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Bernard Thibault has been quoted 13 times. The two most recent articles where Bernard Thibault has been quoted are French protesters vow to continue speaking out and French unions agree more pension protests. Most recently, Bernard Thibault was quoted as having said, “Never have so many people taken to the streets the day after parliament passes a reform.”.

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The French president is making the wrong analysis of the situation to justify – or try to justify – unemployment figures, that it would be the employees fault who would cost too much.

Never have so many people taken to the streets the day after parliament passes a reform.

This negation of what happened yesterday will come back at him like a boomerang. That's my prediction.

It's clear we're directly oppposed and this isn't our fault. It's the president who's being intransigent.

This law, as it is now, won't be passed. The level of participation at today's demonstrations, the extremely high number of people who didn't go to work shows that beyond just criticising or being angry, workers decided to take to the streets to stop the law in its current form.

We will take the time to analyse the day – the turnout, but also what it can achieve. I hope that we will continue to think hard, and work together towards other gatherings and the work we will have in the coming weeks.

If there are three million people, it is the call of the unions that have something important and serious to defend. We must simply accept the principle of negotiation.

More and more workers are starting to feel we are not the ones responsible for this crisis, but we are the victims, with job losses, wage reductions and pressure on working conditions. We are asking the government and industry bosses to review the acts and decisions which they have been making over the years.

If all the EU railway unions in Paris are asking for the same thing then it's a situation requiring urgent action from the President of the European Union, who only a few weeks ago was saying that some market activities didn't make any sense and that a new era was coming.

I imagine that some workers, when the full details come out, will be tempted to protest to change this situation.

We will have to wait and see if the reforms he wishes to introduce take account of the dialogue he has promised us.

We have a government which is behaving like its playing a game of Monopoly, where the idea is to jockey for the best financial position and make the greatest possible profits. As a result, we're going to be completely dependent on private businesses which will use the limited energy resources to justify higher prices and inevitably the customers will be the big losers from this.

We told them very clearly that the urgency of the situation demanded an immediate withdrawal of the CPE and that our movement will not stop – that it may assume other forms if necessary but it has reached the point of no return.

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