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The administration was involved in the Alexander-Murray negotiations every step of the way. There is a broad bipartisan agreement that can pass the Senate right now. The administration should support it instead of floating other ideas that would further the sabotage both parties are trying to
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Oct 20 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Chuck Schumer is associated, including Americans, Republicans, and healthcare. Most recently, Chuck Schumer has been quoted saying: “With the deficit as large and growing as quickly as it is, Republicans pursuing a reckless plan that would blow a huge hole in the deficit and put Medicare and Medicaid at risk is the height of irresponsibility. Instead, Republicans should work with Democrats on tax reform that is deficit neutral and focused on the middle class.” in the article U.S. Budget Deficit Swells, Adding Wrinkle to G.O.P. Push for Tax Cut.
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Oct 13 2017 - American politics

Unless our Republican colleagues act, the American people will know exactly where to place the blame when their premiums shoot up and when millions lose

Oct 13 2017 - Trump Presidency

What brings us to the table is trying to do some good for

Oct 12 2017 - Obamacare

Trumpcare collapsed because Americans overwhelmingly recognized the cruelty and higher costs it meant for them and their loved ones. Now, millions of hard-working American families will suffer just because President Trump wants them

Oct 11 2017

The Senate has fewer and fewer mechanisms that create bipartisanship and bring people to an agreement. The blue slips are one of them. It's just a shame that Senator McConnell is willing to abandon it for circuit court

Oct 09 2017 - Immigration

The $64,000 question is, is the president backing off what he said he would do to Leader Pelosi and I? And there are signs that he is. But what we are saying is very simple: If the president has changed his mind and if he's doing an about-face from what he told us, he ought to say it now. Not just prolong this. We will try to find other ways to help the

Oct 08 2017

The Administration can't be serious about compromise or helping the Dreamers if they begin with a list that is anathema to the Dreamers, to the immigrant community and to the vast majority of Americans. The list includes the wall, which was explicitly ruled out of the negotiations. If the President was serious about protecting the Dreamers, his staff has not made a good faith effort to do

Oct 06 2017

Before he ran for office, after Sandy Hook, he said he supported President Obama's proposals on gun control, on gun safety. And I challenge the president: This is an area where you can really do some good. You say you're a leader? Well then don't follow the NRA. Don't let their extreme positions dictate what you do. This is a way to show

Oct 06 2017 - Gun control

Getting rid of bump stocks makes sense, [but] I think anyone who thinks that solves the problem is crazy. We have to go much further and do rational gun control. The thing that has the best chance of passing, that would do the most good, is universal background checks. Sooner or later we'll get it. We're going to keep fighting for

Oct 01 2017

But the passengers who got on the bus had no idea Dahlia was not a safe company. That's the tragedy of

Oct 01 2017

We need this change. The law is on the books, but the federal D.O.T. has not enforced it in an appropriate way. We need them to do that, and do that now, and it could go a long way to preventing the kind of horrible crash we saw in

Oct 01 2017

While there are safety grades when someone gets on a bus, they have no idea what they are. They are required to be posted on the websites, but they are posted in such a small, hidden way no one sees

Sep 29 2017 - Social security

The Senate Republican budget is the clearest sign yet that Republicans are intent on pursuing a tax plan that would blow a huge hole in the deficit and stack up debt, leading to cuts in programs that middle-class Americans rely on. This budget would green-light a tax scheme that could very well put Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid on the chopping

Sep 28 2017 - Trump Presidency

It seems that President Trump and Republicans have designed their plan to be cheered in the country clubs and the corporate

Sep 27 2017 - Trumpcare

This is 'wealth-fare'. It's little more than an across-the-board tax cut for America's millionaires and

Sep 26 2017 - Trump Presidency

With all due respect, President Trump, the relief efforts are not doing well, they're not close to good enough. All any American needs to do is open a newspaper or turn on a TV to know that Puerto Rico is not doing

Sep 25 2017

The situation is desperate. Puerto Rico has taken a serious punch to the gut. They need our help. They need it

Sep 20 2017 - DACA

Whether he pivots or not will be one of the most fundamental questions of this administration. It's the $64,000 question. The only way it can happen is if we have a successful negotiation on DACA, and secondly whether we get health

Sep 18 2017 - Obamacare

It would be outrageous for our Republican colleagues to vote for this bill without knowing its effect on people. That, whatever your ideology, would be nothing short of a

Sep 16 2017 - Trump Presidency

I'd like to see it within the next little while. Look, I don't want to set a date. Soon. Soon is the right

Sep 16 2017 - Trump Presidency

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. We thought we had an opportunity to get something good done, and let's see what happens. We're very hopeful that they will keep their word. Look, he said he would do this. I take him at his word that he

Sep 16 2017

Here's what I told him: I said, Mr President, you're much better off if you can sometimes step right and sometimes step left. If you have to step just in one direction, you're boxed.' He gets

Sep 13 2017

Preserving some of the minority's power in the Senate has broad support because every one of us knows we're probably going to be in some of

Sep 13 2017

Getting rid of the blue slip would be a

Sep 13 2017 - American politics

A tax cut, particularly one for the very wealthy, is not going to help Florida or Texas rebuild from these

Sep 09 2017 - Trump Presidency

So the markets dictate one month past the 2018 election? I doubt

Sep 09 2017 - DACA

I got a call early this morning. He said, This was so great!' Here's what he said: 'Do you watch Fox News?' I said, Not really., They're praising you!' Meaning me. But he said, And your stations' – I guess meaning MSNBC and CNN – 'are praising me! This is great!feedback

Sep 09 2017 - Trump Presidency

The one thing we have is we're New Yorkers. We're pretty direct, and we talk right at each

Sep 09 2017 - Trump Presidency

Even when I was on vacation with my family in August, I started

Sep 09 2017 - Trump Presidency

The president is sometimes, as you know,

Sep 09 2017 - Trump Presidency

If it's the right thing to do, I think we can do it. We'll have leverage in this

Sep 09 2017 - Trump Presidency

Maybe this was an aberration. But maybe they're learning, either instinctively or intellectually, that just embracing the hard right isn't going to get them very

