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I'd take [the] Daytona 500 over Indy. Indy kinda scares me, actually.feedback
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May 17 2017
Daniel Ricciardo has been quoted 60 times. The one recent article where Daniel Ricciardo has been quoted is Ricciardo no longer surprised to be outqualified by Verstappen. Most recently, Daniel Ricciardo was quoted as having said, “If it was a year ago then it would still be a surprise to people, but everyone knows now that Max is a fast driver. Obviously I want more out of myself, but I am not surprised if he out qualifies me in some sessions because I know he is quick. I still expect more from myself, and I still expect over the course of the year that I will get more out of him, but sure I know I am not going to beat him in every session. That is just how it is. For sure he did a really good job today.”.
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In terms of us this weekend we know that this is what we've got, so we are trying to do what we can with the current package, but we are not expecting too much this weekend. We will do what we can, get the job done and then hopefully fight for a bit more in a few weeks. We can improve, but as far as positions go fifth and sixth is the best we can achieve. We can still improve ore with the car with what we have here this weekend, but as far as positions, Ferrari and Mercedes are too fast.feedback

I feel like we're kind of where we've always been in terms of the gap [in power], the deficit it's kind of where it's been [the last two years]. The reliability is a bit of a question mark but the others have had their issues as well. Ferrari have had some things going on in practice and so on, and they won the race.feedback

It's a big part of it, I've mainly only raced with Pirelli but they've always been a pretty complex tyre whether they had the massive degradation or really slow warm up. In the last few years it hasn't been a consistent trend. The tyres this year feel very hard -- like I can't imagine what the hard-compound tyre would feel like -- but the soft doesn't feel like a soft and the supersoft doesn't feel like a supersoft so I think that's already part of the struggle is trying to get them actually turned on.feedback

For sure I think if everyone is getting their tyres in the right window then I think it's downforce at the moment that is our main answer. It kind of showed that when we were pretty happy with the tyres and Mercedes maybe weren't it can really make a big difference. Like 0.8s of lap time will become nothing if they're not as happy as we are. For sure it's sensitive, they can make a big difference, but I'm sure at some point we're all going to figure out the best thing for the tyres and you'll still go back to trying to bolt more downforce.feedback

The safety car worked for me in that we jumped up to third but it wasn't so good for our tyres and that's where we lost a lot of ground. Even once we settled into a pace and the chaos settled we fell back and I was struggling with grip at the front and rear. We never really got that [soft] tyre working for us today.feedback

That tyre was just not happening for us today! At the restart it never felt switched on, as we say. Struggling to get the restart, so Lewis got me... basically the whole first lap I was sliding. So that's why I went back. That tyre actually never really came good, we were on Massa's pace but we know we were quicker than that. It was a strange turn of events from the beginning of the race.feedback

It was a race of two halves really. At the beginning I genuinely thought we had a chance to win. That stint was looking very competitive and I could see Valtteri was struggling. I was at the tail end of the front pack and I could see everyone else in front of me -- they were sliding and looked like they were struggling more. It was easy for me to stay there and I was looking after my tyres, so at that point I was thinking it could be on today, not only for a podium but for a win.feedback

I didn't feel like I had as much grip as I was expecting in Q3. I thought the track would have ramped up a bit more. Yeah we went quicker but for me I thought it would have been still a bit more. So I was surprised to be fourth.feedback

Not perfect, no. I felt it was a good lap for what I had. But not perfect. I didn't spin! I stayed on the track, that helped. And then I don't know, it is weird because we came here and it is week since the last race and there is not that much we could have put on the car. There are little bits here and there but there is nothing on the car which meant half a second closer to pole. I think that is what the gap is. Half a second less than it was last week.feedback

My happiness with the balance was probably no better than it was in China. You look at the lap times and sure I am happy, but I don't feel like the grip is massively bigger than we had a week ago. At the same time I do feel that we have learned more than last week. We have learned more what not to do. But I didn't feel what we have learned had translated into half a second. So that is a nice surprise.feedback

When I crossed the line I was like eeeerhhhh.... I know Max had done a .6 and knew my lap then was a .5, so I was like 'it will be close with Max'. But then when Simon [Rennie, race engineer] said I am P4, I was a bit confused. But it was nice.feedback

I'd say it's probably at the moment [it's] realistic. I felt like the balance was not too bad. I think this morning we weren't too happy with it but I think we improved it for qualifying and the car didn't feel too bad. I haven't done enough long runs yet to know where we are, I think in the long runs we are still a second or so off. So I don't expect to be much closer in race conditions. I know that doesn't sound very optimistic but realistically I think we're probably the same in both fuel loads.feedback

For me I feel that's why Mercedes and Ferrari are a step or two above us now, is because they've... I'm trying to figure it out and I guess it's down force. Obviously there's mechanical things in the car but I guess the grip and the pure load they are generating is higher than everyone else so. I think in the wet we'd be naive to think we are going to be quicker than them.feedback

