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It is important for us to look at ourselves. These are the most important things for us. This race will continue until the end of the league and for this reason we must be
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Apr 25 2017
In this page, you will find a list of 261 quotes from Antonio Conte, from different articles. We analyzed 132 articles in which Antonio Conte has been quoted in topics like Arsenal and Liverpool. Antonio Conte’s most recent quote is: “For sure it was a good win and I think I have to be pleased for the great effort from my players. It wasn't easy to play two-and-a-half days after a tough game against Tottenham and to face this type of team. Southampton showed today they are a really good team, very strong with good personality and play good football with good players. We must be pleased for the win. I am pleased for my players because they deserve this win for the great effort they showed me. In this part of the season it is not easy. I was a footballer and I know what happens in every single player.”. To see more examples Antonio Conte’s views and opinions, check out the section below.
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No, no [I am not worried about his form]. It's not a simple situation now for us, because you have to consider that you have to play a semi-final in a great competition and then after two days and a half you have to play against Southampton, and Southampton have rested for 10 days. But sometimes it is very strange to face these types of situation, because I think the FA Cup is a great competition. There is a great tradition for this competition, it is the oldest competition in the world, and we want to respect

It's the right moment to finish talk of them being underdogs and [using] this excuse. Tottenham is a fantastic team, this year [they are] trying again [for the title]. I think in the future Tottenham will stay to fight every game for the title, they are full of great players, strong players. They are doing something important, this is their third year. There is a moment you have to finish considering yourself an underdog. I don't know, these are two different

This is a semi-final and in the season we tried to have in every position two options. I think the right position for John when we play with three centre-backs is in the centre and the player playing there now is David Luiz. I have to make the best decision for the starting 11, we tried different

We have to respect his decision. If you ask me next season is it a serious loss, I think

The most important thing is that Thibaut has recovered. He trained with us this week. This is the most important thing, then I speak with my club [about the circumstances of Courtois' injury]. When I speak with my club I think it is important to keep the conversation secret, and to improve every situation. Commercial work is very important for the club. For a great club, commercial is very important but I repeat it's important always to have a good link with everyone, and then to find the best solution to

Our system needs to find stability. The largest investments that are made in Italy are often targeted at players, which does not allow to invest wisely on youth sectors and

For sure, I have concern because we have to work together and find quickly the right ambition to win this title. If someone thinks it's normal for Chelsea to win the title, we started as underdogs after 10th place last

For us it is a fantastic target. For me if we were able to reach this target it would be a miracle. We must understand this and find the right motivation. We stay in a great position, but Tottenham are in good form and playing very well and with enthusiasm. We must have the same. We all know you either go to the final or you don't and so we must put 200 per cent to reach the final. It won't be easy because Tottenham now are the best team. They are in great form and they have a lot of enthusiasm because they are feeling the possibility of writing

I was worried at the start because it's not easy and when you arrive and find a situation totally different. To transfer your ideas, your philosophy, to the training sessions, wasn't

I think the difference between Chelsea and Tottenham is this… if you stay in Chelsea and win it's normal. If you stay in Tottenham, if you win it's great but if you lose it's not a disaster, no? Not a

I hope to stay for a long time here. Coaching is not an easy job and a lot depends on the results. I like to think results are important, but they are not everything. I think for every coach our work is important every day and then to be judged. During the game I think I show my passion and my will to not lose. I don't want to lose. I love football and I think people understand my passion. It's great to know that Chelsea fans are happy with me. We want to reach the target and if we are able to then it will be an amazing achievement for me and the players. We started the season as

The league is open. We have to think there are six finals from now until the

We lost two games but those games were totally different. Against Crystal Palace [a 2-1 defeat] we didn't deserve to lose. Today we deserved to lose the game. We didn't play a good game and United deserved to win. We have to think there are six finals from now until the end of the season. The league is open and we have a 50% [opportunity] to win the league. It will be good to finish on top of the table and, if so, it means we deserve this. Otherwise we must clap another