Sep 09 2017 - Trump Presidency

I said, Well, you have to act on

Sep 09 2017 - Trump Presidency

We only had one thing as leverage at that point, which was the debt ceiling. They can't let the government default because so many of their conservatives won't vote for

Sep 09 2017 - Trump Presidency

I said to President-elect Trump: 'Look, we're not going to obstruct you, just for the sake of obstruction. If you'll work with us, as long as we can keep our values, we'll work

Sep 07 2017

This agreement is a reminder that we don't always have to wait until the 11th hour – risking shutdown, risking default – in order to compromise and do the right

Sep 06 2017 - Twitter

The president listened to the arguments. We think we made a very reasonable and strong argument. And to his credit, he went with the better

Sep 06 2017 - Christmas

This was a really positive step

Sep 03 2017 - Republican Party

The to-do list this September is long. We look forward to seeing a plan from our Republican colleagues that can earn bipartisan support and get done all that we need to get done this

Aug 31 2017 - Trump administration

The Trump administration is deliberately attempting to sabotage our health care system. When the number of people with health insurance declines and costs skyrocket, the American people will know who's to

Aug 23 2017 - Twitter

If the president pursues this path, against the wishes of both Republicans and Democrats, as well as the majority of the American people, he will be heading towards a government shutdown which nobody will like and which won't accomplish anything. I love the Great State of Arizona. Not a fan of Jeff Flake, weak on crime & border!feedback

Aug 17 2017 - Trump Presidency

While it is critical that we work towards the goal of Senator Cory Booker's legislation, we must continue to denounce and resist President Trump for his reprehensible

Aug 14 2017 - China

President Trump's pattern continues: Tough talk on China, but weaker action than anyone could ever imagine. To make an announcement that they're going to decide whether to have an investigation on China's well-documented theft of our intellectual property is another signal to China that it is O.K. to keep

Aug 12 2017 - Populism

Until @POTUS specifically condemns alt-right action in Charlottesville, he hasn't done his

Aug 03 2017

You can't avoid regular order when you want to and then say Democrats should use regular order whenever you want us to. But now that health care is done I think we can tie the two together–normal way of legislating, [and] clearing noncontroversial nominees as we move forward in

Aug 02 2017 - Trump Presidency

The problem is President Trump has talked a good game and done virtually nothing on trade but study it. We need action. If President Trump wants to work with us to get things done,

Aug 02 2017

They're rapacious, the Chinese. They do not play by the rules. And we sit

Aug 01 2017 - Obamacare

That's not being presidential; that's small, it's vindictive, and it will hurt millions of Americans he's sworn to

Aug 01 2017 - Obamacare

He's actively trying to make it collapse, taking out his political loss on the American

Jul 29 2017

I love every single member of my

Jul 29 2017

I don't like it, and we are not going to do it as a practice," but "when you're choosing a cabinet nominee, especially a controversial one, it makes

Jul 29 2017

She would not commit to spending money on

Jul 29 2017

To me it was poignant. It reminded me of going to Ted Kennedy's hideaway and talking to him when he was ill, when he would show me pictures on his wall. I had a lump in my throat several

Jul 29 2017 - Trump Presidency

He told me: 'Had you been majority leader, it would have been more fun. It would be easier. But with Trump in and you as minority leader, it is much more

Jul 28 2017 - Trumpcare

We are relieved. Not for ourselves, but for the American

Jul 28 2017 - Obamacare

We were sent to Washington to fulfill the pledges we made to our constituents. While the House delivered a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, unfortunately the Senate was unable to reach a consensus. I am disappointed and frustrated, but we should not give up. I encourage the Senate to continue working toward a real solution that keeps our

Jul 28 2017 - Obamacare

I hope we can work together to make the system better in a bipartisan way, and I'm optimistic that can happen. Nobody has said Obamacare is perfect. Nobody has said our health-care system doesn't need

Jul 28 2017

I knew it when he walked on the

Jul 28 2017

Let's vote against skinny

Jul 27 2017 - Russia

All Americans should be wondering: Why is the president publicly – publicly – demeaning and humiliating such a close friend and supporter, a member of his own cabinet? They should wonder if the president is trying to pry open the office of attorney general to appoint someone during the August recess who will fire special counsel Mueller and shut down the Russia investigation. Let me say, if such a situation arises, Democrats would use every tool in our toolbox to stymie such a recess

Jul 27 2017 - Republican Party

There is no such thing as 'skinny' repeal; it's a ruse to get to full repeal, with all the concomitant cuts to Medicaid and tax

Jul 26 2017 - LGBT

Transgender Americans are serving honorably in our military. We stand with these

Jul 26 2017

These votes, frankly, are a lot tougher for them than they are for us. They are squeezed in both

Jul 26 2017

We ought to see it soon, in broad daylight, not at the 11th

Jul 25 2017

Get the sergeant of arms out here. The vice president's gone; We want them to come up

Jul 25 2017

We are going to fight and fight and fight until this bill is dead!feedback

Jul 25 2017 - Sanctions

Given the many transgressions of Russia, and President Trump's seeming inability to deal with them, a strong sanctions bill such as the one Democrats and Republicans have just agreed to is

Jul 25 2017 - Trump Presidency

President Trump campaigned on a populist platform of talking to working people. That's why he won. But as soon as he got into office, he abandoned them, making alliance with the powerful…leaving a vacuum on economic issues. We Democrats are going to fill that

Jul 25 2017 - Democratic Party

Too many Americans don't know what we stand

Jul 24 2017

Old-fashioned capitalism has broken down to the detriment of

Jul 20 2017

The fact that everybody pulled together, public sector, private sector, Amtrak, federal government, state government, to make sure that the box tunnel was built so that we could do Gateway is a good metaphor. When they understand how important Gateway is, they're willing to work together for the common good. So the box tunnel hopefully is a metaphor for the rest of Gateway, because when it started it wasn't