I got asked a few times if the rain will be good for us. I think it will be because it creates a bit more excitement and maybe a chance for the top guys to make some mistakes or have a few issues, and of course the driver can maybe try and get more out of it in the wet. I think typically in the past we are strong because we have got good down force on the car.feedback

I definitely believe we learned some stuff from Melbourne and we've got some bits and pieces here -- some aero stuff -- that should help us have a bit more grip in the car in the rear. But there's a few more things that came out which I don't expect to be as far off as we were in Melbourne. I feel like I come here with a bit more of a comfortable car.feedback

I think for me at the moment we don't have enough rear grip, so downforce basically. But to be honest, I don't know if it's we don't have enough or we just haven't set the car up in the right way. So I still feel like we haven't got the most out of the downforce but in Melbourne if I watch some onboard of Ferrari or Mercedes it just looks like they have more rear grip for now. So probably we don't have as much as them, period, but I don't think we've understood it enough yet to get the most out of it. Obviously with set-up, ride heights and things like this.feedback

There's a few things even which we've probably gone back a little bit to a similar thing to last year with a few things on the set-up so it should be something that I'm probably more used to, for both of us. So I think from a driver comfort point of view we should be better off, hopefully that means faster as well, but I think it should be more familiar for us with some changes we make. I could say no bigger than it has been in the past. I don't feel we're at more of a deficit now, but obviously we want to be closer. For sure, we want to be closer, but we're not worse than we have been.feedback

We're probably losing out in straight-line speed, I think to Mercedes we calculated about 0.4s in qualifying just on the straights and Ferrari was maybe 0.2s. So for sure we are still slower than they are but I don't think that's related to set-up or car balance.feedback

A podium [finish] would be a strong weekend for us. That's what we are targeting but we have to get closer to Ferrari and Mercedes. Progress is what we are chasing for now and hopefully that will put us closer to the podium.feedback

To start and finish [in Shanghai], that's my target. To finish qualifying and to start the race. That will already be better than Melbourne. We want to get close to Ferrari and Mercedes. If we can get closer to the podium, that already will be a better result.feedback

Not the weekend I wanted at home. For all these things to happen at my home race - that's probably the most frustrating thing.feedback

When I spoke to the team they have not really pinpointed something and said this is why we are struggling in this area or if we had that we would solve this problem, so it has not been apparent to me at the moment. If Ferrari were dominating and if Mercedes had dropped back a bit we could say yes we have lost a key component. But the fact that Mercedes is still quick, I probably would not put it down to that. It has not been talked about within the team.feedback

I feel there is more in this car than what we are showing, but we are not quite sure how to perhaps get there or the right path for that at the moment. It is just going to need more trial and error, more track time. So the race will hopefully give us a few answers no matter where we end up. Just to try and get those laps in and figure it out because long runs yesterday we struggled quite a bit as well, so we will see.feedback

I just lost the rear, but it was a little bit weird. I felt when I turned in the rear was a little bit light, it kind of snapped a bit later. I didn't get the impression that it was going to go ... and then it was like 'oh yeah, it is going'. I tried to catch it but it was too late.feedback

Maybe a safety car with about 15 laps to go would be the dream scenario. I put ultra-softs on, and I come from ... by that stage I might be up to eighth, and I come through to third. And then the first two guys get disqualified!feedback

Ferrari is still a bit of an unknown, but with the right lap we can be in that battle and mix it with them. If I am really honest, it felt awesome to be out there in the morning. It was like my happy place and it was cool to already see so many fans on a Friday. This is a circuit that I enjoy, whether it is in Australia or anywhere else in the world, it is a fun layout, so it felt good.feedback

Mercedes is obviously quick, but I don't think they are insanely quick. Sure they are quickest at the moment, but I feel that we can reel some of that advantage back that they have got. We can still get more out of it. This morning was promising and we tried a few things this afternoon. It is fair to say they didn't work as much as we would have liked. If Lewis does the perfect lap with his car then it would be a stretch to take a pole off him, but we are not too far off. It is more Lewis at the moment than Valtteri, who at the moment looks like he is in our group.feedback

The racing was the only thing that made me do it. I wasn't interested in travelling, I didn't want to leave home, I didn't want to live alone... I really wasn't very independent! I was like 'I really hope I do well in this racing thing' because when I wasn't racing I wasn't sure what the hell I was going to do.feedback

At that age I didn't really think about it. It didn't really cross my mind until [Mark] Webber got in and then I was like 'oh... this is cool'! So I didn't think about it. Formula One was just cool, I loved racing, all types of racing, but from a young age Formula One was the noise and everything and that's what I was drawn to. I already knew when I was younger, the coolest guys are in F1... not that NASCAR drivers aren't cool but that was always what I had in my head!feedback

