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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Doug Suttles is associated, including market and success. Most recently, Doug Suttles has been quoted saying: “Even lower would almost certainly generate success. It would be great to continue to capture those eastern markets with western Canadian gas.” in the article TransCanada gas toll talks making progress -CNRL, Encana. An other article where Doug Suttles has been quoted is Seafood deemed safe as Gulf oil crisis eases.

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Conversations between producers and TransCanada have been ongoing ever since the last open season attempt. A lot of us believe this should happen and I am hopeful we will get something done.

Even lower would almost certainly generate success. It would be great to continue to capture those eastern markets with western Canadian gas.

What we've always stated is: the original well, the well that had the blowout, and the relief wells will be abandoned and that's what we're doing.

We've got the equipment all hooked up to perform the static kill; so right now the current forecast is we will do that activity on Tuesday we expect.

It's an encouraging sign. In a couple more days it may be even more encouraging. But, no celebrations. You know, if you go talk to the people that live here, celebration is a wrong word.

We've made numerous attempts to overcome the flow. We've monitored the situation after each attempt. We've also used our junk shot technique and other materials to try and divert more of the flow down the well, but we have not been able to stop the flow.

We share the frustration. I want this thing to stop. We want it to stop. The people who live here want it to stop. I'm doing everything we can. I don't know anything we could be doing that we're not doing. We're getting lots of help from lots of places. The government is looking at what we do every day. They are providing experts as well. It's this huge sense of frustration that we have not been able to stop it yet.

The final solution is to get it to stop. Our next attempt to stop the flow should occur the second half of this week, the later part of this week, when we actually either pursue what we call the junk shot technique, which is to put material in the blow out preventer which will cause it to plug up.

Over the weekend we expect to connect that dome to the drill ship Enterprise, at which time, hopefully at the beginning of next week, we'll begin to start to evacuate the oil from the seabed up to the surface.

Over the weekend we will attach the dome to the drill ship Enterprise with a riser and pipework assembly which will allow the oil to flow up to the surface and be processed. So, if all goes to plan, we should begin to start that operation – the beginning of trying to process the fluids on the surface and stop the spill into the sea – on Monday.

At the time the accident happened, the safety devices, we believe would have stopped the flow of oil. They didn't do that, we don't know why they didn't do that and ultimately we will find out.

It is horribly difficult to estimate what the flow is, but what we can see is the amount of oil on top of the water. We think that the range has increased of what the estimate has been. So I think that somewhere between one and five thousand barrels a day is probably the best estimate we have today.

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