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It seems to me President Trump, he needs to get a better understanding of what Putin really is. It's important to understand him. He's the enemy of my country. But he's a very smart, sophisticated political animal. And his primary objective is to outplay President Trump. He wants to set a fire to the whole house of the free world, to distract everyone. The only language that President Putin understands is the language of strength. The good news is that President Trump wants to be a very strong, masculine leader. And you can't have two masculine folks on one
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May 19 2017 Trump-Putin
Arseniy Yatsenyuk has been quoted 71 times. The one recent article where Arseniy Yatsenyuk has been quoted is A Ukrainian Comes to Washington, Urging His Nation Not Be Forgotten. Most recently, Arseniy Yatsenyuk was quoted as having said, “We are on the agenda.”.
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Arseniy Yatsenyuk quotes

Jan 24 2015

We are addressing our European partners and members of the UN Security Council to call for a Security Council meeting as Russia has broken not just the Minsk agreements, Russia is breaking basic principles of international law and humanity. They are ashamed of nothing, rockets were even aimed at the children's

Dec 24 2014

It is important to fulfil the Minsk agreements. That's where the contact group is meeting. But contacts are not important. What is important are decisions. They should let in our humanitarian aid [to the eastern regions], implement the Minsk protocols, leave Ukrainian soil, and step-by-step we will stabilise the situation in the

Nov 27 2014

Here is my hand for carrying out all that you have just said from this

Oct 22 2014

At the moment, we have 17 billion cubic metres of gas. If the EU additionally opens reverse flows to us – because we are already receiving 60 percent of gas by reverse – then it will hugely ease the way we survive

Oct 07 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

This will give us a real picture of who really owns what in

Aug 08 2014 - Russia

I spoke about all the measures which could be included in the law. This includes the possible halting of all types of transit, from air flights to transit of

Jul 24 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

First, let me be very clear, because probably you don't know the reality of what's on the ground in Ukraine. The majority of all Ukrainian presidents, prime ministers and members of Ukrainian governments were from eastern

Jul 24 2014

A few days ago I was in Slovyansk. Slovyansk is a former stronghold of these Russian-led guerrillas, and it's true that probably up to thirty percent of the indigenous people of the east don't trust Kyiv. And this is absolutely normal. But I saw the eyes and the faces of those who were liberated by the Ukrainian army. Probably they don't like us, but they definitely hate these Russian-led

Jul 24 2014

Decentralisation – what kind of idea do we have? For today, the president has appointed governments [regional administrations]. We want to eliminate this institution [of appointment] and to allow the local councils directly to elect the governors, through the local council. [We are] ready to do it, and the president has already introduced to the house [parliament] amendments to the

Jul 24 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

Room still exists; there is room for some kind of talks. But the only model of talks the Ukrainian government supports is the Geneva format: the United States, the European Union, Ukraine and Russia. So, we still have the room, but we need to have a cell, a prison cell, for those who committed these international

Jul 23 2014

And probably the first one was shot down with a man PAD (portable rocket launcher) and another one allegedly was shot down with an air-to air

Jul 23 2014

Absolutely and this is definetly not a Ukrainian plane, and we will ask our western partners to provide us with additional intelligence and support of pictures and

Jul 21 2014 - People's Party for Freedom and Democracy

(The) Ukrainian government is ready to transfer an international investigation to our Dutch friends, (the) Dutch side could lead the process of investigation together with the entire international

Jun 26 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

The situation in the country is too difficult. Unplanned billions are being spent on ensuring the territorial integrity of Ukraine as a state. There is a new form of war being waged against

May 13 2014

We are ready for a market-based approach and Russia is to stop using natural gas as another, or a new type of Russian

May 12 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

Russia should stop supporting terrorists and call on them to lay down weapons and vacate the buildings. Russia should stop financing them – then there will be peace in

May 09 2014

Those who are terrorists, those who do harm, we will bring them to justice but we started to launch a nationwide dialogue two weeks ago and we believe the country will be

