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We are going to work closely with the European Commission, which is the key instrument for Europe, and with the European Investment Bank, in order to create the spin that is much needed by all EU members. It isn't just the countries which are experiencing the crisis and are implementing economic restructure programmes, nor the countries that are close to that. It is the entire European Union that needs a new model of production, growth and competitiveness in order to escape the danger of recession, or, in some cases, to rise from this mediocre situation of near-zero growth.
Jan 01 2014
Evangelos Venizelos has been quoted 37 times. The two most recent articles where Evangelos Venizelos has been quoted are Greece: politicians join outcry over ERT switch-off and Greek leaders strike 'cuts for cash' deal. Most recently, Evangelos Venizelos was quoted as having said, “If people think PASOK is afraid of something, afraid of polling, they've made a tragic and historic mistake. Tragic. The country needs stability, a strategy for the future, and clean-cut governance.”.
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We are ready to activate CACs (collective action clause to enforce losses) if needed.

Greece will have relief from its public debt. The debt will become viable. After the debt swap, Greece will become another country financially, in the eyes of the markets too.

Now we need to rebuild this edifice so that Greece and the Greeks can recover what they had before, if not better, but this needs work, work, work.

As far as they are concerned, they wanted to know that they are dealing with a credible country, not this party or that, nor one or then another government, but one nation that will be consistent and I think we made this very clear to them.

There are now clearly powers inside Europe that are playing with fire because they believe the decisions of the European Council taken on October 26 may not be implemented, that we won't adhere to the conditions already set out, and who would like to see Greece outside the eurozone.

Everyone must realise the dilemma: we either save the country with great sacrifices… or the social, economic and political framework dissolves, and – with our heads held high – we march towards catastrophe.

Negotiations are so tough that each time we close a chapter another re-opens. It's just like a Hydra. And because no-one is Hercules, we must face the monster all together without pettiness or arrogance. We have to convince Greeks of the programme and proceed towards a solution we've chosen, which is to stay in the euro and fight to regain lost ground.

Yes, the people have become poorer. Yes, we are living dramatic times. Yes, the standard of living has fallen. Yes, it is tragic to have to cut pensions and wages. But the alternative of what we may face is unthinkable, and that is what we're trying to avoid.

If (Greek health and pension) funds do not take part in the Private Sector Initiative, the country will be destroyed fiscally and financially, it will go bankrupt.

In the next few days, our country needs to take difficult decisions and to complete a gigantic effort which rewards the sacrifices, the achievements and the hopes of the Greek people.

Nothing must be done that will deepen the recession. We must do everything to restrict the recession and begin the cycle of growth. The coming days will determine the coming decade. What is happening now is of historical significance, and we must all work together.

On PSI (private sector involvement), we act always in line with our institutional partners. We have very constructive co-operation with the private sector and we are ready to finalise the procedure on time.

The 2012 budget can, under certain terms and conditions, if we are serious, united and reliable, be the budget that will begin to turn things around for this country.

Our priorities are clear. The first thing is getting the so-called sixth instalment of 8 billion euros from the initial 110 billion euro rescue package for Greece. This needs to be in the public coffers before the December 15.

The achievement of Greece in the euro cannot depend on a referendum.

We as Greeks have to make an even bigger effort, the government has to take and the government has to decide on much tougher measures so that we can achieve our targets.

The situation is extremely critical and I could say dangerous. There is great nervousness in the eurozone, the European banking system and the world economy.

The country cannot go forward without true implementation of major structural reforms. We have delayed them. We have delayed them and we must finish things and close the file on them.

This is a very difficult week for the country, for the euro zone, for all of us and for me personally. The problem of Europe as has been proved once more is a political and institutional one.

If we want the country to stop being blackmailed and humiliated – because no citizen should have to put up with humiliation of their country – we have to make three large strategic decisions as part of our national strategy. First, we have to fully meet the fiscal targets of 2011 and 2012.

But this relief should in no way mean that we should relax our efforts (on austerity).

Looking into the eyes of Greek citizens and knowing their anxiety, I assure them there is no problem whatsoever with the Greek banking system.

We must respect our international obligations before our partners and lenders.We know very well how difficult the situation is, and also understand our obligation to implement the measures and the programme without delays and hesitations.

So our top priority will be to implement a new tax system we hope will be widely accepted which will put an end to the provocative injustice that makes those who do not evade tax pay more than those who do.

We can achieve our target thanks to the efforts of our people and thanks to the cooperation and the assistance of our partners.

I did it with much thought and not without doubts. I did it because I consider it my patriotic duty.

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