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He's a true professional. You can plug him anywhere and he gels. And he guards some of the best on
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Nov 21 2017
I was kind of pressed a little bit earlier in the game. Trying to get one off and trying to make one but when it did it was an amazing feeling for sure.” said Bradley Beal on this article: Bradley Beal becomes youngest player in NBA history to make 700 three-pointers. This page contains 75 articles quoting Bradley Beal. Main topics on which Bradley Beal is quoted are test and job. In addition you’ll find 120 quotes there. All these quotes are mentioned on this page and you can filter them by date and by topics.
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Bradley Beal quotes

Nov 03 2017

That's always been kind of our M.O. is we've got to get some respect. You know, we're playing against top teams, we're beating these top teams and we're not getting the recognition we need. . . . But now we have it, so we've got to do something with

Nov 03 2017

I feel like we're the best team. That's just the way I feel. I always stand by it, because I mean, why would I sit here and say another team's better than my team? I'm not going to sit here and do that. I've got confidence in myself and my teammates and what we can bring to our team and what we can accomplish. Each and every night. We're a targeted team now. So teams are really coming after us and giving us their

Nov 03 2017

It's playoff style. That's one of the best teams to be assembled. You've got LeBron, been in the Finals the last seven times. You know, so there's always hype behind it. And you always bring your A-game when you're playing against the best. So that's kind of how we go back and forth. We know we can challenge them, and they know they challenge us. It's always a good matchup. We love it. We embrace

Nov 03 2017

I feel like we're the best team in the East, I really do. That's how we feel coming into the

Nov 03 2017

He had an amazing game, but at the same time, we got to respect what he does and what he brings to the game. And hopefully down the line, we'll see him again, hopefully in a seven-game

Nov 02 2017

For us to act like we're somebody, we're not jack ish, not right now. There's no excuse. There's no excuse at

Oct 30 2017

The regular season is great, but if we don't win in the playoffs, and get over that second-round hump, we know we're not going to be

Oct 29 2017

And out in the world, if somebody hits you, you're allowed to defend yourself. It's called self-defense. If somebody shoots you, you're allowed to shoot back. Self-defense. I got hit and didn't even hit back and got

Oct 28 2017

We prepared for it today just in case that does happen. The team prepared for it but at the same time, I'm still positive that I will play and just receive a fine for

Oct 28 2017

I'm expecting a suspension. Because of our NBA and the entire situation of it. When you look at film, they're going to think I purposely tried to hit [Green] in the face. The way it looks, they're going to interpret it that way. So, I'm expecting

Oct 28 2017

It's unacceptable by me, for sure. I've got to show better leadership and better

Oct 27 2017

We have to. It's beyond important. It's not like we don't like each other. It's not like we have a problem with each other. It's just a matter of us just doing it. We know what we need to do. It starts with talking. It starts with

Oct 27 2017

It doesn't get any easier for us. We kind of made it a little tough on

Oct 27 2017

We kind of view it as a must-win, in a sense. It'll be a great road win for us … It definitely would speak volumes about the type of team we have but at the same time, it's all about the playoffs. The regular season is great. We want to win this game, I think it would be great on our resume but if we don't win in the playoffs and get over that second-round hump we know we're not going to be

Oct 24 2017

I didn't see it. All I [saw] was Coach Brooks with his hands in the air . . . and I'm like 'Ahh, man! What happened?feedback

Oct 24 2017

I feel like it was a bad shooting night for us, for sure, and I also feel like it was a bad defensive night. But, you know, in games like this you've got to do the little things like making your free throws . . . That saved us in a lot of

Oct 22 2017

We know that we aren't going to play perfect, but at the same time, we need to come out with a defensive mind-set. We can't go and get down 10, 11 points, you know, the way we did and have to fight and claw back. That's something that we did all last year and something that we need to try and avoid this season as much as we can. It's best for us to get out to a better defensive start each and every game. It is a good sign that we are able to turn it around, and coach jumps on our butt a little bit to get after it on

Oct 19 2017

I think I played bad. I really do, I swear I did tonight. I missed way too many free throws [and] missed way too many shots. There were times where my defensive principles weren't great. In terms of rebounding I think I did solid. Getting open shots I thought I did an okay job. I'll tell you that I'm my biggest critic so I always feel like I have to do better and become a perfectionist. I still have a lot of work to do, but I'll take a win. A win is more important than anything. I definitely have to be better next

Oct 18 2017

Having him in the Eastern Conference, we were looking forward to those matchups and now he's going to be down with that tragic injury but you wish him nothing but the

