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We have a positive outlook. We are
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Nov 08 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Binali Yildirim is associated, including Turkey and United Nations. Most recently, Binali Yildirim has been quoted saying: “They have not given any answers. No steps have been taken.” in the article Turkish prime minister in Washington in hopes of resetting relations.
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Binali Yildirim quotes

Sep 23 2017 - Syria conflict

Naturally, it is a question of timing as to when security, economic and security options are implemented. Developing conditions will determine

Sep 18 2017 - Syria conflict

Those who are chasing dreams in Syria and Iraq should know very well that any attempt that threatens our national security, from inside or outside our borders, will be immediately retaliated in

Jul 18 2017

But the mayor and the governorate are cooperating to deal with the situation in the best

Jul 15 2017 - Turkey

Our people did not leave sovereignty to their enemies and took hold of democracy to the death. These monsters will surely receive the heaviest punishment they can within the

Jul 15 2017 - Turkey

We are able to come together again here today because of our 250 heroic martyrs, 2,193 heroic veterans and the great Turkish people. Your country is grateful to

Jul 07 2017 - Turkey

Turkey will use to the end all of its rights stemming from international laws to protect the rights of the northern Cyprus Turkish state and of our brothers living

Jul 07 2017 - Cyprus

Of course, what is indispensable for us is that no matter what result is obtained or what topic is agreed upon, security and the issue of guarantees are vitally important (to ensure) that past troubles are not repeated, and easing up on these is out of the

Jun 09 2017 - Iraq

There are sufficient problem areas in our region and we don't think it is right to create new problem

Jun 07 2017 - Turkey

They can do whatever they

May 02 2017 - Turkey

Welcome back to the home that you founded. Today is a historic day for Turkish politics and its

Apr 19 2017 - Turkish constitutional referendum 2017

It is completely unacceptable to call people to the streets through various communication tools and not to recognise the

Apr 18 2017

To raise your voice over the voice of the nation, depending on the percentages of the votes, is wrong. By making up these fraud allegations, trying to cast a shadow over elections results is useless. The nation's will has been cast by the election results freely and this case is done. It is

Apr 17 2017 - Turkish referendum result

There is no loser in this referendum, but only one winner: Turkey and its noble Turkish

Apr 16 2017 - Turkish referendum result

We are all equal citizens of the Republic of Turkey. Both the ones who said 'no' and the ones who said 'yes' are one and are equally valuable. There are no losers of this referendum. Turkey won, the beloved people won. A new page has opened in our democratic history with this vote. Be sure that we will use this result for our people's welfare and peace in the best

Apr 16 2017 - Turkish referendum result

Whatever the result is, we will hold it in high esteem. The decision of our nation is the most beautiful

Mar 30 2017 - Turkey

Syrians from Turkey have returned. Life is back to normal. Everything is under control. Euphrates Shield has ended. If there is a need, a new operation will have a new

Mar 29 2017 - Turkey

Operation Euphrates Shield has been successful and is finished. Any operation following this one will have a different

Mar 13 2017 - Turkey

If they insist on carrying out this operation with terrorist organizations, then our relations will be

Mar 12 2017 - Turkey

This change will make Turkey stronger in the region, and it will act faster against threats from inside and

Mar 11 2017 - Turkey

There will be a stronger reprisal against the unacceptable treatment toward Turkey and ministers who have diplomatic

Mar 11 2017 - Turkey

There will be a stronger reprisal against the unacceptable treatment toward Turkey and ministers who have diplomatic immunity. Our so-called European friends who speak of democracy, freedom of expression and human rights have failed their class. They are banning our ministers and lawmakers who were going there to meet our citizens living abroad, they are creating obstacles. Hey Europe, please don't meddle in Turkey's internal affairs and politics and don't take a

Mar 11 2017

They are banning our ministers and lawmakers who were going there to meet our citizens living abroad, they are creating obstacles. Hey Europe, please don't meddle in Turkey's internal affairs and politics and don't take a

Mar 09 2017 - Kurds

This is simply divisive language. Because if you mention one particular religion in the same sentence as terrorism, then the followers of that faith – which in this case is 2 billion people – they will be disturbed, and this is not the right thing to

Mar 09 2017 - Kurds

They know what our capabilities are. We've exchanged military info, and diplomatically speaking this message was also passed

Mar 09 2017

Tell that to someone

Mar 09 2017 - Merkel-Erdogan

If you mention a religion in the same sentence as terrorism, then the followers of that religion – in this case two billion people – will be offended. When you use the phrase 'Islamic terrorism,' all Muslims are offended. And at the moment, the Turkish public has a very negative opinion of the United

Mar 07 2017

There is a need for an effective coordination in the efforts to clear Syria of all terror groups because so many countries are involved there. If we cannot establish coordination, the risk of a conflict that we would not desire can emerge. That's the real aim of the

Mar 03 2017 - Turkey

To be afraid of terrorism to spread fear through terror only benefits terrorism. That is why I say with pride, Turkey is as safe as the United States. Istanbul is as safe as Europe or

Feb 09 2017

Currently the town is besieged from every side. The outer districts of the town have been brought under

Jan 29 2017

You can't stop this issue by building

Jan 28 2017 - Refugees

There are 55 million refugees in the world…this problem cannot be ignored and it cannot be solved by building

