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It is clear a lot of preparatory work went into this attack. ISIL has a much broader strategy against Turkey than simply reacting to news of the normalisation of the relations with
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Jun 29 2016 Israel
Bora Bayraktar has most recently been quoted in an article called Atatürk Airport attack - why did it happen?. Bora Bayraktar said, “Just behind me you can see the entrance to the airport. This is the main entrance to the airport, you can see the place where cars are coming in.”. Bora Bayraktar has been quoted a grand total of 82 times in 79 articles.
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Mar 04 2016

Widows and orphans are one of the main issues of the Syrian civil war. Some NGOs have started to take steps to help solve the issue. But there are so many of them and it seems that bigger projects like this are

Feb 18 2016

Will Turkey stop its military activity in Syria after this?feedback

Jan 08 2016

The visa requirement for Syrians at the seaports and airports are discussed within the framework of fighting terror and crime. The two million Syrian refugees living here seem unconcerned about this new measure since it does not affect their

Dec 17 2015 - Refugees

Turkish military forces are trying to strike a balance between preventing ISIL from infiltrating and controlling and managing refugees, given the humanitarian considerations. Security precautions are gaining increasing

Nov 13 2015

What do you see in the future for the world's economy?feedback

Oct 28 2015 - Kurds

Turkey's political climate is very different from the last polls. Can you define the mood in terms of the Kurdish question?feedback

Oct 14 2015

Conditions have changed dramatically since the last elections. The peace process has stopped and terrorist action has escalated. How do you think this will be reflected in the elections?feedback

Sep 18 2015 - Greece

It seems that the refugees who want to walk to Greece will not give up easily. As their waiting is prolonged the tension rises. And up to now the authorities have not been able to convince them to give

Sep 16 2015

After intercepting a group of 45 people and taking them on board, the Coast Guard came across another boat. They didn't want to stop, but soon they will also be

Aug 17 2015 - Republican People's Party

As the Turkish Lira loses its value and violence escalates, the public and businesses are hoping a government will be established. But almost two and a half months after the elections, all the possibilities have been exhausted and there is still no government. It seems this political deadlock will only be broken by people at the

Jun 03 2015

One of the most important discussions of the June 7th elections surrounds revamping the presidential system. The president and the prime minister say this is needed. In your opinion, why?feedback

Jun 02 2015 - Kurds

Although many Turks think that Kurdish voters are one entity, they're not. People in this region have different expectations and different choices. This has been reflected in election voting. Those who look at the last 30 years think that a return to violence is highly likely, but the city of Mardin, home to different cultures and identities, gives a different message: this city with its Kurds, Turks, Arabs and Assyrians shows that living together in peace also holds a strong

May 30 2015 - Kurds

With a week to go, parties are playing their last cards in Istanbul which has the biggest number of voters. On the one hand, the HDP, seeking to pass that threshold. On the other, the AKP which wants to rule alone. The two parties' supporters, meeting in nearby squares, will determine the fate of

May 29 2015

Reyhanlı, at Turkey's with Syria, is one of the towns that's been affected the most by the neighbouring country's civil war. Its population has almost doubled since the conflict

May 27 2015 - Democratic Party

The ruling Justice and Development Party is the biggest alliance in Turkish politics. It brings conservatives and the centre right under one roof. The Republican People's Party and the Nationalist Movement are the oldest political traditions. The main actor in this election is the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), which brings Kurds and the left-wing

May 20 2015

Do you think of going back. Do you miss your country?feedback

Apr 28 2015 - Cyprus

Congragulations on your landslide victory and becoming President of the Turkish Cypriots. Everybody is wondering what could change with this. We know the parameters of the Cyprus issue. Are you going to move outside these parameters? What is going to change?feedback

Apr 23 2015

Although it has been 100 years the city lives the war everyday. Tourists, activities and memorials like this one, keep the memories

Apr 22 2015

On April 25th, 1915, the Allies landed at Çanakkale. One hundred years later, the signs of battle are still visible. The only consolation about that war in which hundreds of thousands were killed is that no hostility remains, only

Apr 21 2015

In the first years parents came to Gallipoli to remember their loved ones. On the 100th anniversary of the war, grandchildren and all who are interested in history visit. The soldiers and memorials are not

