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Our vision now is a profitable core
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Oct 06 2017 Renault
Carlos Ghosn has most recently been quoted in an article called 'Speculative frenzy’ over electric cars and battery tech as investors mull lithium futures. Carlos Ghosn said, “This is a risk. I think it's very remote. We have evaluated the capacity of production of lithium and the capacity that can be made available very quickly. We don't think this is going to be a bottleneck at least for the next five-to-six years.”. Carlos Ghosn has been quoted a grand total of 84 times in 57 articles.
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Carlos Ghosn quotes

Sep 15 2017 - Renault

Without a doubt, what we have seen and acted on and executed eight years ago is becoming

Aug 29 2017 - Renault

The establishment of the new joint venture confirms our common commitment to develop competitive electric vehicles for the Chinese market. We are confident to meet the expectations of the Chinese customers and to strengthen our global electric vehicle leadership

Jun 22 2017 - Toshiba

No one in the consortium knows the management of the memory chip business as SK Hynix would stay in the

May 01 2017 - Ford

No matter what happens in the U.S., we will not change any of our plans for electrified vehicles and more efficient

Mar 09 2017 - Renault

It's fair to say that ten years ago under the Tony Blair government, we were so worried about the strength of the pound that we started to transfer the supplier base overseas. Depending on what happens on Brexit, we would be prepared to reverse that. The supply of parts can be a very good hedge against currency

Mar 07 2017 - Volkswagen scandal

I said 10 years ago consolidation was

Mar 07 2017 - NAFTA

I'm not so worried because frankly I think NAFTA is so much in the interest of all parties. We are used to dealing with different countries, political change, agreement change, and this is not an

Mar 02 2017 - Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is still way below the creativity of the human brain. Technology is not going to replace human beings, it's going to support you. It's more, I have a limitation and I want to eliminate this limitation by bringing this technology

Feb 23 2017 - Nissan

There is no difference between what I think and what he

Feb 23 2017 - Nissan

I will be chairman of the board which means I will be supporting the management team, which will be completely accountable for the performance of the companies. I'm going to leave more space for the management teams to be in charge of the operation. There are still lots of things to be done inside the company in order to make its growth sustainable and la sting and

Feb 23 2017 - Nissan

There's a moment when you have to pass the baton to someone else. I've always said I would love to have a Japanese person to be my successor and Saikawa-san is somebody I have been grooming for many

Jan 23 2017 - World Economic Forum

Well, a lots of things, a lot of things: obviously this year is going to be about mass marketing new technology on electric cars, which are really as you know getting to become a mainstream. Then a lot of steps are gonna be done in terms of autonomous driving and driver-less cars and also in term of connectivity: connectivity of the cars and connectivity of the services. A lot of things are going to happen in 2017 so I am really looking forward to it because it this is a transformation of our product which is taking place in front of

Jan 23 2017 - World Economic Forum

Well, obviously Europe's uncertainty is coming more for the multiplication of elections in Europe, important elections in Europe in 2017, that is where the uncertainty is coming from, but from the economic point of view, I think Europe is gonna have a good year. Not a flamboyant growth, it is going to be a reasonable growth, a moderate growth, waiting for the election to take place, and hopefully with a 2018 which will make a more clear steering on the

Jan 20 2017

We're going to have to make decisions on investment within the next two to three years. So obviously the faster the Brexit results come, the

Jan 19 2017 - World Economic Forum

There is no doubt we need to adapt. All carmakers have to revise their strategy as a function of what is

Jan 18 2017 - Renault

We are going to increase investment, we are going to have lot of new cars coming, better batteries, better performance, lower

Jan 18 2017 - Renault

We know exactly what we have in our

Jan 18 2017 - Renault

The U.S is the second largest car market in the world … and we have to adapt to the evolution of the administration in the United States, not the other way

Jan 18 2017 - Renault

We will increase capacity in the years to come, and we will be waiting for the policies now … before making a

