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The Trump administration has shown its total weakness by handing over executive power to Congress in the most humiliating way. The U.S. establishment fully outwitted Trump. The President is not happy about the sanctions, yet he could not but sign the
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Aug 04 2017 Sanctions
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Dmitry Medvedev is associated, including Russian, Syria, and order. Most recently, Dmitry Medvedev has been quoted saying: “I built a truly great company worth many billions of dollars. That is a big part of the reason I was elected. As President, I can make far better deals with foreign countries than Congress.” in the article WTF Happened at the White House This Week?.
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Nov 11 2016 - Sanctions

Irrespective of the results of elections in any country, including in one as important as the United States of America, our assumptions remain

Nov 05 2016 - Russia

We have already experienced this, including in the context of the Caucasus war in the 1990s. First of all, we want them to stay there. Second, the Syrian Government asked Russian leaders to help them reinstate law and

Nov 05 2016 - Russia

We don't know whether this system would have any place for Bashar al-Assad or someone else, this is not our business, and it must be decided by the people of Syria. But we don't want Syria to disintegrate into a number of enclaves and sectors (in line with a Libyan-style scenario), where each sector would be controlled by separate terrorist

Nov 04 2016 - RMB

In this respect, this kind of cooperation is very useful because in this situation no one will be able to block the development of financial

Nov 04 2016 - Ukraine Crisis

We are currently considering ways of harmonizing our national payments system; both the card that we are going to issue, the Mir card, on the one hand, and the UnionPay system, on the other hand. We believe that this would enhance the reliability of financial

Nov 01 2016 - Crimea

We have, in effect, slid into a new Cold

Oct 02 2016 - Russia

We understand the conditions in which our economy has been developing. It, unfortunately, was cut off from the foreign source of financing and from a variety of foreign

Jun 09 2016 - Airbus

I only want to say that I am absolutely certain that the airliner will be the pride of Russian civil aviation, and that our citizens and foreign people will take pleasure in flights on

Jun 09 2016 - Airbus

This is a huge victory for our aviation industry and Irkut Corporation, our scientists, designers, engineers and

Apr 09 2016

I believe weapons may and should be bought not only to be used one day, but to be a deterrent factor. This aspect must be considered by both sides of the

Apr 07 2016

This situation without any doubt is raising great concerns. We hope the ceasefire will hold, and we hope that the political process that required a lot of contribution will resume. It's diplomats and not the military who should deal with the

Feb 15 2016

Nobody wants a new war. A ground operation is a full-scale, long war; this has to be taken into

Feb 15 2016 - Ukraine Crisis

Unfortunately the Ukrainian government is incapable of restoring order. The fact that some thugs are holding up trucks with firearms, means that there are no authorities in

Feb 13 2016 - US, Russia relations

There is no evidence of our bombing civilians, even though everyone is accusing us of this. Russia is not trying to achieve some secret goals in Syria. We are simply trying to protect our national

Feb 13 2016

There is no evidence of our bombing civilians, even though everyone is accusing us of

Feb 11 2016

You have no one power that can act alone. You have Assad and his troops on one side and some grouping, which is fighting against the government on the other side. It is all very complicated. It could last years or even decades. What's the point of this?feedback

Nov 30 2015 - Russia

Special measures indeed affect a large part of the economic

Nov 27 2015 - Russia

The documents we're working on will be about the introduction of restrictions and bans for Turkish structures in Russia. Restrictions and bans on product imports, on the implementation of works and services provided by Turkish companies, and other restrictive

Nov 26 2015

The government's been instructed to work out a set of economic and humanitarian measures to react to this act of

Jun 25 2015 - Sanctions

The list is not definitive it could change depending on a number of factors, on our relations with our European partners. Russia did not start this sanctions confrontation. Joint efforts are needed to stop

Dec 17 2014

What we are seeing today is mainly emotional games. It is in our interests to bring order to the markets, no citizen, nor any bank or any industry gains from

