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All governments have to abide by the rules of parliament. We're a parliamentary democracy.feedback
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Oct 19 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Damian Green is associated, including Stakhanovite and direction. Most recently, Damian Green has been quoted saying: “I found it disorientating being in Manchester for the week [of the Tory party conference] because I normally take all of my political analysis from the London Evening Standard.” in the article We're not ignoring you but vote doesn't bind, PM's deputy tells MPs.
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Oct 04 2017

The things that hold them back will be part of the announcement. What we expect to do is start a rebirth of council housing, precisely because one of the duties the prime minister thinks is important for the government to fulfil is precisely to go to those parts of society, parts of the country where often in the past the Conservative party hasn't addressed. The council house announcement will be squarely in that field.feedback

Oct 04 2017

We believe in building more homes and we think that we need to do this to meet the demand of all types, including council houses. You'll hear today we are going to make it easier for councils to build new houses for rent.feedback

Oct 03 2017

What you will hear today from the prime minister is a very personal statement of the lessons she's learnt from the election and what she derives from that in terms of what the government needs to do in the months and years to come.feedback

Oct 01 2017

I am happy to make a general point that it is understandable that any group of politicians faced with a big issue will have a range of views. It is extremely sensible when you are in government to express those views in private rather than public. It's advice for everyone. It's advice for all my colleagues at all times, that if you feel strongly about something then make your pitch in private. And then, when the government has come to a collective decision, stick to it.feedback

Oct 01 2017

We know that Boris likes giving interviews and writing articles, but the government's policy is absolutely clear; it's what was in the Florence speech.feedback

Sep 28 2017

There are views to be expressed on all issues and I would prefer them to be expressed in private rather than in public.feedback

Sep 19 2017

We all observe the same broad EU rules now. Doing things four different ways – in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – will not be the best way if it adds costs to companies and customers across the UK. I hope and expect that we can make progress in the talks that are planned for the coming week.feedback

Sep 19 2017

The important thing now is to work our way through these lists and find the areas where we will need to maintain a common UK or GB approach, as well as those areas where it will make sense to transfer powers direct to the devolved governments. When it is better to devolve then that is what we will do, as we have done for the last 20 years.feedback

Sep 17 2017

There are two stages before you get to that – first of all we need to agree the quantum of money that will be available to spend after we leave and secondly we need to decide how to spend that. We are some way off from deciding either the size of the money or how that should be allocated.feedback

Sep 05 2017 - Brexit

We must not neglect the domestic agenda, precisely so we've got an offer, we can show we are making life better for many groups of people, among whom are young people.feedback

Sep 02 2017 - Democratic Party

Few political debates have been as divisive as the European one. I fought as hard as I could on the Remain side, but I believe strongly that as a democrat I should respect the result, and that as a politician it is my duty to make the Brexit settlement as good as possible.feedback

Sep 02 2017 - Labour Party

Starting the new Parliamentary session with the Withdrawal Bill shows that it is now the job of all MPs, including my former colleagues on the Stronger In campaign, to respect the will of the people and get the best possible deal for Britain. No Conservative wants a bad Brexit deal, or to do anything that increases the threat of a Corbyn Government.feedback

Aug 10 2017

We want these [powers] to pass through as fast as possible when we've got agreement. When you say there's a fundamental disagreement, there isn't: we want the same thing, and the purpose of these talks is to ensure that in detail we can get to that point.feedback

Aug 10 2017

In practice, it's all happening in parallel.feedback

Aug 10 2017 - Scottish independence

It's hugely in the interests of people in Scotland that we do reach a successful conclusion. When we reach an agreement on where powers lie, then we will clearly have that agreement and that agreement will be public. I don't see that as a problem at all.feedback

Aug 10 2017 - Brexit

One of the reasons for having this bill is absolutely we want to avoid anywhere in the UK being on a cliff edge on Brexit day where there are gaps in the statute book. The last thing anyone wants is to suddenly discover we haven't got regulations covering food safety, to take an example. That's why this bill is so important.feedback

Aug 09 2017 - Brexit

Obviously there are issues on which the UK government and the Scottish government place a different emphasis. But we agreed that we need to work first of all on the principles. We agree that we want to give more powers at the end of this process to the Scottish government and the Scottish parliament and we agree that keeping free trade within the UK to enhance the prosperity in Scotland and the rest of the UK has to be a really important outcome of Brexit.feedback

Aug 08 2017

In some areas there will need to be a common approach. There will be other areas where I intend that the Scottish and UK governments can make progress in identifying policy areas that could be released to Holyrood under the new legislative arrangements. We expect there will be a significant increase in the decision-making power of each devolved administration and we want to address this in a way which delivers certainty and continuity for people and businesses across the UK.feedback