Dec 16 2016

I think 2017 should be a good year. I think we will see reasonable economic growth, particularly in the car industry ... I think we will establish a record for sales in

Dec 16 2016 - Mexico

What has been said by the president of the United States is 'America first' ... We have to believe that the program is about American interest, and American interest includes strong trade relations with

Nov 30 2016

Obviously we are mainly an engineering company…but these engineers are going to have to shift their competence … but more and more what we need is computer skills, software engineers and we don't have them. So ... we are partnering with companies who have a lot of these engineers, or we are acquiring companies who have these kind of

Nov 21 2016

We had to make a decision on investment

Nov 17 2016 - Nissan

It is too early to know what's going on in the

Nov 17 2016 - Nissan

We're not in a doom-and-gloom

Nov 08 2016 - Driverless cars

I can say I feel comfortable with the

Nov 08 2016 - Driverless cars

Then, after 2020 you'll have the driverless cars, the cars without the

Nov 08 2016 - Driverless cars

The most exciting technology is the combination of connected (cars) and autonomous (driving). Now the car becomes a mobile space, connected, where you can have a video conference, see a movie, talk to your kids or consult your

Nov 08 2016 - Driverless cars

But I think when you have a technology that brings so much benefit that I don't think people are going to drop off … after one

Nov 08 2016 - Renault

What we are seeing that in China what is really selling are the very low cost electric cars. This is where the market is

Nov 08 2016 - Renault

I think our objective is to be on the market within in a couple of

Nov 08 2016 - Renault

We are at a price point where the sales are just not taking off. So what we decided is go after the market … we are developing a very cheap electric car. Cheap means involving a price point where these cars are selling in China which is about $8,

Nov 03 2016 - Renault

It's under the form of safeguarding the competitiveness of the plans of

Nov 03 2016 - Renault

My problem is when I make a decision on investments for Nissan I make it knowing exactly what is the environment in which I am making these investments. And I have obtained enough clarification and reassurance from the British government to proceed with these

Oct 21 2016

As long as I have this guarantee ... I can look at the future of Sunderland with more

Oct 21 2016 - Nissan

The fact that Mitsubishi had many problems like this in the past means that the management did not go to the root causes, did not understand exactly what was behind this kind of behavior and, in consequence, it

Oct 20 2016 - Renault

This sends a strong message that it's not Nissan that's going to transform Mitsubishi, it's Mitsubishi that's going to transform

Sep 29 2016

It's very difficult to make decisions in terms of investment or envision the future if you don't know how the relationship is going to be between the UK, and the main trade partner of the UK which is the rest of

Sep 29 2016

You can have commitments of compensation in case you have something

Sep 29 2016 - Renault

Eighty-five percent of [vehicles produced in Sunderland] goes to Europe, so for us, the trade relationship between Europe and the U.K. is extremely

Sep 29 2016 - Renault

That's what we have said to the British

Sep 29 2016 - Volkswagen scandal

It's going to make the car more costly, but this is a cost that can be borne by larger cars, more expensive cars. For smaller cars, it's a killer, so it means that we're going to have to go for different kinds of technology, more

Jul 05 2016 - Renault

Obviously 4.3 billion euros is a conservative number. I think a reasonable target would be 5 billion

Jul 05 2016 - Renault

Concerning Brexit, we are a little worried because of the uncertainty caused by the waiting and the consequences of the new status of the United Kingdom and the European

May 16 2016 - ASEAN

Their position of strength is our position of weakness. In ASEAN, they can support us a

May 16 2016

They have, in our opinion, better suppliers than us. We can take some of the

May 13 2016 - Nissan

We don't want to anticipate on the (results of the) due diligence. he is still waiting on the results of the Japanese regulators' investigation into Mitsubishi

May 12 2016

At Nissan, we are determined to preserve and nurture the Mitsubishi Motors brand, and we will help this company address the challenges it faces, particularly in restoring consumer trust in its fuel economy

May 11 2016

We have the potential to be in top

May 11 2016

The two would now share and jointly develop technology. We are determined to preserve and nurture the Mitsubishi Motors brand. We will help this company address the challenges it faces, particularly in restoring consumer trust in its fuel economy