Oct 18 2017

One thing we need to realize, the Celtics are still a great team. They're a team that always plays off heart and energy no matter who's playing or who's suiting up. I still feel like they're going to be a threat in the East with a chance to win just like everybody else. We can't take them lightly just because Gordon went down. We have to accept all our opponents and treat them with respect and go out there and compete with them. At the same time, we have to view it as an opportunity to go out there and get better and take advantage of what's in front of

Oct 17 2017

We're cool with everybody. Everybody gets along. There's no drama. There's no issues or anything like that. So that just carries right onto the floor. We love each other off the floor. We love each other on the

Oct 02 2017

I admire [general manager] Ernie [Grunfeld] and [owner] Ted Leonsis for their loyalty and trust in us. They've taken care of us. Now they expect big things from us too, and we put that same pressure on

Oct 02 2017

I feel like we're the best team in the East, I really do, . That's how we feel coming into the

Oct 02 2017

I feel like we're the team to beat. But we've got to prove

Oct 02 2017

We love the matchup against them and why not? I said it and JR didn't like it too much, some of their other guys didn't like it too much. But I felt that way. It's not disrespect with them, I'm not saying we'd have won the series, but I feel like our competition level and matchups would've been better. I'd have loved to see it, but at the end of the day you tip your hat to them. They've been in the Finals for the last three

Sep 26 2017

There's a lot of issues going on in the world, like Puerto Rico doesn't have water and power and they're still part of the U.S., but you're worried about guys kneeling during the national

Sep 25 2017

To me, you're a clown. That's unacceptable. That's not what a leader does. Your job is to bring people together. Everyone in the world feels like since you've got in office that hasn't been the case. There's a lot of issues going around in the world – like Puerto Rico doesn't have water or power, like they are still a part of the U.S. – but you're worried about guys kneeling during the national

May 22 2017

Cleveland didn't want to see us. I always said that. I felt like that's the reason they didn't play us in the second round. They didn't want to see us in the second round. If they were going to go down, they were going to go down in the conference finals. They didn't want to go down in the second round, because they knew we would give them that competitiveness and that challenge. We were going to bring it every night and go out there and try to win. We weren't going to be fazed by who was on the

May 17 2017

I think it's important. I think we definitely can use help a little bit. We played 45 minutes, 46 minutes [Monday] night, however many minutes it was. That does wear on you eventually. I think it's definitely something Ernie [Grunfeld] would probably look

May 16 2017

I don't care how well I played. I don't care if I played bad. The end result...The only thing that matters is getting a

May 15 2017

It's going to be a while for me. I hate losing. Especially [because] we feel like we're the better

May 12 2017

Really, I wear black every game, to be honest. So I don't know. [Terry Rozier] pointed it out to me. I didn't realize

May 11 2017

It is what it is. They're trying to make it bigger than what it needs to be. We're playing basketball here. They're going to protect Olynyk here. We're going to protect Oubre on our team. When he comes to D.C., Friday's going to be the same thing. We booed him. It's just part of the game. We don't pay attention to

May 08 2017

Our goal is just take him out of the game and just continue to be physical with him. He runs around the floor all day, I've been chasing him all first half. I just wanted to come in and just be physical with

May 07 2017

It is our defense. That's why we're able to get out in transition and get open shots, get open layups. We were just having fun. Were able to force a lot of turnovers. We're one of the best teams in the league at converting off

May 05 2017

They're trying to hide him a little bit, so we wanted to expose that. Otto gave him some trouble in the post. John did too. We were able to move the ball out of it, and that's a good look for us. We're going to continue to stick with it if they're going to continue to hide

May 04 2017

We get fouled a lot, but it's the playoffs. We can't complain, can't be passive. We gotta push

Apr 30 2017

We lack some IQ and focus. I think sometimes we get too lax, and we stop being

Apr 30 2017

They were a little more aggressive than we were. Our defense slipped a little. We lacked some IQ and

Apr 28 2017

You could just tell he was locked in. He was ready to go. We just feed off

Apr 28 2017

I knew he was going to get it. That was an easy play for

Apr 26 2017

We're confident. We know that we just gave up two while we were down there. They beat us in both games. We have to have the same mentality and focus that we have here at home – we have a different edge about ourselves, and we're more locked in. We have to have the same approach down in

Apr 20 2017

It's great. Especially John, more than anybody, he doesn't care if I shoot the ball 100 times in a game or how many I make or miss. A physical team that will kind of trash talk you a little bit, and that just don't take no BS. That's pretty much

