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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Eric Schultz is associated, including Republicans, Istanbul, and president. Most recently, Eric Schultz has been quoted saying: “The smooth transition of power is chief among priorities.” in the article Under 3 weeks left: Obama in closing stretch of presidency. An other article where Eric Schultz has been quoted is At least 35 shot dead in Istanbul 'terror attack'.

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The smooth transition of power is chief among priorities.

This afternoon the president was briefed by his national security team on the attack in Istanbul. The president expressed condolences for the innocent lives lost, directed his team to offer appropriate assistance to the Turkish authorities, as necessary, and keep him updated as warranted.

Today's call, like the others since the election, was positive and focused on continuing a smooth and effective transition. The president and president-elect committed to staying in touch over the next several weeks.

The president wanted this done under his watch because he takes it very seriously. We are committed to ensuring the integrity of our elections.

The United States continues to be a steadfast ally, friend and partner to the Republic of Korea and we look forward to working closely with President Hwang (Kyo-ahn) in his new capacity as acting president.

This is not an effort to challenge the outcome of the election.

The President-elect, Donald Trump, will set the policies once he takes the oath of office.

This isn't something the president plans to take his eye off the ball on.

Despite having majorities in both houses of Congress, Republicans have refused to govern. Instead, this litigious Republican Party has rushed to the courts with partisan lawsuits.

I don't think anything has surfaced to changed the president's opinion and views of Secretary Clinton.

He's going to be proud to support her from now until Election Day.

We have not received any official requests from Filippino officials to alter any of our many issues where we bilaterally cooperate.

I can't think of a bolder way for Donald Trump to lose even more standing than he already has by engaging the first lady of the United States.

We are prepared to respond if necessary to any future missile launches.

Despite the rhetoric on the campaign trail, the American people support expanding trade and agree with the president that high-standards trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership are good for our country.

If we have to start negotiating separately with the United Kingdom, that's going to start from a different vantage point, especially because we've had years of progress.

Obviously, the president stands by what he said and I don't have an update of our position.

This is a bill that would steal money from other critically important public health priorities, including those funded by Affordable Care Act and those funded by our effort to combat ebola.

This is not the first time that Republicans have come out with a lot of bluster, only to have reality ultimately sink in. At each pass, they took a hard line. They tried to play politics. But ultimately, they were not able to back up their threats.

Truth is, he uses the term about a dozen times in Dreams from my Father.

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