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There is a future at this club and it is all of us.feedback
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May 22 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Diego Simeone is associated, including Atletico Madrid, Champions League, and player. Most recently, Diego Simeone has been quoted saying: “I am going to stay because this club has a future and the future is all of us together. We are finishing the season now, and for sure on Monday we will meet with Miguel, Andrea, to discuss what could be waiting for us in the future.” in the article I will stay at Atletico Madrid.
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The first 30, 35 minutes will remain with the people here for a long time. They took advantage of a mistake at the back for us to score a goal and this happens. The magic of the Calderon tonight will remain with me for a long time.feedback

We gave our all. We've done so for the last few years. Years go by but the players keep on growing. Waking up every day and planning games makes me motivated. We fought against the reigning champions. We learn from this and will improve from it. I say what I feel. I feel proud. I think it's a success for the club to be at the top of the European game. We won the Europa League, Super Cup, Copa del Rey. We've grown a lot and we have little steps still to take.feedback

We started the season poorly and lost regularly, so to get up and continue fighting has put us in an important place and we are looking forward to closing it out in the next game.feedback

The third place is still not closed off, we are missing a point.feedback

On Wednesday we have a very difficult game, impossible for many, but not for us, nothing is impossible. They are two different games, we were beaten the other day and the following days have been difficult. Now we need to be ready to play in a huge game. I am proud to have these players, it makes me happy to see the atmosphere around the club.feedback

I've said it on several occasions, it's the hardest year since I've been at the club.feedback

It's what I imagine for tomorrow, I also imagine a Calderon closer than ever to the players, because I repeat once again to our fans that this team is doing an extraordinary season. It is clear that we are neither Real Madrid, nor Barcelona, nor Bayern Munich, who are the best teams in the world. We have been growing for eight years, because two years before my arrival it was already beginning to grow, and evidently these six years, have been extraordinary, possibly the best in the history of the club.feedback

I did not tell Morata to come to Atletico. I made a joke to Morata when he happened to walk past me. Alvaro Morata is a Real Madrid player. He loves this club - it's the club of his life - that is all I can say about that. Competing with all the difficulties we've had, it's huge for me. We still have to close it, but when the season is over, the numbers will make us see very good things. The last six years are the best in the history of the club. We'll see, the team has always had important responses to hard knocks.feedback

It is clear that [it is not easy] to approach [the level of] these monsters, but the only way to get to be in that place is to continue maintaining this work that we have been doing for eight years.feedback

I hope this one will be a well fought match but a game in which we know to take advantage of the spaces, if they allow us. Because maybe they will speculate with the game, knowing that the second match is in our home and the goal scored away is always more important, and the rival, accustomed to scoring goals, has the possibility to take advantage of this.feedback

That speaks volumes about the team and speaks highly of the whole club.feedback

I'm enjoying the important game that the team played. We interpreted very well how we had to play today. We found what we were looking for. Today we started very strong. I don't get tired of praising these players. Four days ago we lost a match and today they took the field and solved the match in 18 minutes.feedback

I was worried because I was very respectful to the referee in the situation that was spoken about.feedback

I don't talk about the opinions of another player. It's his opinion. I had just asked why they did not let us take the final free-kick. Thankfully I can be on the bench. We've always managed those situations. We'll look for the best way to play the game against Las Palmas. They play well, they have a dynamic attack and a lot of mobility. A lot of their regulars didn't play against Leganes [in a 3-0 defeat on Wednesday] so they'll be fresh and enthusiastic. A classic late-season game awaits us.feedback

We have to wait for future results we do not have to rush. We are in four finals and we will see what happens. We've had three or four games at Calderon that we do not give them goals and it also costs us, it's a team that are prepared to fight for the top positions. We've had chances in every game, we've won against a team that plays very well on the defensive side.feedback

Every year brings difficulties that you have to get through.feedback

We do not have any information regarding what may happen.feedback

It will be a very complex game against Espanyol, a rival in good form. This game will demand a lot.feedback

It is great to be in the semi-finals for the third time in four years. Looking back at the first day I arrived at the club I said my desire was to make Atletico Madrid competitive against every team we played against. It is satisfying now to say we are a competitive outfit.feedback

When you talk about the great of Europe you have to put an economic and financial slant on things. The greats are Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid.feedback

