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The bond market will eventually win this argument.
Feb 23 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Christopher Whalen is associated, including U.S. and Germans. Most recently, Christopher Whalen has been quoted saying: “The Republicans are feeling their oats in terms of pushing their agenda, which goes very much contrary to what the board's been doing for the last few years. She'll defend the Fed's position in what they have done to date. But ultimately, it's not her job to tell them what to do. The institutional memory of the Fed during that battle of Dodd-Frank is when they came very close to having all their regulatory powers stripped away. They're going to have to be very aware of the political winds, because they've clearly changed.” in the article Janet Yellen is facing a whole new world, and it starts Wednesday. An other article where Christopher Whalen has been quoted is Trump reform goal: Show that bankers aren't the bad guys anymore.
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The bond market's been in an induced coma. The central banks forced yields down and kind of put their foot on everybody's neck.

I think we could see that next year, simply because there's so much suppressed demand. You can't underestimate the dramatic change in expectations that's occurred. ... It will be hard for him to get done what he wants to get done. However, it's just a really dramatic change from the punitive environment of low growth and over-regulation that we've had.

Ill-considered public statements, whether made directly or on background to the news media, serve to erode confidence in markets and in specific financial institutions. We believe that political leaders who seek to obtain partisan political advantage by making such statements play a very dangerous game.

Obviously, the German government is going to support their banks if they get in trouble, despite what rules they put in place.

The Germans have to stop talking about this publicly unless they say, Yep, we got 'em, there is no issue here'. The concern is that the statements they did make were not helpful.

It's exactly like what (former Treasury Secretary Henry) Paulson did with Citi ... It's a very analogous situation. Hopefully, the German government will take a page from that particular book and look at how the U.S. responded.

The Germans have let this situation with banks fester for years, and unfortunately the guys at Deutsche have waited to settle their outstanding issues. They've always been this way.

The thing that people forget is the EU has very, very strict rules on the book. The whole thing is no state assistance.

When you go back and you look at the fact they were not able to deal with this in a timely way, even up until the present day, that's a big deal.

If they have to change their internal culture, then I think that's going to have a ripple effect that's going to definitely affect the equity investors.

You would be surprised at how good the bids for energy loans would be.

Policymakers are not watching spreads. There is a liquidity problem – this is a near-term concern.

It's an enormous sector. Given the size, I think it's appropriate to break it out. It makes a lot of sense. It should have happened a long time ago.

Buffett has a lot of leverage because he owns a lot of stock. They don't want him to sell. It would take the stock down, so he can exercise significant influence on management.

Mostly earnings are coming from cost cutting. The banks are being chased out of a lot of businesses because they just can't stay.

Until the Brexit vote, the quarterly numbers were going to be better than the first.

There's just not that many customers left. We're kind of in purgatory here.

You're likely to see all of the big guys cutting staff.

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