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I thought some of the goals he wasn't as sharp as he can be for us. He's a game-changer for us. When he didn't change the game, I just looked to change the mojo a little bit there, that's
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You'd like a little more production out of it, no question. They've had some shifts and some zone time, and now they just need to get on the board a little bit. He's Tom Wilson. Everybody knows who Tom Wilson is. That's what he brings. We'll just have to see. When Karl's ready and the trainers tell me he's ready, then we'll have to make that decision. That's a what-if question. What if someone gets hurt tonight, too?feedback

Obviously, I think they just laughed it off. I didn't even see it. I was looking down at the other end, and all of a sudden, it got quiet, and it was like, okay. I had to sort of catch myself for a second, see if he needed a second or two, and he said, I'm fine.' He was just shaking it off, and we resumed. Just like anybody, when your goaltender gets bumped over, your heart stops for a

Lars has had a pretty good series; he just hasn't gotten on the board. We're just trying to change it up to see if we can get some production out of that line. We'll go from

They've got really dynamic forwards, as we do. They have four lines; we have four

There's not going to be a lot of tactical, systematic adjustments. I think it's more of a little bit of

You get to the playoffs, the standings don't mean anything at

That's on me to get him in the ice time. Sometimes that's situational, sometimes that's the zone starts. Yeah, his minutes should be – I can get those up. … It wasn't based on play. I thought Ovi was playing terrific. It's on me to get him a little more ice time, no question. He goes, Well, what did I do wrong? You didn't do anything wrong. We were all right. Everybody was right, so we can share in carrying the load.' … But I think that dialogue has passed. He knows that in crunchtime, he's going to have to have an integral part in any success that we have, or we're not going to

There's rhythms in the game, rhythms in the game where Matthews is coming out or those type of things. He's going to be in the offensive zone, so that may be a Beagle start or something like that. You try to get t as with Matthews's line. We've got to get a few more offensive starts here and there,

It's a lot closer match than people let on. It's not David and

That's on me, to get him in the ice time. It wasn't based on play. I thought Ovi was playing terrific. It's on me to get him a little more ice time, no

I talked to the trainers this morning. He's had a maintenance day; they just asked if he could be off

Anytime the puck's in a position that you have the ability to score, don't cheat yourself and look for a better play. The best play sometimes in the playoffs is to get on net quickly and drive toward the blue paint and let's not get too cute around the net. I think you get a chance or an opportunity, you've got to bury them. … We had some good opportunities where we had some good plays off the rush, made some good plays in the offensive zone, we pounded some pucks in the blue paint, but we can do more of

I think everybody goes into a series hoping they win every game, but the reality of it is it's going to be a long series no matter who you play. And if you play really well and you get a couple breaks and you execute and you're playing well as a team, you may take out a team a little earlier. But most of the series, you look around, they're always anywhere from a six to seven game series, a lot of them. I think we came into the series from a feeling out process. They won a game in our building, so the series is on. It's

We played one game. I think we're making too much of a big deal about nothing right now. Let's let the series go on

He's a good player and I've used him in different situations all year. He went head to head against Connor McDavid. That's what comes to mind. He's done that on the road many times. He's a world-class player. He's got world-class ability. I don't have any issues with (Kuznetsov). I just felt that was a good

I think the smaller players have got an element of quickness. They've got a high element of skill and IQ and they've got a high drive level, drive train, whatever you want to call it. They have all those aspects. The only thing they don't have is God-given physical size. But the rest is high-end. So I think you look at the Patrick Kanes and the Gaudreaus of the league, they all have

If you don't have the legs to get up ice, you're not going to have that opportunity. I think when you're able to spread the minutes over, it does help. There's a couple elite skaters in this league that can seem to go forever like a Drew Doughty or Brent Burns. They just don't run out of gas, it seems, but for the rest of us mortals I think spreading the minutes is really

I think both teams and in this day and age in the game, you want to have the ability to active. It's so hard to score three-on-three, two-on-two, so you've got to create the next race, who's going to create an odd-man rush, and if you can execute, you're going to get a good look. That's where the game is, that's where you're going to have some success, but you've got to jump at the right

