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I would take that money during the week and I would kind of go to these charity casinos and play blackjack. And I was a card counter back then. So I'd be spinning up my money. I didn't have a bedroom. I didn't have a bed. I had a mattress, and we used to keep it in the closet of the hallway. I used to take it out, sleep in the living room, put it back. I will have met some of the smartest people in the world, and I'll be in the game. And I will have learned something about myself, whether I can do something at a really early-stage
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Oct 16 2017 Facebook
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Chamath Palihapitiya is associated, including Hillary and Silicon Valley. Most recently, Chamath Palihapitiya has been quoted saying: “Most of the scenarios were less than [I would make at the venture firm], but there were a few scenarios where I could make a case that it could be equivalent to what I would make at Mayfield over a four-year period, and in a very small number of cases it would be in excess.” in the article Social Capital's Chamath Palihapitiya explains the beauty of a calculated risk.
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Chamath Palihapitiya quotes

Sep 18 2017 - Silicon Valley

I can't pay for my house on 'mission and values.' I actually need current compensation. Silicon Valley is now one of the most expensive places to

Sep 18 2017 - Facebook

We at Facebook basically flipped the narrative, and we did it on purpose. Our whole thing was 'Let's stay private longer.' And the reason we did that was we were pretty sure it would trick a lot of other people into not trying to go public or take advantage of the capital

Sep 18 2017

Now you have these attrition rates of like 20-plus percent. How are you supposed to build an iconic legacy business when your entire employee base walks out the door every five years? It's an intellectually thoughtful

Sep 14 2017 - Facebook

[T]hink about this as a merger of an entity that should be valued anywhere between $3 and call it $20 billion where that management stays in

Sep 14 2017 - Social security

It's almost better to assume all of your data has likely been breached already. You might as well assume that most people out there know your credit card information, know your social security

Sep 14 2017 - Amazon

It's already beginning. Because it's part and parcel to them realizing that there's too much power

Sep 14 2017 - Amazon

Amazon is a microscopic portion of global consumption today, so ultimately I think it has more room to grow before it invites regulatory overview. On the other hand, Facebook and Google effectively are surveillance states. And they have so much personal, private information about so many citizens of so many

Sep 14 2017 - Amazon

It is competing against fundamentally impaired companies, including Wal-Mart, quite honestly. That don't have the technical saavvy, they don't have the capabilities, specialty retailers, an entire overhang of cost structure that [Amazon doesn't] have to deal

Sep 14 2017 - Tesla

There is not a single person of right, sound mind and body, if you could build a Tesla Model 3 online and get it delivered in 30, 60, 90 days, or you have the choice of buying the BMW 3 Series will choose the

Sep 14 2017 - Tesla

People are fundamentally misunderstanding the demand of the [Tesla] Model 3. That entire business is going to go to

Sep 14 2017 - Facebook

And you're talking about an exceptionally creative team – a lot of really good people who should otherwise have been left to build the business. There is a better way to price these

Sep 14 2017 - Facebook

You have a bank, in that case, Morgan Stanley, spending weeks and weeks with the company. They to try and to ground truth of what the company is worth. It's priced in the mid-teens, it opens in the mid-$20s .... all the mutual funds are forced to sell because the price spikes. Clearly it was mispriced. .... All of that, in my opinion, is fundamentally unnecessary and entirely

Sep 12 2017 - Bitcoin

The genie is fundamentally out of the

Sep 12 2017 - Bitcoin

Technology companies are fundamentally dynamic organisms … [There are] so many assets that are fundamentally impaired due to

May 09 2017 - Diabetes

I would love to put us in a head-to-head to see how they do. Watson is a joke, just to be completely honest. I probably should have been more careful with my words. I have companies that we've been building and incubating for years in things like cancer and diabetes where we're bringing machine learning to the market where we've competed with competitors including IBM. I'm in the business of buying things that can grow in meaningful multiples ... over five to 10 year

May 09 2017

That's a business that I think can generate an enormous amounts of cash. I think they'll acquire