What we managed to do was almost reinvent ourselves during the game. We were involved in a tough situation. [Jose] Gimenez played in the middle of midfield where people wouldn't expect him to. We played in the way this match needed us to perform. We always come up with a solution.feedback

The best thing that this team has been doing in the last years is competing.feedback

It has never happened where we have faced an opponent who has given him special treatment and been man-marked. If it did, I am sure the type of footballer he is and with the ability he has, he would find a way to resolve that situation and find a solution. He would find space for himself in open play or from free-kicks where defenders have to get back a certain distance. Leicester are in decent form and have been very close to getting back to their best in the last six or seven games.feedback

This is not just a league, what this triumph transmits is much more than that: if you believe and work, you can do it.feedback

I cannot explain anything. It's difficult to explain – a penalty is an individual performance.feedback

We have been working on achieving regularity for a long time and [against Osasuna] we are probably going to find a team that comes excited from their two consecutive wins. What I am clear on is that the match is decisive for us. There are only a few weeks left, it's seven finals and I consider this as one. We have played against Madrid, then four days later Leicester, now we are going to play Osasuna, three days after that we are going to play in England.feedback

These are the days in which I say that the fans have to be there and what we need is that they not only come to see a football match but they come to be another player.feedback

He is very complete. You do not know what position he plays in. He works in midfield, assists like a number 10 and finishes line a number nine. He is a player that knows this season finale is an important moment for him and he is assuming responsibility with the status he has. It's all still to play for. We live from game to game. First we have to face well the match on Saturday [at home to Osasuna in LaLiga] and then tie is at 50-50. I don't think anyone we work with feels we are already in the semi-finals.feedback

We expect a fantastic night of football at Leicester - the English atmosphere, the fans on top of the pitch. It was a pure football night.feedback

If we all played the same way it would be very boring.feedback

When you look at the DNA of our team, the type of characters and the journeys, the lower league rejections, these are the kind of nights you want.feedback

I like Vardy, I really rate him as striker. He is the kind of powerful striker Atletico have had. He also gives the team a lot of depth and makes life really difficult for defenders to get ball out. He is very dangerous and if we make any mistakes, he will penalise that. Last season he was very consistent, very good. This season, as we all know, he was struggling a little bit at the start but now he seems to be back on form.feedback

Because it was tied, but it felt that at the end of the game we were close to victory.feedback

I think that any player who faces any football match has to go into it wanting to win - that's just basic logic. But as far as Real Madrid are concerned, the numbers are extraordinary.feedback

He's become a special player because that's what he's wanted. He's worked to improve, worked to integrate himself into a club that was different to the one he came from, and matured from being a boy to becoming a man on the pitch, taking responsibility and making decisions according to what the team needs. He's continually proved that he's one of the best players on the planet. This season, he's been excellent again and let's see if he kicks on in the final stretches of the season, as that's what this team needs: Antoine at his best.feedback

We needed the fans at the end to support the team and feel like one more man. When the fans are like that, the Calderon is marvellous.feedback

We need that. He is a really important player for us. So we hope that he can continue performing in this way this year and that he can have another good year. He is a really strong striker, he gives them lots of options up front. He can hold the ball up well.feedback

I always believe that there are players that are hard to replace. The presence of Willian Jose as a player is really important for them.feedback

If he returns [to the starting XI] obviously he will improve their level of attack.feedback

Since his arrival at the club it's fair to say he [Carrasco] has developed hugely as a player. Last season there were less goals and assists, he didn't have the continual form on the pitch, less intensity and also when winning back the ball. Since then he has improved hugely. That's why we need footballers with different types of talent to their team-mates, because he has pace and is good when one-on-one and can shoot from distance. So obviously he has scored more goals this season. So I hope that he continues in this vein of form.feedback

If I had it all over again, he'd play the final from the start again. How could our best player not play? He wasn't injured! Did you see the 100m sprints he was doing out on the pitch. It's like Messi being at 50 per cent and not playing for Barca in the Champions League final. For us, Diego Costa was our Messi. Any other team that lost two finals in that way - other than Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich, clubs that are so used to playing finals - would have gone into decline. Time will bear out the importance of what we achieved. It'll be historic, legendary.feedback

If I'd wanted to move to another club, then I had 35 million reasons to go, 35 million reasons! . But in the end I didn't go because I didn't want to and I still don't want to. I still feel a strong sense of identity with the club and in what I do here on a day-to-day basis and have a massive attachment with the squad and feel that we are still raw recruits.feedback