I think after a defeat it's not right to go into this situation. Courtois had an injury during the week and then for this reason he wasn't

Eden is becoming a complete player, which is great for him. N'Golo is improving a lot, not only to win and recover the ball, but also we are working to improve the last pass. I repeat: I'm pleased for them, for these nominations. But I'm pleased for all my players because they are doing a great

His contribution [for Chelsea], it's great. But Marcos, I think, is one of the players who has grown this season. He grew this season. He took a lot of

It's more difficult for the defenders, no? For this reason, Paolo Maldini never won the player of the year award, the best player in the world award. For this reason. The defenders are a bit

Honestly, I think he's a massive player, Paul. He's a really top player, a great talent, a complete player because he's strong physically, fantastic technique, good stamina, he's fast. He has the whole [skillset] of the modern player, and I think he's a really top player. I know him very well and I know he's a really top player. Very, very strong. I worked with him for three years and he arrived in Juventus very

But we understood very soon the capacity of this player. For this reason, only after three or four months, he was playing in the starting XI. Then he learned a lot that season, and also he's a player who likes to work and to improve

Yes, I think. I think so. I'm sure that, in the future, this amount of money... someone can pay more than for Paul. I'm sure about

If you ask me about him, I can tell you that, I repeat, he's a massive player because I know him very well. Then the amount of money that United spent on him, I don't know if it's right or not. But, for me, he's a top player. When you go to buy a top player, you must be able to pay a lot of

I don't like it. I prefer to be more focused on my team. If you ask me if I like it or not, I don't. I'd prefer to be focused on my team and the game during the match, so I can find the right solution if my team is in

When Zlatan arrived at Juventus, I finished my career in 2004. It was a pity because I'd like to have played with him. Look, many coaches try to manipulate and try to [get into] your thoughts, but that's not important for me. It's important to continue to work and have our idea of football. My expectations are it will be a tough game. I think, when I talk about tough games, I involve tactical aspects, physical aspects, mental aspects... not only one aspect. It's not right to concentrate on only one of these

I think every coach has to work to prepare the team – tactically and physically, and psychologically – because when there are these types of games it's important to prepare your team to face every situation. Tactical, physicial, the mentality to be ready. This is our

We hope in the future to play the great competitions like the Champions League. I prefer

I listened to this story from when I was the coach at Juventus in my first season. I can tell you Liverpool are the same. For sure, we had more time to work with the team. This is my first season with a new club, and it's important to have more time to work and transfer your ideas of football. But if this is the only reason you [think Chelsea] stay on top of the table, it's a great mistake. We are doing a great

I think he's a great player now, a top player. Not only a finisher, but he plays for the team. It's good to have this type of player because it's very good to play for the team. It's great. For me, he's one of the best players in the world, Zlatan. We must have good defensive organisation, and we must pay attention because, when he attacks the box, he's very dangerous. Also when he receives the ball, he's dangerous. He's a dangerous player. For this reason, I think my players must pay great attention and great concentration tomorrow to stop him, and not only one player, but the

We are trying to find the best solutions for this game because, don't forget, this game will be very tough for both teams and the result is very important for us and United. I didn't prepare anything for this situation for

It's time we stopped being c--p. Every single person here has performed badly over the last couple of seasons. Turning around this ship is not a polite request. It's an order, a moral

I think Manchester United for sure will have good motivation because they are playing against Chelsea. Every team wants to beat the team at the top of the

The most important thing is on the pitch. For us, it's always important to control our emotion because we are playing and fighting to win the title. It's important now in every game to try and take three points, including at Old Trafford. We know this game will be very tough, but we are in good form and the players have the right confidence. If you compare these two games – we face United away and Tottenham face Bournemouth at home – I think that it's easier for Tottenham to take points in their home