May 09 2017 - Tesla

There's clearly a desire by consumers to have this company

May 09 2017

If you look at that business carefully, now I'm starting to get actually slightly more constructive on Apple than I've ever

May 08 2017

At the end of the day, when you are making deep methodical investments in technology companies, it is fundamentally first and foremost about the

May 08 2017 - Artificial Intelligence

Watson is a joke, just to be completely honest. The companies that are advancing machine learning and AI don't brand it with some nominally specious name that's named after a Sherlock Holmes character. I think what IBM is excellent at is using their sales and marketing infrastructure to convince people who have asymmetrically less knowledge to pay for something. I put them and Oracle in somewhat of the same

Apr 21 2017

We're really excited about Groq. It's too early to talk specifics, but we think what they're building could become a fundamental building block for the next generation of computing. They randomly mentioned that they built their own chip for AI and I thought, what is going on here, why is Google competing with Intel?feedback

Mar 16 2017 - Snapchat

The ad load is limited … [so] you have to be growing users and engagement violently to make maximum profit and maximum value. I'm not a

Mar 16 2017

It took us a year and a half to find the group of people who did that. But we were able to take them out. And we have eight of the 10 original people that built that chip building the next generation chip

Mar 16 2017 - Uber

The reality is when something is growing that fast and all of the sudden you're a $68 billion company ... you're forced to think about a business in a global context. As long as that culture gets fixed, I think this company will be

Mar 16 2017 - Cloud computing

There's not a thing that probably the three of us aren't buying from Amazon. And then Amazon's AWS business just keeps getting

Feb 16 2017 - Amazon

They embrace the structural atomic level of value creation that the Trump presidency deeply agrees with. President Trump characterizes this as U.S. exceptionalism and Bezos characterizes it as investing in a great business. The language may be different, but the actual result is the

Feb 15 2017 - Snapchat

It's one thing to give common investors a vote and then have 500 for a different class, but it's another to give them none

Feb 15 2017 - Twitter

It's tracking to look more like Twitter than Facebook simply from the perspective of the top line growth doesn't support a long-term oriented growth model. If you cut total usage off at the knees, then you can only grow in value by engagement, and then you only grow thereby by advertising and monetizing that user base even more than they otherwise would

Feb 15 2017

Good investors have to choose how to allocate their mind-share with the precious capital they

Feb 15 2017

The dynamics of that business don't support long term secular growth. They support a business model that is heavy on cash, heavy on value, but still susceptible to deep fundamental technical disruption. Much like Warren Buffett has said very famously, he doesn't buy technology stocks because he doesn't understand them, I will not buy consumer goods companies because I do not understand

Jan 11 2017

There's a handful of exceptionally good companies but there's always one company that's the best. It does something that is just so fundamentally utilitarian and does it incrementally better

Oct 19 2016

Well, here's what I'll say about Hillary – I think she is fundamentally prepared for the the job. I think she has a temperament to sort of bring people together and create a more pluralistic and inclusive government. Frankly, I think she has to just not trip up between now and November 8, and I think she'll

Oct 19 2016 - Silicon Valley

The reality is these are very difficult, nuanced technical concepts. And I think when you have a public stage that she does – and frankly, any politician does – I would hope that they would call the

Oct 19 2016

There's an imbalance that means the product is technically, functionally

Oct 19 2016

People are inherently good, that's a good company. You just have to re-energize them. You got to liberate them from whatever they're dealing with right

Oct 19 2016

That actually makes a lot of sense. It's partially curated [algorithmically], but it allows people to go deep on things they deeply care about. It can't just be the last 500 tweets when I look at it at the end of the day – it's impossible to engage deeply in the

Oct 19 2016

There are people there that are really good, but are probably just really

Oct 19 2016

Absolutely. But that's a personal choice. I would. I control my company, I'm the one that invested all the money, I get to decide. And that's what I would decide. So yeah. I

Oct 14 2016

And so we kind of treat everything as a company. We never talk about ticker symbols. We never talk about buying and selling. We talk about investing and owning, and so far so

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