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My donors are basically saying, Get it done or don't ever call me again.'.feedback
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Nov 20 2017
Chris Collins has most recently been quoted in an article called Republican Congress Members Accuse Cuomo of ‘Outright Lying’. Chris Collins said, “Not only is he a bold-faced liar, but he also is fabricating quotations. I've got to wonder if he's lost it. I mean it's outrageous. He not only never called me – he said he did – then he made up a quote. This just tells me you can't believe anything this governor says.”. Chris Collins has been quoted a grand total of 105 times in 69 articles.
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Chris Collins quotes

Oct 10 2017 - Sex

I think she would have been well aware of [The Sex Pistols], because the controversy in the late 70s was very intense. She was leader of the opposition, she was much more aware of what was in the papers, on TV and so on. She had more time to absorb the stories. She will have known about them. She would not necessarily have wanted to be reminded about

Oct 10 2017

I think she was fairly well clued. Number 10 probably prudently estimated her knowledge of these things as zero, and they wouldn't therefore get it

Sep 14 2017 - Democratic Party

In this case the president, the CEO of the country, wanted to test the water with the Democrat contingent in the House and the Senate. This is Donald Trump taking

Aug 29 2017

He doesn't get under my skin at all, but I know I get under his. And that just makes me happier than I could ever tell

Aug 29 2017

Andrew Cuomo got about 32 percent in my district. And his popularity has dropped from there. The more he campaigns against any and all of us, the better it is for each of us in our district. I would dare him, double-dare him, to come campaign for his handpicked candidate. And even better yet, bring Nancy Pelosi with

Jul 26 2017 - Obamacare

It is better than nothing. I will support, I'll be honest, pretty much anything that comes over. If it comes down for the binary choice of voting for skinny repeal or keeping all of Obamacare in place … I think you'll find our Republican conference voting for the skinny repeal, at the same time being disappointed that that's all we're

Jun 27 2017 - Republican Party

I am hopeful that Innate's work will continue to help the individuals and families who suffer from this dreadful disease where, right now, there is no

Jun 27 2017 - Republican Party

For those that invested in Innate including me, we all were sophisticated investors who were aware of the inherent risk. For every successful drug, there are [countless] numbers that fail. That's how today's system

Jun 15 2017

On a rare occasion I'd have my gun in the glove box or something, but it's going to be in my pocket from this day

May 23 2017

It's a highly competitive sector and there's also now the fact that these really small schools are competing with public colleges and universities with a much lower

May 04 2017 - Obamacare

I don't think time would be our friend. We want to get it over to the Senate so they can start their

May 04 2017

We are all breathing a sigh of relief. We're living up to a campaign promise we made, the Senate made, the president

May 03 2017 - American politics

I do think each minute that has passed, each hour and each day, the 'no' members are becoming more locked in 'no,' and we may be losing members. I've heard it, but I don't believe it's a dollar-and-cents

May 02 2017 - Affordable Care Act

In the last 24 hours, things have moved in the negative

Apr 27 2017

In a couple of cases, I've said, Trust me, in a year and a half, you'll see ads on TV attacking you on something,' . So you're afraid they may attack you on essential health benefits? Well, New York is New York – don't get caught up on the commercial they're going to run against you, because New York isn't going to be

Apr 27 2017

We have to have that

Apr 26 2017

We need to get this passed to fulfill our campaign promise, and this is the compromise that looks like it will make it

Apr 26 2017 - American politics

The key to getting this across the finish line doesn't rest with the Tuesday Group. It rests with the Freedom

Apr 25 2017

Congress has to pass bills for him to sign them into law. If there is a frustration, it's really aimed at Congress, not the

Apr 10 2017 - Obamacare

Do you really think the Freedom Caucus would support a supplemental appropriation of $7 billion to continue supporting the insurance companies so they stay in and shore up Obamacare individual markets? Do you really think they're going to support that?feedback

Apr 10 2017

If Obama's appeal continues, then the payments continue. But if President Trump or Attorney General Jeff Sessions were to decide not to continue the appeal, that's a game

Apr 06 2017

We asked him very directly about the five board seats. The president looked to his right and to his left and said 'Can you get me some names? I'm all in.' There was no hesitation

Apr 06 2017

We are going home tomorrow without a deal. The Freedom Caucus says they want to get to yes, but their actions don't show that. The irony is, the very things they campaigned against will now be locked in because of their

Apr 05 2017

It's one thing if you have car crashes and you pay higher . Health is a different animal. If you have or high , it might beg the question, what if you are on a medication and it's currently under control? I don't know what all that would

Apr 05 2017 - Obamacare

We built them a bridge. All they have to do is walk across. The idea that Club for Growth and Heritage Action is blaming the Tuesday Group and moderates is nothing but a fundraising ploy. I don't really think two weeks at home is going to change

Apr 05 2017 - Obamacare

Indications … were on Monday that they wanted to get to yes. Actions speak louder than words and over the past few days, actions would indicate that those words would not have been