He has a pretty calming effect on our group. Even on the bench, he always says the right things. Let's just start playing here. We're standing around waiting for something to happen.' I think he has a real good effect on the guys next to

We need to understand that, to get what we want, we'll probably have to overcome something like that at least once – maybe more. Over and over, in every sport, that's just the nature of the

I think if you can come at teams with four lines and you're not too particular on who's matched up against who, I think that's pretty confident for your group to have that situation. So, I don't think we're going to change a whole lot in the postseason [from] what we did all year and we'll let players play. This is their time. This is the time that they have fun. This is the time where guys can make names for

I just started moving it around. I was looking for energy. I was looking something different. We were sort of stuck in the mud early. Then we started getting our legs. We started skating we started moving the puck we started playing quick and we started getting a lot more opportunities. Just changing it around making it a little more difficult for the

They've been good all year. I mean, I really don't have any preference if they're against the top line or a physical line. They've been outstanding all year. As a coach you want trust. And that line you get a lot of

Beags is one of the best in the business when it comes to faceoffs and Tom has developed into a real reliable player and Winnie's been a real good addition from the Leafs to us and you know he's got experience. They can manage the game. They give us a real defined roles, but they can manage the game against top

A guy like Justin Williams for us has been in many situations in the playoffs; he's a good voice. When things maybe aren't going the way you want to, I think he's a real calming influence and I think that's what experience does. It takes all the clutter out of maybe the whole situation because it can be a lot of noise and clutter all around and then what you need is a calming voice in the dressing room and sometimes those experienced guys can do that for

I've had one conversation as an individual with him the last couple days about what I expect in the playoffs from him. But he can be an X-factor for us because he has that sort of sniper's touch and he doesn't need too many chances. In a playoff, you get a loose puck here or there around the net, usually those unexpected heroes, if you will, show up in the playoffs all the time. I think every experience you go through gives you another sort of mechanism where you can react to something good or

You saw it last year with the Penguins throughout the playoffs. A lot of times the stars nullify each other, so the secondary scoring is one of the catalysts for success. Lines can grow

If you don't go through a bunch of junk, not only in hockey but in any walk of life, then you're not prepared to deal with

I think he got away from what made him understand why you're going to have success. In the playoffs, you've really got to fight for those inches, and he's matched up against a pretty good player. So, what's going to be the difference? If a guy next to you has as much skill and ability, what's going to be the difference between you and him? Some of it is going to be the will over skill aspect, where you just have to will yourself a bit to be better than the guy you're competing

Goaltenders are the ones that really put trust in your game. They give you some confidence. You make a mistake, you feel like that mistake's not going to end up in the back of your net. When you're goalie's not feeling it or not playing very well, as soon as that puck comes across the blue line, your blood pressure sort of goes up. You're like, Hold on, hold on, hold on,' and then you get to breathe again. And that's a hard way to

I just thought, This guy is really athletic and he makes some saves that are absolutely spectacular that only athletic guys can make. And then he makes some saves that should look unspectacular look

He's done a really good job, absolutely, a lot of confidence in (Schmidt). He's played really, really well. When we made the deal for Shattenkirk we made our defense really deep, so we feel confident we're deep there and Schmidt's done a really good

They're an improving team. They've got a generational player in Matthews, and they've got some young guys and they play hard every night and they've got speed. … I think it'll be a real great series between two really quality clubs. They're the young, up and coming team, and they've played very, very well and deserve to be in the

I went to Nicky. He said, No, I want to go the distance,' . He feels that it keeps him sharp. He'll be ready. We got lots of time until Thursday. Ovi getting 82 games, a full season, I think that's important to players more than maybe the coach or fans or media think it is. You go the whole distance as a player, the last thing you probably want is a coach to say, You've gone this far. I'm going to take you out.' I think they want to go the distance on

