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While we have some really experienced players starting the game there is a great opportunity for some of the younger players to show what they are about against a Barbarians team full of quality international players. We will be treating this game as a Test match and expecting the Barbarians to start the game quickly. This match will be crucial preparation ahead of our two-Test series against Argentina next month.feedback
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NEW May 25 2017
Eddie Jones has most recently been quoted in an article called Chris Robshaw to return as England captain for Barbarians clash. Eddie Jones said, “I've decided to have co-captains this weekend with Chris Robshaw and George Ford. We need the responsibility of leadership shared. Chris will look after the forwards and defence while George will look after the backs and attack. It splits the responsibility nicely and with so many younger players there we need co-captains rather than just one guy responsible for everything.”. Eddie Jones has been quoted a grand total of 115 times in 34 articles.
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There's no reason he can't carry on to 2019. It depends how hungry he is: whether he keeps on being the butcher of Rotorua or becomes the Squire of Northampton. Initially it was a two-year plan. After that it was going to come down to whether he's improving as a player and as a captain. He was measurably better during the Six Nations than he was in November. His captaincy has gone up to another level. The preparation he's doing for Argentina would suggest he's going in the right direction.feedback

You could see upsets if teams do not take notice of the difference and adapt.feedback

They love the Kiwis here, so the Kiwis will get everything – five star. So we have to aim to get four star. We'll get more support, definitely, from the Japanese because of my association. That will help during the games without a doubt. Just the way we behave and the way we act around the place will be important, too, because Japanese can be very helpful or very unhelpful. There are two sides to it.feedback

You have to look at the country's history. Look at what happened in World War Two and now they're the third biggest economy in the world. That's unbelievable industrialism. They get things done.feedback

Everything's going to be different. You can't expect it to be the same as a western tournament. I'm married to a Japanese woman. My wife is never organised but she always gets things done and that's how it is. It seems chaotic and all of a sudden everything happens and it works.feedback

There will be two different types of weather. It gets so humid and wet here in late September. It's almost impossible to hang on to the ball. In October the weather's beautiful – warm, dry, 22C – so the game will change. I suspect the early part of the tournament will be stop-start and kicking-orientated. The rest of the tournament will be about scoring in many different ways. I can guarantee you we'll be prepared. There's sports science ways of preparing and psychological ways. You need to make sure your players have endured it before so they're ready for it. Your body feels different.feedback

It needs you to be self-sufficient here, so that we don't need to rely on the organising committee. We've got places where we can go that we know they'll look after us. We looked at a potential camp in Tokyo on Tuesday courtesy of the BOA, who we're trying to dovetail with.feedback

It will keep us on our toes. No one wants to get ahead of themselves but you need to be right for the knockout stages. In a World Cup, generally the most crucial game is the quarter-final because you are usually playing a team you should beat. And you've got to be at your best for that game. How do you expect to win a World Cup if you can't beat Wales in the quarter-final, even though they are a good team.feedback

The defeat in Dublin showed that we're not bullet-proof. The more games you go through undefeated [England won 18 in succession] you do get that perception of being bullet-proof. The thing I've always struggled with in English rugby is complacency. If there is any way our team can be complacent now [because of draw] then we have got the wrong people.feedback

We've got to find ways to become bullet-proof and we've got two years to do it. I don't want to be bullet-proof now. Even James Bond is not bullet-proof for the whole movie. There are times when he is susceptible. You need to peak at the right time. It's not a 'group of death', no one is going to die. I've got about 15-18 almost certain starters in my mind. Now we have to find that 40 per cent of depth and the tour to Argentina is a great opportunity for that.feedback

I'm pleased for him as one of my jobs is to improve England coaches and I have always said that they should get overseas experience. I'll replace him in due course.feedback

You've got to be bullet-proof by the time you get to the tournament, good enough to win those games or you can't expect to win a World Cup. We've got to be able to be good enough to cope with the draw.feedback

It's me that needs to visit the temples, isn't it, and pray really hard.feedback

I'm going to visit the temples because I need to pray. I need to pray really hard.feedback

Who's calling it the group of death? No one's going to die. It's simple … you have to prepare well and play good teams, and that's what we're going to do against France and Argentina. We've played France consistently, and we have two Tests coming up against the Argentinians. So here we go.feedback

