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Didier Reynders has been quoted 32 times. The two most recent articles where Didier Reynders has been quoted are EU braces for 'more businesslike' ties with Trump's America and Belgium, Congo activists urge probe into Congo corruption claims. Most recently, Didier Reynders was quoted as having said, “I think the debate at the moment is to see how Europe can strengthen its voice in the world. We have already spoken about matters of security and defense. That may also be true for matters of commerce, migration and climate change.”.

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Belgian citizens who remain in the country are requested to exercise utmost caution, in particular during movements.

I think the debate at the moment is to see how Europe can strengthen its voice in the world. We have already spoken about matters of security and defense. That may also be true for matters of commerce, migration and climate change.

I hope that, with all the documents that have been provided, there can be not only investigations in Congo but also international investigations.

I think we are signing the best commercial treaty the European Union has ever signed with a particularly close partner which shares our values.

This is the best commercial treaty the EU has ever signed with one of its close collaborators, which shares the same values and same system of common rules.

We will see if it is possible to go to that meeting with a joint Belgian position.

It is unacceptable to make such accusations without first contacting us and without any verification.

Only Wallonia is against the deal, the French Socialists, the Italians and the German Social-Democrats are in favour.

After fleeing Paris immediately after the November attacks, Abdeslam forged a new network back in his childhood neighborhood of Molenbeek, long known as a haven for jihadis, and renewed plotting.

This threat is imminent and precise, because we actually fear that some terrorists, and we do not know the exact number of terrorists, could act and follow a modus operandi similar to what happened in Paris that is urban guerilla attacks with heavy weapons.

Intelligence is the only way to block some possible terrorists activities before terrorists attack.

We want to see how we can reinforce the pressure on Moscow so that Moscow uses its influence in the region. It's always the same process – to go back to the Minsk agreement and try to ensure that the framework of this agreement is be used.

Let's now turn this engagement into concrete deeds in order to prevent genocide, and even better, to outlaw it. We owe it to the memory of those who have been victims.

There is much confusion today in Syria. We need to be very careful about the supply of weapons and support that we can give but, at the same time, do our best to bring all the partners to the table.

But I also expect there to be a return to the table. I hope first that we do everything possible to get all the partners around the table again, because the Iranian crisis is probably, in geopolitical terms, the most sensitive crisis today for world security.

The presence of Hezbollah poses more and more problems not only in Syria but also in other countries in the region. We must raise the question of the separation that we can make between the political branch and the armed group, the terrorist group on the ground.

We sent our offer of a 100 percent buy-up of Dexia Belgium shares and Dexia's board confirmed to us that it accepts this offer.

We can achieve growth through structural reforms while continuing a policy of deficit reduction.

We await of course, a decision from the Greek parliament on the approval of the plan. Based on that…..the decision on the overall financing strategy can be taken and in that case the payment of the last instalment agreed as part of the first programme will be in mid-July.

I can understand the process, especially from the German side, where there has been wage moderation for many years, but now Germany is approving salary hikes that are much higher than in Belgium. So let us deal with the reality. As for France – look at the numbers. I could talk about Spain or other countries. Let's look at the numbers there. In Belgium we will end up with a deficit slightly below four percent of GDP.

First of all we are in a good process to increase the capacity of such a fund. Not only with a better quantity of money. But also with another quality of interventions. And on the other side there is a sort of agreement to do more in fiscal consolidation.

We analysed the situation yesterday at the Eurogroup, and we will organise a debriefing today. And it's very clear that we will and we want to start a process with the IMF, the Commission and the ECB to analyse the situation in Ireland and to see if it's needed (for) Ireland to introduce a demand for help at the European level.

We want to go to more transparency, to more responsibility in the rating agencies, and the functioning of the rating agencies for the future.

It is important to say this is a Benelux agreement with three governments on board, who intervened directly to take control of three banks, situated in either Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. With a 49 per cent stake in the business it represents 11.2 billion euros.

We must get off on the right foot from next week. You've seen over the last few days, the market situation was very difficult, we wil see with different players if they can take initiatives. If so, the government is ready to go.

I am sure that it is very difficult to send a message to the investors right now because everybody is being prudent and it is normal to do that. But we ask only that they don't send any rumours to the market. We need to work on the basis of correct information and it is difficult enough to manage the crisis without any false information in the market.

It will take a few hours, a few days, to hopefully bring the parties back together.

A step in the wrong direction's been avoided but there's nothing extraordinary in that. It's normal MPs didn't vote to debate a law to end Belgium.

The centre of gravity in the French community has been re-positioned today. My friends in Brussels and across Wallonia, the centre of political decision- making no longer lies with the Socialists.

There is no legal immunity for a prince but he will be presumed innocent until proven guilty, just like anyone else. Once all the details are made clear after a judicial decision is made, of course we will take steps to get the money back if needs be.

There's more money in the state coffers due to the increase of oil prices and rising VAT, so in a way we would like to give something back to people.

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