The club are having an excellent time at present but there is room for improvement.feedback

We're about to move to a new stadium, our budget is improving and with God's help we'll stay in the Champions League and that in turn helps us too.feedback

The exciting thing is that now the team is compensated by young talents such as [Yannick] Carrasco, [Antoine] Griezmann, [Angel] Correa. Did you see Lucas [Hernandez] play? He's got a huge future at the club, what a player! This is a guy who could play for Bayern or at Real Madrid. He's got it all, technical skill, intensity and is in fantastic condition. And he's our player, one of our own, you get me?feedback

And from now on I do not know what can happen. He would never let me tell him to stay. I did not do it with [Diego] Costa or [Radamel] Falcao.feedback

Yes, because there is a termination clause. There is no security. That's what he told me – if you stay, I'll stay. And I said yes, why would I not stay? And they began to work with the representatives for everything that had to be signed. And he stayed. To the players who have given me life I accompany them in the decisions that they make. But it is clear that for as long as he stays, the team and the club will continue to grow.feedback

For me it is what I imagined from him, he has 14 goals and I expect even more. I think he has been better in games than just his goals because he has 15 assists. He gives us speed, keeps the ball, has good interplay and works well with [Antoine] Griezmann. It gives us a chance to attack with Gameiro-Griezmann and teams know they cannot leave space.feedback

We were always transparent with Gameiro in relation to Costa. He knows he was the first choice if Costa did not arrive.feedback

For the morbid it might be good but it would be dangerous to imagine.feedback

We won a Liga title that will always be remembered here. With Real Madrid and Barcelona, it is very rare that a team that is not one of those two does not finish between 10 to 15 points behind in third.feedback

My dream is to stay at the club and accompany the growth it is in. I still see many good things for the club to keep growing. Atletico is still a virgin. I see many ways for improvement. I see many young players that will give us balance to have a good squad. It would not be healthy to live with the imagination of reaching the final when we have a rival like Leicester who has eliminated Sevilla that everyone said was the best in Spain at the moment.feedback

I would like to do it in the final stretch of my career.feedback

I will never coach Real Madrid. It is logical because of feelings. They wouldn't call me either. I am young, maybe someday I will lead another Spanish team. At some point, I would like to coach Argentina, but I have to improve as a coach.feedback

This was an extraordinary afternoon. It felt like a Champions League game because of the atmosphere. All those fathers with their kids have had a magnificent day.feedback

I think Sevilla are having a great season, they are praised by the press and all the world, so I think this result shows our value – we believe this is the level to follow and we look ahead.feedback

I think this season is the most difficult since I have been here at the club. We have had so many injuries with [Jan] Oblak, Augusto [Fernandez] and Tiago. Atletico couldn't win at the beginning of the season, but we could reinvent ourselves in order to turn the situation around. I think the team is fitter, but we have to be quiet because there are 10 matches left. It's clear we have a seven-point gap to fifth because Villarreal and Real Sociedad couldn't win and that's important for us.feedback

Atletico don't have any influence [on the draw] so what will be will be. This is an important step, but it is only one step. The Champions League is always special and this is important for the club. I want to acknowledge the great effort from the club and especially from the players, who have given their heart and soul and who have competed in all kinds of situations during these four years.feedback

He was tremendous. He looks to be at his best level.feedback

Gameiro's entry was decisive. Luckily it went well and he was decisive in the move that led to the goal.feedback

He and Griezmann know each other. He has talent, speed and can take advantage of small spaces. We hope he will keep growing as a player.feedback

It is important for us to continue in fourth place. But first we think of the Champions League, which will be a tough match. We have already seen that the competition is dangerous. Hopefully we can be focused enough to produce a great performance in the [Vicente] Calderon.feedback

Always since I got to the club, beyond the goal of winning titles, that were achieved, I always said that I wanted to promote [home-grown] players. Saul, Koke, Lucas [Hernandez], Thomas [Partey], it's a group of guys who always responded well since I arrived. Saul has all the conditions to be among the best midfielders in the world. He can shoot, pass, has rhythm, plays with his head. He is in a process of recovery and on Wednesday I think he will be available.feedback

