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We've been setting record new highs, and often the breadth has been negative. We've had more declines than advances. We're starting to get more new lows than new highs; 30 percent of the stocks in the S&P [500] are down for the year. Those are very unusual combinations with new record highs. I'm troubled by the market internals, and I'm very cautious about what is going in
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Nov 19 2017
Art Cashin has been quoted 153 times. The one recent article where Art Cashin has been quoted is The stock market's 'split personality' could set off a correction at any moment, Art Cashin warns. Most recently, Art Cashin was quoted as having said, “It's not expected, but it would be very negative. We haven't had a drop of 3 to 5 percent in an abnormally long period. So, that would be my first target. You want to play it cautiously.”.
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Sep 22 2017 - China

What will affect the market is how the initial sales seem to be going and people extrapolating from there what things look

Sep 21 2017 - Trump Presidency

They're getting close to perfect. The Fed traditionally doesn't hike unless there is a 70 percent probability and we're getting awfully close to that. For a year I've said I still have suspicions about December and I don't see any way they're doing three hikes next year. We've got to remember that we're going to have a bit of a different Fed when it comes to implementing this. It's nice to know what the current Fed is thinking but they may not be around to make those decisions. There's an awful lot of variables out

Sep 21 2017 - Trump Presidency

The dollar starts to strengthen appreciably. Will that affect the multinationals? What's going to happen to earnings?feedback

Sep 21 2017 - Trump Presidency

That we may see a tax cut, we may see some other things that may move the economy along. Stocks are going to keep living on whether they can get something done in

Sep 12 2017 - IPhone

The big phone is not coming out until

Sep 11 2017

So now there is some thinking. Are we going get moderate here? Will there be a chance to sit down and talk perhaps? I mean the fact that (Kim Jong Un) didn't let loose with the missile and that we tempered our

Sep 11 2017 - United Nations

There's another part to that story. The U.S. seems to have tempered down the U.N. procedures that they were going to put in. It doesn't look like they're going directly for the oil

Sep 11 2017

What a lot of people forget is that it's not that it would just hit the insurers but they might have to liquidate equity portfolios to raise the money to pay that off. When it failed to be as catastrophic as it first looked, that risk of selling began to come off the table. And that's added to the sigh of relief rally that we've

Sep 11 2017

I think they're definitely on the sidelines. I don't think they will hike again and I think it will be perhaps even very moderate in shrinking the balance sheet. I think they're going to dip a toe in the water, see how hot it is before they dip another

Sep 05 2017

We're going to find out pretty fast. If they don't want to raise this debt ceiling, it'll be a bit of a

Sep 05 2017

If they keep testing the missiles, the markets are concerned that they fly over a populated area and come apart. You know, drop a piece of a missile into an apartment building or somewhere where it raised the ante in this

Sep 05 2017

You're already seeing orange juice futures and cotton and a variety of other things starting to move up. So, you've got that out there

Aug 29 2017

Out of this terrible tragedy in Houston, there's a chance that cooperation will put them

Aug 29 2017

People began to realize that, unfortunately, we don't have any real options here. Any action would be not immediate. ... That pretty much brought us

Aug 25 2017 - Federal Reserve

It looks like Jackson Hole might turn out to be a duller-than-expected event. Now (Yellen) could always surprise us but I think she wants to be very careful about not disturbing the

Aug 25 2017 - Trump Presidency

That could reinforce the idea that maybe a little less demand for crude because you can't process it well enough and maybe some shortage of

Aug 23 2017 - NAFTA

Here's the president saying we're not getting along as well as everybody thought and the market's readjusting for that. As good as yesterday's rally looked, it was in many ways a retracement rally. The real winners yesterday were the casualties of the preceding two

Aug 23 2017 - NAFTA

If they truly believed no more NAFTA, it would be far more

Aug 18 2017 - Trump Presidency

If Cohn were to leave and that would start a rush out, then the fear would be the president wouldn't be surrounded by some of those confident people. There are concerns that if Cohn went, a Wilbur Ross might go, other people might step