I found a gym close by and those were my days -- waking up, training, eating, training, going to sleep. Then eventually I made some friends, like [New Zealand's] Brendon Hartley, who was racing in the same series that year so I could relate to him, he was from the same part of the world and a Red Bull driver at the time so he was someone I was trying to aspire to.feedback

The first race I ever went to Adelaide 1993. I was obviously still young but the noise is the first thing you remember. I remember going to Melbourne a few years later and from our hotel room you could hear the cars at Friday practice and I was like 'Dad, let's frickin' go to the track already, can you hear the noise?!' Noise was the first association with it and that [sound of] neooowwwwwnnnnn, moving the neck really fast.feedback

If you don't answer he's like 'what are you doing?' and you're there like '[starts pretend panting] 'I was training, I was training Dr Marko, honest! That was a sort of pressure. For me some phone calls weren't the best but at the same time it made me realise this is what it is, we are trying to get to the top of something and in any business or any sport it is similar. It was one of those things that made me grow up and mature, I think, and also made me appreciate what I had. When I didn't race well he made me realise that and I thought 'Ok, he's got a point, just make sure you learn.feedback

I took that one seriously! That was simple. Once the emotion came out of the equation the positive was I'd got the first pole position of my career in what we still believe was an inferior package. Albeit bar the pit stop, I'd done everything I could to win that race. I was good in the wet and did everything I could. OK, I didn't get the big trophy, but I was the driver to beat all weekend. I took a lot of pride in that. Also it's Monaco, it's a driver's track, I just tried to take the confidence with me.feedback

It's quite overwhelming actually, all the support. It's pretty cool to see so many people supporting me and the event itself. I hear ticket sales are up quite a bit from last year as well. It's not a weight on my shoulders. They want to see me do well and it's extra motivation for me. I think the drivers' parade on Sunday I will see it and that will get me jacked up for the race.feedback

I like racing and if it means just racing and no other stuff then I'm open to the idea [of extending the season], but it depends how they structure it. We've got some great circuits [in Australia]. Seb's saying Bathurst - that would be an amazing circuit for sure. Adelaide, I was very young but I heard that was amazing. Phillip Island host a great event for MotoGP. So there's a lot, but I feel a bit greedy asking for more.feedback

We try to keep it as amicable as possible.feedback

It helps having a competitive teammate, absolutely. You might think you're driving at your full potential and you think 'woah, hold on a minute, there is another tenth in that corner, or this and that. It is good to have that constant pressure and that good rivalry.feedback

Max is obviously talked about and is very popular and a lot of people expect him to win world titles and that so for me it's a good motivation for me to be like, let's stop this train'! Not in a sour way, but a good competitive way. I like having someone alongside me who is strong. Yeah it would be nice to win every race but you learn a lot more about yourself so I'm enjoying it.feedback

People have seen now I am a racer and I have big intentions in the sport and I am prepared to get my shoulders out if I need to.feedback

When I came into Red Bull, everyone thought: he's just the happy, nice guy, he's fast but he can't race hard with these top guys. That was a reputation I had to dismiss. If Lewis beats me in a Mercedes, I can tell the world he beat me because his car is better. But if Max beats me every race I am going to run out of excuses, so certainly your team-mate is the No1 person you want to beat.feedback

At the moment they look like they are pretty close to Mercedes pace if not on it. So it is going to make Melbourne interesting, and I think we will get there. I feel that it is in the car, we just need to ... tomorrow will be important to understand a bit more. I am not driving, but with Max it will be interesting.feedback

There is still a little bit to understand. For me today was good. We did nearly 130 laps with no issues, so that was positive. I know that Max [Verstappen] had some issues yesterday -- perhaps they have already figured out the problem there, so I have confidence that it will get better once we get to Melbourne.feedback

I wish we were sandbagging a bit more, but today we weren't quick. I would say day one of this week's test we looked more competitive, sure, I would say we were probably within two or three tenths of the pace. Today it was a lot more. It proves that Ferrari is quick, they have been quick all test, and they showed it on long runs as well. I don't think we were quick today, we will have some answers for that, but yes we didn't have the pace today, so yeah Ferrari looks strong.feedback

Just because they are fighting doesn't mean we shouldn't still try and make an overtake if there's a door open. I'll always race, I think, with respect but sure I'll race hard...if there's an opportunity to win, for sure I'll go for it.feedback

Some things we've seen in the past, Seb gets a bit frustrated but it's probably been a bit more uncharacteristic this year, probably been a bit too much.feedback

If the sparkling wine is cold, then it tastes good. Normally on the podium, it's cold so you don't get all the flavors but if it's warm, then you get the sweat and all that through it ... but the cold taste kills the bad stuff.feedback

The aim was to be in on the front row, we knew it would be tough to get in front of the Mercedes but it was nice to be in front of one of them.feedback

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