Apr 20 2017

Death Row; that's the type of team we are, that's the type of team we want to

Apr 20 2017

I'm dolo today. That's a great feeling when your 'PG' has that confidence in you. That's just more momentum and more confidence for me to just continue to play the way I've been playing. Play hard and shoot the ball when he passes

Apr 20 2017

Something I always tell myself, I don't know what a miss is. Like, it's over. A miss is a lady. You just forget about it and you just move on to the next shot. That's my way of helping me forget about my last shot, so I just stick with that and just keep it

Apr 16 2017

A physical team that will kind of trash talk you a little bit, and that just don't take no BS. That's pretty much it. Just straight swag, just straight swag. These days, everybody's in a group. We hang out together, and everybody's real close-knit. So what's a good group name to have? It's Death Row

Apr 16 2017

Kieff is like an OG of the team. Everybody kind of sees Kieff as a big brother, a little

Apr 16 2017

We continue to feed off of that. Once we get stops, we're off to the races, and it's tough to guard us that

Apr 12 2017

No player wants to sit down. Everybody loves to play. We're all young. I feel like we're chasing after something but we're still confident in the guys who are going to step a foot out here. I would definitely love to play but I understand coach's logic behind it. I'm cool with it. It's not like I really have a choice so to speak, so I just control what I control and it is what it

Apr 11 2017 - NBA

I may have to talk to coach to see if he'll let me play to try to get to 50. We've got a great opportunity. Hopefully we're not too pressed. We just go out there and just control what we can control against a tough Miami

Apr 08 2017

I think 50 might be more important. Because regardless of where you're seeded, 50 is a big accomplishment. That's a lot of wins in the league. It's tough, period, to win in the league and to have 50. It's a

Apr 07 2017

I think what makes us so good is we're a humble team, and we always want to get better. We don't get lax. We don't get comfortable with where we're at, and we understand that when we need to play better. That's the case right now, and we have three games left to do

Apr 05 2017

It's just our defensive efforts, man – Coach let us have it a little bit. We didn't have the right focus, the right energy, they were just way too comfortable on the offensive end, and our defense is what won us the game. We just had a different approach to it in the second

Apr 05 2017

This is – this is his dark side you guys don't know about. Everybody has one, and he definitely has one. Don't let 'em think he's innocent. But it's a good thing, he grants us a lot of freedom, you know, he trusts us on both ends of the floor, but ultimately he still holds us accountable for not playing well. He's going to let us know. He does a great job with that, he knows when it's serious, when he wants more out of us, and he knows how to go about it the right

Apr 03 2017

I think any other team in the league would've did the same thing. That's like a basketball rule. You don't shoot the ball, period. You take a turnover, if anything. Especially you're up 20… you're not respecting the game. You're just joking around shooting. And a three at that. [Jennings] had every right to foul him. That's like a golden rule in

Apr 01 2017

The biggest thing is just realizing that we're not going to get any calls and we haven't gotten calls. So we need to just play. The playoffs will be super physical and I think that's definitely something we can take out of it. They're going to be aggressive. Fouls will be called, fouls won't be called and we got to control what we can

Apr 01 2017

I lost sight of [Ingles]. I had the matchup I wanted. I had [Rudy] Gobert on me, they switched. I was about to bring it back out and as soon as I turned to bring it back out, Ingles was right there. I had two little costly turnovers at the end of the game, for

Mar 31 2017

We can't complain about it. We didn't make the schedule, so we just got to live by it. We definitely have to take care of our bodies … make sure we're nourishing our bodies and resting as much as we can. We know these flights are a killer, a pain in the butt, but it is what it

Mar 30 2017

He needs to realize we need him down the stretch. He's very important to this team. He holds a lot of value on both ends of the floor. I think once he gets a little more confidence in himself, he'll be

Mar 30 2017

I think it's tough because we play small a lot and he's not in the rotation a lot. That probably bothers but we're definitely going to need him. We need his energy, we need his confidence back up high. I think he'll be

Mar 30 2017

It's so much time on the clock. We're always down pretty early in the game and we feel as though we're never playing the way we're capable of playing. We're never playing our best

Mar 29 2017

The countdown means four more to get to 50. This is a bunch of things we're trying to accomplish. We know the fans that's something that they want and that's something that they deserve. They've been looking forward to a good team in the city for a long time and now that we've put that together, we owe it to them a little

Mar 29 2017

We definitely hear it. We hear the 'Get the 50 wins!' We hear the 'Push for the No. 1 spot, No. 2 spot!' We all hear it and those are all goals we have as well. We're trying our

Mar 29 2017

We had a little water bottle fight in here. It's history for us. John and I especially, we've been on the team for five years. It's big-time for us and we're excited to keep it moving