May 04 2014

These terrorist organisations would have been

Apr 19 2014 - Russia

The Ukrainian government is ready to conduct a comprehensive constitutional reform that will secure powers of the regions. We will give a special status to the Russian language and will defend

Apr 18 2014 - Crimea

Crimea is Ukrainian territory. People in Donetsk and Luhansk have had their property taken from them. Vladimir Putin, it's our Crimea, our Yalta, our sea and our

Apr 16 2014

That is, if the Russian Federation is interested in stabilising the situation, which I have significant doubts

Apr 11 2014

We're not only ready for dialogue with the regions but we're ready to fulfill the lawful requirements and wishes of all of the citizens of our

Mar 27 2014 - IMF

The country is on the brink of economic and financial bankruptcy. If these reform laws are not accepted we predict default and we predict a 10 percent decrease in

Mar 21 2014

The second one is political, diplomatic and economic. The best way to contain Russia, is to impose real economic leverage over them. because, what's happening? they are selling gas and oil mainly to the European union, then they take euros, dollar and pounds and buy armaments, armed vehicles and tanks and invade an independent

Mar 16 2014

The Ukrainian state will find all those ringleaders of separatism and division who now, under the cover of Russian troops, are trying to destroy Ukrainian independence. We will find all of them – if it takes one year, two years and bring them to justice and try them in Ukrainian and international courts. The ground will burn beneath their

Mar 13 2014 - Crimea

We urge Russian Federation to pull back its military forces deployed in Crimea to barracks and to start real talks and

Mar 07 2014

This money will be spent on modernising the Ukrainian economy, building new plants, creating jobs and making Ukrainian products more

Mar 07 2014

EU countries announced that they will unilaterally open the European markets for Ukrainian producers and

Mar 06 2014 - US, Russia relations

This is not a Ukrainian-Russian conflict. This this conflict in Europe. And we need urgently to tackle this problem, and we are ready to find a solution in a contact group. We are ready to find an off ramp together with the US, the EU, with Russia and with Ukrainian

Mar 05 2014 - Crimea

A number of military forces of the Russian Federation are deployed in Crimea. We can not figure out the reason why Russian boots are in Ukrainian ground. What happened in Crimea is unconstitutional and resembles me a coup supported by the Russian government and the Russian

Mar 05 2014 - Crimea

The Ukrainian government is legitimate and let me remind to President Putin that this government was supported by the constitutional majority of the Ukrainian MPs with 371 votes. We are legitimate and we are to fulfill our

Mar 03 2014 - Crimea

There are no grounds, I underline there are no grounds for using force against Ukrainians, the peaceful citizens of Ukraine. And there were no, are no, and will be no grounds for bringing in Russian military forces. And for these actions the price must be paid. No-one will give Crimea back to

Mar 02 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

We believe that our western partners and the entire global community will support the territory integrity and unity of

Mar 02 2014 - Crimea

We, as Ukraine, state that we are ready to defend our sovereignty and we are convinced that Russia will not resort to military intervention on the territory of Ukraine. Any such intervention would be the beginning of war and the end of any relations between Ukraine and

Feb 28 2014 - IMF

A key priority is resuming the programme of collaboration with the International Monetary Fund. And we will fulfill all the conditions, I repeat, all the conditions, that are necessary for this loan, and Ukraine's parliament and the coalition will vote for the laws that are necessary for receiving this

Feb 27 2014

We need to form a responsible government – and it's not about personalities, this is about responsibility. You know, to be in this government is to commit political suicide. And we need to be very frank and open. This is the political

Feb 27 2014 - IMF

We need immediately to sign an agreement with the IMF. As soon as a deal on an IMF programme has been signed, money will come for our reserves and we will be able to stabilise the exchange

Feb 27 2014

I want to report to you – the state treasury has been robbed and is empty. 37 billion dollars (€27bn) of credit received have disappeared in an unknown