Aug 18 2017 - Trump Presidency

And then after that, we'll watch what the rhetoric is like as we move up to the debt ceiling. That's going to be critical. There's an outside shot that they might have difficulty getting that

Aug 17 2017 - Trump Presidency

The concern would be that if one left maybe several would leave, and that would leave him with no competent people around

Aug 17 2017

The one thing that's been said, even by people who don't favor the president, is that, Well, at least he's surrounded himself with some very capable people: The generals that he has, Wilbur Ross, Mnuchin. People began to fear, as they did this morning, that if Cohn would leave, then others might follow, and he would no longer be surrounded by competent people, and that took a hit in the

Aug 17 2017

No disrespect to Mr. Cohn, but what's really affecting the market is not the fear that only he would

Aug 17 2017 - Trump Presidency

I think [Cohn's] probably worth 200 [Dow] points only because if he goes, they'll assume others are going to go too. He's got to be conflicted. The CEOs have to worry about a different thing. They have to worry about losing business or being boycotted. If you're an individual alone, and you're on the short list to be the Fed chairman, you think you can stay there and you think you can do good for the

Aug 15 2017 - UBS

So you get this big bounce back rally

Aug 15 2017 - UBS

You always got to be prepared to know when to get out if you need to. So far no rush, but caution, I think is in the air. I would say 'postponed'. We have only a handful of B-2 bombers on Guam. They haven't added anything to them. They have not changed personnel. They have not called back unessential

Aug 15 2017 - UBS

What would hurt the rally is if the Fed … or ECB looked determined to start pretty early at tapering back. We still run the risk of a potential taper tantrum. I'm more on the side of slightly neutral. We've had a heck of a

Aug 11 2017 - North Korea

(The markets are) going to try and drag their feet assuming the next move is up to North Korea and nothing happens nearly to the end of next

Aug 11 2017

Then if something comes up and there aren't any military options, his credibility is a little bit

Aug 10 2017

When (the VIX) started moving on its own, people I think started climbing on board. So, you got to put the Gundlach factor in there

Aug 10 2017

Obviously this market is not saying we're going to

Aug 10 2017 - Japan

We here in the U.S. easily forget that South Korea is a major trading partner of China as is Japan. If that begins to impair, what does that do to the Chinese economy? What does it do to the economies of South Korea and Japan? And what will that do to the world economy?feedback

Aug 09 2017

You're going to have to watch those safe havens. If they begin to move very rapidly, then we're going to go into a different kind of phase of trading here. [Safe havens] will give us the first warning if things are going to shift into the next

Aug 02 2017

The corporate buybacks made the earnings look

Aug 02 2017

I've been doing this well over a half a century. The way you survive and to sometimes thrive for that long is the first thing you look at when you walk into a room is the exit sign. If I sound a little cautious, that's the way I've learned to be over the

Aug 02 2017

The last time we've seen this kind of divergence, the next several months the markets didn't really go

Jul 13 2017 - UBS

Finding a health-care bill that was not dead on arrival gave them the feeling not so much about health care but that maybe tax reform might have some life if these guys can get close to agreeing on health

Jul 13 2017 - UBS

We started out with a bounce in the morning hoping that Yellen would bring another box of candy to the game. When she failed to do that, the market pulled

Jul 13 2017 - UBS

It's going to be important with the Fed sitting on their hands. How are the banks doing, without help from the yield curve?feedback

Jul 13 2017 - UBS

People are discussing it. That gave people hope. The mere fact it wasn't dead on arrival gave some people hope for tax

Jun 30 2017 - Trump Presidency

The Nasdaq looks far more neutral, which is where it was yesterday. So, you want to keep your eye on that and see how tech holds

Jun 29 2017

People talk about a little sign of rotation in that the financials are up and some of the energy stocks are up but they are up nowhere near as much as what the techs and other things are

Jun 29 2017 - UBS

The threat of deflation is gone and reflationary forces are at

Jun 27 2017

He said the threat of deflation is dead. And that sparked an instant rally in the euro and raised yields in Europe quite smartly. And even raised yields