Jul 18 2017 - Obamacare

He is actively, actively trying to undermine the health care system in this country, using millions of Americans as political pawns in a cynical game. By continuing to deny the insurance markets their certainty that they need to function, the president is playing a dangerous game with the health care of this

Jul 18 2017 - Trumpcare

Our colleagues in the Republican Senate have a choice to make. They can follow the president down a path that would lead to higher premiums, less care and millions of Americans losing coverage. They can join President Trump in trying to sabotage the system and hurt millions of innocent Americans to try to make a political point that has failed already. Or they can start today working with

Jul 17 2017 - American politics

As we've made clear to our Republican colleagues, if they continue to insist on ramming through a secret health care bill without any public input or debate, they shouldn't expect business as usual in the Senate. Maybe once things change a little bit on health care, with the consent of my colleagues on this side of the aisle, we can move a lot of things

Jul 14 2017

Sherrill Manufacturing produces high-quality American-made

Jul 13 2017

There's no reason to leave Rockaway vulnerable when federal funds are available now for measures that can provide protection during future

Jul 11 2017

I have sympathy for the Republicans. If I were them I wouldn't want to go home and face the voters either because they're not getting very good reaction when it comes to this (health care)

Jul 09 2017

This suspect product has no clear health value. I can't think of a single parent who thinks it is a good idea for their children to be snorting over-the-counter stimulants up their

Jul 05 2017 - Trump Presidency

If they work with Democrats, they might be able to get something

Jul 05 2017

The Republicans' partisan approach has been the thing that's tripped them up this year. If they continue that approach in July, they'll have a tough time. If they abandon it, they might be able to get some things

Jul 02 2017 - Republican Party

They have lots of powerful wealthy people on their side. Who do we have? You!feedback

Jun 30 2017

As we continue the full-court press to make the Senate a more diverse place, this survey will be important to help us track our progress. The more diverse the Senate is, the better it can serve our diverse

Jun 29 2017 - American politics

The details have changed a bit around the edges, but the core has remained the same in each and every version: slash Medicaid to the bone in order to give a massive tax break to a very small number of wealthy Americans. Cut support for Americans in nursing homes, those suffering from opioid addiction, and those with a pre-existing condition to pay for a tax break for the wealthiest

Jun 29 2017 - Russia

It's critical, critical that Congress speak in a loud and clear and unified voice to President Putin: Interfering in our election, the wellspring and pride of our democracy, will not be

Jun 29 2017 - Sanctions

I want to put the House on notice: If they water down the bill, weaken the sanctions, add loopholes to the legislation, they will find stiff resistance here in the

Jun 28 2017 - Republican Party

I expect to see buyouts and bailouts, backroom deals and kickbacks to individual senators to try and buy their

Jun 28 2017

With the demise of this bill yesterday, we have an opportunity to go back to the drawing

Jun 28 2017 - Trump Presidency

We Democrats have set the goal posts. If President Trump is going to talk the talk on these issues, then we look forward to him working with us and walking the

Jun 28 2017 - Democratic Party

President Trump, I challenge you to invite us – all 100 of us, Republican and Democrat – to Blair House to discuss a new bipartisan way forward on health care in front of all the American people. It would focus about what you, Mr. President, have talked about in your campaign: lower costs, better health care, covering everybody' – not on tax cuts for the rich, not on slashing

Jun 27 2017 - Democratic Party

These are the faces, the human toll, that Trumpcare would take on our country, on our citizenry, our great American

Jun 27 2017 - Republican Party

Republicans want to give a tax break to the wealthiest

Jun 27 2017 - Obamacare

Republicans would be wise to read it as a giant stop sign. No matter how the bill changes around the edges, it is fundamentally rotten at the

Jun 27 2017 - Trumpcare

Today's (CBO) report confirms what doctors, patient advocates, democrats and republicans have been saying for weeks, Trumpcare will lead to higher costs for less care, and will lead to tens of millions of Americans left without any

Jun 27 2017 - Trumpcare

Trumpcare will lead to higher costs and less care, and will lead to tens of millions of Americans without

Jun 26 2017 - Trumpcare

This bill is every bit as mean as the House

Jun 26 2017 - Republican Party

It's the epitome of 'mean' to say that those without health insurance for several months have to wait even longer to get

Jun 26 2017

Being denied critical and potentially lifesaving health care for six months is not a fair punishment for someone who is a few hundred dollars short on insurance payments because they lost their job and finances are unexpectedly

Jun 26 2017 - Sanctions

I thought he probably agreed with us on Russia sanctions. There are going to be many things. They are not at the high level like taxes and health care, but they are at the next level and there is a bunch of

Jun 26 2017 - Russia

You have to be strategic, but there are issues when the Republicans are closer to us than to

Jun 25 2017 - Democratic Party

I think they have at best a 50-50 chance of passing this

Jun 23 2017 - Planned Parenthood

Senate Republicans with this bill are proposing to defund Planned Parenthood, to drastically slash Medicaid, which helps middle class families with loved ones in a nursing home, and sends those dollars to the very richest people in

Jun 23 2017 - American politics

We live in the wealthiest country on earth. Surely we can do better than what the Republican health care bill

Jun 22 2017 - American politics

The way this bill cuts health care is heartless. The president said the house bill is mean. The senate bill may be

Jun 22 2017 - Trumpcare

If you need treatment for opioid addiction, your plan may no longer cover it under

Jun 22 2017 - American politics

It's clear that Republicans know that cutting Medicaid will hurt so many people in the middle class, so many in my home state of New York. Republicans know that people want essential health benefits, so they've created a disguise by saying these changes won't occur for a

Jun 22 2017 - Republican Party

We're not going to discuss strategy

Jun 21 2017

Republicans are writing their health-care bill under the cover of darkness because they are ashamed of

Jun 21 2017 - Russia

Make no mistake about it. The 'blue slip' threat is nothing more than a procedural excuse by House Republicans who dredged it up to cover for a president who has been far too soft on