Jan 28 2017

Nobody leaves their homes for

Jan 25 2017

I believe the president will approve it this week and a concrete date will be

Jan 21 2017

Today we, as representatives, have accomplished the task given to us. We are now entrusting this to the people, its actual owners. Now it is the people's

Jan 10 2017 - Cyprus

Merely mutual trust between communities is not enough. Everything has to be insured. We want that negotiations should proceed in order to provide a fair and permanent

Jan 09 2017 - Terrorism

They ask, why are you keeping yourselves occupied with constitutional amendments (when) there is terrorism? Look, it's today that we have the greatest need for a constitutional

Jan 08 2017 - Mosul conflict

This shows in the best way what we can do together and against

Jan 08 2017 - Daesh

We discussed the issue of Bashiqa. We see that significant progress is being made in cleansing Daesh from the region. In line with this, we will solve this (Bashiqa) subject somehow in a friendly

Jan 07 2017 - Mosul conflict

Iraq's sovereignty is very important for us, we will not allow or be involved in any attempt or move to hurt its

Jan 02 2017

Terror, cannot intimidate us. We will intimidate terror. We will continue to fight against

Jan 01 2017

Some details have started emerging, but the authorities are working towards a concrete result. Police and security officials will share information as it becomes available during the

Jan 01 2017

There is no truth to this. He is an armed terrorist as we know

Dec 30 2016 - Terrorism

It is open to everyone because this process aims to stop the fighting and killings. We don't think anyone would give their consent to see people dying for a meaningless war. Therefore any groups who are not involved in terrorism and who are in favour of peace and brotherhood can be part of this process, especially the United Nations, United States and coalition

Dec 20 2016

We will continue to carry out every kind of effort to overcome the instability in the

Nov 24 2016

The is a need for foreign currency now, the central bank is taking necessary measures to meet

Nov 24 2016 - Turkey

Turkey has been fighting against ISIL. This attack will surely have a

Nov 24 2016

Three soldiers lost their lives in the attack yesterday. It is clear that some people are not happy with this

Nov 24 2016 - Daesh

But of course these attacks will be responded to in

Nov 22 2016

There are those who got married underage. They don't know the law, then they have kids, the father goes to jail and the children are alone with their

Nov 22 2016

It will be evaluated again in the committee by taking opinions of all the parties, and this problem will definitely be

Nov 22 2016

We cannot ignore this (problem). There are 3,800 cases and thousands of children . The children are paying the price of their parents'

Nov 22 2016

Due to a lack of full public consensus, our president's call for a broad consensus and to allow opposition parties to develop their own proposals, we are taking this proposal which is in parliament, to the commission. This problem will certainly be solved after being discussed in detail, with all parties' views being taken into

Nov 18 2016

There are those who got married under-age. They don't know the law, then they have kids, the father goes to jail and the children are alone with their mother. We located 3,000 families like this. This is a law to eliminate this victimisation for just one

Nov 11 2016 - Justice and Development Party

MHP leader Mr Bahceli has once again put the future of the nation first with foresight and patriotism, putting aside political goals, and we will carry out the constitutional change with the

Nov 09 2016 - Turkey

A new page will be opened for Turkish- US friendship if you soon hand over the terror group leader who has harmed the friendship between the U.S. and

Nov 07 2016 - Kurds

The more we continue our fight, the more we see them squealing. No matter what they say, this battle will continue until our red crescent and starred flag waves across every

Nov 07 2016 - Kurds

Turn back from this road while it's still possible ... Come to parliament and say what you have to

Nov 07 2016 - Kurds

For years, we called on you to say you are against terror and terrorist organisations. You would not listen ... For years, they transferred the money we sent for the municipalities to

Nov 06 2016

Brother, we don't care about your red line… We draw another red line on top of

Nov 04 2016 - Turkey

Politics cannot be a shield for committing

Nov 04 2016 - Terrorism

If they are elected but go hand in hand with terrorism, they of course need to be made to

Nov 01 2016 - Terrorism

We have no problem with press freedom. This is what we can't agree with our European friends. They always bring up press freedom when we take steps in our fight against

Nov 01 2016

We are not going to learn from you what press freedom is. We support it all the

Nov 01 2016 - Turkey

Brother, we don't care about your red line. It's the people who draw the red line. What importance does your line

Aug 09 2016 - Turkey

That man who ordered the bombing of Turkey and the parliament, who pointed Turkey's weapons at the Turkish people will get the punishment he

Jul 22 2016

There may be some people who would try to take advantage and stage another attempt, leading people to fear and

Jul 18 2016

During the day, we will go to our jobs. We will do our work because life goes on. But when the evening comes, after leaving our jobs, are we gonna continue this vigil? Until we finish them all, until we root them out, we will have no

Jul 15 2016

The government elected by the people remains in charge. This government will only go when the people say

Jun 27 2016 - Gaza strip

With this deal, our relations with Israel will be normalised. After the Mavi Marmara incident, the embargo which is currently in force in Gaza will be lifted on large scale. This has been achieved through Turkish leadership. The most important thing is Israel has apologised to us about the incident in

Jan 09 2016

It is an issue regarding Turkey's safety. It is also necessary for Europe's fight against

Oct 11 2012

Under the rules of civil aviation – according to international agreements and our own national laws – under no condition can planes carry military communications equipment or any kind of

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