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The latest quote from Arsene Wenger is: “I approached him last year because I really believe that he has an exceptional future ahead of him.”. It comes from the The 'new Thierry Henry'? Mbappe can be the Messi & Ronaldo of his generation article. You’ll find on this page 28 articles with Arsene Wenger quoted on topics such as Bayern and Europe. Arsene Wenger has been quoted 92 times in 28 articles.

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He reminds me of a young Henry. He's got the same clever look, the same qualities of intelligence and the same deftness of finishing.

I approached him last year because I really believe that he has an exceptional future ahead of him.

At the moment we do not have an agreement. We've decided to focus on the end of the season and talk about it during the summer. It's the same situation with Ozil because, when once you don't find an agreement and it lasts, it's not good for them, so it's better you get it out and sit down during the summer.

How long I stay doesn't really matter because as long as I'm there I'm completely focused on what to achieve with the club. We're going through a difficult period in results, so I think it's much more important to focus and get it right again. We suffer a lot at the moment but when you take a bit of distance and put things into perspective; we have two games in hand, we're in a semi-final of the FA Cup, so our season will be decided by how well we respond to the difficult period.

My job is to make 100% of people happy and I think if you look at where the club was when I arrived and where it is today, I'm quite proud of what I did for the club. Today, we live in a period where people are very demanding and I can understand that, but I know as well that I've guided this club through very difficult periods where there were very little resources and I always managed to get the best out of the team and that's what I'll do as long as I'm at Arsenal.

We have to fight to finish as high as we can and then let other people judge. My job is not to judge, it is to produce and let other people judge.

You can basically say that if you don't win the Premier League then it's not a successful season, and I can understand that but you have clubs like Liverpool who have never won the Premier League who are a big club; Manchester City, Man Utd... this year it will be won by Chelsea. No matter how many there are, each year only one team wins it. Of course it will be a disappointment not to win the championship, but you have to go as far and do as well as you can.

It is not true. That is what you call fake news. I formally deny it.

Barcelona's alleged interest in Bellerin is very hard to take seriously. He has just signed a new contract and still has many years left.

A contract with PSG? I formally deny that. That is fake news. I formally deny that.

This job allowed me to get to the next level as a human being; to develop my strengths in what makes a human being great which is to bring out the best in others. I am focused on getting to the next level, trying to improve, trying to see what you can do better and reinvent yourself.

It's more … it's not that. I take a bigger perspective. It's not the last result that will decide what I will do.

You will know soon. Very soon. It will not necessarily be linked with that because I've done the top four 20 times.

Chile go to Argentina for a massive game but they play only next week. If it is only a kick he will play. His ankle is swollen. If a ligament is damaged he will not play.

We lost Petr Cech in the first half with a calf problem and after we lost, of course, Sanchez. He stayed on but in the second half he was not himself so I decided to take him off. His ankle doesn't look good.

We focus on analysing where we are not good at the moment and correct what didn't work.

I know what I will do in my future. You will soon know, very soon. We do not necessarily worry about that. We are in a unique bad patch that we have not had for 20 years and that is more important for my future.

We take all responsibility. It's obviously a big disappointment when you lose a game like that. We all have to take responsibility and prepare for our next games. It's very worrying because we are not used to that [four defeats in five] and overall we have a hell of a task now to fight back. We need to regroup and of course focus on the games coming up because there are many big games. Everybody goes away now [for the international break] and we have to recover and prepare for our end of season.

We want to play in the Champions League next season. We have a tough job because we have six or seven teams fighting for the places and how well we do until the end of the season will, of course, depend on that. On the rest, we are in the semi-finals of the FA Cup, we have an opportunity to do that as well. So overall those are our targets. After that, success is basically to take the maximum out of the potential of the team. Where is that? We will see.

Our record on defending set pieces is quite good this season, but we were a bit naive on their movement. They blocked our goalkeeper both times.

I was always convinced, because of the quality of his runs, he was a central striker. For a while he was as well but he made up his mind during the summer break and he feels more comfortable on the right.

He can influence games. He is a focused player and he was not picked for the European Championship. Always in life, you try to get to the next level when things don't go for you – or you think you did everything right and continue to live like you did before. He had the right response. He said: 'What do I need to do to get higher up?' And he did it.

I believe everybody looks at his squad and tries to find a way where the game is most efficient and we developed one way. It is not the only way, I respect every other way as long as the referees get the rules respected. [But] I saw some footage last Sunday; you cannot say any more it is football, it is rugby on the goalkeepers [rather] than football.

I don't know. You always write for headlines, I am here to speak about football not my future. I think tonight there was no uncertainty in our game. I felt that we played very well and it was more the decisions of the referee who killed the game.

I thought we played very well. We put Bayern under pressure. The second half was a very difficult situation for us, when you're down to 10 men and have to score four goals against a quality team.

The players have to perform and the board chooses the manager. I think we are in the best football club in the world and we have to show pride and commitment to defend the pride of this club. It is not about the politics, we are not in a political club here, we are judged on performance. I have to perform and the players have to perform. The players are ready to fight. We live in a world of small margins and if you drop off a little, it looks like you don't want to fight.