Jun 19 2017 - Republican Party

If Republicans won't relent and debate their health care bill in the open for the American people to see, then they shouldn't expect business as usual in the Senate. Republicans are drafting this bill in secret because they're ashamed of it, plain and

Jun 19 2017 - Uber

If Republicans won't relent and debate their health care bill in the open for the American people to see, then they shouldn't expect business as usual in the

Jun 17 2017 - Homosexuality

The purpose is to spread the word about the Stonewall uprising and the progress we have made as well as the distance we have to go. And it sends a great message to Washington, especially in these times: We celebrate our diversity and cherish it, we don't shrink from it and we don't fear

Jun 16 2017 - American politics

This is not a drill, this is a red alert. In a very short time, maybe only two weeks, the Republican majority may try to jam through a health care bill that no one in America has

Jun 15 2017

Why are they doing that? It's obvious. They don't want the American people to see how poorly they would do under this

Jun 15 2017

They're ashamed of the bill. If they like the bill, they'd have brass bands marching down the middle of small-town America saying what a great bill it is. But they know it isn'

Jun 14 2017 - Sanctions

This administration has been too eager, far too eager in my mind, to put sanctions relief on the table. We cannot let Russia's meddling in our elections go unpunished, lest they ever consider something similar

Jun 14 2017 - Yemen

Furthermore, the administration has not sufficiently ensured the Congress that these weapons won't fall into the wrong

Jun 13 2017 - Trump administration

Unfortunately, the Attorney General repeatedly refused to answer pertinent questions from members of the Senate Intelligence Committee without offering a scintilla of a legal justification for doing so. This is part of a repeated and troubling pattern from Trump administration officials who clam up and refuse to answer questions about the Russia investigation, even though cabinet officials have had no qualms talking about their conversations with the

Jun 13 2017 - American politics

Press access should never be restricted unfairly, particularly not when one party is trying to sneak a major bill through

Jun 13 2017 - Russia

Michelle, how'd my hair look coming out of the gym this morning?feedback

Jun 12 2017 - Sanctions

By codifying existing sanctions and requiring congressional review of any decision to weaken or lift them, we are ensuring that the United States continues to punish President (Vladimir) Putin for his reckless and destabilizing

Jun 12 2017 - Russia

If there aren't tapes, he should let that be known. No more game

Jun 12 2017 - Russia

Recommending Director Comey's firing would seem to be a violation of his recusal, and Attorney General Sessions needs to answer for

Jun 11 2017 - Russia

I think we could work out a way it could be dignified, public, with questions, with Leader

Jun 11 2017 - Trump Presidency

Look, when it comes to something like obstruction, there's a serious legal standard. A good prosecutor looks at the facts and sees if it meets that standard. I'm not going to speculate about that. That's in prosecutor Mueller's

Jun 11 2017 - Russia

How does that fit in with his recusal? It doesn't seem to stand up well to

Jun 11 2017 - Russia

There are some questions about Sessions that have to be asked. First, did he interfere with the Russian investigation before he recused himself? Second, what safeguards are there now so that he doesn't interfere? Third, it says he was involved in the firing of Comey, and the president said Comey was fired because of Russia. How does that fit into with recusal?feedback

Jun 08 2017 - Republican Party

Play the tapes for all of America to

Jun 07 2017 - Trump Presidency

When he called for a trillion-dollar infrastructure bill, we thought that was great. What they've proposed is privatizing most of our infrastructure to give wealthy financiers tax breaks on projects they were probably going to build anyway… it'll lead to 'Trump tolls' from one end of the country to the

Jun 07 2017 - American politics

It's going to be a lot harder to get the debt ceiling raised if our Republican colleagues insist on raising the deficit dramatically by huge tax cuts for the wealthiest of

Jun 06 2017

It's holding cost-sharing hostage as a political tool. The way to get companies to come back to these counties is to say you're going to do cost-sharing

Jun 06 2017 - Trump Presidency

A private-sector-driven infrastructure plan means tolls, tolls, tolls – paid by average, working Americans. It also means that infrastructure that can't be built with tolls, like repairing our crumbling schools, for instance, will likely get left

Jun 06 2017

The hard right, which has disproportionate influence in their conference, has meant they are very good at the negative and not so much the

Jun 05 2017 - Trump Presidency

The entire focus of the President's infrastructure 'proposal' is on privatization, which sounds like a nice word but when you scratch beneath the surface it means much less construction and far fewer jobs, particularly in rural areas. It means Trump tolls from one end of America to the other, and huge profits for financiers who, when they put up the money want to be repaid by the average driver, worker and

Jun 05 2017 - Trump Presidency

If he's serious about bringing jobs, he would support By America provisions and he would back our new trillion dollar infrastructure bill which we announced earlier

Jun 01 2017 - Trump Presidency

Future generations will look back on President Trump's decision as one of the worst policy moves made in the 21st century because of the huge damage to our economy, our environment and our geopolitical standing. Pulling out of the Paris agreement doesn't put America first. It puts America last in recognizing science, in being a world leader and protecting our own shore line, our economy and our

May 30 2017

When people get a bad health care bill, you can blame anyone you want. You are in

May 30 2017

You meet very few truly great men in your life. Ray was one of

May 24 2017 - Trumpcare

The report makes clear that Trumpcare would be a cancer on the American health care

May 24 2017 - Republican Party

We can expect today's CBO analysis will likely show many of the same grave

May 24 2017

The fact that they just turn their back on oversight is part of a deeper syndrome, which is no respect for separation of powers, no respect for how the Constitution set up our government. It's going to hurt the country, and it's going to hurt them. There are other things that we can do, and we're exploring them. We have the floor of the

May 24 2017

President Trump's campaign promises on infrastructure are crumbling faster than our roads and

May 24 2017 - Trumpcare

Republicans were haunted by the ghost of C.B.O. scores past, so they went ahead without

May 23 2017 - Uber

We have seen promise after promise just broken, as if they didn't even matter. Candidate Trump campaigned as a populist, said he wanted to help the working people, but since he has taken office he has governed like a hard-right conservative – pushing policies that help the uber wealthy at the expense of the middle