Dec 10 2014

If economic conditions substantially change, we will have to review the economic scenarios and, in the final analysis, the budget itself. But we are not doing this for the

Dec 10 2014

The substantial weakening of the rouble is not advantageous for our economy, but most economists and analysts share the view that right now the rouble is undervalued by too great a degree. It's obvious that some sort of revaluation is coming. I don't know whether that will be this month, or in a month's time, but in any case, some sort of balance will be

Oct 13 2014

The situation in world finance is not the easiest one. Not all countries are developing fast and we have difficulties of our own. Nevertheless our countries' major banks have reached an agreement to open credit lines for our joint

Aug 07 2014 - Sanctions

There is nothing good in sanctions and it wasn't an easy decision to take, but we had to do

Jul 17 2014

I am also sure that this damages the national long-term strategic interests of the US government and US

Jul 15 2014 - Russia

I would like to send condolences to the relatives of the dead on behalf of those who are here and on behalf of the government in general.Undoubtedly, it is necessary to help Moscow in dealing with that serious

Apr 22 2014

We are interested in diversifying today more so than ever before. Therefore we are implementing solutions for the export of gas and oil to Asian and Pacific countries, first and foremost China, but also Japan and other

Apr 15 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine is on the brink of civil war. It is scary. I hope that everyone who is responsible for making decisions at the moment, the current Ukrainian authorities have enough brains to avoid driving the country into such a state and to prevent an escalation of the

Mar 31 2014 - Crimea

(I'm) in Simferopol. Today the government will discuss the development of Crimea

Mar 21 2013 - Cyprus

So far, the actions of the European Union and the European Commission together with the Cypriot government, regretfully resemble a bull in a china shop to me. It's as if they miss the

May 08 2012

I hope that we will finally concentrate on what is essential: the will to put our disagreements aside and work

Mar 25 2012

This may be the last chance for Syria to avoid a long-lasting and bloody civil war. Therefore we will provide you any help needed, on any level and in whatever direction, as far as Russia is

Dec 16 2011 - World Trade Organization

This result of long and complex talks is good both for Russia and for our future

Dec 13 2011

There are complaints about the vote at some polling stations. The electoral commission and judiciary have to examine in details those complaints and lawsuits that have been filed, and, in cases where real violations come to light, they must make a fair

Dec 06 2011

If international organisations say they observe violations that is one thing, but the issue of Russia's political system is not their business. Soon they'll be telling us how we should write our

Nov 29 2011

When we are told this is not against us, I would like to say the following: dear friends, the radar station that has started working today is not against you

Nov 23 2011 - NATO

We are ready for this, but both nations should proceed with a written agreement to clearly mark this cooperation. An agreement on this basis would produce a guaranteed result and control of Russia's legitimate

Nov 08 2011

With Nord Stream gas from Russia and the electricity generated from it, it will contribute towards the reliable energy supplies for European consumers. So, we will strengthen the energy reliability in Europe and make life much more pleasant for many people in

Oct 20 2011 - Libya

We hope that there will be peace in Libya and that all those who are governing the Libyan state, different representatives of Libyan tribes will reach final agreement on the configuration of power and Libya will be a modern democratic

Sep 09 2011

We must not idealise this situation, we must approach it from a balance of interests. We are ready to support different approaches, but they must not be based on one-sided condemnations of the actions of the Syrian government and President Assad. They must first send a signal to all conflicting sides that they need to sit down at the negotiating table, they need to agree and stop the

Aug 05 2011

He (Assad) needs to urgently carry out reforms, reconcile with the opposition, restore peace and set up a modern state. If he fails to do this, he will face a sad

Apr 26 2011 - Japan

The tragedy at Fukushima shows us that we must take extra steps to ensure that nuclear energy is safe and secure and works as it should do. That is why we need to unify and work towards new international standards that will include the whole

Mar 29 2011

For some time, these problems have persisted in several of our republics in the Caucasus, and they can only be resolved in this