I like the pressure, I live with pressure. If I don't see pressure, I put pressure

I have already replied to this question before the FA Cup game. The most important thing is on the pitch. For us, it's always important to control our emotion because we are playing and fighting to win the title. I think Manchester United for sure will have good motivation because they are playing against Chelsea. Every team wants to beat wants to beat the top of the table. We know our schedule is not easy. We are having a good season but we want it to become a great season. To become a great season and to write history you must

Don't forget last season Tottenham fought for the title until the end which means they are a really good team. Last season Chelsea played for 10th place. Now we are on top of the table. Tottenham reinforced the team this season with two or three good players, and I think they are stronger than last season. It's important to understand this to compare the teams in the right

It was a good pressure, I prefer to call it this, but we managed the situation very well. We started the game very well with great attention and

I think Marcos is playing a really good season and it is great for him to show his quality with the free-kick. I'm happy for him but above all for the

We have to stay focused and concentrated because it's sure Tottenham has great desire to win the title. Don't forget that last season Tottenham fought for the title until the end. That means they are a really good team. And Tottenham is stronger than last season. It's important to understand

There are seven games to go. Our schedule is not easy. We know this but it's important to go game by game. After the result against Crystal Palace where we didn't deserve to lose, we could have dropped points against City and then against Bournemouth. Instead we won both games. We have to continue this

Don't forget that last season Tottenham fought for the title until the end. That means they are a really good team. Last season Chelsea were tenth and now we are top of the

I think that, in England, there are really good managers. Why not, if you deserve to manage a good club, why not [go for an Englishman]? There are big examples in the past. That could happen again in the

It's important to get three points and then to reach our target. When we started the season, to come back into the Champions League was our first target. Chelsea must play the Champions League every season. Then, we'll talk with the club, to try for the best solution for next season. But it's important to be focused on this season. I'm listening to a lot of things in this

I read this interview about Andrea Pastorello. I don't know why this person has spoken about me. I have two more years of contract with Chelsea. This is the truth. I don't know why [I'm linked with Inter] but it's normal to try to involve my name in this situation. I was in Italy and they want me to come back to Italy. It's not easy to listen to a lot of things in this moment. But it's normal for me. The present is more important than the future. I prefer to be focused on the present and try to finish this season so it is a great season, not a good

It's very strange because Andrea Pirlo is playing and he wants to continue to play. I don't know why someone wants to put this type of situation for

I see two teams, Chelsea and Tottenham, in this [title] race. But anything can happen. There are 24 points and other rivals can get into this race. For us, this is a great challenge. It's not easy to play against City, a big game, big atmosphere, and then play after three days against Bournemouth. They're a really good team, with a good coach, a good idea of football. If we think that it's easy, we're making a great mistake. Yes, I think this was the right decision. It's important to check our players and then to see the

He trained with us. I have to check his situation and then make the best decision for the team. But he is available. Victor Moses showed this season that he is an important player for us, but in the games against Crystal Palace and City we showed that we can play without him. We are a team, not 11 single players. If you think you can win a game with only one player, you are in trouble, because if you miss this player then it's impossible to

I'm pleased when this happens because it means every single player is into our football. During the training sessions, I have 20 players and I train them in the same way, because I know that anything can happen during the season and you must have players available. I think Zouma showed this in a tough game against a great team. I don't think it's an advantage [to play earlier]. If they win, lose or draw, it's the same. It's important to look at ourselves. Tottenham's result is important but ours is the most

I think that the most important thing is to look at ourselves. It is very important, this. We must think that Tottenham can win all the games. For this reason we need to get 18 points to win the title. I think we are playing a great season bit to win the title there is a long way to go. For sure, this is another step, a big step against a great team because I think that Manchester City is a really great team. It's difficult to play against them. They have a lot of qualities and a good idea of football. We showed we can be a great team to win a difficult game after losing to Crystal