May 23 2017 - American politics

It's a budget that takes a meat cleaver to the middle class by gutting the programs that help them the most, including many that help create jobs and power the

May 23 2017 - Trump Presidency

Republicans "dislike this budget almost as much as we do. And so the likelihood is what happened with the 2017 budget will happen here. Democrats and Republicans will tell President Trump and his minions to stay at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. Let us work out a budget together that will make America a better

May 23 2017 - Trump Presidency

The Trump budget exists somewhere over the rainbow, where the dreams of Mick Mulvaney, Paul Ryan and the Koch brothers really do come true. Of course, these dreams are a nightmare for the average working

May 22 2017

This would pull the rug out from so many Americans who need help: those suffering from opioid and heroin addiction, people in nursing homes and their families who care for them, the elderly, the disabled and

May 22 2017

Based on what we know about this budget, the good news – the only good news – is that it was likely to be roundly rejected by members of both parties here in the Senate, just as the last budget

May 22 2017 - Trump Presidency

Clearly by today's action and their decision to make the next payment, the White House realizes that eliminating cost-sharing reduction payments would cause chaos in the markets, and they would get the blame. Unfortunately, by kicking the can down the road once again, the administration is continuing to sow uncertainty in the markets that will hurt millions of Americans. Instead of hemming and hawing, they ought to step up to the plate and say once and for all that they will make these payments permanently, which help millions of Americans pay less for their health

May 19 2017 - Trump Presidency

He's one of my favorites. That quiet tone shouldn't fool

May 18 2017

If one thing is clear from the meeting it is that Mr. Mueller has broad and wide ranging authority to follow the facts wherever they go, and that gives me some confidence and should give American people some confidence. Because he is a man of great integrity and

May 18 2017 - Trump Presidency

This was a very good first step. Mr. Rosenstein has done the right thing. I now have significantly greater confidence that the investigation will follow the facts wherever they

May 17 2017

Former Director Mueller is exactly the right kind of individual for this job. I now have significantly greater confidence that the investigation will follow the facts wherever they

May 17 2017

My view is we need a thorough investigation and we need to get all the facts and then we'll come to conclusions. Our step now is to get a thorough

May 17 2017 - Russia

Mr. Rosenstein has the authority to appoint a special prosecutor right now. He needs no Congressional

May 17 2017 - Russia

The President should make full unedited transcripts available immediately. No ifs, no ands, no buts. If the President may have put national security and our intelligence operations at risk, congress has the right to know

May 17 2017 - American politics

We had always hoped that as the evidence mounted, our Republican colleagues would join us in asking for more information about what really happened in regards to Director Comey. This is a good first step, but we have more steps to take, and we hope they'll continue to be on a bipartisan

May 16 2017 - U.S. National Security Adviser

In a week full of revelation after revelation – on a day when we thought things couldn't get any worse, they have. I say to all of my colleagues in the Senate: History is

May 16 2017 - Trump Presidency

Producing the transcripts ... is the only way for this administration to categorically prove the report's

May 16 2017 - Trump Presidency

We rely on our intelligence from our allies to keep us safe. If our allies abroad can't trust us to keep sensitive information close to the vest they may no longer share it with us. Given the gravity of the matter we need to be able to quickly assess whether or not this report is true and what exactly was

May 15 2017 - Oil

The fact that they are bragging about these highlights how little else they have accomplished

May 14 2017 - Russia

Because they're both involved in one of the most serious investigations we've seen in a very long

May 14 2017 - Russia

Each Democratic senator's gonna make up his or her own mind. But I think the two are very much

May 14 2017 - Trump Presidency

To destroy them would be a violation of law. But he should turn them over to Congress and to the

May 14 2017 - Trump Presidency

It's not a criminal investigation. I see no need for a special commission

May 14 2017 - American politics

The key is getting some of our Republican colleagues to join

May 14 2017 - Trump Presidency

To have that special prosecutor, people would breathe a sigh of relief because then there would be a real independent person overlooking the FBI

May 14 2017 - Russia

The actions of the last week make all the more reason that he should not be attorney

May 11 2017 - Trump Presidency

Over the last three decades of your career at the Department of Justice, you have developed a reputation for integrity and impartiality. That reputation is now imperiled by your participation in the abrupt dismissal of FBI Director

May 11 2017

The need for these briefings is even greater now than it was this morning, given what the president said this

May 11 2017

Over the last three decades of your career at the Department of Justice, you have developed a reputation for integrity and impartiality. That reputation, along with the personal and public commitments you made to me and other Senators that you would be an independent, apolitical actor as Deputy Attorney General, earned you broad bipartisan support in your confirmation vote. And that reputation is now imperiled by your participation in the abrupt dismissal of FBI Director

May 11 2017

There are many questions to be answered and many actions that should be taken. We will be pursuing several things in the coming days, and we'll have more to say about those next steps in the days

May 11 2017 - Russia

All we are seeking is some assurance that the subject of this investigation is not able to influence it or, God forbid, quash

May 10 2017 - Trump Presidency

With all due respect, you're making a big

May 10 2017 - Russia

If there was ever a time when circumstances warranted a special prosecutor, it is right now. It should not be a political appointee who makes such a

May 10 2017 - Trump Presidency

I do not have confidence in him (James Comey) any

May 10 2017 - Russia

Were these investigations getting too close to home for the president? It is troubling that Attorney General Sessions, who had recused himself from the Russian investigation, played a role in firing the man leading

May 10 2017 - Trump Presidency

I have said from the get-go that I think a special prosecutor is the way to go, but now with what's happened it is the only way to

May 10 2017

I do not have confidence in him (James Comey) any longer. I told the president, Mr. President, with all due respect, you are making a big mistake. The first question the administration has to answer is, why now?feedback

May 10 2017 - Russia

Are reports that the President has been searching for a rationale to fire the FBI Director for weeks true? Was Director Comey's investigation making significant progress in a direction that would cause political damage for the White House? We need to get to the bottom of this… and get a handle on all of the facts so that we can grapple with