Mar 31 2015

The hostage takers have been killed and this hostage drama has had a bloody end. But questions remain: How did these men manage to take guns inside of the Justice Building and . could police have done more with their negotiations?feedback

Mar 02 2015

Politicians, artists and many others came to Istanbul's Teşvikiye mosque to say goodbye. From now on, the great author will live on in his

Jan 19 2015

Dink's friends are more hopeful this year for justice, since the police officers who are accused of his death were arrested last

Jan 06 2015

The attack in the heart of Istanbul's tourist hub of Sultanahmet square just a few meters away from historic Hagia Sophia museum shocked residents of the city. After the second attempted attack in a tourist hot spot within a week the focus is on increased security measures in the

Nov 03 2014

The migrants' voyage of hope ended in disaster, with the boat sinking off Istanbul. Amid the search and rescue operation, identification efforts are continuing on the

Oct 15 2014

Close to the war zone people are trying to find ways to live. Some Syrian families are repairing abandoned houses in small villages like this, to find a shelter and begin a new life for

Sep 24 2014 - Kurds

A long and difficult journey, being forced to live together under hard conditions and the risk of illness. The Kurdish refugees who fled from the threat of ISIL have health problems too. They rely on the support of these

Sep 23 2014 - Refugees

For the refugees who fled Syria, fearing a massacre by the Islamic State militant group, many makeshift camps have been established. I'm standing here in one of them. Every minute new people arrive, taking the first steps of a new life, about which they have no idea, and they don't know how long it will

Aug 28 2014

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is now officially the president. His first task is to deliver a mandate to (acting prime minister Ahmet) Davutoglu to form a government. Then he'll try to banish the political tension which arose during the election campaign, and in his words try to be president of all Turkey's 77 million

Aug 28 2014

The new president (Erdogan) has been sworn in. How do you think he'll rule Turkey?feedback

Aug 27 2014 - Justice and Development Party

AKP delegates hailed their new leader while saying goodbye to Erdogan. Both stressed unity and togetherness in their speeches and signalled that they will work in

Aug 10 2014

Who will be the first president of Turkey elected by popular vote? Voters have been arriving at polling stations to decide who that will

May 14 2014

The death toll makes this the worst mine accident in Turkısh history. As news of the accident spread, families and friends rushed here to find out the fate of their loved ones and there's been collective grieving with every corpse that's been brought up from underground. The sight of every corpse increases the tensions and the widespread sorrow. Sadly, we haven't heard any good news from the mine

May 14 2014 - Chemical warfare

It is very unlikely because so much time has passed. Every second which passes is precious. Rescue officials have told us that there is still too much toxic gas and it's dispersed over a very large area. That is why they are not very hopeful of finding anyone else alive. By now it would be a miracle to have good news from the

May 14 2014

The hopeful waiting lasted until early morning. Then as the bad news came in, a deep grief filled the air. Now relatives are still waiting for any information about their loved

May 01 2014

There have been clashes going on here for hours in one of the streets which leads to Taksim Square and where a trade union office is

Apr 11 2014 - Egypt

Those who have been campaigning against the military coup in Egypt are back on the streets this time to protest against the executions. They are calling for the authorities to reverse their

Apr 04 2014 - Youtube

With the removal of the ban on Twitter and YouTube, the tension in the country has cooled down. But it seems that Turkey will debate this matter for a long

Mar 21 2014 - Twitter

Shortly after the Twitter restriction, the ban was breached and its lost its meaning. But the decision to block access has given rise to concerns about freedom of speech in

Jan 24 2014

The crisis in the judiciary has been averted for now, after government and opposition parties agreed to freeze the proposal of an important amendment. The option of a constitutional change is now on the agenda

Jan 18 2014

Despite the sporadic violence during the demonstrations against the draft law limiting internet use, the protests ended here. But activists continue their efforts to stop the draft law on social media with no

Oct 29 2013

Marmaray, which connects the two sides of Istanbul, won't just relieve the traffic in the city. It will also bring European and Asian railways

Aug 17 2013

Protesters here in Istanbul are chanting slogans against the Egyptian army who carried out the military coup. They're also calling for international action against the killings of

Aug 05 2013

The Ergenekon trial is one of the country's most important cases. As the trial has begun and verdicts for the defendants are being released, the tension between security forces and those wantıng to enter the court is slowly

