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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Bahram Ghassemi is associated, including Bahraini, U.S., and conclusion. Most recently, Bahram Ghassemi has been quoted saying: “We will be patient with their positions. But there is a certain cap for our patience.” in the article Iran summons Turkish envoy over comments by president, foreign minister. An other article where Bahram Ghassemi has been quoted is Iran bans U.S. wrestlers in retaliation to Trump's visa ban: TV | Reuters.

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We will be patient with their positions. But there is a certain cap for our patience.

The visa policy of the new American administration gave us no other option but to ban the wrestlers.

Eventually the visit by the U.S. freestyle wrestling team was opposed.

Instead of thanking Iran for its continued fight against terrorism, the American government is practically helping the terrorists by claims about Iran that are baseless, repetitive and provocative.

Let's wait and see how the process can be continued based on conclusions that will be announced Tuesday.

The lack of transparency in the unfair trial of the three Bahraini citizens was confirmed by the international community, human rights and all popular bodies all around the world.

The two Iranians are lawyers who had gone to Kenya to provide their jailed Iranian clients in Kenya with legal counseling. Police arrested them as they returned from a meeting with their clients in prison.

The American government is responsible of carrying out its international commitments ... The U.S. president has accepted to use its authority to prevent such measures.

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