Jul 18 2017 - Fox

All those appointed by Her Majesty the Queen to cabinet and ministerial roles are selected by the prime minister based on their merit and experience, drawing on each member's best talent. The decision is the prime minister's alone. Your email raised the important issue of transparency about meetings with senior media executives.feedback

Jul 18 2017 - Labour Party

Government ministers are fully transparent about such meetings, but I observe that the Labour party has still failed to publish any information about shadow cabinet members' meetings with senior media executives since Jeremy Corbyn became leader - including your own meetings.feedback

Jul 12 2017 - Labour Party

A "practical, pragmatic government getting on with work in the interests of the British people.feedback

Jul 12 2017 - Brexit

We are saying that it is conceivable that we would be offered a punishment deal that would be worse than no deal. It is not our intention – we want to have a deal, we want to have a good deal.feedback

Jul 12 2017 - Gibraltar

The government's position on Gibraltar is that the primacy of the wishes of its inhabitants, which are overwhelmingly to stay British, will be respected.feedback

Jul 10 2017

That's not in Matthew Taylor's report, he deliberately doesn't make tax recommendations, and we won't be revisiting that. The House of Commons has already spoken on that.feedback

Jul 10 2017

Angela Rayner, the Labour education spokesman, has admitted that one of the things they'd forgotten was that Labour's promise to end student debt would cost £100bn.feedback

Jul 10 2017 - Terrorism

There are big issues facing this country. Not just Brexit … but counter-terrorism, improving the world of work, the issue of social care. I'm sure most of the people watching this programme will say that it's possible that no political party has the complete monopoly of wisdom. We want to see our politicians working together. That's the point the prime minister is making.feedback

Jul 10 2017 - Terrorism

That's one of the lessons you can draw from the general election result … people want politicians to address the big issues and if they can do it across the divide of parties then so be it. There must be things we can agree on in terms of fighting terrorism, of dealing with social care, of getting the best Brexit deal for Britain.feedback

Jul 10 2017

If there needs to be some kind of implementation period or transition period in certain areas after March 2019, which I think everyone agrees is quite likely, then the rules that operate in that transition period will, by definition, not be the rules that we have afterwards. That is a transition period that will last for a limited amount of time for practical reasons to make sure that business can have the certainty to carry on as we want it.feedback

Jul 10 2017

She is a perfectly warm, compassionate human being. The election campaign had a number of problems, which we all know.feedback

Jul 10 2017

There's a lot to do. Her ambition for this country is the same as it was a year ago when she stood on the steps of Downing Street and she said she wanted to make this a country that works for everyone.feedback

Jul 01 2017

Governments have to take money from everyone at work and companies that provide jobs to provide those essential services. And it may well be that this is a national debate that we need to have.feedback

Jun 30 2017 - Brexit

I am not standing here and saying all we need to do is keep calm and carry on. We need to think hard, work hard, and change hard. Modernisation in 2017 involves, as ever, listening to the complaints of those who are being excluded and developing both individual policies and an overall message which speaks to them.feedback

Jun 26 2017

This deal is in the national interest.feedback

Jun 21 2017 - Northern Ireland

Clearly two political parties, we have some differences but we have a lot in common.feedback

Jun 21 2017 - Northern Ireland

Now is absolutely not the time for anything like this. Not at all. One of the things about Theresa May is that she has an enormous sense of duty. She knows that the Conservative party didn't get an absolute majority, but was by far the largest single party. It is her duty, it is our duty, to present our legislative programme to the House of Commons over the next week, and then got on with governing.feedback

Jun 21 2017 - Northern Ireland

As people will see today, this is not a thin Queen's speech. Apart from all the Brexit elements there's huge domestic elements, about the economy, about infrastructure, about fighting injustices, helping people and all of that.feedback

Jun 17 2017 - London

The Prime Minister is distraught about what has happened. We're all desperately sad, we're all angry, but of course none of us as angry as those who were directly affected. I absolutely get why they're angry.feedback

Jun 17 2017

She's distraught by what happened as we all are. Absolutely she has the same degree of sympathy and horror at these events that we all have.feedback

Jun 17 2017

So this is not going to be one of those exercises of using a public inquiry to delay a response. Actually, we want the response to be as fast as possible.feedback

Jun 17 2017

Obviously one imagines there will be further expenses of various kinds, that of course we will meet.feedback

Jun 17 2017

Councils around the country have spent the last couple of days inspecting those blocks very hard. I know there's a lot of speculation about the cladding but we don't know whether it was the cladding. I know that councils are doing wider inspections to make sure that similar blocks are safe.feedback

