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We are creating a new compulsory insurance framework that covers the use of automated vehicles and when the driver has legitimately handed control to the vehicle. This will ensure that victims have quick and easy access to
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Nov 06 2017
Chris Grayling has been quoted 90 times. The one recent article where Chris Grayling has been quoted is 'No deal' Brexit could add £930 a year to UK shopping bills, say experts. Most recently, Chris Grayling was quoted as having said, “It would mean that … supermarkets bought more at home, that British farmers produced more, that they bought more from around the world and it would damage French producers and continental producers.”.
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Oct 16 2017

There's no formal legal mechanism that we can use, but in terms of the principle I completely agree. I would hope that if any of the creditors end up with money in pocket, whether they might indeed consider doing

Oct 16 2017

I know nobody bar one exception who says there is a danger that planes will stop

Oct 16 2017

If I were in their position I would want to make a contribution if only to demonstrate goodwill. I would hope in a world where social responsibility is important to corporate reputation they might feel a moral obligation to

Oct 16 2017 - London

I'm pleased to be on the very first of these brand new trains to welcome them into

Oct 15 2017 - Brexit

But of course we must plan for all eventualities. People would think it was ridiculous if the government wasn't planning for all

Oct 15 2017 - Brexit

Well, what we will do is grow more here and we'll buy more from around the

Oct 15 2017 - Brexit

You may remember the brouhaha over the Walloon farmers when they were objecting to the Canadian trade

Oct 15 2017 - Brexit

But I also believe we'll end up with a sensible agreement with the European Union because it's in both of our interests that that should

Oct 15 2017 - Brexit

I had a look at the time to see who their biggest customer was. Us. We are the biggest customers of the Walloon farmers. They will be damaged if we don't have a

Oct 15 2017 - Brexit

John McDonnell threatening to derail this Bill is John McDonnell threatening to create the kind of chaotic Brexit he himself is warning

Oct 15 2017

I'm of the view that at the end of the negotiations I would expect that to be the

Oct 15 2017 - Brexit

It would mean that producers, supermarkets bought more at home, that British farmers produced more, that they bought more from around the world and it would damage French producers and continental

Oct 15 2017

In a month's time the chancellor is going to deliver a very important budget for this country and I'm working with him and we are all behind him in delivering

Oct 15 2017 - Brexit

Parliament has already voted for leaving the European Union

Oct 09 2017 - Alitalia

We need to look at what happened with Air Berlin and

Oct 09 2017 - Brexit

I feel deepest for those who've made bookings and lost holidays ... I know it's a deeply traumatic time. Let me clear: this airline did not fail because of

Oct 09 2017

All parties considered options to avoid the collapse of the company. Ultimately, however, Monarch's board took the decision to place it into

Oct 09 2017

We will be very focused on a clear burden-sharing exercise taking

Oct 09 2017

I am also aware of the duty this government has to the taxpayer and ... we've entered into discussions with several third parties with the aim of recovering costs of the operation. We're currently engaged in constructive discussions with the relevant credit and debit card providers so we recoup from them some of the costs to taxpayers of these repatriation flights. We're also having similar discussions with other travel providers through which passengers may have booked a Monarch

Oct 09 2017

Virgin Atlantic are offering a fast track recruitment process for cabin crew and pilots, and easyJet have invited applications for 500 cabin crew

Oct 09 2017

We need to look at all the options, not just Atol, but also whether it is possible for airlines to be able to wind down in an orderly manner and look after their customers themselves without the need for government to step in. This is where we will focus our efforts in the weeks and months

Oct 02 2017

We are today mounting the biggest civilian repatriation exercise this country has seen in

Oct 02 2017

Monarch has really been a victim of a price war in the

Oct 02 2017

Monarch's problem was it was it was neither one thing nor the other. It was not really... a package holiday airline, nor was it really a low cost airline. I think it got rather squeezed in the

Oct 02 2017

We are doing our best to make sure that those people who are stranded and can't get back otherwise will be able to do

Oct 02 2017

This is a hugely distressing situation for British holidaymakers abroad – and my first priority is to help them get back to the UK. That is why I have immediately ordered the country's biggest ever peacetime repatriation to fly about 110,000 passengers who could otherwise have been left stranded

Oct 02 2017

This is an unprecedented response to an unprecedented

Sep 22 2017 - Brexit

It's not about the specific purpose of where we might end up at that point in the negotiations ... what she is doing is setting out today the principles of a future relationship, she is talking about how we move the negotiations forward. We are a nation that meets its obligations. Of course we absolutely accept that Britain has obligations ... but what we are looking to do though, is not simply today to start talking about the nuts and bolts of

Sep 11 2017 - UNESCO

Quicker journey times, reduced congestion and cleaner air will benefit people locally and unlock growth in the tourism

Sep 05 2017 - Brexit

I'm very sorry to see Labour behaving in a way many will see as irresponsible. What this bill will actually do is ensure there is not a legal cliff-edge when we leave the EU. We have 40 years of European law on the statute books. You can't have a situation where, when we leave, there is a complete legal vacuum, so we are taking the existing EU laws, putting them into UK law. This government and future governments will be free to modify as they see