It was not easy to reply in this way and I am satisfied for

For all my players and me, only if you win [the title] do you write the season down in history. If we don't do that, it will have been a good season, but not a 'great' season. So the only message I have given my team is that [to assume] Tottenham must win their last eight games. So we must make six wins and the 18 points we need. If we do this, we win the

At this point of the season the pressure is very high, and to drop points would have given hope to your opponents. So this is a good win for us against a top team, with great players and the best coach in the world. When you face this type of combination, it's tough to win, especially after a defeat to Palace. So this was another step – a big step – against a great team with a lot of

We are still missing Victor Moses and we finished the last game with some problems for some

All the teams want to make a counter-attack against us, it's not just control this part of this game. Chelsea are good at set pieces and in the positional game, they are one of the best teams when it comes to using the third man and to set the ball in attack and runs in behind. David Luiz, [Gary] Cahill and [Cesar] Azpilicueta have the ability to play in the play direct to [Eden] Hazard, Willian, Diego Costa and with [Victor] Moses and Marcos Alonso too, they are so

So they use the counter-attack, they are good at the positional game, they use all the aspects of the game. That is why they are one of the best teams in Europe by far. Of course the counter-attack with Hazard and Pedro and Willian, they are so so fast, they run with the ball and they are so so clever with the

He's a really great player. I repeat: you win and you lose as a team, not as a single player. We are a team in every situation, when we win or when we lose. I'm sure Diego is in good form, great form, and is performing very

Diego is performing very well this season. He's a great striker and our point of reference in our offensive situations. Offensively, he is our point of reference. I'm not concerned about this. I believe in

Yeah, but I think my players don't need to have this advice. They're showing me great behaviour in every game, I

I have to go through what happened, and then to

I think you have to put also Manchester City in this run. It's important to see the result tomorrow. But this run must give you enjoyment. It must make you proud to be in this run. Also because, I repeat, don't forget nobody thought Chelsea, in this season, would fight for the

In my first season at Juventus, even, we stayed behind and then we overcame Milan and won the title (late on). I repeat, it was a great season because we started as

I hope there is a small flame flickering here that can hopefully grow into a blazing

Yes [everybody is fit to face Burnley], Luiz is

I have to check tomorrow if David Luiz is able to play on Sunday [against West Brom] because, after this tackle ... this tackle was very

David is playing in this situation [with pain] after the game against Manchester

It's true, I didn't sleep for a week after that but these experiences are very

For this reason I try to keep the concentration from the start until the end. Football is wonderful for this reason. Anything can happen. It gives a lot of joy but sometimes … yeah, it's not always simple. I won one Champions League final and lost three. You think that's not the same? It is. It's the same. It's not easy to accept the defeats. But defeat is part of our job, part of our culture. You must accept it but also try in the future to evolve a way from defeats. And I know only one way: work and

This league was not finished before Saturday's game and it is not finished now. There are nine games to play and we have to think step by step and at the end if we deserve to win the title I will be very happy. If someone else deserves to win the title it means they were better than us. I know that Manchester City started the season to win the title and they are a really strong squad, but it is right to think about ourselves and to face it game by

Yes, he can improve. He's a young player with a lot of improvement in his path as a footballer. But this must be for him and all the players. Before you finish your career, you can always improve.

Now it's a great challenge to win the Premier League, more difficult a challenge for a player or a coach than other leagues. I think this league is really top in all aspects. Even if this club calls itself Real Madrid. We are in a great club. We have started to build something good for the future, and the ambitions of this club are the same as mine and my players. We stay in the right place if you want to be competitive in the game, be competitive in the future. I hope to play in the Champions League next

It's important to be focused, because we have two games at home against Crystal Palace and Manchester City. It's important to be

They trust our football, in our idea. They show in every game a great commitment. Great will to fight. Great will to show we can win the

At the start of the season, it wasn't bad after three wins, then we changed a lot. Now we stayed on top of the table, we are deserving to stay there. I have to tell thanks to my players because they are working a lot. Working