Jun 26 2017

That'll be critical as we go into the second

Jun 20 2017 - Oil

If it's a large build, it will be a

Jun 15 2017 - Oil

They thought it was going to be a very short

Jun 15 2017 - Oil

The fact the tech stocks selling was less intense helped. That's what's calling the tune [for Friday].feedback

Jun 15 2017 - Oil

Quarterly expirations, that'll keep things in order. … I don't see them tilting one way or the other. The real wild card is Washington and what comes out of

Jun 15 2017 - Oil

If oil sells off again and breaks $44, it will have a very negative influence on the

Jun 14 2017 - Federal Reserve

[Yellen] was [overly optimistic] based on the data today. I don't see them moving again this year, unless things improve

Jun 07 2017 - Trump Presidency

Gold came down a little. They're moving away from the safe havens. ... There was a mild adoption of risk. The idea that [Comey's] going to limit [what he says] keeps coming up. But it's going to be a circus. The real wild card here is Trump, and the fact he's intending to do live tweeting while Comey

Jun 05 2017

I would be very careful with Thursday. A lot of potential built into that

May 31 2017

Two to three weeks after this kind of action ... (it) does not usually produce a big rally. The market confounded a lot of those old fogies last week because this should have begun the stall probably as early as in the middle of last week and they continued into the holiday

May 17 2017 - Republican Party

I think they're worried this is going to be a longer-standing event. They think there's very small chance now of tax

May 17 2017 - Watergate

But if he begins to suffer any sizable defections among the Republicans, that's a problem. Back in the Watergate days, it was [then-Sen.] Howard Baker that stepped across the line and that's when Nixon knew he was in

May 17 2017 - Republican Party

[But] there is a perverse positive, not so much for the president but for the agenda, in that people are saying if Mr. Trump were to leave office Pence can work much better with Congress. So there might be some sense of reward

Apr 24 2017

It's kind of a negative divergence. You have 15 to 20 percent of the stocks making almost 100 percent of the gains. That doesn't go on forever. What a lot of people seem to be missing here is France is still a parliamentary nation. And you have two front-runners for president who basically don't have any parliamentary backing. In the past they have used that for some pseudo-military operations including bomb

Apr 24 2017 - French election 2017

Right now, we're basically taking down hedges and other things that were put on worrying about the [French]

Apr 19 2017 - OPEC

The oil prices haven't fully kicked in down here. If oil breaks $50 here, I think it's going to be going to center

Apr 07 2017

The initial part of it is he's [Trump's] showing himself to be a kind of take charge guy. Obama never did this. Maybe he's redefining his presidency. I think that's a bit much but that's the kind of buzz you're

Mar 28 2017 - UBS

They declare their divorce. It's something you want to be alert to. I think this was a turnaround Tuesday and we'll wait and see. The market wants it to look like [Washington] is getting something done. People are pushing for [Trump] to get off taxes and do infrastructure. It looks like everybody's got an opinion on taxes. I don't think he hurt. He was just in the chorus helping

Mar 23 2017

If they call for a vote early, that means they think they've got the votes and that's why you'll see a little bit of a rally going into it. If they decide to postpone and not vote either tonight or whatever, [there'll] be a mild sell-off because people say the votes still remain questionable. If they vote and have it voted down, there will be a more substantial

Mar 12 2017

So that deterioration has bothered us somewhat. Then the other one, which is more of a roll of the dice, is a geopolitical

Mar 12 2017

The Fed next week is one of the reasons that we're getting a push up under yields here in the 10-year. I think there's more watchful waiting, but if you get up around that 2.75 percent [in the 10-year note yield], I think you'll see some red lights

Mar 07 2017

It's a mild warning signal, to tell you the truth. I would be a little cautious. It was kind of a new and demonstrably different reaction because if you recall going after the speech and into the big rally on Wednesday, the feeling was, Gee, maybe this administration is going to be able to get some things