Aug 26 2017 - London

It's extraordinary – and a very poor reflection of what's actually going

Aug 23 2017

It is central government's responsibility to provide funding and a delivery structure that ensures efficiency, value for money and accountability. But, beyond this, I want the north to take

Aug 12 2017

Allowing learners to drive on motorways in a supportive environment will help them develop a practical understanding of how to use motorways safely before driving

Aug 12 2017

Younger drivers are up to seven times more likely to be killed or seriously injured compared with drivers over 25, and lack of experience is an important factor. Allowing learners to drive on motorways in a supportive environment will help them develop a practical understanding of how to use motorways safely before driving

Jul 24 2017 - London

I am a supporter of Crossrail 2 but given its price tag we have to ensure that we get this

Jul 22 2017

Who knows? We'll see further down the road what happens, but ultimately I think it will be her choice, as it should for any prime minister about how long they want to

Jul 20 2017

Tens of millions of motorists a year will benefit from the end of tolls on the Severn bridges, saving them money and cutting journey times. Abolishing the crossing fee will also drive economic growth for businesses in Wales and the south-west and further strengthen the bond between our two great

Jul 20 2017

Passengers expect and deserve high quality rail services and we are committed to using the best available technology for each part of the network, delivering significant benefits for those who use our

Jul 20 2017

New bi-mode train technology offers seamless transfer from diesel power to electric that is undetectable to passengers ... This means that we no longer need to electrify every line to achieve the same significant improvements to journeys, and we will only electrify lines where it delivers a genuine benefit to

Jul 17 2017 - London

HS2 will deliver vital links between some of our country's biggest cities, helping to drive economic growth and productivity in the north and midlands. As well as providing desperately needed new seats and better connecting our major cities, HS2 will help rebalance our

Jul 17 2017

As well as providing desperately needed new seats and better connecting our major cities, HS2 will help rebalance our

Jul 17 2017 - British elections 2017

I'm very clear that the cabinet and the party are united behind Theresa May, united in determination to get the right deal for the country in Brexit, in the Brexit negotiations, and to make sure we continue the economic progress we've

Jul 17 2017 - Brexit

We all want a Brexit process to lead to a situation where we have good, constructive economic and trade relations with out European neighbours, not as part of the European Union, but as their biggest customer. In the everyone's interests that we have an economically sensible, economically beneficial Brexit deal. And everyone's going to work for that – everyone in cabinet agrees that that is where we should

Jul 17 2017 - Brexit

I read some of the stuff in the papers at the weekend and it bore no relation to the meetings I was in last week. The chancellor is absolutely right to say no one should be discussing, on or off the record, what takes place in cabinet meetings. I don't think there's any doubt about that at all. But the coverage I read at the weekend about the tense rows in the cabinet simply didn't happen – it wasn't like

Jul 17 2017 - Brexit

All I can say is my experience of both being inside cabinet meetings and also with cabinet colleagues in the last few weeks is that I don't see these great divisions that are suggested in some of the Sunday newspapers. I have to say I think all of this is somewhat

Jul 05 2017 - Unemployment

There is always going to be a debate around the Cabinet table about what to do and we are not all clones. But the bottom line is we are a team, we will do our best by the country, we will take decisions at future budgets that try to find the right balance between the competing pressures of spending money on public services and public employees where it is necessary to do so and also making sure we have the right economic policy to continue that growth, to continue the fall in

Jul 04 2017

If you look at where there are problems on the A-road network, it is the areas where a fairly significant regional route passes through a small town. The lorries congeal in the centre, there's congestion and … people for years have been saying: 'I want a bypass,' so we are making money available for that. These routes don't just unlock economic potential. There are quite a lot of places where there is the potential for housing developments on the edge of towns where a bypass going around the town can actually unlock housing as

Jul 04 2017

Getting transport spending right is crucial for the country's

Jun 28 2017 - British elections 2017

In the wake of the general election we are going to have to think about what we do come the next

Jun 22 2017

The West Coast Partnership will support growth and better services on the West Coast Main Line while helping to ensure that HS2 becomes the backbone of Britain's railways. This will create more seats for passengers, improve connections between our great cities, free up space on existing rail lines and generate jobs and economic growth throughout the country. I look forward to seeing the bidders' innovative ideas to put passengers at the heart of the

Jun 22 2017

Southeastern is one of the busiest franchises in the UK, running almost two thousand services every weekday. We want passengers to be at the heart of everything that the new operator does, enjoying modern, spacious trains on a more punctual and reliable service. We will listen to what passengers say in the current public consultation, and we will seek to make changes and improvements only with their

Jun 20 2017 - Northern Ireland

We're having good constructive discussions and I'm confident that we'll reach a sensible agreement. The talks are going on, they are going

Apr 15 2017

People should take a long, hard think about what they need, about where they're going to be driving and should make best endeavours to buy the least polluting vehicle they can. I don't think diesel is going to disappear but someone who is buying a car to drive around a busy city may think about buying a low-emission vehicle rather than a

