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Find all of Brian Wong’s quotes that have been published in 4 different articles on this page. Brian Wong’s quotes are organized by date and topic, making it easy for you to compare, for example, what Brian Wong has said both recently, and in the past, on a variety of topics. Some of the topics Brian Wong likes to comment on include idea and brand. Most recently, Brian Wong said, “Your brand is only as good as its presentation: How it looks, sounds and feels. Visuals matter even in something as simple as an email.”.

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Thinking that people won't take you seriously before you enter a conversation, is one of the biggest mistakes [early-career] professionals make. Confidence and poise are critical. The biggest challenge of any C-suite today is two-fold. One is to understand the new generation of customers that's emerging and the second is to retain millennial employees.

The slicker the brand is, the more you trust it, and the better you remember it.

The most successful people know that taking time to recharge is the only way to stay on your A game for an extended period of time.

When you [record your ideas], you can usually tell in one or two pages if an idea is smart or stupid. If you don't write things down, you end up cluttering your mind, leaving less memory storage for more important things, and less brain capacity for other process, including creativity.

If you can be a better you every day, you can win the race.

These are the people who are almost literally shooting for the moon, and it's almost impossible not to feel inspired by them.

No matter who you are or what you do in life, you have a superpower – and by that I mean something you do far better than most people. If you're not using it, you're crazy.

Your brand is only as good as its presentation: How it looks, sounds and feels. Visuals matter even in something as simple as an email.

I'm by no means genetically more remarkable than anyone else. I'm not that good looking [...] I don't think from my IQ levels that I'm any more intelligent.

When you fill up your time with creative activities, it starts to get you in the mindset of movement.

Being on time, working hard – most of the things that can catapult you to success actually don't take a lot of skill or talent.

Even some of the most impressive people on the planet have no idea what they are doing half the time. They are proof that if you want to be successful, you don't need to always know what you're doing: you just need to look like you know what you're doing.

It's so easy for us to put up mental barriers, to make excuses to be lazy.

But there's obviously a huge opportunity for us to not do that, which is what I think differentiates the haves and the have nots.

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