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We remain vigilant. Our security services have done excellent work.
Mar 23 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Charles Michel is associated, including European Union and Istanbul. Most recently, Charles Michel has been quoted saying: “We remain vigilant. Our security services have done excellent work.” in the article Belgium raises security in Antwerp after high speed car.
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Afterward, the government will see what action to take for something which is not acceptable.

We have already taken a certain number of steps in connection with preparations for July 21, as you can imagine, and our security services are permanently evaluating the measures that are necessary. It's certain that our security services are going to include information resulting from this act committed last night in Nice in their analyses.

I repeat my message that we must keep a cool head. We must avoid panic of course… and not give in to terror. That's the trap that's been set for us.

You cannot send a message where it would be possible to be out of Europe, without all the inconvenience, and at the same time with all the advantages,. You can't say, I divorce you, but I'll live with you for a few days a year.

Our thoughts are with the victims of the attacks at Istanbul's airport. We condemn these atrocious acts of violence.

There is a perception of technocracy. We have to show that Europe brings a real added value that can be felt by our fellow citizens.

Some think that Britain needs more time. I hear this, yes, but I think it strange. It's a type of surrealism.

It's important to have this meeting of 27 because it will show the unity of the 27.

The impact on Australia immediately, directly, from a legal point of view, will be very limited because it will take some years for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, to negotiate an exit. However, we've seen already large falls on stock markets and there will be a degree of uncertainty for some time.

My thoughts are with the victims, their loved ones, and the police. We are following the situation closely.

We will continue to make decisions, reform and take action.

The government will work in perfect cooperation with the commission of inquiry so that all transparency can be ensured and to draw lessons for the future. The security of all Belgians is a priority for this government.

I would like to say with full force to those who have chosen to support a barbaric enemy of freedom, democracy and fundamental values.

What we feared has come to pass. Our country has been struck by attacks which are blind, violent and cowardly.

The fight is not over. The fight for security, the fight against all forms of radicalism, the fight against terrorism, this fight has to continue and more than ever we will increase our capacities and redouble our efforts.

We've won a battle against the forces of ignorance but the struggle isn't over.

We need, and it is my personal belief, to put in place as soon as possible a European intelligence agency.

We'd like to make every effort to progressively regain a normal life, while staying vigilant. It means that we decided that schools would reopen on Wednesday while complementary security measures will be put in place around the schools; and the metro will also reopen on Wednesday.

The threat is considered to be the same as yesterday: serious and imminent. We're continuing to focus particular attention on the public transport system and I confirm that the decision has been made to keep the metro closed on Monday.

It has been recommended that we stop the metro until Sunday afternoon. I cannot comment on any ongoing operations or the inquiry for obvious reasons.

We are convinced that in Belgium, as in France, there are networks and foreign fighters and we have greatly increased our resources to fight these networks, with a certain level of success because in just a few months, we have been able to convict 170 individuals on terrorist charges.

I don't accept this idea of a very weak country. Other countries have faced this drama and the tragedy of attacks. In those countries, there was also the ability to learn lessons and draw conclusions. We should do that, too, in Belgium.

In the fight against terrorism, in all countries in the world and in Europe, there have been successes and there have been failures.

The message is one of good spirits, of joy and of congratulations, and, most importantly, of happiness. This is the message I bring today.

I am angry. T think this is the wrong method here. The Belgian government did not give a mandate to France or Germany to negotiate on its behalf. Belgium has interests of up to the value of € 7 billion in this case. it's all the countries of the euro zone that are directly concerned.

We are very satisfied. It is important for our country. It is important for the stability. It is a strong agreement with a strong political will to implement important social and economical reforms. We are convinced that we have to create jobs in the years to come and we support concrete measures in order to do that.

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