Mar 29 2017

We definitely got to credit our second group. They got us back in the

Mar 27 2017

Coach is on his A-S-S all the time. He understands what his position is and he understands how valuable he is to the team and how he needs to play energetic and play with passion … every

Mar 26 2017

We feed off our defense. Our defense is what gets us these 100-plus points. As long as we continue do that, we love our chances the rest of the

Mar 26 2017

Maybe we need to play the Cavs every game. That's what we've got to have in order for us to be successful and be a good team. We know we've got to defend to the best of our abilities. Everybody has to be on the same page and (Saturday) night it was that. Everybody was talking and communicating. We heard guys on the bench talking. Guys on the floor were talking. It was a collective effort from

Mar 25 2017

You can see it in his eyes. When he leads like that everybody else

Mar 23 2017

He continued to be aggressive, you know, nobody was making shots in the first half. We were all off, and one thing I think that we've done in the past and the last couple games is we stopped being aggressive, you know, we stopped attacking, stopped looking for our shots. That was something we needed him to continue to do, continue to be aggressive, continue to look for your shot. Because that's still gonna put pressure on the defense, and when you don't do that, everybody's able to stand there, everybody's able to guard us. When we stay aggressive, we're a tough team to

Mar 21 2017

But we're still right where we want to be, kind of. We want to move up. Nobody wants to lose, nobody likes losing. We eventually got to figure it out. We are running out of games and it's not going to get any easier. Our schedule gets tougher, so we got to bear down and get some

Mar 20 2017

I wanted to win, man. I wanted to win

Mar 16 2017

I honestly forgot he even twisted his ankle yesterday because he played. It is great to be able to see him back walking without a boot or anything on his … foot. He's a warrior. He's hardheaded too so he's going to play. As long as it's not broke, he's going to play so he'll be

Mar 14 2017

This game was disappointing. We did a tremendous job the previous four games of getting back to our defensive principles, although they weren't perfect games either. Probably the biggest thing is just getting back to our defensive concepts, getting back to our rhythm on defense, we're out of whack a little bit. We're not communicating, we're getting back to the old Wizards, doing some old stuff that we were doing before we got going, so we've got to break those habits and just get back in the

Mar 13 2017

It's a little different. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone a little bit. I've always wanted a website to engage with my fans … I have a lot of plans. It's just the beginning of it. I just want everybody to get a feel for me. I feel like a lot of people think I'm quiet and don't speak a lot. So it's just me branching out a little bit. I'm a little hot right now but it goes around the table. I have my fair share of losses as

Mar 12 2017

It's almost like we won the championship. We were throwing water around, beating on lockers like wild animals but it was electrifying, man. We were excited, especially with a game like that when you claw back and fight your butt

Mar 12 2017

It was kind of a no-brainer for me to just hit the open guy. We trust everybody to make shots. Win, lose or draw, I'm riding with my

Mar 12 2017

We just wanted it, at the end of the day. We just came out with more energy, more focus and it was a helluva game. It was a terrific win for

Mar 11 2017

He was chatting a little bit the whole game. He kept saying you won't make the next one. That was for

Mar 11 2017

John and I both looked at it and said to each other 'We got to get it'. And we just turned it on in the fourth

Mar 11 2017

It helps that this beautiful arena has scoreboards everywhere. So I was able to peek over and see Boston took an 'L' and so did Toronto. That's important to us in terms of the seeding. It's important we got a win tonight. With the seeding, the chips are going to fall where they fall. We can't control other teams, what may happen, who may move up or who may move down but all we can do is go out each game and try to win that

Mar 09 2017

We just had some slippage on defense again and it almost cost us, but we did a good job of showing some maturity, showing some poise and withstanding their runs. That's probably the best we've done. One of their best players was done. Gallinari didn't play. So whether they have guys that aren't available, usually we have a tendency of just thinking the game is going to be easy. I think we did a good job of approaching it better. Just having better

Mar 02 2017

Uhh, I guess I don't really have an opinion about it. It's kind of like feeling it out and see how it goes because I never played with him so I can't really speak on him like that. I know what he is capable of doing. He is capable of scoring. He's a good facilitator and runs the team. He has a lot of dog in him too, so we're excited. So we're going to throw him into the fire and see how he

Feb 28 2017

I'm not going to lie: When he shot it, I was a little nervous. ... We were fortunate he's been off a little bit from deep

Feb 07 2017

You have it circled on your schedule for a long time. That was definitely a test and a battle for us. We did a tremendous job of handling

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