You can look in two ways – it's a difficult pool or it's a great pool – but you've just go to get through it. My experience in World Cups is that to have two tough games is the best preparation to go through. We want to win the World Cup – we've said that from the very start, and this pool gives us the incentive to keep on getting better. It's exciting, and there's no greater rivalry in rugby than England against France.feedback

It's going to be a challenge to be in Japan for teams that haven't been here before.feedback

We have focused particularly on youth because we want to find players who are going to be better than the 16 players going on the Lions tour. To win the World Cup we need to have the best talent; that is our ultimate destiny.feedback

If they're not keen to tour they won't play for England again, it's as simple as that. There is no reason why other players can't come back into it but they've got to be desperate to improve. I always saw 2017 as an opportunity to build the depth of our squad. This is the ideal opportunity to bring young guys through. The talent there is just so exciting – good young athletes, desperate to play for England, willing to die for their club, obsessed by being great. If players aren't like that they won't play for England.feedback

He's a brilliant player but he just doesn't fit our needs at the moment.feedback

What I want these young guys to do is not wait for the senior players to ask them to do things. I want them to be the new energy in the team. The only thing the senior players should ask of them is to tone it down and find them a steak restaurant at night.feedback

The Pumas are a physically aggressive side and they have become very good at playing unstructured rugby; we need to make sure we control the structural part of the game and our defence will play an absolutely crucial role. Dylan Hartley will lead the side again having captained the team excellently during the Six Nations and will be supported by vice-captains Mike Brown, Danny Care and George Ford.feedback

We have picked the best squad we have available and we are looking forward to going to Argentina and winning 2-0. The squad have a great opportunity to represent their country and win for England. There are a few new faces in the set-up so every training session and team meeting will count.feedback

Too many centres have come up through the age groups where size has been everything.feedback

I would take those four captains and make that the leadership group.feedback

New Zealand are there for the taking. You have got to play well against them, be smart against them, but with the sort of personnel the Lions could field against them, they could be the sort of team to do that. But you have got to win that first Test. If you don't, you are out of the series.feedback

You can always be caught on the day by a side when everything goes right for them. That is what happened with Ireland. They played beautifully, great game plan, executed well. The conditions were almost perfect [for them], the next day the sun came out. Everything was in place and they were too good. We had 43 per cent possession and 45 per cent quality line-out ball. That's the end of the game.feedback

The great thing for us is that we have won back-to-back Six Nations but no one has ever won three in a row. So we are still in a position where we could create a record in the Six Nations. It defines something no one has ever done. Next year is going to be even tougher than this was, and it was tough for us.feedback

I don't think I gave the team the right environment to prepare well, the absolute right mindset. I'll have to improve that for the future. But I think back-to-back titles is a fine achievement. We have improved the depth of our squad and, if by the end of 2017 we have improved that depth even more, then I will look back on 2017 as a successful year.feedback

Dylan does a super job for us and there is no reason why he won't continue to do a super job. It is like when Mike Brearley captained the England cricket team. Everyone questioned him, then he won the Ashes [in 1981] and no one questioned him. Dylan is an outstanding captain.feedback

That was the great experience for us on Saturday. I am massively disappointed we lost but as for a learning experience, it was great. It was a winner-takes-all game, it was everything on the table and you had to put your best on the table. So to lose the Grand Slam game when we have already got the trophy is hardly a scar. It is a learning experience.feedback

One game doesn't affect our perception of people or of the team. One game doesn't change our plan [for the 2019 Rugby World Cup]. It is too early [for older players to be discarded]. Did you think we would never get defeated? There is no scar there at all. It is great for us, not great to lose, but it is a great learning experience. These sort of things harden you because you learn from them and don't want them to happen again. As I said to the boys, in a World Cup final you either get a gold medal or a silver medal, and a silver medal doesn't look too flash. A gold medal does.feedback

I thought he was better than he was in November – and there's no reason why, the next time he comes in, he can't be better than he was this time. As long as he keeps improving, he's in the right direction, like every other player.feedback

It's not great to lose but it's a great learning experience. There's no scar there at all. Those sorts of things harden you because you learn from them and you don't want them to happen again.feedback