May 09 2017 - Trump Presidency

The only way the American people can have faith in this investigation is for it to be led by a fearless, independent special

May 09 2017 - Russia

There is now a crisis of confidence at the Justice Department and President Trump is not being held accountable because House Republicans refuse to work with us to do our

May 08 2017 - Trump Presidency

With this first slate of lower court nominees, it seems that the President is intent on continuing to outsource the judicial selection process to hard right, special interest groups rather than consulting with Senators on a bipartisan basis. The president should work with members of both parties to pick judges from within the judicial mainstream, who will interpret the law rather than make

May 06 2017

Mark Green's decision to withdraw his name from consideration as Army secretary is good news for all Americans, especially those who were personally vilified by his disparaging comments directed toward the LGBTQ community, Muslim community, Latino community and

May 05 2017 - Homosexuality

A man who was the lead sponsor of legislation to make it easier for businesses to discriminate against the LGBTQ community; opposes gay marriage, which is the law of the land; believes being transgender is a 'disease'; supports constricting access to legal contraception; and makes deeply troubling comments about Muslims is the wrong choice to lead America's

May 04 2017 - Trumpcare

This bill is going nowhere fast in the United States Senate. Rather than trying to pass a different version of the same Trumpcare bill that would mean higher costs and less care, Senate Republicans should refuse to follow their House colleagues over a cliff, reject repeal, and work with Democrats to improve our healthcare system in a bipartisan

May 04 2017 - Trumpcare

Even if the new version of Trumpcare passes the House – and we hope that it does not – its chances for survival in the Senate are small. We don't even know if the new version would survive under the rules of

May 04 2017

I sincerely hope that the Senate won't mimic the House and try to rush a bill through without hearings or debate or

May 03 2017 - Social security

This has been the nefarious goal of the hard right for decades. This is what Bush did. They did tax cuts and then they said they had to cut Social Security. Some in the hard right, their ultimate goal is actually to cut Social Security and Medicare, even end it. This is a path for them. We're going to stop

May 03 2017 - Democratic Party

This is a good day, and it's a bipartisan day, so I'm not going to get into finger pointing. It was a bipartisan negotiation as I said. The leaders – Democrat, Republican, House and Senate – work well together. And why ruin that?feedback

May 03 2017 - American politics

This Republican amendment leaves Americans with pre-existing conditions as vulnerable as they were before under this bill. High-risk pools are the real death panels: they mean waiting forever in line for unaffordable health

May 02 2017 - Republican Party

It is truly a shame that the president is degrading it because he didn't get 100 percent of what he wanted. You can't always get what you

May 02 2017

People here might say they hate the federal government. But the fact is, they need it to

May 02 2017

You cannot do it without the standard deduction. He takes away state and local, as well, and middle-class people get far less of a benefit, many of them were hurt. One estimate said that millions would pay more, and the rich do extremely

May 01 2017 - Trump Presidency

I think we had a strategy and it worked. Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate were closer to one another than Republicans were to Donald Trump. We had the upper hand, and we maximized that leverage. We figured out our bottom line first, and we made it clear that we had the upper hand because the shutdown would fall on their

Apr 30 2017 - Mexican wall

This agreement is a good agreement for the American people, and takes the threat of a government shutdown off the

Apr 28 2017

There's no Democratic

Apr 28 2017

We still have a little bit of a ways to go, and we still have some poison-pill riders that they haven't dropped

Apr 28 2017 - American politics

The Republican plan is just steeped in hypocrisy. For the last eight years, all we heard from our Republican colleagues was that Obama was raising the deficit, and we need to cut programs that benefit the poor and middle class. All of a sudden, now, with a Republican president and a proposed tax cut for the wealthy, we're hearing from the other side of the aisle, Deficits don't

Apr 28 2017

Our position has been clear and it's nothing news. No poison-pill riders. Now we're making progress — we're not there

Apr 27 2017 - American politics

We hope that Republicans don't pass it. But if it does, American politics will take its effect. It was out of touch with reality, that

Apr 27 2017 - Obamacare

There are some sticking points that remain, but I'm optimistic we can come up with an agreement very

Apr 26 2017 - Affordable Care Act

It is good that once again the president seems to be backing off his threat to hold health care and government funding hostage. Like the withdrawal of money for the wall, this decision brings us closer to a bipartisan agreement to fund the government and is good news for the American

Apr 26 2017 - Russia

I think the Senate committee should move more quickly, it's gone very

Apr 26 2017

That's not tax reform. That's just a tax giveaway to the very, very wealthy that will explode the

Apr 26 2017 - Trump Presidency

Before, the parties were negotiating quite well until Donald Trump and the White House threw a monkey wrench into it. If the president stepped out of it, we could get a budget done by

Apr 25 2017 - Mexico

It's not a negotiation. No

Apr 25 2017

It's really good news that the president seems to be taking the wall off the table in the negotiations we're having on an appropriations bill this week. It would remove the prospect of a needless fight over a poison pill proposal that members of both parties don't support. ... If the threat of the wall is removed, as I hope is the case, our negotiations can continue and we can, hopefully, resolve all of the outstanding issues by

Apr 25 2017

If the threat of the wall is removed – as I hope is the case – our neogitations can continue and we can hopefully resolve all of the outstanding issues by

Apr 25 2017

If the administration insists on funding for a wall in this bill, it will endanger the prospects of a bill passing and raise the prospects of a government

Apr 25 2017 - Mexico

It would remove the prospect of a needless fight over a poison-pill proposal that members of both parties don't

Apr 24 2017 - Trump Presidency

It's good for the country that President Trump is taking the wall off the table in these negotiations. Now the bipartisan and bicameral negotiators can continue working on the outstanding

Apr 24 2017 - Mexico

This wall is un-thought-out and doesn't work. If the vast majority of his tax cuts are going to go to the wealthy, he won't be able to work with

