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A lot of heroism was on display amidst a great tragedy.
Mar 17 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Bill de Blasio is associated, including York City, Yorkers, and mosque. Most recently, Bill de Blasio has been quoted saying: “A lot of heroism was on display amidst a great tragedy.” in the article Man accused of killing medic with ambulance: 'I'm innocent'.
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This executive order could in fact undermine public safety and make our neighborhoods less safe. Firstly because this executive order could undermine the relationship between our police department and our communities which has been the foundation of our ability to drive down crime. We will not deport law-abiding New Yorkers. We will not tear families apart.

The stroke of a pen in Washington D.C. does not change the people of New York City or our values. It does not change how this city government protects its people and it will not change how we enforce the law in New York City or how we do business on behalf of the people all 8.5 million New Yorkers.

I was sick to my stomach when I heard that one of our officers was subjected to threats and taunting simply because of her faith. We must not allow this kind of hatred and bias to spread.

In 2014, she ran into a burning building and helped to save a young girl and her grandmother. And, then, on Saturday, she had to experience a man allegedly yelling at her and her son, Go back to your country. Well this is Officer Elsokary's country. She is an American. She is a New Yorker. She's already at home.

Well this is Officer Elsokary's country. She is an American. She is a New Yorker. She's already at home.

We are aware of some of the reports that have been out there, but I want to assure all New Yorkers there's no credible and specific information of any specific threat directed toward this parade.

We are not going to sacrifice a half million people who live among us, who are part of our community. We are not going to tear families apart.

Now more than ever, it is important for every New Yorker to stand united as one city and reject hate and violence. In New York, everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, agnostic and atheist ? it doesn't matter. We are all New Yorkers and we all deserve to live safely and free from hatred or discrimination.

Donald Trump talks about stop and frisk like he knows the facts.

You will continue to see throughout the week a strong visible NYPD (New York Police Department) presence especially from our critical response command and our strategic response group. You will see heavily trained officers and well armed officers. You will see people in our…officers in the subway you will see bags being checked, bomb sniffing dogs that will continue throughout the week.

Based on the information we have now, we have every reason to believe this was an act of terror. We will be going into some detail and there is still a long investigation ahead, but now as I said we have every reason to believe this was an act of terror.

It was intentional. It was a violent act. It was certainly a criminal act. It was a bombing. That's what we know.

Yesterday there was no hint of any connection foreign terrorism.... But there may very well turn out to be a link to foreign terrorist organizations, and that we'll find out today or in the coming days.

There is no other individual we're looking for at this point in time.

I say that to people who go the beach, I say that to surfers: Don't even think about it.

We do know that our Muslim communities are in the perpetual cross hairs of bigotry. It remains critical that we work to bridge the divides that threaten to undermine the greatness of our city and country. Rest assured that our N.Y.P.D. will bring this killer to justice.

Obviously all over the country people have been deeply trouble by the attack on our officers. We made this decision quickly in light of the challenges we face.

Cunningham's photos captured the "city's diversity in every sense of the word, and helped define New York as the fashion capital of the world.

This year, we have an obligation to our nation in the wake of Orlando to show what pride and inclusion looks like.

I think there's a lot fear in the community here in New York City and around the country. Our message tonight is: We stand in solidarity with all members of the LGBT community.

No one deserves to be denied access to bathrooms or discriminated against for being who they are. Every New Yorker has the legal right to use the bathroom consistent with their gender identity, no questions asked - and these powerful ads affirm this right.

Thanks goes to the hard-working officers of the NYPD for bringing Mr. Sykes into custody. I hope the family members of the young mother and her small children can find some amount of closure in knowing he has been apprehended.

Extremely cold weather can be life threatening - especially for seniors, infants and people with medical conditions.

He and Bloomberg have differences on the issues of gun control and abortion and that he would love to compete against him. I know Michael very well and would love to compete with him. He is very opposite from me on guns and pro-life ... I would love to have Michael get in the race ... I would love to compete against Michael.

There is no credible and specific threat against New York City. The people of New York City will not be intimidated. We understand it is the goal of terrorists to intimidate and disrupt our democratic society. We will not submit to their wishes.

When they brought home the trophy they also brought home a message about the power of women.

Everything we know so far makes it clear you can't underestimate this storm. This is not a typical storm. It's going to pack a real punch and we have to expect heavy accumulation in a very short period of time. There is another crucial point: some storms come in in a measured manner. This is going to come in in a sudden spurt of activity.

They were disrespectful to the families involved, that's the bottom line. They were disrespectful to the families who had lost their loved one. And I can't understand why anyone would do such a thing in a context like that.

Let us rededicate ourselves to those great New York traditions of mutual understanding and living in harmony.

Our city is in mourning, our hearts are heavy, we lost two good men, who devoted their lives to protecting all of us. Officer Ramos, Officer Liu, died in the line of duty, protecting the city they loved.

The patient is now in isolation, the health department has a team of disease detectives who have been at work tracing all of the patient's contacts and we are prepared to quarantine the contacts as necessary.

I think the people in this city know that so many New Yorkers are struggling just to make ends-meet and we need to make very serious progressive change, and move away from Bloomberg-era policies, and I'm ready to do it, and I need the support of New Yorkers to get it done.

New York city is a city of families and neighbourhoods – progress that knows that we must be a city of opportunity for all.

The sideshows of this election have gotten in the way of the debate we should be having about the future of this city. And yes, I'm talking about Anthony Weiner. Enough is enough.

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