Mar 02 2016 - Driverless cars

I'm a little bit skeptical when a carmaker…says we are going to be able to sell cars, autonomously driven, before 2020, in 2018, when the regulation is not ready. And we know the technology is still in a prototype

Feb 16 2016 - Renault

Our goal is to reach new customers in the premium sports car

Jan 08 2016 - Driverless cars

One of the biggest problems is people with

Jan 08 2016 - Driverless cars

They don't respect any rules

Jan 23 2014 - World Economic Forum

Well Europe is coming back after five years of decline where the European market slid more than 25 percent. For the first time we have a positive forecast for Europe for 2014. It is not very big, a 1.0 percent increase after a 25 percent decline, but you know it is good to see an inflection in the European market. I think Europe will be on a slow growth mode for the car industry thanks to resuming consumer confidence. So I am cautiously optimistic about the prospect of the European market but nothing is going to be quick nothing is going to be significant for two or three years to

Jan 23 2014 - World Economic Forum

China is maintaining a much higher growth of the BRICs, much higher because obviously it is the highest growth rate and I think in terms of investments in infrastructure, investments in education – which are the underlying forces of economic growth – they are doing a superb job. I think what Russia, Brazil and India are trying to do is to beef up their investments in infrastructures and education in order to catch up to the growth level they need or that they have the potential to

Jan 23 2014 - World Economic Forum

I think it is going to be a year of recovery; that is how I would qualify it. Recovery in Europe, recovery in Japan, recovery in some of the emerging markets which didn't have a great year in 2013 – like Brazil Russia and India where the car market was down. Recovery in the United States where the car market continued to recover to reach the level before 2013 that is how I would qualify

Sep 18 2013 - Driverless cars

The autonomous car is based on technical modules. These modules are being prepared. In fact some of these modules you're going to see in the Infiniti cars, or the Nissan cars, or the Renault cars coming before 2020. But assembling all these modules to make the autonomous car? I think 2020 is a very reasonable date, and by the way I don't think ours will be the only one coming in

Mar 05 2013

So number one is: go where the growth is taking place and contribute to this growth. Number two is that you have to be in a resistance mode in

Mar 20 2012 - Nissan

The priority (for Nissan Motors in Indonesia) is for the Indonesian market. If there is any room for more capacity it will be located for the domestic (market) rather than for exports, although cost is

Mar 15 2011 - Renault

I was wrong, we were wrong, and after the conclusions given to us by the Paris prosecutor, it seems that we were

Mar 14 2011

The first thing I want to say is sorry, both on my behalf and that of Renault, to Michel Balthazar, Mathieu Tenenbaum and Bertrand Rochette, as well as their families and friends. I and the management of Renault are committed to their reintegration and we will compensate them for what they've been

Mar 14 2011

It seems that we were mistaken. This didn't appear from nothing. It came from a certain amount of information which now appears was

Apr 07 2010 - Renault

In the mid-term both Renault and Nissan will benefit from vehicles and powertrain projects that help us offer better products at a lower

Sep 17 2009 - Renault

Taking into account that the number of cars will increase, that oil prices will increase, that the pressure on the environment will increase, the auto industry has no alternative but zero emission

May 12 2009

It's not finished. It seems that now it's a little bit better, a little bit more stable than two months ago, but I don't consider that this is finished. At any moment you may have another wave of instability

Oct 02 2008

We don't know if we are at the start of the end or the end of the

Jul 24 2008 - Renault

If the markets head south we're going to have to restructure our manufacturing capacities in

Jul 24 2008 - Renault

You have to strike a balance between company's resources and its results, it is better to do that when the wind starts to turn rather than when the storm arrives, because then you'd have to make much bigger decision, which we want to

Jul 09 2008 - Renault

We want to make large scale availability of zero emission vehicles one of our main priorities in the short and long

Feb 05 2007

Fundamentally the company is

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