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Charles Lister has been quoted 6 times. The one recent article where Charles Lister has been quoted is Rebels' hold on eastern Aleppo collapses as troops move in. Most recently, Charles Lister was quoted as having said, “Assad's survival does not promise stability in Syria.”.

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I think (Fatah al-Sham) found itself surrounded by potential threats and in an environment which politics suddenly was trumping military activities. Ironically, we may now eventually see just that scenario play out in the future.

Aleppo city itself has also been a consistent base of moderate opposition activity, so its collapse spells what could be an existential blow to the moderate opposition from which it'll likely struggle to recover.

Assad's survival does not promise stability in Syria.

An eventual reopening of the Aleppo city front is an inevitability. The opposition will go whether the Turks want it or not.

Given the posture the Obama administration has developed with regards to how it faces the war in Syria, I don't see it shifting the strategy. That would be the most extraordinary foreign policy shift in the last eight years.

Things are deteriorating so quickly now. The U.S. is losing leverage on the ground every week.

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