Feb 27 2014

There isn't a single oligarch, or anyone who's worked in the Yanukovych government, or looking for political credit in this new government. We've never had a government like this in our history. And I can tell you the destiny of this cabinet of ministers – they are political

Feb 18 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

The fact that the parliament is blocked from voting on this bill, is only because President Yanukovych didn't give a green light to a full voting procedure and finally start a real dialogue in

Feb 18 2014 - Kremlin

We highly appreciate the support that has been given by the chancellor to the Ukrainian people in order to stabilise the political situation in my country. The agenda that we follow are (as it is): The first one is we need in my country to avert any kind of violence and to stop the bloodshed. And it's up to the government and to it's president to make the real actions in order to fix this ongoing political

Feb 17 2014

We are determined to have an inclusive government in our country, not a corrupted one but a democratic and pro-European government. And this credible government could get the support of our European investment partners in order to stabilise the financial situation. And we need to have a transparent relation with our Russian

Feb 13 2014

As for the post of prime minister there is no need to try and barter government portfolios with the opposition. Our position is clear, we do not accept the prime minister's chair we will only accept the full responsibility of the country which means forming the cabinet of

Feb 09 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

What we understand, is that our American and EU partners do really support Ukraine. This is for the first time that they made it public that they are ready to support Ukraine with a political and economic package and we highly appreciate the assistance of the US and of the

Feb 02 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

But first of all, the question is who will be executing this plan of change for Ukraine, as no one trusts this

Feb 01 2014 - Sanctions

Sanctions are the perfect tool to convince the government to stick to the standards of democracy, not

Jan 26 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

What happened today was that Viktor Yanukovych announced that the government wasn't ready to take responsibility for the country and suggested the opposition lead the government. What is our answer to this? Are we afraid of responsibility? We are not afraid of responsibility for the destiny of Ukraine!feedback

Jan 24 2014

We can't convince the people with nothing in our hands, because otherwise people would say to us, You've betrayed us. We don't trust you no more. Trust no more credibility.' And it's up to the president to resolve this dramatic and ongoing

Jan 22 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

People ask for justice, as a first step we urge the government of Ukraine to resign and we [demand a] snap

Dec 05 2013 - National Security Council

Someone gave an order to do that, someone in the department of home security, someone in the national security

Dec 05 2013

We act in concert as Ukrainian opposition despite the fact that we have different factions, different parties, sometime different programmes, but the key agenda for us is the same one, the European course, European integration, European values and a new

Dec 04 2013 - Ukraine Crisis

We are expanding the protest action both in the city of Kyiv and in other towns across Ukraine, with support from businesses and citizens, so that President Viktor Yanukovych and the entire country can see that this is not just a political process, but that this is a protest by the Ukrainian people against the

Dec 01 2013 - Ukraine Crisis

This is the plan of the Ukrainian people to reinstall democracy in my country. People ask for justice. As a first step, we urge the government of Ukraine to resign and we claim for snap

Nov 13 2013

Over the past two weeks Ukraine's opposition has submitted four different draft laws to enable Yulia Tymoshenko to seek medical treatment abroad. But the Party of Regions has not agreed on any of

May 18 2013

We press on the government to start elections as soon as possible, but look, the Party of Regions is just scared about the elections because they fully realise that they will lose and they are going to fail. And the same will happen with the presidential elections. We need the unity of the opposition forces in order to reach the

Oct 28 2012

The exit poll results show it is absolutely clear that the Ukrainian people support the opposition and not the authorities. It is most important now that the polls are closed and the votes are being counted, that there should be no falsification. The vote count in every single constituency is

Apr 23 2012

This is a democratic coalition, not just for fighting elections. We will be a united coalition, performing its programme for parliamentary elections every

Sep 22 2011

We're not asking for discounts from Russia, we're not asking for gas to be free, we want equal conditions, we don't want to donate to Russia as we have been doing for the last 18

Nov 13 2008

It is very important not to bury democracy through the lavish funeral of the Ukrainian

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