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These are unintended consequences that we've got to think through.

How they do things are very important. I'm worried about what happens to Mexico's elections in '18. If we bully them, we could end up with [an] anti-American populous.

I think it was symbolically important, and it creates momentum around the idea that jobs are coming back or U.S. companies will invest ... The democrats may decide to focus on him. And put all their power behind him because he's taking away or his job will be to take away one of President Obama's legacies ... one of his biggest achievements: Obamacare.

During the campaign, he said he's going to go after companies that outsource and export back in. That's what he's doing.

He's getting a lot of pressure to just write everything off, and there are a lot of businesses, a lot of farm states, a lot of governors, a lot of mayors who are counting on agricultural sales to Cuba.

A lot of work has been done, and I think that the president-elect would be well-served if he received other points of view.

I think it would be a tremendous legacy for … President-elect Trump to be the businessperson who can spread the word of how noble free enterprise is. This is a perfect opportunity to do it in Cuba, and I do believe that he is just hearing one side of the story.

This seems to be the wrong time to turn our backs on young entrepreneurs in Cuba.

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