Jun 05 2017 - Labour Party

This is irresponsible scaremongering by Jeremy Corbyn – who can't be honest about the fact he is relying on his magic money tree to pay for all of his uncosted promises.feedback

May 22 2017 - Labour Party

I think this will focus people's minds on the fact that in less than a month's time Jeremy Corbyn could be leading the Brexit negotiations. Given Labour's complete lack of credibility, nonsensical economic policy, as well as their other policies, nobody surely wants that.feedback

May 22 2017

We have set out this policy which we're not going to look at again, there will be a green paper covering both social care and health coming out in the summer.feedback

May 21 2017 - Labour Party

If they are in genuine need of the winter fuel payment they will still get it ... That's what we're going to consult on after the election. That's the sensible way to do it. That is the way a grown-up government will operate. The difference between the Conservative party and the Labour party is that we produce realistic policies to deal with the real problems of this country.feedback

May 21 2017

I suspect that figure requires heroic assumptions. She should vote Conservatives and her children should vote Conservative because whatever level of care she needs, that removes that terrible decision of how long should you try and keep someone at home or maybe put them into residential care.feedback

May 20 2017

The world is not the same now as it was in the mid-1970s, the priorities for government are not the same. One of the things that's happened to politics is a lot of the old certainties have gone and the ability to place someone on the left/right spectrum is more difficult than it used to be.feedback

May 20 2017 - Labour Party

Those few politicians that are straightforwardly ideological now look out of date. It's perfectly easy to place Jeremy Corbyn on an ideological spectrum, on the far left, because all of his views were formed a long time ago and none of them have changed. It's more difficult with someone like Theresa, who does react to the modern world.feedback

May 20 2017

It would be preferable, massively preferable, to have a good deal than not a deal.feedback

May 20 2017 - Women

Attempting to put her in a Thatcherite or non-Thatcherite mould is pointless because the world has moved on so much. The similarity is that Mrs Thatcher saw dragons to be slain and was a tough-minded woman who succeeded. Theresa is a tough-minded woman who succeeds, but there are completely different dragons to be slain. Tough. She's a tough individual.feedback

May 20 2017

There are two things you can do as a Remainer, as I was. You can either say we argued the case and we lost, so now we have to think about what is best for the country, or you can continue trying to play games to say it didn't really happen, and can we reverse it. It seems overwhelmingly more sensible and more in the interests of this country to ensure the government gets the best deal here – to get a close and special partnership with the EU.feedback

May 20 2017 - Labour Party

Given this huge historic task, you have got a pretty stark choice of leaders – Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn – and that is what we are pointing out to the country. No negotiation has ever succeeded without an element of compromise and similarly no compromise ever satisfies everyone 100%. I am sure that all sensible people recognise that first of all there is a deal to be done that is mutually beneficial. That is the first thing you need.feedback

Apr 23 2017

Well, we're absolutely not, we haven't had a go at people on lower incomes, indeed we have specifically tried to and been successful in supporting them at a time when the public finances have had extreme difficulty so of course that's what we, that's what a Conservative government, a re-elected Conservative government would continue to want to do.feedback

Apr 23 2017

There are groups in society in certain areas of the country and in certain parts of society that feel that life has become unfair, that even if they are working hard and doing the best for their families that somehow they are getting a bad deal and that does involve changing things like the energy market.feedback

Apr 23 2017 - Oil

So the difference is that we would have Ofgem setting the limit, so it would be a cap, so it would be more flexible, it would be able to reflect market conditions so the market would still have an influence. If the oil price fell again then consumers would benefit in a way they wouldn't have done under Ed Miliband's proposal.feedback

Apr 12 2017 - Unemployment

This is yet another strong set of figures, with unemployment at a rate that hasn't been beaten since the 1970s and more vacancies than ever before. More people are finding full-time jobs and average wages have grown yet again, meaning more families have the security of a regular wage.feedback

Mar 16 2017

I'm committed to tackling disadvantage and these figures confirm that work is the best route out of poverty. Working parents help the whole family because of the dignity and security that comes from having a job.feedback

Jul 13 2016

She had a very clear sense of long-term direction as well as the capacity to do the detail. She wasn't to be pushed aside or pushed about.feedback

Aug 30 2012

You simply can't allow in a properly run immigration system an institution, whether it is an academic institution or an employer, to simply carry on not being able to reinforce those rules properly.feedback

Nov 12 2009

There is no new policy announcement. And what I would like to hear from Gordon Brown is some sort of apology for the fact that over 12 years the government has got immigration badly wrong . Net immigration ran at 200,000 a year for many years.feedback

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