Apr 24 2017 - Obamacare

The only fly in the ointment is that the president is being a little heavy handed, and mixing in and asking for things such as the wall. We'd ask him to let us do our work, not throw in some last-minute poison pills that could undo it, and we could get this

Apr 24 2017

If the president stepped out of it we could get a budget done by

Apr 24 2017

The most vexing thing here, that really is just troubling, is this could have been

Apr 24 2017 - American politics

Our Republican colleagues know that since they control, you know, the House, the Senate and the White House, that a shutdown would fall on their shoulders, and they don't want

Apr 23 2017

The next Penn panic could be an actual disaster, not just a wake-up call. It's a simple lesson that was learned from the JFK incident last year. When multiple law enforcement agencies are operating in the same area, it's critical that there be a joint command center to help coordinate security and responses to

Apr 22 2017 - Trump Presidency

Until President Trump releases his full tax returns, a cloud of suspicion will remain and make it much more difficult to get tax reform legislation through the

Apr 22 2017 - Trump Presidency

If President Trump is serious about passing real tax reform to help the middle class, he should start by releasing his own full tax returns to erase any doubt of where his priorities

Apr 21 2017 - American politics

The Republican focus is

Apr 19 2017 - American politics

We want to make sure it's a good budget that meets our principles. But so far, so

Apr 19 2017

We don't just cut $30 billion checks and say, Buy all the toys you

Apr 18 2017 - China

President Trump has just repeatedly failed to deliver on the promises he's made to American workers during the campaign. He hasn't stood up to China, who has robbed millions of Americans of jobs over the last several decades, has been a benefactor of loopholes in our buy America

Apr 18 2017

He hasn't even tried to move legislation that would end tax breaks for companies who ship jobs overseas, something we Democrats have been advocating for

Apr 18 2017

If he doesn't release his returns, it is going to make it much more difficult to get tax reform done. It's in his own

Apr 18 2017 - Trump Presidency

Despite campaign promises that President Trump would fight for the American worker, reality hasn't matched his rhetoric. President Trump's empty executive orders and policies put profits over people, and wealthy CEOs over

Apr 13 2017 - Obamacare

This cynical strategy will fail. Our position remains unchanged: drop repeal, stop undermining our health care system, and we will certainly sit down and talk about ways to improve the Affordable Care

Apr 13 2017

Any proposal from OMB Director Mulvaney or the administration that eviscerates the very agencies and employees dedicated to helping the middle class … will be met with strong opposition by Democrats in

Apr 12 2017 - NATO

When the President fails to label them a currency manipulator, he gives them a green light to steal our jobs and wealth time and time

Apr 12 2017 - North Korea

The best way to get China to cooperate with North Korea is to be tough on them with trade, which is the No. 1 thing China's government cares about. When the president fails to label them a currency manipulator, he gives them a green light to steal our jobs and wealth time and time

Apr 12 2017 - North Korea

The best way to get China to cooperate with North Korea, is to be tough on them with trade, which is the number one thing China's government cares

Apr 11 2017 - China

When China just released those 38 approvals for him a month ago, a natural question to ask is are they doing that because they're trying to win policy points related to American workers and the American people? No one knows the

Apr 11 2017 - Iraq

I think Congress would be opposed to that. I think he'd need Congress's approval to do that. … I would tell him my view, and that of most of my caucus, is very, very dubious of a kind of large-scale military action we saw in Iraq. And dubious of military action

Apr 11 2017 - North Korea

I think he just has an obligation to come clean. When you clean up the swamp, it's not keeping things secret and applies to yourself. The Chinese have done nothing on North Korea, and I don't think they will unless they think America is tough. The tougher we are on trade, the more likely China is going to think we're tough on North Korea. I for one am really, really wary and worried about getting committed to another land

Apr 08 2017 - Supreme Court

I hope Judge Gorsuch has listened to our debate here in the Senate, particularly about our concerns about the Supreme Court increasingly drifting towards becoming a more pro-corporate court that favors employers, corporations, and special interests over working

Apr 07 2017 - Supreme Court

It will make the cooling saucer of the Senate considerably hotter, and I believe it will make the Supreme Court a more partisan

Apr 07 2017 - Supreme Court

The consequences for the Senate and for the future of the Supreme Court will be

Apr 07 2017 - SCOTUS

They have had other choices. They have chosen this

Apr 07 2017 - Trump administration

Making sure Assad knows that when he commits such despicable atrocities he will pay a price is the right thing to

Apr 06 2017 - Supreme Court

In 20 or 30 or 40 years, we will sadly point to today as a turning point in the history of the Senate and the Supreme Court, a day when we irrevocably moved further away from the principles our founders intended for these institutions: principles of bipartisanship, moderation and

Apr 06 2017 - SCOTUS

Let us go no further on this

Apr 06 2017 - SCOTUS

Mr. President, the 60-vote bar in the Senate is the guardrail of our democracy. When our body politic is veering too far to the right or to the left, the answer is not to dismantle the guard rails and go over the cliff, but to turn the wheel back toward the middle. The answer is not to undo the guardrails–the rules–it's to steer back to the middle and get a more mainstream

Apr 06 2017 - Republican Party

We believe that what Republicans did to Merrick Garland was worse than a filibuster. We didn't hear two words in the long speech of Senator McConnell: Merrick

Apr 06 2017 - Supreme Court

We will sadly point to today as a turning point in the history of the Senate and the Supreme

Apr 06 2017

I don't think there's any thirst to change the legislative rules. Most Democrats and most Republicans have served in both the minority and majority and know what it

Apr 06 2017 - Supreme Court

We believe that what Republicans did to Merrick Garland was worse than a filibuster. The nuclear option means the end of a long history of consensus on Supreme Court nominations, it weakens the standing of the Senate as a

Apr 06 2017

We Democrats believe the answer isn't to change the rules, it's to change the nominee, as presidents of both parties have done when a nominee fails to earn

Apr 06 2017 - SCOTUS

The answer isn't to change the rules. It's to change the nominee, as presidents of both parties have done when a nominee fails to earn confirmation. Instead, my Republican friends seem intent on breaking the rules for Judge Gorsuch, and are trying to find reasons to justify