Having played on Thursday, we responded very well physically and mentally and we saw what had to be done. The team struck in the first half and we could have scored more. Apart from the defeat against Barcelona, we have been playing well, we have maintained a line, and we are trying to become stronger with each match. Each match is a final and we will see who has the most strength. I honestly never imagined getting to 200 games with the club. I am happy in the place where I am, and I have a group of players who have been competing with heart for five years despite difficulties.feedback

They were the better team, above all, in how well they took their chances. So I must congratulate them.feedback

The second leg is still to come. Many people will believe it's not possible, but for me it is. Football is a marvellous game and anything can happen. I still think we have a chance of going through. I feel relaxed more than anything. We'll try for something impossible. We're Atletico Madrid and we're capable of doing it.feedback

We can play better. It is not an easy season, especially with the injuries we have had. But if we achieve the goals we set out at the beginning of the season even with all these difficulties then it will be a magnificent year. We live under a huge demand, we live with it and we carry it forward, but this year is a difficult season and it would be wonderful to continue to be competing as we are doing.feedback

Against Valencia, we are going to face a rival who will demand a very good level from us. They have added more options in attack with the arrival of [Simone] Zaza, and they are playing well.feedback

As always, we focus on the day-to-day and we're in the fifth position because Real Sociedad won and we still have to play. As I already said on other occasions, regarding the numbers, we are closer to being fourth than third, but LaLiga is very long, there are still many matches to be played, many points at stake, but it's clear that the margin for error is decreasing. But we have always competed in a very similar way. The players change, their characteristics vary, but we were always in the Champions League finals, and finishing in the top three.feedback

I leave here with a sensation of pride. We played the tie with passion which is what you should always do.feedback

No. He's my friend and, as well as my compatriot, he's my team-mate in the national team. I congratulate him.feedback

I wouldn't do it, that's logical. It's a question of feelings.feedback

I imagine it will be a complex match. But I'm very clear on who's going to play on the right side. Absences are important because none of those who play in that position have done it, but I also understand that football is a team game. Zidane's work is spectacular, he's taken his team to a very good level. They will try to do us harm from the beginning by pressing a lot from the beginning. I see a match in which they make a strong start. They will try to hurt us in the first minutes with the intensity of their players. We will have to take the match to where we feel more comfortable.feedback

Two very big teams are going to play each other. It won't be easy to referee. I hope that on Tuesday the referee goes unnoticed, it will be the best for everyone.feedback

Cerci has been working hard for a while now. It's true that before we weren't really thinking about him a lot because of his physical condition. But [on Friday] he was doing much better. He will for sure be able to help us this season whenever I need him or the team needs him.feedback

In regards to the preparation for the match, we are excited and have a lot positive energy as usual. We are going to be ready to play even though we know it is a difficult team and in a place where we won't feel very comfortable.feedback

Nobody remembers the team that came second. Losing two finals is a disaster. We have to accept the moment, treating the wounds at home.feedback

We worked really hard in the last four years and a half. Obviously there are things that we have to improve but it's not a complete surprise for a team like ours to be in a Europa League final, a European Super Cup final, a King's Cup final and two Champions League finals…with 10 new players… with a lot of young players… It's not a coincidence.feedback

For us nothing is never easy. We are well aware that Manchester City have strong economic power and extraordinary players. What can we say about Real Madrid and Bayern Munich and the history they have, they are two great teams. For Atletico Madrid to be within the best four in Europe is an important step, an important step.feedback

I think (the final) is fifty fifty. They have better individual players. We have great motivation and they have a strong desire. That doesn't mean that we don't have it either, I think we are leveled in that sense. It is going to be a balanced match.feedback

We knew how they were going to play, we weren't able to crack their defence because it was so solid. It leaves the tie open, different possibilities, and we'll see next week whether the scoreless draw was good for them or for us.feedback

We are expecting a very tough quarter-final, dangerous and very difficult. So what we need to do right now is rest, continue preparing ourselves, and remain confident that we are doing things well. This is the fruit of everyone's hard work, from the directors to the groundsmen, on top of the players and an extraordinary stadium.feedback

I think Barcelona usually score four or five goals a match because they are a team who if you give them a chance they will punish you on every occasion. We certainly didn't want that. So with this in mind we wanted to play our game and we had some real decent chances but at the end of the day I'm completely happy with the work of the team.feedback

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