan to be with schools. Anyone listening to the pronouncements of government ministers lately will have heard three words: “ordinary working families”. These are the people Theresa May would have you believe her government is all about. I can see why she made it a slogan. It certainly sounds a lot better than “tax cuts for the rich, cutbacks for the rest”, or any other description of the Tories’ actual policies in

Apr 13 2017

The way that children from an ordinary working class background, like mine, get a good education is to make sure the investment in the teaching is there. Schools are facing an 8% cut. We've never had it where headteachers are writing to parents, getting letters at home saying they're going to have to cut teaching

Apr 11 2017

The free schools programme has been proven to be an enormously expensive and inefficient way to create school places. Today's announcement alone almost certainly comes with an huge price tag, without necessarily even providing new school places in the areas that need them most. And this is at a time when existing schools are facing a severe funding

Apr 06 2017

I completely understand the difficulties that working parents face - I did myself as a single mum. But it's really, really important that we set that principle that actually children should attend school in term-time. There are exceptional circumstances, there is discretion at the moment. But if all parents took their children out of school in term-time because it was cheaper to get a holiday that way, then it would be chaos in our schools and it would affect all

Apr 06 2017 - Labour Party

By investing in our education system and providing free school meals for every primary school child, we will remove the stigma attached to free school meals, and improve health and attainment for all

Apr 05 2017 - London

The Tories claim they're protecting Sure Start, but they're not. They use tricky accounting methods – like pointing to buildings which are still open but which are running much-reduced services – to try to pull the wool over people's

Mar 18 2017 - Uber

The local school bus is now being replaced by the grammar school Uber. But when they are breaking their promise to protect school funding and heads are facing the worst cuts in a generation, it's unbelievable that they think 'cash for cabs' is a good use of money. While we're paying taxes for taxis, disabled teenagers are being left to fend for themselves and other kids are forced to change school for lack of transport. If this idea is the best that [education secretary] Justine Greening can come up with then she's the one who should be getting a taxi for

Mar 07 2017

The money is being spent on a vanity project with no evidence it will help children move on from socially deprived backgrounds. I think it's disgusting. It is not about giving places to local children that need schools, it's about sucking money out of the state sector, which has already seen a £3bn cut and putting it into a system [with] no evidence to suggest it will help our children. It is not parents who choose, these schools select the pupils. It will make the education system worse for most of the children in our

Mar 06 2017

The government has already been forced into a humiliating climb down on their dangerous plans to weaken protections for vulnerable children this week. Now we want to make sure they keep their promises to refugee children as well. With dozens of their own MPs ready to join the opposition on this, they need to listen before it's too

Mar 06 2017

This is now throwing more good money after bad. It will do nothing to address the shortage of available school

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