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The behavior described is completely unacceptable. Comedy is no excuse for inappropriate conduct, and I believe there should be an ethics
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Nov 17 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Claire McCaskill is associated, including Julian Assange and Democrat. Most recently, Claire McCaskill has been quoted saying: “The decision to muzzle a critic of this law is unacceptable while the U.S. opioid epidemic rages out of control.” in the article U.S. senator slams DEA for barring its chief judge from appearing on Capitol Hill.
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Oct 26 2017

This company has repeatedly gotten away with fines that amounted to a slap on the wrist for actions that helped fuel a nationwide epidemic that's claimed hundreds of thousands of American lives. Anyone, including top executives, who potentially violated criminal law should be aggressively

Oct 21 2017

And he looked at me, and he paused, and he said, Well, did you bring your knee pads?feedback

Oct 17 2017 - Trump Presidency

There certainly will be a vehicle by the end of the year. We're going to have several must-pass things at the end of the year, if we can't do it

Oct 17 2017 - Trump Presidency

I think this is the right decision, and I look forward to the Administration nominating a leader that can aggressively bring to bear every tool the government has to confront what is unquestionably a national public health

Oct 16 2017 - Trump Presidency

Media reports indicate that this law has significantly affected the government's ability to crack down on opioid distributors that are failing to meet their obligations and endangering our

Oct 12 2017 - Department of Homeland Security

Given the threats posed to the United States by everything from terrorism to natural disasters, having permanent leadership in place at the Department of Homeland Security is more important than ever. I look forward to working with Chairman [Ron] Johnson to ensure that the Committee's process is comprehensive and

Oct 05 2017

I don't know anybody who goes deer hunting that needs to retrofit a gun to fire hundreds of rounds per minute. It's to slaughter

Oct 05 2017

Any thinking person would look at what this company did and say, That should be illegal.' Well, I agree. Congress never imagined tribes would allow themselves to be used by pharmaceutical companies to avoid challenges to patents, and this bill will shut the practice down before others follow

Oct 02 2017

Given its recent comments regarding corporate responsibility, PhRMA can and should play a role in telling its members that this action isn't appropriate, and I hope they do

Oct 02 2017

I ask that PhRMA review whether actions to block patent challenges through claims of tribal sovereign immunity align with PhRMA efforts to promote innovation and discourage predatory pricing practices and anticompetitive conduct. Strong action by PhRMA on this issue may discourage other pharmaceutical actors from employing similar tactics – with the end result of promoting and protecting affordable drug prices for American

Sep 14 2017

The combination of ineffective oversight and the greed of some private carriers has led to hundreds of millions in wasted taxpayer

Sep 06 2017

Their attempts to manipulate the prescription approval process for this drug appear to have been systemic, and anyone responsible for this manipulation deserves to be

Aug 30 2017 - Trump Presidency

This is an area on which I'm optimistic President Trump and I will find common ground. I've talked in a lot of my town halls about my support for simplifying the tax code by cleaning out loopholes and goodies for special interests, and lowering the corporate tax rate – as long as we're doing it all through the lens of strengthening Missouri's working

Aug 28 2017

I'd start shouting, Holy s---! And he'd yell right back: 'Well, ya gotta learn how to pass in the country! That's how we do it out here!feedback

Aug 28 2017

My dad taught me to drive on these country roads. When there was a break in the yellow line, he would reach over with his foot and just step on the

Aug 28 2017

It certainly wouldn't be as noteworthy. It's not exactly what I

Aug 28 2017

I think it should be up to each local

Aug 28 2017

I think Nancy Pelosi should decide who the statues are for California. That's a decision each state has to

Aug 28 2017

First of all, let me say. I understand why they cause pain. I also understand why we always have to be reminded of the ugliness of our history, because it keeps us from repeating

Aug 25 2017

Making what happened in Charlottesville about monuments is

Aug 21 2017

Ensuring the men and women who put their lives on the line protecting the president, his family and others every day are getting paid fairly for their work is a priority,'. I'm committed to working with my colleagues on both sides to get this

Aug 02 2017

I'm not offended at anything that is contained in there. I may not join the huzzah for all the national Democratic branding. But at least we're moving toward the stuff that really

Jul 23 2017

It's hard when you work in a bipartisan way to accomplish something meaningful and then the president announces it as if it was new, like it was something he was

Jul 06 2017 - Trump Presidency

I will be optimistic and hope that moment comes, but not

Jun 28 2017 - Trump Presidency

I am a moderate from a state Trump won. You'd think they would have called me some time. I am ready to work with President Trump on things like infrastructure. I happen to agree with him on the water rule. These are just lower priorities for them, I

Jun 06 2017

The irony is, for years, they said it's our fault, it's our

May 30 2017

I knew that the president had expressed his desire to sabotage people's insurance coverage, so I anticipated that this would happen. Is an immediate fix, and we ought to get an immediate

May 26 2017

Cutting the frequency or reliability of delivery is terrible for my state, especially in rural Missouri, where so many families and small businesses depend on their services for everything from their medications to Internet sales for their small

