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This is definitely a pop, and we've seen just a huge increase in Nvidia's valuations compared to the semi industry. One thing that investors have to be wary of is that going forward, they're going from about 35 percent growth down to about 7 in the next year. So that's a big drop in the rate of growth, and at these prices, they're just looking really
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Oct 11 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Erin Gibbs is associated, including December and S&P. Most recently, Erin Gibbs has been quoted saying: “The train has already left the station for NVDA.” in the article Here’s where the battle lines are drawn on Nvidia.
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Sep 14 2017

As rates increase REITS costs go up, making them less

Aug 28 2017

This is important because it gives us an indication of what households feel about their economic situation, as well as how much they're going to spend in the future. While this is not necessarily a predictor of future market returns, it does have a high correlation to the S&P 500 index. Since it is a reflection of households view of their economic condition and future spending, versus corporate views, it portrays what the US consumer feels about their future spending

Aug 24 2017 - Amazon

Not only did they massively miss expectations for their profit on second quarter, but the expectations of what they're going to make over the next 12 months has been almost cut in half. It's not that they're not making revenues – they're still taking over the world – it's just way more expensive than they originally thought. And so technology costs and marketing costs are both significantly higher. I'd say we could see more of a decline until we see some stabilization of those

Aug 23 2017

This has been an unusually disappointing quarter for retailers, with only about half of the companies beating estimates, while over 70 percent in the S&P 500 have beaten those estimates. This is the last week where we could see some positive

Aug 10 2017 - North Korea

We see some of the best value and growth with those two, particularly with some of the anti-air missile defense systems and the merger rumors. Those could be, potentially, your best bets, even if things escalate or don't escalate with North

Aug 10 2017

It is still not as great as we would like; we are still only expecting about 9 percent earnings growth for aerospace and defense for this year, and 10 percent for next year, so not

Aug 09 2017

You really need to be selective, with strong management, and ideally some more hope for growth expectations and revenue expectations going

Aug 07 2017 - Amazon

Right now, most consensus targets for Amazon are about 15 percent to 16 percent higher than what it is trading now, so there is definitely room for upside. And we can't argue with the kind of earnings growth that we are expecting this year and the year after. If you are going to pay triple-digit earnings valuations, so clearly this is not a value stock, even if it is trading at a little bit of a discount right now. It is definitely growth, but when we are looking at 130 percent earnings growth for next year ... they're still hitting their targets; we still see this as a safe

Jul 26 2017 - Amazon

Unfortunately, most of the sharing economy stocks are also very expensive from a valuation perspective, and only a few offer compelling profit growth to justify the price. I would recommend buying selectively within BofAML's sharing

Jul 26 2017 - Amazon

If you are going to buy stocks priced in the triple digit valuations, you should be compensated with consistent accelerating earnings growth and strong

Jul 19 2017

Unfortunately, none of them are really stellar sectors. Utilities and real estate have heavy industry exposures; they've also got negative earnings growth for this year. So even if the dollar does better, it's still not looking

Jul 18 2017 - Facebook

The revisions that come in just a few days before the actual report date are some of the ones that give you the most direction about what's really going to happen on that earnings report

Jul 18 2017 - Wall Street

For Facebook, their earnings expectations have been very stable. In general, Facebook is extremely well-managed. They tend to know how to work with Wall Street analysts. So we're not expecting a big change, but if there is one, that's

Jul 18 2017 - Facebook

Honestly, beating by less than 2 percent is really a miss these days. So we're looking for that continued positive

Jul 18 2017

We'd actually expect investors to take on more risk going forward, and perhaps take on a little more growth in that small-cap

Jul 11 2017

They are trading low, relative to their historical price range, but we still see limited upside target prices, with only about an average of 8 percent above; so again I'd like to recommend investors be very picky about airlines, particularly those large-cap U.S. airlines are some of our

Jul 11 2017 - Oil

The year is definitely looking better; maybe they'll even make the same amount of money by the time we finish the year if things keep improving and oil stays

Jul 10 2017

We expect both of these indices to be higher. Both of them have been in the upward trend, hitting new highs for the past several months, and we want to see that trend continue. If there's a downturn and they come in lower than expected, that would raise some real concerns about the U.S.

