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I know the team is working extremely hard to get to the bottom of our recent problems, and I am hopeful we can have a smooth race and a weekend with very few issues. For me, qualifying has been an exciting session in the past few races and I hope we can repeat that in Barcelona, but the most important thing will be to maximise whatever grid slot we achieve on Saturday, on race day.feedback
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May 08 2017 Honda
Fernando Alonso has most recently been quoted in an article called McLaren-Honda prioritising reliability over performance. Fernando Alonso said, “After a run of difficult races for us, I'm not sure what we can expect from this weekend. We're expecting some various new parts -- which we bring to every race -- but we can't really focus too much on performance until we have solved our reliability issues. That's always our focus.”. Fernando Alonso has been quoted a grand total of 70 times in 33 articles.
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I put always the same energy, which is all I have. I think I never drove as well as I'm driving this year, I keep saying that since Australia, but I haven't finished any race yet. I feel well with myself and can only wait for Honda to bring us a more competitive engine.feedback

Definitely every test is important now.feedback

I take Juan Pablo as one of the best drivers in the world, one of the most talented drivers I ever competed against. So to come here and drive together in the super speedway will be a massive thing for me. Hopefully I can learn as much as I can... I'm watching a lot of his onboard cameras because I think he's one of the best out there. So really looking forward to talk to him and have some dinners with him at Indy because any tips would be welcome for him.feedback

It was a frustrating race. The deficit in power and performance we had on the straights today was amazing. Sometimes I looked in the mirrors at the beginning of the straights and saw the other cars 300, 400 metres behind, so I forgot completely about that car and started changing settings on the steering wheel and doing my own things, then the next thing I see when I come on the brakes is that car alongside me. We were running close to the points but that's not enough. Today we never had the pace we had in Australia and China, and, in the end, we had a problem and we decided to retire the car.feedback

Well, it's not luck! We didn't do a good job with the engine. It's not luck, we are down on performance.feedback

It was amazing, the deficit we had on the straight. Sometimes I looked in the mirror at the beginning of the straight and I saw the car 300-400 metres behind, so I forgot completely about the car, started changing settings on the steering wheel, and on the braking he was alongside!feedback

Here it has to be something from the heat. [I will be] a quick camel tomorrow! The lap was good, until the last corner I was half a second faster than in Q1, but I went on the throttle and it blew up. Unfortunately that's the situation and we see tomorrow what we can do. The lap was good, we were going to be somewhere between 12th and 14th, again, as in the first two races, but the engine blew up and I just dived into the pits.feedback

There is no point for us to talk about drivability if we cannot complete a lap or do the qualifying. I don't really care too much about the drivability if I cannot finish a race so far this year or finish the qualifying now.feedback

It's hurting. We had the possibility to be a couple of places better and now we have to fit a new power unit tomorrow without the perfect settings and no warm-up or laps to set the engine, so we will probably have a difficult race.feedback

It was a good Friday for us, at least on my side of the garage, as Stoffel unfortunately had a lot of problems today. I was running OK and there was some positive news from today in terms of set-up and in terms of the directions to go with the car. We're 1.5 seconds from the fastest car, which is by far the lowest gap so far. Also, we did 31 laps, which again is a lot of running.feedback

Considering what we have in our hands, I think we are maximising our potential. I think we're moving in the right direction, but still we have a long way to go, and I hope tomorrow we can have a decent quali. We need to exploit every single lap we have on track tomorrow morning; we need to do a good qualifying and we need to attack in the race. We're still not 100 per cent confident that we're on top of our problems, so we need to keep working.feedback

I know it is a one-off because immediately after Indianapolis I will be in Canada and my full focus remains in F1 -- this remains a one off but who knows the future also I will attempt more one-off races. Of course the 'Triple Crown is probably one of the biggest challenges I can have in front of me.feedback

On Saturday I arrived at the circuit and said, Yes, this is a good decision for everyone: a win-win for myself, for F1, the fans, everyone. Two days ago on Monday, everything became real. I was not completely sure on Saturday in China if it was still possible to make it so quick, but we had a huge help from Indy, from the Speedway, from the promoter and together with Zak's contacts and Andretti Autosport. They helped everything become real in two days.feedback

I've won the Monaco Grand Prix twice, and it's one of my ambitions to win the Triple Crown, which has been achieved by only one driver in the history of motorsport: Graham Hill. It's a tough challenge, but I'm up for it. I don't know when I'm going to race at Le Mans, but one day I intend to. I'm only 35: I've got plenty of time for that.feedback

I'm immensely excited that I'll be racing in this year's Indy 500, with McLaren, Honda and Andretti Autosport. The Indy 500 is one of the most famous races on the global motorsport calendar, rivalled only by the Le Mans 24 Hours and the Monaco Grand Prix, and it's of course a regret of mine that I won't be able to race at Monaco this year. But Monaco will be the only 2017 Grand Prix I'll be missing, and I'll be back in the cockpit of the McLaren-Honda for the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal in early June.feedback