May 25 2017

It's not just the treatment for opioid addiction, but it's also the fact that when you have fewer people insured, more people show up uninsured at the hospital, and those costs are passed on to everybody who has insurance. So it's just saying we're going to cut Medicaid to raise everybody else's

May 18 2017

He did acknowledge that he learned Comey would be removed prior to him writing his

May 15 2017

It certainly was reassuring that I didn't have to worry about whether they were going to take me

May 11 2017 - Trump Presidency

There are several things that are going on that don't make sense, when we have the biggest public health crisis this country has faced since the AIDS epidemic – we're losing more people to opioid overdose right now than we lost at the height of the AIDS epidemic. So it really should be all hands on deck, not, Let's figure out a way to minimize the federal

May 11 2017 - Trump Presidency

It had a big impact on what we were doing in terms of fighting methamphetamine, at the time, and some of the gang wars we had over crack cocaine. ... They were very helpful. I think it has been a resource for people around the country in the law enforcement community and in the health community – it kind of married the two. To me, we should be looking at what they're doing, maybe fine-tuning it, maybe making sure that it is relevant to the crisis we're facing today. But to basically completely [defund] it doesn't make any

Apr 27 2017 - Abortion

I couldn't disagree more with what Tom Perez said, I think it's not correct that our party should have litmus tests about who wants to join our party. We may disagree on various issues, and I just don't think we should say ever anyone is not welcome in our party based on one of those

Apr 10 2017

If they know we're going to look at their phones, and we know we're going to ask them questions about their ideology, they're going to get rid of their phones. And guess what they're going to do on ideology? They're going to lie. Are we going to use polygraphs?feedback

Apr 06 2017

I come from a state that no matter how I vote, 50 percent of the people are mad. So I'm kind of used to this. The only difference is that the ones who are happy are really

Apr 05 2017 - Mexico

I'm worried that if we apply 'extreme vetting' procedures like this, American travelers will be forced to undergo the same scrutiny if these countries decide to reciprocate. We are doing things that in no way trips up the bad

Apr 05 2017

The sooner we stop this, you know, we're going to build a wall from sea to shining sea and the Mexicans are going to pay for it; it's embarrassing. It's not going to happen. Everybody in Congress knows it's not going to

Apr 05 2017

The majority of Senate ... is not going to sign a blank check for a wall we know is never going to be

Mar 31 2017 - Supreme Court

The president who promised working people he would lift them up has nominated a judge who can't even see them. I remain very worried about our polarized politics and what the future will bring, since I'm certain we will have a Senate rule change that will usher in more extreme judges in the

Mar 29 2017 - SCOTUS

I was invited to the White House right after Gorsuch was nominated with other red state Democrats. I had a conflict that night. But other than that, that's the only reach-out I've had from the administration or from Republicans in

Mar 28 2017

We have an obligation to everyone devastated by this epidemic to find answers. All of this didn't happen overnight. It happened one prescription and marketing program at a

Mar 28 2017

This epidemic is the direct result of a calculated sales and marketing strategy major opioid manufacturers have allegedly pursued over the past 20 years to expand their market share and increase dependency on powerful – and often deadly – painkillers. To achieve this goal, manufactures have reportedly sought, among other techniques, to downplay the risk of addiction to their products and encourage physicians to prescribe opioids for all cases of pain and in high

Mar 28 2017

And I refuse to just stand by and watch. We have an obligation to everyone devastated by this epidemic to find answers. All of this didn't happen overnight. It happened one prescription and marketing program at at

Mar 02 2017

I've been on the armed services [committee] for 10 years. No call or meeting w/Russian ambassador. Ever. Ambassadors call members of [foreign relations committee].feedback

Feb 16 2017

He said to me in a one-on-one meeting how he would prioritize the debts he would pay if he defaulted on the

Feb 14 2017 - Supreme Court

The questions are so numerous and it's really hard to get past them and begin to look infrastructure or tax reform or even confirming a Supreme Court

Feb 09 2017

At a time when Congress has worked to expand access to naloxone products and to assist state and local communities to equip first responders with this life-saving drug, this startling price hike is very

Feb 09 2017 - SCOTUS

I'm not talking about

Jan 24 2017 - Trumpcare

What we have after the repeal is Trump

Jan 06 2017 - Democratic Party

The notion that the soon elected leader of this country would put Julian Assange on a pedestal compared to the men and women of the intelligence community and the military ... no matter whether you're a Republican or a Democrat, there should be howls. And mark my word, if the roles were reversed, there would be howls from the Republican

Dec 21 2016

We've got to find ways to increase competition for medicines and ensure that patients and their families aren't being

Dec 15 2016

Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, many related to misuse or abuse of prescription

Dec 08 2016

They totally gave the back of their hand to

Aug 25 2016

I'm tired of playing whack-a-mole with these pharmaceutical companies that are grabbing obscene profits while they have a

Jun 14 2016

He had an opportunity to talk to us about his campaign and how it has changed him and what he has

Mar 16 2016 - Fiat Chrysler

When there is no competition, there is bad

Apr 27 2010

It's not investment in a business that has a good idea, it's gambling, pure and simple, raw

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