Jul 10 2017 - Unemployment

These are big numbers to watch after the meager wage growth last week. Overall, the unemployment report was great. There were very good unemployment numbers, but the one thing that was really concerning was flat wage growth. So now we need to see if there is inflation anywhere within the U.S. economy that meets the Fed's 2 percent inflation

Jul 10 2017

Ever since we really saw a pop in the dollar around mid-May, [EEM] has been in a flat trading range and it really hasn't been moving. I think as long as we're having concerns about raising rates in September or potentially the dollar rising, this ETF could again sort of stay in that stable trading range and really underperform for the next three to maybe four

Jul 10 2017

Once the rising rates and dollar concerns go away, particularly in the fourth quarter, I think that's when you may see an opportunity, because we do see potential higher growth in the Asia-Pacific

Jul 05 2017

At mid-year we are starting to see signs that investors are diversifying back into value stocks since growth performance started to wane in

Jun 30 2017 - Unemployment

I'm looking for the unemployment rate to remain relatively stable, around 4.3 percent. What I'm really looking for is the wage growth. That's where we want to see some inflation and some healthy growth within the U.S.

Jun 30 2017

Higher wage growth would mean that consumers have more money to spend; this is where we could really see an impact in the consumer discretionary sector. It's been particularly hard hit for the first half of the year. We could finally see some growth, particularly in those retail stocks, for the second

Jun 28 2017

Yes, still big growth numbers coming off of extreme lows, but that's over an 11 percent reduction in 2017 profit expectations. The S&P 500 Energy index has dropped about 15 percent YTD, so we're seeing the index drop more closely tied to the earnings

Jun 21 2017

Despite promises of lowering production and inventory, we haven't seen those come to fruition. We've seen upward claims revisions for the last three weeks. I'll be looking to see if jobless claims are revised up yet again, and if there is continued upward trend in the four-week moving average. The Conference Board's Leading Economic Index increased both in April and March. Another increase for May might indicate that US GDP growth could recover for Q2 after a weak

Jun 12 2017

We tried to find the VIX being correlated to just about any fundamentals, or index, or macroeconomics, and we couldn't find anything. So it does seem to be completely independent of any other underlying

Jun 12 2017

This really looks like a rotation out of the momentum stocks and into more of your value stocks, and we've been waiting for that for a while. To me, this is a regime change, and people are finally looking to move away from a momentum play. I think we could see this trend continue over the next few

Jun 09 2017

I'll be looking to see if markets largely ignore any action or inaction by the Fed. Recently, markets have barely even fluttered after meetings. So we'll be on the lookout just in case something

Jun 09 2017

I'll be looking for healthy inflation in both the consumer and commercial

Jun 09 2017

After the disappointing new jobs created for May, we'll be looking to see if there's any hope for a better number in June by looking at the jobless claims this

Jun 05 2017

I think if we see investors switch from these really high-valuation [growth stocks] into your value [stocks], not only do you have some decent valuations that are reasonable, but you actually have better growth. For 18 months [out] we're looking solid, but we may suggest that investors want to switch from these very popular momentum stocks and start taking a look at value

Jun 05 2017

I think for most of these, we're really coming down to reasonable valuations and reasonable

May 30 2017

We've still got double-digit earnings growth for 2017 as expected, and [earnings growth projections have] even risen for

May 22 2017

We're looking at some really impressive growth when it comes to chipmakers. Not only are they seeing increased production, but they're also seeing higher prices. [There is] top line and bottom line big double-digit growth this year, coming off lackluster growth from the prior

May 19 2017

We've got some big names next week, high-end and low-end; Tiffany's, down to Big Lots, as well as Lowe's. We'll see if next week wraps up Q1 earnings season on a high

May 19 2017

After this week's stumble, it is possible that they could bounce back, as investors may look at valuations and see some attractive entry points. But we could also have some more political headlines that could push them down. Trump's first trip is very unusual because, typically, presidents don't do such a long marathon, hitting five cities. We could see some added market volatility if there are any political

May 12 2017

We are already seeing some investor disillusionment as the markets realize presidential promises, if realized at all, will take longer and be

May 12 2017

Is the U.S. consumer still purchasing retail goods and just buying them online, or have spending patterns changed to focus more on entertainment?feedback

May 08 2017

We're just getting exactly what we expected three months

May 01 2017

I see this as a sign of investors looking ahead and more promising return for later in

May 01 2017

On average, the market does tend to be down during the summer months – but what's going on in the U.S. economy really does make a

