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Please do not put the burden on the Dreamers to accept every aspect of comprehensive immigration reform to get a chance to become citizens of the United States.feedback
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Oct 04 2017 Immigration
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Dick Durbin is associated, including Americans and Cuba. Most recently, Dick Durbin has been quoted saying: “It is naïve for us to believe that we will get 12 Republicans to vote for DACA or the Dream Act without putting something on the table. There's always going to be a group that wants more. There are some people who want all or nothing. I consider this to be a world of reality that I live in.” in the article On ‘Dreamers’ Deal, Democrats Face a Surprising Foe: The Dreamers.
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Sep 05 2017

I'm hoping that this is a moment where we are forced to finally do something.feedback

Sep 04 2017 - DACA

You're saying to qualified individuals that they will not be deported, but they can't work to support themselves and their families.feedback

Sep 01 2017 - Deportation

We're going to deport all of them, or we're going to give special treatment to these high achievers.feedback

Aug 27 2017 - Deportation

These young people grew up in this country and came out of the shadows voluntarily after our government promised not to deport them. We've since witnessed Dreamers graduate college, start businesses and give back to their communities in myriad ways.feedback

Aug 20 2017 - Taliban

We've tried this before, we've tried to fortify our effort in Afghanistan under Republican and Democratic presidents, and the fact is we're still in a situation where the Taliban controls a massive part of the territory. We need to have an honest answer to the question: Will the Afghans ever be in a position where there is less corruption and there is less incompetence and they're able to stand up and defend their own nation? It's time for some honest answers.feedback

Aug 03 2017 - Russia

We put requirements in the bill which most presidents have never seen to make sure this happens.feedback

Aug 01 2017

People admire independence, and I'll bet they admire it even more in Alaska.feedback

Jul 26 2017

I'm troubled by the fact that it is now going to be resubmitted for political debate in the Republic of Korea as to whether or not they will accept our $923 million investment in missile defense for their country. I can't follow their logic here.feedback

Jul 23 2017 - Walmart

Imagine their suffering, trapped in a stifling trailer in 100-plus degree heat.feedback

Jul 23 2017

These people were helpless in the hands of their transporters.feedback

Jul 21 2017 - DACA

We believe there are people within that White House who want to continue this dialogue and conversation, and we are going to work with them.feedback

Jul 20 2017 - Democratic Party

The outpouring of bipartisan respect and love for John McCain as he faces this cancer battle reminds us that after all the meanness there is a human side to politicians. Count this Democrat in John McCain's corner.feedback

Jul 20 2017

Behind the meanness of politics, there are some beating hearts and caring people. I hope this just brings us back to a more humane approach in his name and to honor all the great work he has done here.feedback

Jul 20 2017

They've grown up pledging allegiance to this flag, singing the Star-Spangled Banner and it's the only country they've ever known.feedback

Jul 20 2017

We don't believe that young people should be held responsible for the errors or the illegal actions of their parents.feedback

Jul 20 2017

He has limited experience in government and politics, he lacks a deep and experienced team, and his poll numbers are disastrous. It's more or less impossible to sell a program when you have those conditions.feedback

Jul 19 2017

I don't have any sympathy for him.feedback

Jul 18 2017 - Affordable Care Act

The Republicans have to understand that if they're going to try to starve out the Affordable Care Act, they're responsible for the outcome. We'd rather work with them to solidify this system.feedback

Jul 18 2017 - Republican Party

They seem to have this notion that they can be a majority party, and have control of the White House, and not be responsible for bringing down the health care system. It doesn't work that way.feedback

Jun 27 2017 - Wiretapping

How are we supposed to believe we have great transparency if you can't even identify for us how many Americans have been swept up?feedback

Jun 27 2017 - Wiretapping

What about the privacy of the Americans who are not in this room?feedback

May 23 2017 - Trump Presidency

In the America of President Trump's budget, children, working families, seniors and people with disabilities will be 'fined,' while the wealthiest Americans will get a 'bonus.' What's so 'great' about that America?feedback

May 19 2017

There are some missing pieces here. What did the president say? He learned the president's decision to fire him and then he wrote his memo with his rationale.feedback

May 18 2017 - Trump Presidency

This won't be a witch hunt, Mueller is going to follow the facts.feedback

May 18 2017

They wanted the president gone on November the 10th of last year. I want to make certain that we follow the law, follow the Constitution, do it in an orderly way and not to get into a crazed political crusade at this point.feedback