We started talking about good organizational people, and [General Manager Brian MacLellan] brought up Mitchell, and people in Hershey, Troy and them, brought up Mitchy. We said if we get an opportunity, he's earned the right to put on a jersey because he's done a lot of things. As a team, if you're going to be a good team, it's not only just the players, the coaches, the trainers, but it's your farm team. It's the people in your organization. He's done a lot for this organization. It's time he gets paid

We're at home, and we don't want to disappoint our fans. Let's play hard, let's play fast, let's manage the puck, let's have some detail and let's go from

This is a possible opponent in the playoffs. We don't know how it's going to all play out, but it could be a possibility. So, you just want to make sure that we're playing the right way so that they'll have nothing on us, if we end up meeting each other. We just want to play strong and play well and hopefully get the job

Obviously, there was some growing pains just because we play a little different than St. Louis. He makes really intelligent plays, he's got great poise, his puck skills are very, very strong, and he's fit in with the group extremely well from a personal level. Sometimes, when you get new guys, everybody's sort of standoffish, but we've been on a few road trips right off the hop when we got him, so he's spent a lot of time in hotels the last little while. He's gotten to know his teammates quite

We've done pretty deep pre-scouts on every team. We're trying to figure out who that might be. Obviously, that's sort of the race. I think you've got to trust what you know when you've played them, and then you'll go back and get a sort of very intense look at whoever is selected that you'll play. It's going to probably go to Game 82, so we might not know until Saturday or

But if there's any doubt we're going to hold him off until the

It's going to cost him a little bit, this game. It's a little tough for him, he might have to cut it off and just do the

Offensively, it's probably not one of his better seasons. He's had a lot better seasons in terms of production, there's no question. The numbers will show that. He had a slow start for me. He might have had points early and what have you, but for me, he never really got going until halfway through the year, playing better and skating

Now, you could see his game sort of ramping up. He has a big effect on games. When he plays with that fierce edge where he's coming after you and he's in sort of that hunter mode. He's hunting you down and he's got that look and he can affect games in a big way. I think he's more prepared for that

I was really happy with Nate. He played really, really well when he hasn't played for a while. … When you make a deal to bring in a guy like Shattenkirk, Schmidty is an ultimate teammate and sort of backed off of his spot. But you know he's going to be prepared and you can see that gives us some really good options going into the

We haven't mentioned that once all year. It was about finishing first in the Metro, and I don't think anybody's mentioned it. The only people who have ever mentioned it is you guys. It hasn't been in our vocabulary this year. Let's be a better team, and let's be a team that hopefully can take it to the next step. Other than that, we haven't really talked about

We talked about every night is important. Every night is an opportunity to win hockey games and that's what we get paid to do and just try to do it. Try to be consistent and be good pros. I think for the most part we've been able to do that the last two years. We just said let's go out and win the Metro this year, that's been our goal, just to be consistent through the whole year, give ourselves a chance if we need the home ice advantage in our division because it's been so competitive and see if we can hold that

It just gives us that opportunity to have the last change in a Game 7 or crowd behind us or whatever. It's a point of pride that we've been

It is a symbol of excellence, a symbol of excellence for the regular season, a symbol of excellence for a team that has been consistent and takes pride in winning. So, it's not to be taken lightly, but at the same time, we all want the ultimate prize. That's the one that you make your name

You're not going to get an easy one, but that 2-3 matchup could take a pretty big piece out of a team. If you have to go through it, you have to go through it. You can't avoid it. But if you can finish first, I think you might get a little bit less of a piece out than those two teams based on the regular

If you can stop them from getting up ice, that doesn't change for Werenski or [Columbus defenseman Seth] Jones, that's for everybody. You just can't allow them to get up ice on

I trust this group. They understand the importance of big games and they understand the importance of getting our game in

Daniel came to us a little bit of a broken player. He didn't trust his total game. I think he had good concept of his strengths as a player, but coming here, I think he's grown into understanding that he can contribute not only on the defensive side and the penalty-killing side in a real strong role, but he can contribute

We were junk, . We've been working all year to try to get some separation. We had an opportunity and we let it slip

He gets it off real quick. It's hard to pick up off his stick for goaltenders. He has the ability to pick the corners and pick areas. It's a