May 01 2017

Now that everything is positive, I'd say, stay in the

Apr 21 2017 - McDonald's

Fresh not frozen beef has been the recent positive headline for McDonald's but it does have a few other things going for

Apr 13 2017 - Disney

One large company buying another large company really just isn't good business sense. Being categorized as a media entertainment company could possibly increase Apple's multiple, but most of the criticism of Apple revolves around its slowing growth, and Disney is growing at a slower place. One would more likely expect an acquisition to increase the growth rate rather than lower

Apr 05 2017

Investors had higher expectations of [U.S.] economic growth thanks to promises of infrastructure spending, corporate tax reform and other measures. The recent failures, including healthcare changes, has reset investors' expectations as to how much growth and change can be

Mar 30 2017

This is healthy, because valuations have been so rich, and consumer sentiment has reached [the highest] levels since 2000, [that] we think coming back down a little to more reasonable valuations could be a good

Mar 30 2017

And of course, the online retailers are the ones that are really killing it and are also driving a lot of the returns for this

Mar 30 2017

When you look at retailers in general … one, they've already outperformed the broader index, and their valuations are really pricey. You really need to be a little choosey. And when you look at earnings growth and the industries within the retailers, there's a huge distribution; we have some groups that are expecting 28 percent growth, and other groups that are expecting 8 percent contraction. And so that's why you really want to select

Mar 27 2017

The indicator has reached 7 and turned back down three times in [it's] history so it's not a total assumption that we'll hit the euphoric 8 level. If investors pull the trigger early, at the 7 level, they'd typically miss about 5.5% positive return 12 months after the indicator hit 7. Even if we are in the 60% change of it going to 8, only a little more the 1/3 of the time it hits 8 you see a significant

Mar 14 2017

I wouldn't put on bearish trades on the S&P 500 until there is some sign of momentum weakness, or some indication of increasing fear or risk off in the

Mar 14 2017

It's hard to be very bearish when we're consistently seeing profit growth this

Mar 08 2017

This is the kind of services that we've been looking for and continued revenues coming out of these types of AI

Mar 08 2017

Investors had been piling into high-risk bonds as investors have taken increasing riskier positions during stable market conditions. Defaults have been falling and are expected to hold

Feb 27 2017

We really see this as heightened geopolitical risk, referring to the recent gold rally. But this is really something we see as temporary – not for the long

Feb 27 2017

That, combined with potentially raising interest rates – that hurts utilities on a two-fold basis. One, it makes dividend yields look less attractive; and two, they're capital-intensive – they're going to have higher borrowing costs. So we just don't see it as a strategic play for

Feb 14 2017 - Wall Street

I still think there's room to run, and we've seen that with Wall Street analysts. We've seen that target price keep moving up, along with the stock. And so it's still trading about 5 percent below the consensus target

Feb 10 2017

That's higher than we've seen in the past previous four years. It's higher than the S&P 500 and higher than consumer discretionary in general, so overall they're looking very

Feb 02 2017

It's really concentrated, and you're just going to see a lot more volatility. It's not just all corporate debt; it's very concentrated in those two industries and you're going to see a lot of volatility, adding that stabilized energy prices will make energy-related names in the HYG more attractive. And so [the HYG] has been doing well recently because it's coming off of lows, but in theory it should continue to go higher. You should get paid for taking on that additional risk in the

Jan 25 2017

This is one of those industries that's unusual, that we actually have growth with attractive valuations. It actually looks like a good entry point, and even the consensus price on these stocks is about 16 percent higher than where they're trading now, so we're looking at decent gains about what Wall Street's expecting, so across the board, looking

Jan 10 2017

So yes, people haven't been as thrilled with some of the hardware and the physical products, but we see it transition and we still see decent growth. We still like Apple

Jan 10 2017 - Coca-Cola

We still like several Consumer Staples companies, including KO [Coca-Cola] and PG [Procter & Gamble]. Consumer staples stocks actually have a slightly less foreign revenues than the broader S&P 500 index, with a little more [than] 35% of sales coming from outside the

Dec 29 2016

We still think that they're probably going to underperform the U.S. markets. So for us, we're not as positive. I don't see it rebounding and taking over the U.S.