May 16 2017 - U.S. National Security Adviser

Evidence that President Trump asked FBI Director Comey to stop the investigation of his national security advisor, Michael Flynn, again appears to cross the line into the obstruction of justice. When will a Republican senator step out of the shadows and join us in calling for the appointment of a special prosecutor to bring clear-eyed, non-partisan justice to this tangled web of deception?feedback

May 16 2017 - U.S. National Security Adviser

This stunning, breathtaking revelation that the president is accused of reaching out directly to the head of the FBI to stop an investigation on General Flynn under these circumstances raises serious questions of obstruction of justice.feedback

May 14 2017

He's been the No. 1 opponent of the bipartisan effort in the Senate to reduce mandatory minimums for low-level nonviolent drug offenses.feedback

May 13 2017 - Trump Presidency

I think the Comey operation was breathing down the neck of the Trump campaign and their operatives, and this was an effort to slow down the investigation.feedback

May 12 2017 - Trump Presidency

His credibility has been destroyed.feedback

May 12 2017 - Russia

In fact when I decided to just do it, I said to myself, I said you know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made-up story, it's an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should have won.feedback

May 12 2017 - Trump Presidency

His credibility has been destroyed. When you're the leader of the free world you need to be credible.feedback

May 12 2017 - Trump Presidency

I'm finding more of the Republicans who are saying privately and quietly that this is worth looking into. It is worth investigating.feedback

May 12 2017 - Trump Presidency

He's dangerous because he may be obstructing justice in terms of the investigation ... and secondly his credibility has been destroyed.feedback

May 09 2017 - Russia

Mr. Macron's victory in Sunday's election does not diminish the need for the Trump Administration to take this attack seriously and to work closely with the French government to bring the perpetrators to justice and prevent similar attacks from taking place in the future. Quite frankly it is the height of irresponsibility that President Trump still denies Russia's act of cyber war against our election.feedback

May 02 2017

I anticipate that this heart tune-up will give my classic roadster many more miles of reliable service.feedback

Apr 27 2017 - Trump Presidency

President Trump should release his own tax returns if he wants to have any credibility in a debate about America's tax code.feedback

Apr 24 2017 - Mexico

To think that he would consider shutting down the government of the United States of America over this outlandish proposal of a border wall ... that would be the height of irresponsibility.feedback

Apr 23 2017

It's a political stunt, an obsession for the president that should not shut down our government. Don't put any poison pills into this process. Let's just do our responsible, important work of funding this government.feedback

Apr 18 2017 - EPA

Such an action would be irresponsible & demonstrate clear disregard for the health and safety of millions of residents of Great Lakes region.feedback

Apr 06 2017

My preliminary briefing by the White House indicated that this was a measured response to the Syrian nerve gas atrocity. Any further action will require close scrutiny by Congress, and any escalation beyond airstrikes or missile strikes will require engaging the American people in that decision.feedback

Apr 06 2017

The nuclear option was used by Senator McConnell when he stopped Merrick Garland. What we face today is the fallout.feedback

Mar 28 2017 - SCOTUS

Judge Gorsuch's hearing reinforced my fear that he would favor corporations and special interest elites at the expense of American workers and families.feedback

Mar 22 2017

Why in your early decision did you want to lower the bar so low?feedback

Mar 22 2017 - SCOTUS

We know your love of fly-fishing and rodeos and family. I know that senatorial assignment. I've been there myself.feedback

Mar 21 2017 - SCOTUS

This is a man who apparently had an impact on your life, certainly your academic life. And I'm trying to figure out where we can parse his views from your views.feedback

Mar 21 2017 - Sex

What about LGBTQ individuals? Of course. What you said earlier was that you had a record of speaking out, standing up for those minorities who you believe are not being treated fairly. Can you point to statements or cases you've ruled on relative to that class? Does that refer to sexual orientation, as well?feedback

Mar 21 2017 - SCOTUS

That is the context in which I will review this nomination.feedback

Mar 21 2017 - SCOTUS

What do you think about the role of the Court challenging the military or the commander in chief in time of war? Are we up to it in terms of constitutional protection and the role of the Court?feedback

Mar 21 2017 - Human Rights

You're going to have your hands full with this president. He's going to keep you busy.feedback