Mar 21 2011 - Libya

There are different comments regarding what is happening but I believe we should be extremely careful in our assessments. In no way is it acceptable to use expressions that in essence lead to a clash of civilisations, such as crusades and so forth. Otherwise things can end considerably worse than what's happening

Feb 09 2011

Everyone must understand these islands belong to Russia. We will deploy sufficient force to strengthen our presence there. This is our strategic

Dec 07 2010 - World Trade Organization

Following our agreements with the United States and now with the European Union, Russia joining the WTO becomes, practically, a

Dec 03 2010 - Wikileaks

These leaks show the whole world the cynicism of the assessments and at times the judgments that prevail in the foreign policy of various states – in this case the

Dec 02 2010

This decision is, no doubt, in keeping with FIFA's philosophy which seeks to develop football across the world and especially in the regions which need it the

Nov 30 2010 - Portugal

I'd like to say that in next ten years we'll have the following choice: either we will reach a deal on missile defence and will create a joint mechanism for collaboration, or, if we fail to reach such an agreement, a new arms race will start and we will have to install new (strategic) strike

Oct 28 2010

A document has been signed which is designed to strengthen the trust between the parties by exchanging war prisoners without delay and returning the bodies of the

Sep 20 2010

We also want to increase the effectiveness of their work and of the government bodies where they are

Aug 29 2010 - Kremlin

I want to say that I believe that from the moment we found these icons and after the blessing and the restoration of justice, it will give our country additional

Aug 25 2010

I come here to cross a great divide between me, the Led Zeppelin fan and you, the Deep Purple

Aug 10 2010 - Russia

In the Moscow region, they have been waiting and waiting for the local forest chief but he has not come back from holiday. He seems to feel fine. Now maybe it is better for him to continue his

Aug 08 2010

The decision that Russia took after the military phase of the conflict was a painful and difficult one, but with time we understand that it was the right decision because otherwise the situation now would be completely

Aug 02 2010

This is a great tragedy. The state understands its responsibilities. I have given orders to the government and the regional authorities to allocate financial aid to each person who was affected by

Jun 28 2010 - Kremlin

I don't really understand how a parliamentary republic would look and work in Kyrgyzstan. This concerns

Jun 24 2010

There are a few technical details to settle for Russia to join the WTO, our experts have been charged with resolving them as soon as possible, and we hope thet this work – and we've agreed on that with Mr.Obama – will be finished before the end of

May 18 2010

Probably further consultations will be needed with the participation of all parties. It is necessary to hold such consultations urgently with all major powers involved. One question remains: will Iran itself enrich uranium?feedback

May 09 2010

The lessons of WWII teach us solidarity. The world peace is fragile. Only together we can face current threats, only by being good neighbours can we solve problems of global

Apr 19 2010

The Katyn tragedy was a crime committed by Stalin and his collaborators. Although we have already assessed this as a crime of Stalin's regime, we need an additional thorough

Apr 14 2010

Today, God forbid, if it has started it immediately attracts extremists and terrorists of all kinds, because, in the course of such conflicts, the best possible conditions are created for radical

Apr 10 2010

Dear friends, citizens of the Polish Republic, myself and all the Russian citizens, we are shocked by this huge tragedy. By the death of the Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria, and all of the citizens on board the crashed

Mar 29 2010 - Kremlin

We must be vigilant, these attacks are always well-planned and aimed at targeting as many people as possible. These people want to provoke political and social

Mar 02 2010

Russia is ready, to discuss with other partners, the question of sanctions. But at the same time these sanctions must be precise and intelligent. They must not cause hardship to the civilian

Mar 01 2010

We have been living on Soviet resources for a long time, resources that have now been used up. We don't have to idealise the Soviet school. It is over, but our own school is not yet

Feb 16 2010

Israel for us is not some ordinary partner but also a country with which we are connected by many years of relations and a special character and composition of the