We have to always think positive and go game by game. Now there is an international break. There will be a bit of rest for [some] players, the other players go to play with the national teams. Then we start in Cobham. . I think this must be Chelsea's mentality. Don't forget, Chelsea is a great team and must always play to win. For this reason when you play in this type of team you must have, you must build, you must work on this type of

It is incredible I think what we are doing. For sure at the start of the season it was very difficult to put Chelsea in the teams who fight for the title. The start of the season wasn't bad and then we changed a lot [to a three‑man defence, after defeat against Arsenal]. Then we stay at the top of the table and I have to thank all my players because they are working hard. They are showing me in every game a great commitment and a great will to

For me, Gary, he can play also as a centre

Against Stoke, we showed from the start until the end, the will to win the game, not to come for only one point. We didn't want to manage the situation, we wanted to play the game to try to win, and in the end we deserved to win. It is incredible, our path. It is incredible what we are doing. For sure, if we think in the first part of the season, when we started this league. For sure, we put Chelsea with the teams to fight for the

This win is important, honestly. We played two games away, West Ham and Stoke, and to win both games is very important in this part of the season. There are 10 games to go. I like to think that now we need to take 21 points to be sure to win the league. But today it is important against a strong team and in a stadium with a great

I think, first of all, for the young players to train with this type of player – Fabregas, Willian, Hazard, Costa, John Terry – is great. You learn every day what it means to be a champion. It's important to stay with this type of player and to

Eden is showing great football but also great character and personality in every game. He is a type of player who is very difficult to stop and for this reason you try to stop him with a good or bad way. But I'm not worried about this because Eden is very strong physically, and he's showed me he's able to play in this league. He's not tall but he's strong. During the game it can happen to get kicked, it's normal, but the referee must pay great attention and try to respect the rules because football is a great

It's not true. I have a good relationship [with the board], when I need something I speak with the club and we always try to find the right solution

He always has a great impact. He's technically very good, and can put the ball where he wants. He's a great player. Often he's decisive with the pass, with the assist, and also to score a

But now we go to Wembley and we are ready to play against Tottenham, against a really strong team but now we must be satisfied for the result and for what we are doing in this

In a semi-final it's normal for the draw to be difficult, but also in this quarter-final it was the same, very difficult against

I think that Hazard started the game and he couldn't play football. All the people can look at this and then judge the situation. When you play against players with great talent, sometimes you try to intimidate them and referees must protect these players because they could go out with a bad injury. It was a good performance against a team that is very strong, with good players. For me, United are the best squad in the league. They have a lot of good players and we must be pleased to go in the next round and to beat a great

We could play also Sunday, or Saturday, if the federation [FA] decided it. But we are playing on Monday. I think that the federation showed great respect for Manchester United to play the last day available the FA Cup. There are four days to recover, and this game is an important game for us, for them. I think their formation will be very good. Also because, I repeat, United and City have the best squads in this

For me, it's not important to think about winning the double. It's important for me, and above all my players, to play game by game and see at the end what we reached at the end of the season. It's important, this. Now, this game is the most important game because either you go through or you stop your run in the FA Cup. For this, it's the most important game for us at this moment. Then, after Monday, our most important game will be against Stoke in the

We have to build our way, to try and arrive at the end of the season, to try and celebrate something and to win something. But, until now, I repeat: The way is very

For sure, I hope in the future to emulate his wins here. I think Jose Mourinho wrote a good part of the history of Chelsea. He won a lot with the players. He did a great job here - it's important, always, not to forget

I have great respect for him because he's a winner. I like his mentality. He has a winning mentality. For sure, he's one of the best in the world and, here, he did a great job. I think every single fan must respect

There are four days to recover, and this game is an important game for us, for them. I think their formation [line-up] will be very