Mar 20 2017 - SCOTUS

You see, there was no heater in the truck, and according to his recollection, it was so cold, it was 14 degrees below. Not as cold as your dissent, Judge Gorsuch, which argued that his firing was lawful.feedback

Mar 20 2017 - Supreme Court

I want to hear from you why Mr. Priebus would say that. Most Americans question whether we need a Supreme Court justice with the vision of Donald Trump.feedback

Mar 20 2017 - Supreme Court

Your nomination is part of a Republican strategy to capture our judicial branch of government. That is why the Senate Republicans kept this Supreme Court seat vacant for more than a year, and why they left 30 judicial nominees who had received bipartisan approval of this committee to die on the Senate calendar as President Obama left office.feedback

Mar 20 2017 - SCOTUS

According to his recollection, it was 14 degrees below. So cold," but "not as cold as your dissent, Judge Gorsuch.feedback

Mar 20 2017 - SCOTUS

I don't accept the premise that it's 'Scalia's seat,' . I don't know what the next seat will be or when it will be, so I take each of them seriously.feedback

Mar 16 2017 - Mexico

I think that wall would be an awful symbol for the United States.feedback

Mar 03 2017 - Twitter

We went on for months in public hearing.feedback

Feb 13 2017

If Steven Mnuchin gets confirmed the banks are going to have the best friend they can have in the Treasury Department.feedback

Feb 03 2017

It puts the burden on them to come up with the so-called repairs. What a departure from repeal it, walk away from it and America will be a better place.feedback

Feb 01 2017

You will come to realize what is at stake here: It is our reputation in the world. And when President Donald Trump offers these executive orders authored by Sen. Sessions' former staffers, of course we have questions and we should.feedback

Jan 27 2017 - Holocaust

History will judge where America's leaders stood today. Faced with the humanitarian crisis of our time, the United States cannot turn its back on children fleeing persecution, genocide and terror.feedback

Jan 13 2017

As I meet members of the Cabinet I'm puzzled because many of them sound reasonable. Far more reasonable than their president.feedback

Jan 09 2017 - Obamacare

They hate it almost as much as the devil hates holy water. They certainly have a plan to repeal it, but when it comes to replacing it, they don't offer anything.feedback

Jan 09 2017

There are certainly elements in his background that raise questions.feedback

Jan 08 2017 - Affordable Care Act

There will be chaos in the health care system and it will be on their shoulders. If they want to solve the problem they created they are likely to need bipartisan assistance and I want to come back with something as good or better than the Affordable Care Act.feedback

Nov 29 2016

So I think the Republicans, in the sober, cold nights when they sit around after their 57th repeal vote, say, What in the world would we do if we repealed it?' They don't have a plan.feedback

Nov 11 2016

I know a half-dozen people, I think that list will get a little longer now, that I go to first to find out where senators are on issues.feedback

Sep 16 2016

I think more and more people are realizing that there isn't a thing you can say in an email that isn't likely to be hackable or discoverable at some later point.feedback

Jul 08 2016

The idea that people would need to walk around the grocery store scanning product codes just to find out what's in the food they're buying is ridiculous and unfair.feedback

Jul 07 2016 - Human Rights

Reopening travel relations with Cuba is about more than just restoring the freedom to travel there for all Americans –it's about opening Cuba to new ideas, new values, and improved human rights that our 50-year-old policy of isolation could not achieve.feedback

Jul 05 2016

Ab Mikva was the pol 'nobody sent' but Illinois and America are better today because he defied the Bosses and rallied thousands to beat them.feedback

Jun 23 2016

He really gets to the heart of a lot of issues.feedback

Jun 15 2016

I'm open to that, I think we should all be open to that. It's not a surprise that the American people are sceptical of all of us in political life. And we ought to step back and reassess why, and what we can do about it.feedback

Apr 09 2016 - Supreme Court

If there was any question about obstruction in the United States Senate, what's happening with the vacancy on the Supreme Court is Exhibit A of Republican obstructionism.feedback

Oct 12 2012

Biden knew his assignment, pick up that flag and go right into the battle and he did it tonight and did it effectively.feedback

Jul 13 2009

To have a massive programme that is concealed from the leaders in Congress is not only inappropriate, it could be illegal.feedback

Feb 25 2009

I thought it was one of the most powerful speeches I have heard from a president. He really understands this nation is troubled, worried, lacking in confidence and he started off by identifying with those problems facing America and then challenging us.feedback

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