Apr 10 2017

This sends a clear message that important decisions about prisoners cannot be made efficiently or fairly in the face of these cuts. We look forward to hearing from the Lord Chancellor with her plans to give effect to the

Mar 27 2017 - London

We are delivering the biggest rail modernisation programme for over a century and this franchise will deliver real changes for passengers, who can look forward to modern trains, faster journeys and a more reliable

Mar 22 2017

There is no change to FCO travel advice, this is purely about making sure that when they do travel they are safe. Let me be absolutely clear this is not a vote of no confidence in the security measures in any other country. I do not want this to be seen as a thumbs down to any of the security measures in any other country. The safety and security of the travelling public will always be our paramount

Mar 22 2017

We have explained this decision at all levels to partners in the region and spoken to European partners such as Germany and France with specific interests in aviation whose travellers and carriers may be affected. We will do everything we can to minimise the disruption to people's journeys. We do understand the frustration this may cause. I know the whole house will recognise that we face a constantly evolving threat. The changes we are making are an important part of that

Mar 21 2017 - Terrorism

We understand the frustration that these measures may cause and we are working with the aviation industry to minimize any impact. Our top priority will always be to maintain the safety of British

Mar 21 2017

The update we are making to our security measures is an important part of that process. We remain open for business. People should continue to fly and comply with security

Mar 14 2017

We are going to do things differently. I want passengers to enjoy more space and comfort, more and better communication with the operator, and a consistently reliable

Mar 14 2017

Services on the South Eastern rail network have been unacceptably poor for far too long. Passengers have endured disruption, overcrowding and delays, particularly during redevelopment work at London Bridge station, and they deserve better. That is why this consultation is so important. Appointing a new franchise operator from 2018 provides us with a great opportunity to sort out the problems which have plagued the South Eastern network, and deliver the high quality of service that customers

Mar 14 2017

This consultation sets out what we expect the next operator to deliver for passengers, including working more closely with Network Rail to ensure a focus on performance, and innovative use of technology to improve both ticket-buying and compensation if things do go

Mar 14 2017

Services on the Southeastern rail network have been unacceptably poor for far too long. Passengers on a new Southeastern franchise from 2018 will enjoy modern trains with more space and a more punctual and reliable

Feb 09 2017 - Driverless cars

We must ensure the public is protected in the event of an incident and this week we are introducing the framework to allow insurance for these new

Feb 02 2017

By backing the northwest runway at Heathrow airport and publishing our proposals today, we are sending a clear signal that when we leave the EU, Britain is open for business. Doing nothing is no longer a choice we can afford to

Jan 20 2017

We have held discussions with UK suppliers to make sure they are in the best possible position to win

Dec 13 2016

When I met the General Secretary of ASLEF soon after my appointment, with virtually his first breath he promised me '10 years of industrial

Dec 12 2016

In essence this is a battle between the unions and the management over whether they will allow new technologies and new ways of working on the railway. It is deeply, deeply unfair on the passengers who are left in the middle of this

Dec 06 2016

When something goes wrong we need the best possible joined-up approach to sorting out the problem. This is about creating a single, joined-up team made up of members of network rail, members of the train

Oct 25 2016

There will be a full and proper consultation … we will do it in as timely a way as we

Jul 13 2016

She'll be mindful of the need to unite the party, and she'll, I think, put together a team that will do the right thing for the country. Not an easy challenge, but that's what you do if you're prime minister and I'm confident that what we'll see over the next 48 hours as she becomes prime minister, and of course you can't have cabinet reshuffles until the new prime minister is indeed prime

Dec 24 2013 - Homosexuality

His later life was overshadowed by his conviction for homosexual activity, a sentence we would now consider unjust and discriminatory and which has now been

Dec 24 2013 - Homosexuality

His brilliance was put into practice at Bletchley Park during the Second World War where he was pivotal to breaking the 'Enigma' code, helping to end the war and save thousands of

Apr 13 2009

There is clearly a cancer at the heart of Gordon Brown's administration in Number 10 that is doing things that all reasonable people would say are totally unacceptable. It is disseminating lies about opposition politicians. Gordon Brown himself has to sort this out and apologise. He has to sort it all out so it can never happen

Apr 10 2009

The student visa system is being used by terrorists to try and get people into the country. If it's being abused by terrorists groups around the world then the rules have to be much tighter. The government has been in power for a decade. There have been a number of issues around the student visa system over the years. These have been loopholes by ministers own admissions. They really need now to make sure things are absolutely water

Nov 02 2005

If Mr Blunkett carried on having meetings with them, and his ex-girlfriend says business was discussed at those meetings, Blunkett denies that, but there is a dispute between the two of them over what happened – if this is the case it is a serious

Nov 02 2005

I think there are still big unanswered questions about private meetings between Mr Blunkett and members of the family who control shares in DNA bio science after he returned to government. Let's be clear, the ministerial code is absolutely clear about this: you have to cut your links with business

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