That line had a good response. Last night, they were not very good, and they had a really good response. They might have been arguably our best

Our guys are mature enough about it. We talk about it and just say we don't want to take anybody lightly. That's disrespectful; this league's way too good. And it's just knowing how important these points are. I mean, in a few days from now, we're going to Columbus, and we're going to go nose-to-nose with

I'd like to be in a position where we have a three-point cushion in Columbus and go into Columbus and win that hockey game. We'll put ourselves in a real good spot to secure the division. Now we've got to take care of business before we even get there. That's why I say, just win the day and stay focused on the task at

They can be a real difference-maker. They're a good line, and all three of them have unique

I feel great, I feel normal, which is kind of the weird thing. So it's a little frustrating that my shots seem to be going right to the goalie's chest instead of in the corners like I want them to. But it's something that will come with time as I continue to get back. It'll

I just said to them, let's talk about what you all bring to the table and why you can be difference-makers and game-changers. Where can we tighten your game up? Where can we make it where you're very predictable and so that there's no indecision and you can defend quickly, or forecheck quickly, and you can make plays quickly. Let's get any of the gray out of it, and that's sort of what we talked

It's an absolute nightmare for the schedule-maker sometimes. Everybody has pieces of the year that you wish could be better and sometimes it doesn't make a lot of sense. But when you see how complex it is you have to give a lot of credit to the schedule maker because it is

We've worked all year to put ourselves in a position where this Metro Division, just getting the seeding in the Metro Division, it's taken a lot of effort and a lot of good things have happened for us. … We have a small window. We're going out and playing some good

I mean, to start your career, you've got 30 goals a year for the first 12 years. You're one of three and you're in that elite company with Mike Gartner, a guy named – what's his name? – Wayne Gretzky, you guys might have heard of him. And Alex Ovechkin. That's pretty

He was sincere on that. That wasn't a light moment for him, I think it was a real moment for him and the guys got a chuckle out of it, so, he's been good for

Until we can secure our spot that we'd like, they're all must-wins. … When you're playing a team that you feel that is young and maybe not as experienced, you worry about the readiness. But I think we recognize the situation. It'll be on the

You think about minutes played and production, if the coach would play him more, he'd probably have more production. He's given us quality minutes. Our scouts identified him as a guy who could contribute offensively. How much, I didn't know. … If you had said Brett Connolly is going to give you 15 goals coming into the season, I would say, We'll take it for

I think we're going to look at it, and it'll be more positional. But I think when he's come up, every time he's come up, he's probably the most experienced and he's got good production. We'll play that by ear. Once the playoffs start, it's game

Having gone sort of both routes now, I prefer this, because it's more meaningful. … It was in our hands too early last year. It took a little edge off. I really do. You get too comfortable for too long, you get too

Games like tonight and down the stretch here, I mean, if you're a coach or hockey player, that's what you play for. … We've prepared all year for this, so let's get at

He's chasing down some pretty good people with the way he's playing. I love his two-way game and that line has been real good the last two

Osh has found the ability to score a little bit more in the last couple of years. I mean, every year he's gotten better and better in terms his offense, in terms of his goal-scoring. When he first got here, I put him with Ovi and Backy, and all he wanted to do was get the puck to Ovi and Backy. I think they have the mutual respect that all three guys know that they're all terrific players and they can make things happen. They've been

I had never met him, I don't think. There's sometimes overkill on some of the

A little bit of good power plays, a little bit of good fortune. Most of the times in the last little while, it's probably been failed clears. Anytime you have failed clears, it's like in baseball when you get a couple extra strikes . . . and sooner or later, they're going to hit on it. I think we've had a couple failed clears and those type of things that ended up going into our

He's been a little bit snakebitten. He's had some really good looks. For me, if he could do anything, just move the puck a little quicker and get it to his wingers. They'll get it back to him. He's really so strong down low. He's generally a good faceoff guy, and he can play against bigger guys and handle them. I think he'll get on