Apr 05 2017 - SCOTUS

Both sides I know are pointing fingers at the other in this debate – saying that the other side started it. We did not even get our nominee, when Sen. McConnell broke 230 years of Senate precedent, didn't even allow Judge Garland a hearing or a

Apr 05 2017 - Supreme Court

What the majority leader did to Merrick Garland by denying him even a hearing and a vote is even worse than a

Apr 05 2017 - SCOTUS

If Senator McConnell is willing to be reasonable and cooperate in a bipartisan way, we can avoid the nuclear

Apr 05 2017 - Democratic Party

Senator McConnell would have the world believe that his hands are tied. That the only option after Judge Gorsuch doesn't earn 60 votes is to break the rules, to change the rules. That could not be further from the

Apr 04 2017 - SCOTUS

I've never seen such dedication and action in the grass-roots communities since the Vietnam War, until this year. And you're really helping

Apr 04 2017 - SCOTUS

Unfortunately, the Constitution doesn't say that when the president's under investigation he loses the ability to do

Apr 04 2017

They can choose to go nuclear or they can sit down with Democrats to preserve the grand traditions of this

Apr 04 2017 - SCOTUS

Senator McConnell will have the world believe that his hands are tied – that the only option after Judge Gorsuch doesn't earn 60 votes is to break the rules to change the rules. That could not be further from the truth. We did not get our nominee when Senator McConnell broke 230 years of Senate precedent and didn't even allow Judge Garland a hearing and a vote. We lost one. They lost

Apr 03 2017 - SCOTUS

You shouldn't change the rules. You should change the

Apr 03 2017 - SCOTUS

Our Republican friends are acting like, you know, they're a cat on the top of a tree and they have to jump off, with all the damage that entails. Come back off the tree, sit down and work with

Apr 03 2017 - SCOTUS

It's highly, highly unlikely that he'll get

Apr 02 2017 - Fake news

Anybody (especially the Fake News media) who thinks that Repeal & Replace of ObamaCare is dead does not know the love and strength in R Party!feedback

Apr 02 2017 - Democratic Party

It's highly, highly unlikely that he'll get to 60. Each side didn't get their nominee. Let's sit down and come together ... and we will produce a mainstream

Apr 02 2017 - SCOTUS

I don't think there's any thirst to change the legislative rules – 60 votes for that. Most Democrats and most Republicans have served in both the minority and the majority and know what it

Apr 02 2017 - ISPs

He campaigned on behalf of the average person, well this is a test – will he side with the average person?feedback

Apr 02 2017

If President Trump clicks his pen and signs this resolution, consumers will be stripped of critical privacy protections in a New York minute. Signing this rollback into law would mean private data from our laptops, iPads, and even our cellphones would be fair game for internet companies to sell and make a fast

Apr 01 2017 - American politics

I think most of our caucus wants to work with them. But it requires working in a compromise way. Our Republican colleagues are going along with that right now. But that's not how many of them feel. I think many of them want to work in a bipartisan

Apr 01 2017

He can prove that he cares about the Senate by not changing the

Mar 31 2017 - SCOTUS

Senate Republicans are acting like if Gorsuch doesn't get 60 votes they have no choice but to change the rules. That is

Mar 31 2017 - Supreme Court

We made one mistake, we shouldn't have changed the rules for lower court judges ... but we never did it for Supreme Court. This is a much bigger mistake on their

Mar 31 2017 - SCOTUS

It's not vengeance for us. It's not payback. If they change the rules, it's their

Mar 30 2017 - SCOTUS

I don't think they'll be able to come to any kind of agreement. It's virtually impossible. I have not done the research. I'm not going to throw out a name now before the process

Mar 30 2017 - SCOTUS

The answer is not to change the rules. It's to change the nominee. We believe there are Republicans who are reluctant to change the rules, and we hope they won't do

Mar 29 2017 - SCOTUS

We're worried that this president is more susceptible to overreach than any other, and Judge Gorsuch has not shown any

Mar 29 2017 - Affordable Care Act

If he changes, he could have a different presidency. He moved so far to the hard right that it's virtually impossible for us to work with him. And stop undermining

Mar 29 2017 - Mexico

Instead of spending taxpayer dollars on a pointless wall, we should be investing in creating jobs, and fixing our infrastructure – not in separating American families, harming kids and local economies who are without workers who work so hard. Immigrants are an integral part of this country. Democrats will be vigilant and strong in our commitment to upholding the promise of America and shielding immigrants from President Trump's policies. Senate Democrats are prepared to fight this all the

Mar 28 2017 - SCOTUS

It's going to be a real uphill climb for him to get those 60

Mar 28 2017 - Russian probe

If Speaker Ryan wants the House to have a credible investigation, he needs to replace Chairman

Mar 28 2017 - Mexico

The administration is asking the American taxpayer to cover the cost of a wall – unneeded, ineffective, absurdly expensive – that Mexico was supposed to pay for, and he is cutting programs vital to the middle class to get that done. Build the wall or repair or build a bridge or tunnel or road in your community? What's the choice?feedback

Mar 28 2017 - American politics

That's not presidential, that's

Mar 28 2017 - SCOTUS

To my Republican friends who think that if Judge Gorsuch fails to reach 60 votes we ought to change the rules I say: if this nominee cannot earn 60 votes, a bar met by each of President Obama's nominees, and President Bush's last two nominees, the answer isn't to change the rules - it's to change the

Mar 28 2017 - Trump administration

If there was any doubt that big oil was back in charge under the Trump administration, today's executive order lays that to rest. It reads as if it was written in an Exxon boardroom, with no regard for the health and safety of the American people, or the

Mar 28 2017 - Trump administration

This executive order is nothing more than a giveaway to big oil at the expense of the health and safety of our children and the bank accounts of hard-working middle-class families. Simply put, the Trump administration has put the health of the American people and the future of our planet on the back burner all for the sake of lining the pockets of big oil and extreme-right special

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