Dec 03 2009

The South Stream, as well as the North Stream, aims to make European energy secure and so everyone wins if both projects become

Nov 18 2009

On the climate subject we share the same concerns. We also want to make this cooperation go forward more actively. Russia has always been in the mainstream of European preoccupations over what to do about the climate

Nov 12 2009

Stonger democracy does not mean weakening law and order. Any attempts to rock the boat with democratic slogans, to destabilise the state and split society, will be

Oct 30 2009 - Kremlin

We hear now that the deaths of some victims could be justified by some higher state reasons. But I am sure that neither the development of the country nor its success and ambitions could be achieved by paying the price with human suffering and loss. We can't value anything more than human life and we can't excuse the

Oct 30 2009 - Human Rights

The 30th of October is the date to commemorate the millions of broken destinies, people who had been executed without any trial or process. Those people who had been sent to the concentration camps, deprived of their civil rights just because they have chosen a wrong profession or because of their social

Oct 29 2009

We are in favour of a multipolar world in which the interests of all countries are taken into account, and at the same time using recognised international organisations. In recent years, relations between Russia and Latin American states have become closer. And Ecuador is one of our strategic partners in Latin

Oct 11 2009

New democratic times are

Sep 24 2009

Russia and the United States have already made unprecedented cuts in their strategic nuclear arsenals. Moreover, we have said many times and I confirm it now, we are ready to move further and to cut the number of carriers of strategic nuclear weapons by up to three times more, this proposal is now on the table for bilateral talks with our American

Sep 21 2009

The level (of security) has not improved but rather worsened in the last 10 to 15 years, that is the sad fact. We are not separated now into ideological blocs. We do not have different values but, at the same time, the level of security is in free

Sep 18 2009

Together we will work out effective measures regarding the risks of missile proliferation, measures which will take into consideration the interests and concerns of all sides and guarantee equal security to all states in Europe. We appreciate this responsible move by the US president towards realising our agreement. I am ready to continue the

Aug 26 2009

I don't regret the decision it's the correct decision correct in international law it's right and absolutley necessary and

Aug 08 2009

Georgia's military aggression has changed the political map of the Caucasus for

Jul 03 2009

The new US administration headed by President Obama is now showing that it is ready to change the situation and build more effective, more reliable and in the end more modern relations and we are ready for

Jun 20 2009 - Russia

We are ready to reduce by several times the number of nuclear delivery vehicles compared with the START-1 pact. As far as warheads are concerned, their numbers should be lower than envisaged by the Moscow 2002 pact, which is something we firmly agree with President Obama

Jun 16 2009

The international capitalist order is retreating. It is totally obvious that the age of empires has ended, and it won't come

Jun 10 2009

The work of restoring order here, cleaning up of terrorist riff-raff, must be continued, because it's about security, about life and well-being of our

May 25 2009 - Kremlin

And that's

May 22 2009

For some countries, this partnership is seen as a partnership against Russia. Of course, I don't mean the management of the EU and our partners present at this table, it's about other states. Therefore, we don't want the Eastern partnership to turn

Apr 30 2009

Exercises should not take place in areas where there has been a war. It could have negative consequences and the responsibility will lie with those who have taken the

Apr 23 2009

Lately several important steps have been taken. My latest contact, today's meeting with Serge Sarksyan and a recent meeting with the President of Azerbaijan, confirm that both countries are ready to act constructively to solve this very complicated

Apr 20 2009

Projects of this kind create the framework for energy security in Europe; the availability of several gas supply routes increases this security, it does not decrease it. And we'll certainly continue this work, while respecting all the ecological

Apr 01 2009

But now we are going to start again. We are going to open a new page in Russian/American

Mar 17 2009 - NATO

The threat of local conflicts and of international terrorism are still present. Attempts to expand the military infrastructure of NATO near the borders of our country are continuing. All this requires a modernisation of our armed forces, giving them a new modern