Mar 07 2017

[There's] going to be a lot of heavy duty play down there in Washington around this. It will take a good deal of

Mar 01 2017 - UBS

Initially, futures looked like they were going to sell off and then they shot around and spiked higher, suggesting that the hesitation was tied to the lack of policy details in Trump's wide-ranging address. That left a feeling in some of the guys who were trading that some of the initial buying may have come out of Europe, and that they were perfectly willing, since the speech was much more presidential and somewhat conciliatory, to buy into

Mar 01 2017 - UBS

That's an interesting way to look at it, that if he didn't give you detail, that nobody can stand up and rail against it. And so the absence of opposition may encourage some people. It's a bit of a stretch, but I can understand

Feb 28 2017 - UBS

To get a positive reaction, you need the president to say just the right things, to give enough detail, hope and timing that the market picks up on it. Then you need Congress, both the Democrats and Republicans, to sound like they might be able to work along with it and get it passed. Now, if either of those don't happen, that would raise the possibility of a logical, negative reaction from the

Feb 24 2017 - Obamacare

Republicans in Congress have been complaining about Obamacare for seven years. Now all of a sudden they are in control and don't have a plan. For all the people saying this rally isn't about Trump, it really is very much about him and hope for what he can deliver. And if over the next several weeks we don't get details, or there is a backlash against the tax plan, then the market will show significant

Feb 22 2017

If they shut him down, [stocks] won't like

Feb 21 2017 - UBS

Well, we're significantly overbought now. I mean, I think we're really vulnerable in the sense that things like the advanced decline indicator is not keeping up with the rate of the rally. We're above, 8 percent above the 200-day moving average, getting very close to 10 percent above in the S&P. That's usually a warning

Feb 15 2017 - UBS

It's not a very broad rally as it had been a couple weeks ago. So when it begins to narrow, you do worry about that. The volume was nothing to write home to mother about. So you look at those things and say, How much of this is an illusion and how much of it's real? If they punch through there, they could possibly get a tailwind and ... kind of another minor

Feb 07 2017

It looks like the [Trump] agenda is slowing

Feb 06 2017

I don't think they're are going to be able to do three at all. If they're really lucky and adept, they might be able to do

Jan 29 2017 - UBS

That thousand point move from 19,000 to 20,000 was accomplished in 42 days. And, that's very fast. That's the second fastest thousand point move in the history of the Dow. Most of the traders here think you may get a little bit of a pause or a slowdown. That's happened before. They think we may see a bit of a pullback in February, . That's rather consistent with a first time president, and the pattern that follows him. I think then you can get another leg to the upside that may be multi-month and then you will have a longer correction after

Jan 29 2017 - UBS

Will there be a test from North Korea? Will there a be a test from Russia? You can't get too, too

Jan 25 2017

The fact you've got the new highs puts the ball back into the bulls'

Jan 14 2017

[The stock market] feels like it probably wants to rest

Jan 14 2017

We're starting to hear acrimonious back and forth about China [from Trump]. … It's unlikely [Xi will] want to fire a shot across the bow but maybe for domestic consumption he might want to do that. I think you want to make a note of that. It's a dark horse you want to

Jan 06 2017

It will start a conversations around the kitchen table about, Should we be expanding our 401(k)? How come we're not participating enough?' So it can bring other people in but it depends on how it is played up in the press and

Jan 06 2017

If for example it looks like we're not going to get tax relief, corporate or personal, until the end of the year or maybe later, that's going to disappoint some people. It will change some plans. So right now politics remains front and

Jan 04 2017 - UBS

It was mostly oil, but some of it was the Ford Motor Co acquiescing, and that had people worried about global trade. The transports went negative as soon as that came out. But then you got bailed out at the end because there was big market on close

Dec 30 2016

It's going to be all about what's going on with Trump. Does this turn into a real fight with McCain and others going after Trump? The Fed minutes will be somewhat important but they're changing the voters. The jobs number almost doesn't count unless there's a major surprise. The Fed is as curious as anybody as to what's in Trump's program and how fast does he move on