Dec 28 2016

They don't go up as much as the market but they don't come down as much either. I expect some dips, but companies with high yields, rising earnings and rising dividends are lifeboats in volatile

Dec 28 2016

Valuations [across high-dividend-paying sectors] are at the top of their historical

Dec 28 2016

I'm not expecting them to be out-performers in the coming

Dec 16 2016 - Disney

If it's just coming from Disney, then Disney needs a big lift up – way more than Wall Street's

Dec 16 2016

As we know, gold is really priced according to investor sentiment, the dollar and interest rates. And right now, sentiment, interest rates and everything else is going up. There's no reason to have that safety bet or that insurance with gold. So for us, we see them continually to be in this downtrend – no big turnaround anytime

Dec 06 2016

If we see a decrease, particularly on the federal level, it's those retailers that could really benefit, and we could look at a much better hit for the next two

Dec 06 2016

It could finally be a good year for retail

Dec 06 2016

For the past 3 years, while we've been in this low interest environment, the REIT sector/Industry has hovered between 35 and 45 forward earnings, clearly commanding a premium for the dividends paid out and moving in the opposite direction of the

Dec 06 2016

As long [as] interest rates are expected to rise I would expect valuations to continue to remain towards the bottom of their historical range in the mid 30'

Nov 29 2016

I'm a little concerned that we're getting a little pricey, a little

Nov 29 2016

I'm not necessarily saying that markets need to go down, but I would expect to see some consolidation between now and the end of the

Nov 28 2016

The EEM has been weighed down by the underperformance of emerging country performance in Asia, which accounts for over 70 percent of the ETF. The ETF also has a heavy exposure in information technology and banks, accounting for about half of the

Nov 09 2016

And we're still looking for even more positive numbers in the fourth quarter in 2017. So fundamentally, we look to be in good

Nov 09 2016

This is the first quarter where we've seen positive growth after four quarters of earnings contraction, so we've finally gotten out of that

Nov 08 2016

We're looking at maybe a 45 percent correlation [between a Trump victory and gold prices]. So gold may even go up by 3 percent if he

Nov 07 2016

If the expected winner wins, we expect the market to stay on

Oct 28 2016

We've got the election soon, we've got the Fed rate rise. I think investors are sort of waiting to see what happens, as well as earnings growth, before they really make decisions on what's going to push the market

Oct 27 2016

There aren't really any values in the group and you don't see as much potential upside when looking at target analyst consensus

Oct 27 2016

You're paying for expected growth and these companies can disappoint with nasty

Oct 20 2016 - AT&T

And AT&T, with their acquisition of DirecTV, they are now able to do a lot of bundling, they have more

Oct 17 2016 - Wall Street

It seems that Wall Street analysts agree with

Oct 17 2016

This could continue. If we keep seeing volatility, if we keep seeing rate hikes, if we keep seeing investors changing their portfolios, it could get

Oct 07 2016

Economists and investors seem to be at odds. Who is right?feedback

Oct 07 2016

We've been seeing some positive economic news come out recently that has really reassured investors over the last five

Oct 07 2016

Implied probability of a December rate stands at 62%. But oddly economists' survey only predicts non-farm payrolls to be 172,000 jobs on

Oct 03 2016

We're getting used to lower interest rates, and we definitely see an investor behavior of more of a risk-on behavior going to more cyclical stocks. I think the utilities are ripe for a pullback. Not only are their valuations very close to what the S&P already offers, they're pretty much all close to their target prices on the underlying

Oct 03 2016

Technology has obviously been the leader for Q3, but we really see it continuing in

Sep 08 2016 - Tesla

Elon Musk loves to make these wonderful targets that are never, ever achieved. I'm surprised that investors aren't a little more

Sep 01 2016

We think that combined with a lot of the positive numbers we've seen with the housing reports, we'd really like stocks like your Home Depot, your Lowe's, those specialty retails that also have exposure to home

Sep 01 2016

We looked at betas to the change in the jobs report, year-over-year changes. Assuming that we're going to have an increase in jobs, we looked at those industries that do well when there's a positive change, and one of the things that really stood out across the board is that three out of the top five industries were

Jul 26 2016

Overall, I think the sector is very much a hold. We're seeing really high valuations [and] the energy sector is trading at about 53 times forward earnings. It looks like investors are really looking at not just what's going to happen in the next 12 months, but they're expecting oil to stay in these $40 to $50 ranges in the next 18

Jun 30 2016

Short term there's a little room to grow, long term still one of the safer places for your

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