Dylan is an outstanding captain. I'm not discussing Lions selection but he is an outstanding captain for us and does a super job. There's no reason why he won't continue to do a super job. It's like when Mike Brearley captained the England cricket team; everyone questioned him, then he won the Ashes and no one questioned him.feedback

No one's ever won three [Six Nations] in a row. To win grand slams you've got to be at your best five games in a row. There's a cycle to performance and it's hard to put together more than three games. Look at Word Cup games – the teams that win World Cups always have a performance that is slightly off.feedback

You guys know the history of rugby. You know what the All Blacks had to go through to win the World Cup in 2011. They lost the semi-final against us in 2003 in Australia, they lost the quarter-final in 2007. They got to the final in 2011 and they had to have a very kind referee to get them home. That's how hard it is for them to win. So to lose the grand slam game when we've already got the trophy is hardly a scar, it's a learning experience.feedback

It was a tough tournament, much tougher than last year. Generally the standard of the competition has been much better. There's a real hardness to it and an ability to score more tries this year than I saw last year.feedback

It's been a great learning experience for him (Itoje). To have him (George Kruis) not in the side is difficult for us. So Maro's now come through and he's the guy that we can call on to call the line-outs.feedback

In the first half we couldn't get our hands on the ball and when we did we gave it back to them. The players handled it really well – they were just too good for us, it happens sometimes.feedback

We are Six Nations champions, back-to-back, which is a fantastic achievement. We're joint world record holders, but we weren't good enough [against Ireland]. And we have to accept we weren't good enough. Next time we get together as the full squad will be in November and we'll look to right what happened.feedback

If that much mooted game comes across we are very keen to play them and will be raring to go. There is a lot of discussions to go. You've got discussions with New Zealand. You've got discussions with the England rugby community to go, so there's still a fair bit of work to go. If the opportunity comes up, we'll be raring to go. I would be disappointed if we didn't have that many in the squad. I think they have a massive shout and, as Ireland showed, they are there for the taking – and we can't wait to play them either.feedback

I expect at least 15 of our guys to go on tour with the Lions and will be disappointed if we do not get that many in. The Lions have a massive shout, as Ireland showed [in November]. We can't wait to play New Zealand and I am very keen on a match this year. I have had a discussion with Ian [Ritchie, the Rugby Football Union chief executive] and if the opportunity comes, we will be raring to go. Discussions are being held with New Zealand and in England and there is a way to go.feedback

We will have more setbacks before the World Cup. Not many teams have a 90% record, but we have a pretty good average: Don Bradman had a zero in his final Test. We will fight another day – it is not the end of the world even if we are gutted.feedback

I thought we were going to get out of it in the second half. We developed some momentum, but then gave away a penalty which Ireland kicked and it became too big for us. You have these days and this was a tough Six Nations, harder than last year. Teams were at us and I expect it to be more difficult again next year. We have been chuffed with the results we have had, but the reality is we still have a lot to do.feedback

I told the players to be proud of themselves, champions and world record holders. We were just not good enough today. When we get together again in November we have to right what happened here. We are all human and that is why records finish on 18 games: you get a team that performs above themselves and uses the conditions superbly and we were below ourselves.feedback

We have been very happy with Nathan but Billy has to get back on the horse and the horse has to be strong enough to carry him. Billy has got a wonderful character. He is one of those guys who doesn't say a lot but when he does, it means a lot to the team. He not only has a physical presence but he brings those laid-back but thoughtful observations to the team. He has a wonderful eye for observation and is able to see things clearly. He will add a lot to the team.feedback

We've had a really good week's preparation. The intensity of training has been good. It's going to be quite an occasion in Dublin so we understand we have to be prepared emotionally, physically and mentally. The mood in camp has been positive. We're very excited ahead of what is a huge opportunity for the players. You sense the intensity has stepped up - it definitely has in training.feedback

I've got no view on that, I'm not an administrator. I haven't negotiated contracts, all I'm worried about is Ireland.feedback

The guy I think again that should get a lot of credit for the team's success is Stuart Lancaster. He was the guy that brought this team through, went through some hard yards with them, most of the players are still the same.feedback

It's going to take a lot of work to get a team good enough to win a World Cup because we're not good enough at the moment. If the All Blacks want to turn up to the Aviva Stadium on Saturday and want to play us after Ireland, then we'll consider it. We want to be the No1 team in the world. When we get the opportunity to play them, we'll play them.feedback