We didn't play during the week. I don't see the necessity to rest

I think that the federation showed great respect for Manchester United, to play the last day

It's normal to have this situation with space, so they know what they can do. For me, it's important to train the other aspects: when we have the ball, when we stay almost always in our opponents' half, to prepare when we are

His history with Chelsea was great. I know very well he's in the heart of Chelsea's fans. It's great, this, because he deserves it. For sure, I hope in the future to emulate his wins here. I have great respect for him because he's a winner. I like his mentality. He has a winning mentality. For sure, he's one of the best in the world and, here, he did a great job. I think every single fan must respect him. I think the counter-attack is an option, above all if you have this type of player, players who are very, very

We are working to try to find the right solution for the whole team, not only for Paul Pogba. It was the same against West Ham, when we played against Andy Carroll, and there were questions about whether we would try and stop

They are two different players with different

It's very difficult to reply now to this question. I hope with all my heart that, at the end of the season, it will be a Chelsea player. Because it means that, probably, we have won the league. But in this league there are a lot of great players, and not only in Chelsea but also in the other teams. I think you must deserve this title, to be the player of the year. Above all, if you win the

No, he's stronger than me. I think I was stronger than him to score goals but, in the other aspects, there is no contest. He is stronger than me. My own work is always to try and improve my players, and I want to improve my players through work. To work very hard to try and improve them. We are talking about great players. He played very well in the past, last season, with Leicester. He's playing very well also this season with us. We are working on some aspects to try and improve him, to make him a more complete players. But we are playing about a great player

It's the same, the same situation. I think that now we must be focused on the

I repeat: John is doing great work this season, on and off the pitch. And, for me, he is very important because he is the captain. He is working very well on the pitch and helping me a lot in the changing room, transferring the right message. For sure, he is an important player for us. I have to decide the starting XI and I will try to make the best decision for the team. We want to go into the next round, in the same way Manchester United do, so I will try and make the best decision for the team. It's

I think Manchester United, with City, have the best squad in the league. They have a lot, a number of great players with great talent and great experience to win. For sure, it can be a really tough game, for us and for them. I think that now, for us, it is better. We have a good identity, a good team. So we are showing good football. But, for sure, it will be a really tough game against United. We are facing a good team, very

First of all, we have to win. We have to win. Now it's very difficult to say this because I think we need 24 points to be sure to win the title. There are 11 games to go. For us, it's important to go game by game in the league, in the championship, but also in the FA Cup. I think that, in 20 years at Arsenal, he did very well. He worked a lot. Every year Arsenal stay in the Champions League. Now, I think, this could also be a good target because, in England, it's not

It's not an easy moment for Wenger, but we are talking about a great

Now we have the FA Cup on Monday, a really tough game. We want to get into the next round, but we all know this game will be very difficult. But we want to try and go into the next round. Then we'll see. Until now, we didn't win anything.

You have to fight, this season, with six teams. Next season, seven or eight teams to find the right place. He won in the past with Arsenal. I don't know if it's too much or not, to win, but I think he deserves respect for his past, for his

After the game I can tell you. I hope to show we are favourites on the pitch, not only in

N'Golo is a really good player and has great stamina. He covers a lot of the ground. It's a solid step for us. It is not easy to play after your

Last time wasn't good, not good at all. I hope in this game our fans, the West Ham fans, enjoy totally the game and find the right atmosphere. In England, it's very strange for me to talk about this: usually in every game you find the right atmosphere … I think the players, the club, the country deserves

All my players are playing very well and deserve the best. But it's important in this case to finish the right way and try to win. Only if you win will people remember you. We started our season trying to fight until the end to win the title and to try and fight until the end to be in the right position to go into next season's Champions League. This was our target. It wasn't easy to start the season and know that six strong teams fight for the title and the Champions

Yes, last time... Last time wasn't

This game against West Ham, for us, is very important. It's very

They have to go into the Europa League, which is a bit different to the Champions League. But now this league is very, very difficult. To win the title and also find a place to play the Champions League is not