Mar 04 2009

If the new US administration demonstrates common sense in this issue, and proposes an acceptable new structure, then we would be willing to

Feb 01 2009

In a spirit of welcome dialogue and cooperation and backed by the constitution, the Church and the state must develop their relationship for the good of the Church, state and

Jan 12 2009 - Kremlin

I cannot call such stipulations and additions anything other than a mockery of common sense and a violation of earlier achieved

Nov 28 2008

This is not just a Russian president going on a study trip with his colleagues and journalists. This was a serious geo-political decision. We will develop our relations with Latin American and Caribbean

Nov 16 2008 - US, Russia relations

I think we can create a new framework for a real partnership between the US and Russia. We have a lot of common areas: the stabilisation of the global economy, nuclear proliferation, and agreements over weapons'

Nov 05 2008 - US, Russia relations

We do not have innate anti-Americanism. We hope that our partners, the new US administration, will make a choice in favour of fully-fledged relations with

Nov 05 2008 - NATO

Because of this provocation, tension rose throughout the region. This conflict was used as a pretext for sending NATO warships to the Black Sea. And then, for the forceful foisting on Europe of America's anti-missile systems, which in turn will entail retaliatory measures by

Nov 05 2008

It also began as a localised event, on the American

Oct 08 2008

I would like to hope that the tragic page on the Caucasus question has been turned. And I would like to underline again the constructive role of the European Union in trying to use diplomatic means to find solutions to this

Sep 18 2008 - Kremlin

Right now this is our top

Sep 17 2008

No one should have any illusions about

Sep 17 2008

No one should doubt that we will allow another military

Sep 10 2008

The more international observers there are, the better. I hope that will at least stop the Georgian military regime from any stupid

Sep 01 2008

Russia does not want confrontation with anyone. Russia does not want to isolate itself, and we will maintain as far as possible our relations with Europe, with the United States, with the rest of the

Aug 28 2008

I am sure that the united position of the SCO member states will have international resonance and I hope it will serve as a strong signal to those who try to turn black into white and justify this

Aug 27 2008

Russians are bluffing and they are overplaying their hand. They can have enough, more than enough, soldiers on the ground to confront (the) small Georgian army, of course. We can never match 3,000 tanks in our territory, no way, but you know, trying to bully the West, the Americans, this is just, you know, beyond their resources. The point here is, I think, the American assistance will go as

Aug 27 2008

The only way to preserve these people was to recognise them as subjects of international law, to recognise their

Aug 18 2008

If anyone thinks that they can kill our citizens and escape unpunished, they should abandon any illusions about

Aug 15 2008

Nobody rejects the principle of territorial integrity as one of the fundamental principles of international law. But if we look at this concrete situation we see it is very complex. Unfortunately, after what has happened, the people of South Ossetia and Abkhazia could hardly live together in one state with the

Aug 12 2008

The President of Russia and the President of France support the following principles of settlement of conflict and urge the two sides to put their signatures to those principles, which are as follows: First: the non-use of force. Second: the cessation of all hostilities. Third: free access for humanitarian

Aug 12 2008

I have decided to stop the operation to force Georgian authorities to peace. The aim of the operation has been reached. The security of our peacekeepers and civilian population has been

Jun 27 2008

I'd like to point out that one of the major topics discussed recently was the question of concluding a new EU-Russia agreement and today we can officially declare the launch of negotiations to work out a new

Jun 25 2008

Of course, there are sometimes problems in our relationship, when we understand that some EU governments are ready to develop the relationship by taking certain steps, but at the same time one or a few governments are able to block these

May 08 2008

We must, over the next ten to 15 years, get into the top ten ranking of world countries in terms of the quality of life of our

Dec 18 2007

This project is Russia's contribution to energy security in

Dec 18 2007

Today we're commencing work at the Yuzhno Russkoye gas field, which has a capacity of more than one trillion cubic metres of natural gas. And a great many people have been involved in this

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