Jun 11 2013

How do you evaluate the government's perception of events? The government appears to see this as an attempt at a military

Jun 11 2013

What is your analysis of the events at Taksim Square over the last 15 days?feedback

Jun 11 2013

Police re-took control of the square after nearly two weeks of protests. The Istanbul authorities' aim is to contain the demos in Gezi Park. Will the tension diminish in Turkey after this intervention? We will see in the coming

Jun 06 2013

Though the protests in Taksim have just begun, a museum has already been built. The Revolution Museum fully reflects the spirit of events in Taksim. Entrance is free – but there is only one problem: it has only one

Jun 04 2013 - Libya

I am standing in one of the spots where clashes took place, in front of the prime minister's office. Police are still patrolling the area but both sides have agreed to stop the violence. It seems, for here at least, life has returned to

Jun 03 2013

Though the violence which ruled Istanbul for days appears to have died down, the protests continue. There are hundreds of people protesting in Gezi Park where it all began. They will be preparing themselves ahead of any new

Jun 01 2013

The demonstrations will continue this weekend. They started against the urbanisation project, but now the character of the demonstrations has changed. Most are not just opposed to the project but are protesting against the behaviour of the government, which never takes the citizens' point of view into

May 31 2013

The occupation movement, which started to protect a tiny green area in the centre has grown into a protest that looks unlikely to end any time

Mar 23 2013 - Israel

The crisis which started three years ago on the Mavi Marmara ship, seems to be resolved after Israel's apology. From now on the key point is whether the cases against Israeli officials will be dropped. There's also one more major question: will relations between Israel and Turkey return to how they used to be?feedback

Mar 22 2013

Ocalan's call for withdrawal sparked optimism and hope in general. But nationalists are suspicious about the process and they want to see concrete

Mar 19 2013

The real hardship starts now. Will the new prime minister be able to establish a government inside Syria? The delegates leave this meeting with that question on their

Jan 22 2013

Compared to previous elections there's not been much excitement, and people's expectations are low. But despite this, people did turn out to vote

Jan 10 2013 - Kurds

People in Turkey have seen many such peace talks and remain cautious. They watch from a distance and await the

Dec 03 2012 - Russia

The visit of Putin was short considering the weight of problems between the two countries. But it was long enough to underline how both value Turkish-Russian

Nov 06 2012 - Gaza strip

There was non-stop noise in front of the justice building during the hearing. Hundreds of protesters chanted slogans against Israel, calling for

Nov 06 2012 - Gaza strip

The activists of the Mavi Marmara are determined to continue to put pressure. It seems that the Istanbul courthouse will be the scene of more Mavi Marmara

Aug 09 2012

Tishreen Hospital is at the heart of the violence in Damascus. It is like the black box of the violence in this

Aug 07 2012

When you're entering the city, cars are being stopped and controlled. After Syrian television was attacked yesterday, security has been stepped up. The conflict, vıolence and the atmosphere of war hasn't been felt as much in Damascus, but now that situation is

Mar 07 2012

Laws to stop violence against women are a step forward. But it seems it will take more time to change cultural attitudes before the problem is solved for

Mar 01 2012 - Al-Qaeda

The police van continued a further 100 metres after the explosion. Investigators are searching the vehicle for clues about the

Oct 25 2011

Aid is coming here from all over Turkey but with many roads destroyed or damaged, it's difficult to distribute it to all the affected villages, and that's raising concerns even

Oct 24 2011 - Kurds

Here, at the epicentre, people who have lost their homes spent the night in Turkish Red Crescent tents. All the aid has been brought here, to this

Oct 15 2011

It's not clear whether this lüfer festival in Istanbul will raise awareness. But it is clear that many species around this region are endangered due to bad fishing

Sep 03 2011 - Gaza strip

After waiting for 15 months, the Turkish foreign ministry made the first move in the ongoing Flotilla crisis. It seems likely that Turkey will harden its stand if, as expected, Israel does not

Aug 18 2011

Talking to experts here they all agree that Turkey's response to the PKK will not stop with air attacks and it seems there is a strong possibility of a ground operation along the Iraqi

Jul 31 2011

Now everybody is focussed on Monday's Supreme Military Council

Jun 06 2011

After many years Turkey is preparing to write its first civil constitution. That's why the elections on June 12 are very important. The countdown to election day has

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