We started our season trying to fight until the end to win the title, and to try and fight until the end to be in the right position to go into next season's Champions

Yes, yes [we miss it]. For me and my players, yes. The Champions League, I think, must be an appointment for us every year. This was our target. Our target. But for sure, it wasn't easy to start the season and know that six strong teams fight for the title and the Champions League. Don't forget, in this six teams, two won't play in the Champions League next

Our objective is to win the title but also to make sure we are in the Champions

To see eight goals is not simple. We started our season to try to fight until the end to win the title, to try and fight until the end to be in the right position to be in the Champions League next season - this was our target. Don't forget two of these teams won't play in the Champions League and will be in the Europa League, that's a big

For me and for my players we all miss it. The Champions League must be an appointment for us every year. The Champions League must be our house, for this reason we are putting our strength into making sure we are playing in the Champions League next season. It's a great competition for the players, the club and the manager and we want to try and stay there, to try and fight to win. I watched Manchester City v Monaco live because I wanted to feel this type of game and in the future I hope to watch these games

I realised it quickly, that Victor could stay with us. I remember during pre-season, when we stayed in America, I spoke with him and told him: 'Victor, you will stay with

For Victor, he was very, very happy when he listened to my

I'll do some TV bits in that time to keep myself involved and I'm interested in that side of things. It leaves my options open and when you finish, I think it's important to not make a rash decision right away. You have to look at the world, step outside the bubble of a footballer, and make the right decision. Fortunately enough, I have options so it's about taking the right

In England an easy game does not exist and the game is very tough if the name of your opposition team is City or another

There is big pressure but it is normal when you are in a great club and you are very good. When you are lucky enough to fight for the title there is the pressure but not only for us, for a lot of teams. Do not forget, the other teams were candidates to win the title but instead we stay top of the table and we try to keep this position. If we were able keep this position it means we deserve

It is another game, I do not know if it is the perfect team for

There are no important injuries - apart from a little problem for Eden Hazard. He got kicked. But it's nothing serious. The rest of the team are in good fitness and working very

My family stayed in Italy and, yeah, I am working for the future, to bring them here and to stay together because for sure the family is missing me, this is

Me personally? No, no. I think my situation is very clear. I have a contract with Chelsea. [I am] trying to build something important with the club, for the present, for the future and I think the situation is very clear. I am happy for sure, the only problem for me this season is the family is missing me for

I am very happy for this experience because for me and my family it is incredible. For sure, in this season my wife and my daughter stayed in Italy but I hope they come and stay here also because I need them. Yes, I hope [I can manage here for years]. Usually, when you start a project with a new team you want to stay many years and to build something important with the

The most important thing is the success of the club, the players and the manager. I was sure to arrive here and also to compete in this league with other good managers. Now, it is important to continue in this way because anything can happen until the end but we want to continue to stay on top of the

For sure, to build you must work many years to have the opportunity to grow with your players and to try to win also because when you are the manager in a great club, the imperative is to try to win but also to play great football. It wasn't easy for me when you arrive at the start of the season after a bad year. But I am pleased for the players because they showed me great commitment to fight and to come back very soon to fight for the

The kick was in training, on Wednesday. I don't remember this [who kicked him, but it was] nothing at all

Now he's working very well for us. He must continue to work and anything can happen. If he shows me he deserves to play, I'm ready to put him in the starting XI. If that doesn't happen, I'll continue this way. The present is the most important thing, to work hard now. At the end of the season we'll look at the situation of every single player [and decide what happens next].feedback

The only problem for me this season was the family missing me. For sure, my family stayed in Italy. I'm working, and working for the future to try and bring them here and to stay together. Family is missing me, this is the truth. I hope they come here and stay here also because I need