If I ask you, Is everybody in your company behind you?' I promise you I would find someone who is not happy that you sit here and would like to be in your position.

It is your bosses that choose if you are here or not and that is why I can understand that when the results are not there that I am criticised. But it is not down to the players to choose the manager.

It is really down to us now to make the first step to make our fans proud of ourselves again. That is really something that we need the emphasis on. I have not come to a decision yet. I will wait a bit and see how the season finishes here.

What was not good in the first half was our collective performance. That's for me a much more rational explanation than all the rest.

I don't think there's a need to go into any individual explanation. What was good in the second half was our collective performance.

I just think that I have no special regrets.

I felt we were a bit unlucky and a bit unlucky with some decisions as well. You watch the situation and you give me your opinion whether Emre Can should have been sent off. Or you ask the referee, that's even better. You go directly to see him. No, I did not go to see the referee after the final whistle. I do not need explanations. The situations are the situations. Explanations will not change anything in the situation.

My regret is to have lost the game and especially in the first half, for the first goal we conceded from a direct kick from their goalkeeper.

We got back into it in the second half and responded well. We had opportunities to get back in it. But we did not perform at our level in the first half.

We had problems to get in the rhythm in the first half. We were not really at the races. We conceded cheap goals, direct balls from the goalkeeper. You do not expect that in a big game like this.

Yes [Sanchez] had an impact in the second half]. But I felt the strikers suffered in the first half because we did not dominate in midfield. Things were easier in the second half. You could see that Welbeck and Giroud did much better in the second half.

But I do not want to make a debate about one player. It is not Ozil alone who will win us the game. It is a strong team performance.

He suffered a lot from the loss of Cazorla because Cazorla in deep midfield can get you out of pressure. He gets the ball played through to a player who is higher up and then Ozil is a player who, with the timing of the pass, with the ball at the right moment, he can always do damage. He had 17 or 18 assists last year, he has less this year, but especially his numbers dropped as I told you since we had less collective possession in deep midfield, provide less ammunition for the high midfield.

We lacked pace in the first half, we were not at the races. We were unlucky with some decisions in the second half. I did not seek explanations from the referee because explanations will not change the result.

We did try to go direct, by which I mean I wanted the goalkeeper to kick it straight to the strikers.

But you are right, we didn't make any chances, and we didn't make enough of our corners.

That is what we want to add to our game. What is most important for me now is the attitude to just go for it – to go and take. What is linked many times with belief is a passive mode and not enough proactivity. You have to make things happen. It is always a mindset. How do I bring it out in the players? By making them conscious of it.

I think confidence plays a part. If you want to park the bus, then you lose Özil. He is a guy who needs possession. With possession, he is a marvellous player.

Özil has suffered a lot from the loss of Cazorla. Cazorla can get out of pressure in deep midfield; he gets the ball played through to a player who is higher up and then Özil, with the ball at the right moment, can always do damage. But I don't want to make this a debate about one player. It's not Özil alone who will win us the game.

But I just think you have to focus on the way we want to play and on the desire to win, to fight and to take the opportunity you have to show your quality. After that, the recent history being negative, that doesn't help. But you have to be strong enough to deal with that. Things can change very quickly at the end of the season with many big teams playing against each other. It is very difficult to predict how many points will be needed [for a top-two finish] at the moment. We are in the mode now where we want to win our next game.

It is always high intensity, very competitive. Anfield is a special place where the fans are behind their team, where their team plays at a good pace.

It is even more important because we have not done well recently in these kind of games. For us, this kind of game at Liverpool is of course an opportunity that we want to take. We have to go and take it and not wait for the result. The result comes with a 'taking attitude' and that for me is the most important, that we go to just start on a positive attitude. As for the consequences for the rest of the season, of course it will have vital consequences.

We gave him permission to go, but with a promise that he will come back if there is a possibility to come back here. Overall, I think it is part of his education to become a coach, to have this kind of experience. Hopefully we can use that later at Arsenal. Freddie has done extremely well with the under-15s here. I was in touch with him constantly during his experience there. Wolfsburg is a good opportunity because they have the third [highest] budget in the league.

We have a game in hand and things can change quickly, but we have to focus on our next game. To do a thing like that, you need exceptional rhythm in your results and, as well, Chelsea to fade.

Andries has been at Wolfsburg before. They knew him and they took advantage of the fact they know him to attract him there.

At the moment it is more important that we focus on winning our games and focus on our next game rather than dreaming about coming back to Chelsea.

If you look at their team, their squad, they have very good players, so he has a good opportunity there to get them out of the relegation battle and as well to prepare to be their long-term coach there.

They look at the moment in full confidence, powerful, strong and they don't concede goals. The title is theirs to lose. They are in the best position, they don't play in Europe. They can wait every week for the next game, they can prepare properly and they are in a very, very strong position.

It's true that we need a positive result from Bayern but that positive result only has an impact if we win, so let's focus on what we can do.

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