Dec 30 2016

They want to see what the new administration is going to propose, how likely are they to get it done early. So I think we'll have some ups and

Dec 29 2016

We're going to be seeing hearings on some of the nominees even before the inauguration, so if you're thinking of January pivot points, there are a couple right out there that could change things

Dec 23 2016

I wouldn't make it any more than a 50/50 chance. It's tough to say. Next week is seasonally for the better. I think you pulled some of the seasonality ahead with this strong postelection

Dec 20 2016 - UBS

I think what you're really seeing here is that Trump was, to some degree an unknown quantity. What would he do, shoot from the hip?feedback

Dec 20 2016 - UBS

He has high expectations and he wants it done and I think the market believes that

Dec 20 2016 - UBS

But the people that he's putting in or nominating for these roles are highly professional. You may not agree with what their status is, but each one is very, very capable, and that has reassured the market in many

Dec 20 2016

To some degree, the Trump administration may be a slight variation of 'you're fired,' because these guys are coming in and if they don't do the job, I don't think it will take him long to pull the trigger and move somebody

Dec 16 2016 - UBS

I'm of the mind that I think the post-election rally will modify somewhat, but I don't think the correction we'll see go straight down because of all those people who want to buy the dip. You know, the market got away from me, but if I could only get a small selloff, I'll get myself back

Dec 15 2016 - UBS

I think it's good because this is the sign as we call them, buy the dippers. The people who said, My goodness, the rally started without me. I can't get in. I need a pullback.' And this was their first sign of a

Dec 15 2016 - UBS

Recall that it was the emerging markets that dragged us down after last December's hike. That will be a

Dec 14 2016

Even though he might have talked up interest rates before, [it's] in his best interests keeping rates down and limiting imports. [Then] maybe we bring back those jobs he talked

Dec 14 2016

It would hint that the pre-election signs of hostility with the Fed may be a bit more sincere than some people

Dec 07 2016

That's just Trump being Trump. He's thinking about the plane he has now that's nice and more comfortable, and he forgets some of the cost is anti-missile

Dec 01 2016 - UBS

They're afraid they are going to break

Dec 01 2016 - UBS

If the [jobs] number is stronger than expected, people may feel, here comes Trump with some stimulus at just the time when the labor market has tightened up, and that is going to say a lot about inflation. That's why higher rates are the

Nov 30 2016 - OPEC

We'll have to see what the Russians actually do about it. We have a history over the last two years of these phenomenal short squeezes in the pits and they tend to over-tread very

Nov 30 2016 - Russia

I think you want to see if they really deliver. Mr. [Igor] Sechin in Russia has right up until this week said he didn't think he was going to be cutting back. And now – while he's not the oil minister – he runs on one of the largest oil companies that they have there, and he is reputed to be the best friend forever of Mr. [Vladimir] Putin. So, we'll

Nov 30 2016 - OPEC

When nobody can see what's going on, the cheating begins almost

Nov 22 2016

You have this Trump honeymoon for a month, a month and a half – as long as he doesn't make some crazy cabinet

Nov 22 2016 - UBS

Quite often when stocks re-rally into something or commodities re-rally into something like that, you do get a pullback. So, I'll be watching crude

Nov 22 2016 - UBS

Ll be watching what crude

Nov 14 2016 - UBS

It's a little too early to say, but there's an outside chance that it might be our old friends the bond vigilantes who are back, saying, OK, you're going to do tax cuts and you're going to do stimulus spending, what is that going to do to the deficit and where are we going to go from there?feedback

Nov 11 2016

If it breaks $43, it will be a huge

Nov 09 2016 - UBS

Incoming presidents haven't been critical of past Fed chairman. This is a little bit different

Nov 09 2016 - UBS

What's going to be essential here is how quickly he begins to send out signals. Who does he pick for his Cabinet? What does he want to discuss about the repatriation of the money that's offshore?feedback

