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Enrico Letta has been quoted 27 times. The one recent article where Enrico Letta has been quoted is EU no longer has an ‘alibi’ for inaction, says ex-Italian PM. Most recently, Enrico Letta was quoted as having said, “I think we have to be a little bit worried. I hope a more wise approach, unity, can take place.”.

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If not, I start to think that the country (will see) big legislative instability. I think we have to push for more unity and less fragmentation today.

I think we have to be a little bit worried. I hope a more wise approach, unity, can take place.

I strongly believe protectionism is the wrong answer, we need to manage the social consequences of globalization but we have to continue with progress as well. The big problem of globalization today is how to manage the subsequent social and demographic transitions, it is a welfare problem. When European integration is weak, Italy suffers. Italy is a country that needs the euro and a strong commitment to completion of the EU.

A resignation can't be based on rumours or backstage manoeuvres. I think if you respect the institutions you must clearly say what you want to do. Especially those who want to replace me must present a programme to the Italians.

Political tensions are at the top level, but I am sure 2014 will be the year of institutional reform, a comprehensive and complete reform. In the press conference for the end of 2014, I will talk about different and better economic data and the institutional reforms will be done.

Regarding Lampedusa, these are extremely grave pictures, that shocked us, and most of all me. The government intends to conduct a thorough inquiry, to verify and if necessary punish those responsible.

It shows the ECB cares about growth and competitiveness in Europe.

I do not think that things will change with the arrival of the winter. That's not it. Because if people flee failed states – states where there is no democracy, states where there is persecution, terrorism – they will flee whether there is good weather or bad weather. And tragedies will continue.

We consider it very important that the conclusions of the summit include the idea of 'solidarity'! I underline this, because we all know, that this cannot been taken for granted!

We want that this Council meeting to concentrate on answering the immigration question. What happened in Lampedusa should never happen again! We have a very clear position. We want Europe to change its approach on this issue.

For the past few days after the shipwrecks in Lampedusa, we have been starting to develop an operation. It will be an Italian military and humanitarian task force. A joint Navy and Air Force operation. This operation is needed in order to guarantee that the Mediterranean sea can become a safer sea.

Italy will do everything it can – but it's a European tragedy which the EU needs to take on and tackle.

This has been a historic day for our democracy. We have now achieved more of the necessary conditions for our work – to allow us to look to the future with greater clarity.

We are beginning to see signs of recovery, but this needs stability, and that requires responsible behaviour from everyone.

I want the Italian government to do its job by adopting the reforms and policies that will restore our credibility. At the same time, Europe has to find some positive answers to the fatigue towards austerity that its citizens are feeling.

It's necessary to ensure that during the Council European in June, without wasting time, Europe be able to do everything it can. To take the necessary measures with the same determination that has previously been applied to fiscal consolidation.

The issue that will be at the top of my government's agenda is unemployment. Only with employment can we can emerge from the nightmare of impoverishment and head towards growth, overcoming social injustice by bringing wealth.

On the international and European scene, Italy will be engaged in finding strategies to revive growth without disturbing the recovery of public finances. Europe is encountering a crisis of legitimacy and efficiency, just when European countries need it most.

Another key issue is justice: only with legal certainty can investments flourish. That is to say, the commitment to moralization of public life, the fight against corruption, corruption which distorts rules and incentives.

We have a close bond with the Carabinieri, with law enforcement, and of course, with Sergeant Giangrande's family. His daughter has shown extraordinary strength.

It's a team of ministers that has the following characteristics: it is a very competent and a young group. It also includes a record number of women, and as far as I'm concerned that is one of the most satisfying aspects.

It is important that this line of change in European growth policies and more European political unity must have also Italy as a protagonist.

The credibility of politics has collapsed because of scandals, because of difficulties, We have all seen in these past years, the credibility of politics requires very strong answers from us, because the answers given until now have not been satisfactory.

If the party positions itself as an alternative government it will be very bad for the current administration.

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