Ireland not having anything to play for means they have the courage to fail which frees them up mentally. We are a little bit vulnerable because we have already been crowned the Six Nations champions and we had a big win against Scotland, so for us it's getting the right mind-set for the game.feedback

For us everything's about the World Cup. If you look at where we are now, we've been together approximately eight weeks. You're together eight or nine weeks to get to a World Cup final. When you get to the World Cup final, no one's 100%. Everyone's carrying injuries.feedback

Ireland will come with a lot of emotion. Disappointment builds aggression. We've seen how Wales came back after losing to Scotland so we expect Ireland to be like that. We have to be more aggressive, more emotional in the right way, more committed as well as smart and skilful.feedback

It's a bit like Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf when the wolf comes dressed up as the grandmother. When an All Black coach is complimenting you, you always have to be careful. What we said – and we had a great discussion – is that we have to acknowledge we've been successful and it's now about how much we want to be great. How many opportunities in your life do you get to beat Ireland in Ireland to win back-to-back grand slams? It's almost a childhood dream as a rugby player.feedback

It's the team that prepares with the mind-set that nothing's going to stop them being at their best that wins the World Cup. You want to develop a winning mentality. It's a great dress rehearsal for us for the World Cup. All these milestones along the way are nice but they're not things that we cherish. It's what we do in the future that matters.feedback

We just felt we needed to reset our minds a little bit. You can feel within the team there's a different intensity about the way we do things. I thought we were always going to play well against Scotland – and I think we'll play better this week.feedback

Our desire is to be the best team in the world so we don't need any external motivation. We don't talk about the Lions. All we're worried about is playing well this week. The players realise they have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity here. History shows that winning back-to-back grand slams happens once in every 27 years. None of these players is going to be playing in 27 years' time.feedback

We don't have to worry about [New Zealand] because we are not playing them. All we have to do is worry about playing against Ireland.feedback

Ireland will be in a psychologically strong position. They are out of the tournament and they love spoiling parties, especially England's. We are in a vulnerable state as champions and will have to work hard top get ourselves right The players have the opportunity to achieve greatness and they are in the changing room talking about it; they want to do it.feedback

Ireland is a fantastic opportunity for the players to achieve what has never been done. The win over Scotland has put us in a good position, but it is all about what we do next. We were ruthless today and there were great lessons for us as we strive to become the No1 team in the world. There has been an attitude shift in the team. It was not that it was bad before, but we are embracing what is ahead of us and want to take things to a new level. All credit to Scotland for sticking in, but we were good in the set pieces and the breakdown and executed some lovely plays.feedback

Some of the space created by George Ford and Owen Farrell for JJ was outstanding. Scotland did not defend well, but having passers at 10 and 12 helps and they have a great mentor in Jonny Wilkinson. We will enjoy the win tonight, but after that it will all be about Ireland.feedback

He could be in doubt, mate. Could be in doubt. He has got a bad leg so he couldn't finish training. I think he ran into my dog. He'll be all right. Possibly.feedback

All we've got to do is play well on Saturday, that's all we've got to worry about.feedback

If your halfback can't pass the ball, there's something wrong with the game. If the 10 can't see the ball, how do you play rugby. We lost the ruck from the game and it ceases to become rugby so if you paid for your ticket, ask for your money back. I can't answer questions on rugby because there wasn't any today. We probably got flustered a bit by their tactics, which is normal. Yeah, good question, I got it wrong, I'm just a silly coach. He was outstanding, every time we tried to pass the ball he was there.feedback

We've made sure the players are responsible, we play in a style that suits our resources and the players enjoy themselves.feedback

If you were picking a Six Nations team now, he would definitely get in a best 15 at number six.feedback

It would have been easy for him to go back to Harlequins and ply his trade there and have a nice easy life but he really wanted to continue playing for England.feedback

Scotland defend a certain way. They go hard on the inside and soft on the outside, which creates opportunities.feedback

You know people still think it was a fluke we beat South Africa so this is a great chance to show that it wasn't and that we can really front up as a serious rugby nation. You know, as Scotland is coming into it in a perfect preparation. They've probably had two and a half weeks since their last game, they'll come in absolutely 100 percent.feedback

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