I am pleased for Pedro, for the team, and now we must continue in this

But after this game it is important to understand that nothing is easy. It will be very difficult to win both competitions, but we want to try to win some

I like to repeat that in England in every game in every competition there does not exist an easy

Don't forget today I made seven changes and I trust in my squad and my players. It's important that when I put them in the starting 11 that I have a good reply from my players who are not playing a lot. Today they give me great

We worked very well. I'm pleased for my players because they showed me great commitment. The will to fight to try to win this game because the game was very important. It was very important in one week, in four days to face two tough games against Liverpool and against Arsenal. Now, it's important to celebrate this win but then from tomorrow it's important to think about the next

No, I am very well here. I have stuff to finish this year. I have a contract until 2020. Voila, for now I'm

I think we deserved at least a draw. We created many chances. But this is football. We must accept this result. We scored our goal after five minutes and then we conceded two in a few minutes. When you concede goals in that way you must understand the situation and improve on those mistakes. In every game in England, anything can happen. The league is so strong. We faced a team today with strong players. I think they showed they were a good team. If we had won we would have been happy but now it is important to focus on Manchester

It will be a tough game, but every game from here on will be

I think this defeat is totally different if you compare it to our defeats in September because against Liverpool and Arsenal at that moment we weren't a team. Tonight, we showed that we are a team and we are a strong team, and it is important

We knew that defeat could happen before the game but I think today I saw a game with a good balance and they scored a goal at the end of the first-half and the second goal in our best moment. It is a pity to stop this run, but Tottenham is a good team, a really strong team and I think is for sure one of the teams that can fight for the title until the

Forget Real Madrid! Chelsea can give Hazard the success he

No, I don't think so [that Hazard is after a new deal]. I think it's very important to stay, to feel that you stay in the right place with ambition. This type of player, when you arrive at being a top player, you want to fight to win and be competitive in every trophy you have to play

In London, there are many teams. For example, [on Saturday] there is a derby against Crystal Palace. I like to listen to the other coaches, but I prefer to have a great respect for all the

In my experiences with football, I have won a lot but I think I have lost more. For this reason, I want to keep our feet on the ground. It is very important for me and my players. After this type of season, with a lot of difficulties to overcome the problems, I think we deserve to win. But there are 10 games to go and our opponents don't want to accept that Chelsea are champions. I remember very well playing Crystal Palace. Also in that game [a 1-0 win], we deserved to win but we suffered also because Crystal Palace have a lot of very good

I don't know [if Chelsea will listen to offers]. I am repeating always the same things: now it is important to be focused on the present. Don't look too far forward, it's very

This is a new chapter for my life, for my career, for me. This league is very difficult. The most difficult in the world because there are 6 or 7 teams that can win the title and Chelsea is a great

When people talk about the Italian national team, there is always respect for our history and our tradition, but we want to scare opponents with our performances on the pitch and not only for what we have achieved in the

Let's say that our history in this sport is very important. Italy is always considered a very strong footballing nation in terms of clubs and also the national team. But at the moment, we are

Let's take the number of Italian nationals playing in our clubs: only 34%, because 66% are foreign players. So, you can understand the difficulty in finding and choosing Italian players for the national team. It's a difficult situation and it's also difficult to find new talent in the country. We can use many excuses, but the important thing is to find a solution for this country in order to be competitive again and find world class talent as we did in the

Fear, we don't know the word 'fear', but we know the word 'respect. Respect to the opponents, that could be Benfica, or even a second division club. Fear doesn't exist for us, it's not part of our

We knew that by winning we'd have the concrete possibility to pass to the next level in the Champions League and play the last match against Galatasaray and so, it is in our hands. I'll tell you already that we are not making calculations because this team does not need to do that, it is not how I play and it is not in our

We have come from three successive victories in the championships, great victories, overwhelming. We are hoping to have a game that is very, very good and I reiterate it's fundamental to go through to the next round. And as I've always said, we've got to show on the field, as we did in

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