Apr 04 2017 - American politics

The biggest change was putting the essential health benefits back in. That really took some Tuesday Morning group folks to yes from

Apr 04 2017

For those of us in my state, it's no change at

Apr 03 2017

We are not currently negotiating with the Freedom Caucus. There was never a meeting scheduled with the Freedom Caucus. We will never meet with the Freedom

Mar 31 2017

We are frustrated and disappointed. But it's not outright

Mar 28 2017 - American politics

The issues surrounding tax reform are easier. They are not as emotionally charged as the health care debate. We'll get tax reform. Maybe not as quite as grand as we've hoped

Mar 25 2017

I don't think this will impact Speaker Ryan because everyone in our conference, whether you're voting yes or no, does know he put his heart and soul into this. I am certainly not blaming Paul Ryan in the

Mar 25 2017

If he can't deliver them, they can't be delivered. I'm certainly not blaming Paul Ryan in the

Mar 24 2017 - Republican Party

Too many people on our team feel like we have team members that are not, they're deserting

Mar 24 2017

In my district, right now there's a lot of misunderstanding about what is we're doing, and once we get it done, and then we can have the chance to really explain

Mar 23 2017 - Obamacare

It's done tomorrow. Or 'Obamacare'

Mar 22 2017

Speaker Ryan has certainly put his speakership on the line with the president, saying he will deliver the vote on

Mar 21 2017 - Republican Party

This amendment will stop Albany from forcing its unfunded mandate down the throats of taxpayers, and help counties lower the property tax burden on hardworking families. Not a penny. I could go in in one afternoon and find the $2.3 billion of

Mar 21 2017 - Republican Party

The president is very adroit at putting somebody on the spot and he did that today with Mark Meadows. There was no threat

Mar 21 2017

Consider this a

Mar 21 2017

He is Chicken Little: The sky is falling. The best news is that he's not going to get re-elected next year. I'm sure a new governor is going to have no problem with

Mar 19 2017

It would have been a 3-point game. We had all of the

Mar 17 2017

With our guys, I've tried to use my experience of being in the NCAA tournament a lot to help with how we manage this all with the media and the hoopla and everything that goes along with being in an NCAA tournament. But I've tried to shy away from talking about what I did. First of all, I'm too old [42] now, none of them know that I could even play at

Mar 17 2017

I try not too much with our guys to talk about when I played. I just don't think it's relevant. They know I played. There might be certain experiences that I bring up, but that was a tough night. I was playing for a national championship. It was the game you always dreamed of playing. And Scotty hit a great

Mar 17 2017

I was in a great mood until you brought that up, so thank

Mar 17 2017

I mean, how many times in any of our lives do you get a chance to do something historical – that has never, ever been done?feedback

Mar 13 2017

To me, this is not the endgame. The fireworks got just a little louder after

Mar 12 2017

When I came here four years ago, it was a belief in a day like

Mar 09 2017 - Mexico

When you understand that Mexico's economy is dependent upon U.S. consumers, Donald Trump has all the cards he needs to play. On the trade negotiation side, I don't think it's that difficult for Donald Trump to convince Mexico that it's in their best interest to reimburse us for building the

Mar 08 2017 - American politics

How can any Republican go home and say they voted against repeal and replace?feedback

Mar 04 2017

The more I watched, the angrier I got. After the game, I'd been disappointed, even sad. But when I watched the tape and saw how tight we had played at the end, it made me

Mar 01 2017

I felt like I was Jimmy V back in '83. I was looking around, I didn't have anyone to

Jan 26 2017

The president asked that the infrastructure piece be included in the 200 day plan. It is now part of our 200 day plan. The president is going to get reimbursed one way or another. I'll trust him on that without knowing any

Jan 26 2017

How do I say this? Let me just say the chart on tax reform had border adjustment tax on it. that's all I

Jan 24 2017 - Democratic Party

What it shows is we have a liberal press that is continuing to play into the Democrat playbook, which is in this case anything they can do to delegitimize the election of this presidency and try to put a damper on those of us who are ecstatic at his

Jan 04 2017

Executive actions would be part of us moving forward with no details whatsoever. Just so things could continue in the health care market

Jan 04 2017

We're going to have to grandfather current plans in for probably two years. There's a lag time between when an insurance company can introduce a plan into a state, get it approved and roll it

Jan 04 2017

It's going to come down to what we call budget reconciliation. That's a financial nuance, in a way that we can pass a bill without needing any more than 51 votes in the

Jan 04 2017

We're going to [vote to] repeal it, much like we did six months ago. Obviously, we put it on Obama's desk. He vetoed that, fully expected. But this time, when it goes on President Trump's desk, he's indicated he's absolutely going to sign

Nov 09 2016

We're all on the same page give or take 10 percent, which is nuances more than

Feb 24 2016

It starts with a vision and the high level commitment. It's problem-solving

Feb 24 2016

We've had absolute devastation. There was just no

Feb 24 2016

We need a president willing to make the tough decisions necessary to restore our country to greatness. I believe Donald Trump is the man for the job, and I am proud to provide him with my

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