He keeps pucks and plays alive, and his skill set is such that it can complement Backy's playmaking ability, and now he's finding the back of the net and he's complementing Alex's ability to score, too. Now Alex is passing the puck more; I think Alex has more assists than he's had in a while. I think they're rubbing off on each other a little bit, and that's probably why it's

I was talking to Schmidty out there today, and he's done a really good job when he came in

We'll see where he is tomorrow. He felt much better. Just got a little bumped up in the last game. We gave him a maintenance day. He was thinking about coming out. … I anticipate him skating tomorrow and then he'll tell me where he's at after tomorrow's

He was excited. He was ready to go, so I'm really happy for Andre. He played a lot of

He's been very productive. Good signing for us. He's fit in well. We've been a good fit for him, and he's been a good fit for us. The coach has to get him more ice

We're sort of blessed in the Metro to have three teams that are vying for first in the Metro, but also first in the league. That's a good challenge. I look at it as it's important to finish first. If not, then you're going to play a pretty good team right off the bat, not that you're not going to play a pretty good team in the first round because the teams that are going to get in [as wild cards] are good hockey teams as

You look at our record in the last 10, and for where our standard is, for me it's not acceptable. Let's get it squared away and let's get rolling the right way and let's make sure we're playing

Obviously, he brings another level of skill. He's chomping at the bit to get back in. He can make some pretty good plays. I think he'll be fresh, he'll be ready to go. They were pretty productive before he got hurt. When he gets back into the lineup, then hopefully that line will get going a little bit

He had pretty good strength. He was shooting. He didn't seem to have any problems. He's just smiling a lot right

Last year we were never uncomfortable because we had such a big lead [in the points race]. He's playing a pretty good game. I think he's not quite shooting enough of those one-timers. When he gets an opportunity, they're just not sitting flat for him right now. And he's just missing the net a little bit. If he starts shooting a little bit more off that one-timer and hitting the net a little bit more, they're going to go in. No question about that. But his work ethic and his skating and all that, it's all there. So it's going to happen for

Brooks understands the whole process. He understands whatever is best for the team, he's going to do. He gets that

Sometimes the numbers guys really don't play the game and don't understand the impact of an individual in your organization. There's certain things you can't measure and some of those things that you can't measure are some of the most important things that are part of a culture, development of a player, those things you can't measure, and he's got those intangibles. That's why he's been such a valuable player for

It will be a good game. Philly's a traditional rival. We played them in the playoffs last year. I mean, they're right there. … You're going to get their absolute playoff mode best game, and that'll be a good test for you because that hardens us. It gets us prepared for hopefully what's ahead. This is my third year, and I have not been to a game where Philly and the Caps have not been a little bit nose to nose, so I think that's a good

He was tired. He was fine. Had to keep him from shooting a little bit, but he's been working hard, working on his conditioning. Gave him a good test

I thought Ovi had one of his best games. He was back being heavy. I walked by him in the hall and said, It's good to have you

I think you talk to him. Obviously, he has a lot of respect for Brooks and what he does, and then obviously, Shattenkirk's resume speaks for itself. … I think Schmidty knows he's a long-term guy for our organization. He's gotten better and better every year, and his minutes have gone up and up every year. His responsibility and his role on the team has increased every year. I don't think you have to do a lot of explaining, but you still want to talk to him and

Obviously, that was a pretty heavy line. He brought that element to it. I thought he got pucks. … Sometimes, that line gets away a little bit from that forecheck and relies too heavily on a puck possession game, a rush game. Getting the puck off the forecheck a little bit more, I thought he brought that

I don't think that's over. I think we're going to have to be selective in what we're doing. I think we're going to be a little more cautious if guys get a little nicked up. We may just create that opportunity by having people pulled out. I was just talking to him. He's working really, really hard. The doctors are going to look at his hand and evaluate it again today. He's on the right timeline, and they're going to re-evaluate at the game tonight. The next timeline will sort of come into

I think with the young defensemen, it's a hard position. When you start spiraling a little bit, it's hard to sort of straighten the ship out a little bit. It takes a little longer. It's more like a tanker than a speed

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