Nov 09 2016 - UBS

That may be the beginning of maybe a little test he is going to give the new

Nov 09 2016 - UBS

I'd like someone that not only give me some relaxation, but [has] enough credibility that foreign powers would say, That's a pretty good

Nov 07 2016

While we're concerned about what he might do, they're

Nov 01 2016

I think the Fed is a minuscule part of it. You can see that yields came in a little bit. I think it's mostly Trump. It's a serious

Oct 31 2016

If you think about paranoia, it may be that people want to get it in, get it on the docket, hopefully get it done or close to done before a new administration comes

Oct 31 2016 - Wall Street

There's a lot of chatter on the floor and in the Wall Street watering holes that you may see several more

Oct 31 2016

If interest rates are going to start to tick up here, money is virtually for free. Now is the time to do a deal if you

Oct 28 2016

The weekend talk shows will be important. The big questions will be how can they complete an investigation in just nine days. IT certainly means that probably before the inauguration if the republicans hold the house, there will be an investigation that lasts four

Oct 20 2016

They think that the Republicans will hold at least the House and that will make for somewhat continued gridlock. So neither side will get a chance to implement any sweeping policy

Oct 20 2016

I think they're assuming that you're going to get a Clinton victory, and yet gridlock. And thereby nobody does much of

Oct 20 2016

That is a big opportunity for a potential gaffe, because you're supposed to be a little light-handed, poking fun at your opponent, at yourself. Somebody goes a little too far ... that may make headlines

Oct 20 2016

I doubt it'll go quite that

Oct 11 2016 - Wall Street

They're afraid this already wacky campaign could turn into the Wild West. Trump tweeted out that he feels unshackled. You're hearing the word 'landslide' and a lot more comments about a 'Pelosi House of Representatives.' They don't want either party to control everything. Gridlock is good for Wall

Sep 19 2016

That's taken all the oomph out of the market. The dollar is weak but the interest rates snuck up a little bit but the market is ignoring it. It was 110 percent about oil

Sep 09 2016 - UBS

So, it's a little

Sep 09 2016 - UBS

These guys baffle me. They're supposed to be data dependent and the data isn't all that good, so they're changing their mind

Sep 02 2016 - UBS

While it was fractional given the number of people in the workforce, that wipes out far more than the [151,000] jobs that were added as far as productivity is concerned. That's equivalent to at least a drop of 200,000

Aug 16 2016 - UBS

It's very rare to make new highs in August to begin with, and when you've done that in an election year, whoever won took 30 or more states, so that will lead to the idea that however this comes out, it might be a

Aug 16 2016

It's a repeated fact. We've done it again and again and again, but we'll have to wait until that kind of slows

Aug 16 2016

We churned through that band for virtually the whole day. By informal trader folklore, that band is still there, but you notch it up a little bit, so it becomes 2,192 to 2,195. We'll see if any rally takes us up

Aug 15 2016 - UBS

There is some risk that we're approaching stall speed here, that they did it in such an incremental fashion that it really hasn't swept up everybody's

Aug 15 2016 - UBS

If you had told people that months ago, no one would have believed it. Of all the central banks with a bazooka, the Bank of England certainly had

Jul 29 2016

I think the GDP raised the impact value of every new piece of

Jul 21 2016

I think the primary move is oil. Oil started going down in mid-morning, and that started putting pressure on

Jul 06 2016

Our mutual friend Rick Santelli pointed out that … negative interest rates only used to come up in Switzerland, when they were trying to get people not to give them their money because they were having a problem. Now they are all over the place, and they are

Jun 29 2016

Markets are able to shrug off European 'tough talk' because nothing happens till (the British) pull the trigger and start the process. It is clear that they are in no hurry whatsoever, thus, Brexit is in suspended animation and thus not a market

Mar 17 2016

The dollar continues under some real pressure. The Bank of Japan cannot be happy with that. They got negative trade data today. Exports were down for the fifth month in a row. We may be looking at temptations of currency wars breaking

Feb 29 2016

Market on-close orders are indicating there's $1.5 billion of sales right now. That's what pulled out the bid from under (stocks).feedback

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