I've never raced an IndyCar car before, and neither have I ever driven on a super-speedway, but I'm confident that I'll get to grips with it fast. I realise I'll be on a steep learning curve, but I'll be flying to Indianapolis from Barcelona immediately after the Spanish Grand Prix. I've won the Monaco Grand Prix twice, and it's one of my ambitions to win the Triple Crown. It's a tough challenge, but I'm up for it. I don't know when I'm going to race at Le Mans, but one day I intend to. I'm only 35 and I've got plenty of time for that.feedback

OK Fernando, for reference Sainz is quickest on track... I'm quickest on track through the corners! We still have potential for P4 here Nico... erm, Valtteri, so keep pushing!feedback

All the animals... A big one! An elephant or something!feedback

If it rains in the race as predicted there will be some chaos in the race, as with all wet races, and we need to take as many risks as possible because we are not in the points so we need to take advantage of all the circumstances.feedback

We need to be ready for a difficult and tough race. It's difficult to predict because there are some races where you have a lot of expectations on Sunday and you don't deliver and there is the opposite when they look difficult on paper but everything goes well. So let's wait and see. I don't think we are lacking deployment compared to the opposition, it's just we have less power and our time on the straights is much longer than the rest.feedback

In Australia it was a record for us with fuel saving, so it's going to be difficult this year as long as the engine doesn't improve. It's not power, it's many things -- it's reliability, it's fuel saving and there are a lot more implications on the driving that we cannot drive normally because we need to drive around the engine. It's quite difficult and hard now to drive the car, but we are doing our best to help the team.feedback

I think we are last. That's the performance we have now. We were 10th because the qualifying lap we had yesterday was extremely good. The start I was lucky to gain one position and the Grosjean retirement gave us the second one. I think in normal conditions in the normal circuit we should be last.feedback

I think we are last. That's the performance we have now. We were 10th (today) because the qualifying lap we had yesterday was extremely good.feedback

A suspension failure I think at the end is what happened, and it stopped us finishing the race. (The race) was pretty good, I think. I was driving one of my best races so far. We were surprisingly in the points all the race long. Also we had to do a huge fuel saving which was hurting us a lot but we were able to keep the position. As I said, a little surprised to be so (high) up but at the end we didn't finish and definitely we need to be more competitive very soon. The start, I was lucky to gain one position and the (Romain) Grosjean retirement gave us the second one.feedback

I think there are concerns. I think definitely the reliability, as I said in Barcelona, is one of our biggest issues and we reinforced some of the parts and they kept breaking but I think we still not have 100 percent knowledge of everything that is happening to the cars so it's still early days. For us it's like winter testing now, the race is tomorrow and hopefully we can finish and extract some points hopefully.feedback

I think we came here with no clear picture of where we were and the worst case scenario was that we were very uncompetitive and reliability was a big issue in testing. More or less we've run all the sessions trouble-free, now in qualifying we are 13th. It's positive [considering] the bad prognosis that we had but it's definitely not enough. We don't come here just to finish 13th. 13th is not our aim or our target. It's nothing to celebrate. I don't care too much. If there are one or two points, it's OK but it will not change my life.feedback

Yeah today was alright. Reliability was good, speed was not where we want to be but better. I think some others had some issues.feedback

We had some issues but in terms of the experience we had in winter testing, we have less issues than Barcelona so we were able to run a little bit more in FP1 and FP2. Thanks to that we extracted a little bit of the potential of the car because obviously you are testing new things every time you go out. Of course. I feel well prepared, I feel very fast, I'm very fast in the corners. When I run behind someone I catch someone in the corners by 50 metres, I lose 200 [metres] on the straights. Very frustrating.feedback

To have a good championship position. To have podiums to win races, that's the aim when you start a new season and when you're in a big team like McLaren. That's the dream and the aim but we know it's going to be difficult especially after winter testing where we had so many difficulties. There's still a long way to go for us and we need to see a reaction from Honda as soon as possible. We need to give time to tell us how the races are. There are many questions we need to answer.feedback

It's frustrating. I have been preparing for this year a lot. I feel great and like I'm driving at my best. So when you're not competitive or not able to do 10 or 11 laps in winter testing it's frustrating but it's the way it is and now we need to work hard and not give up. It's just the way it is and hopefully we can improve the situation.feedback

I don't know the details on how we can improve the power and the power unit. I'm sure there are a lot of complexities behind and I don't know the full picture but we need to speed up, change gear and be at the level of our competitors and hopefully we can do it as soon as possible.feedback

This is Formula One, nobody will wait for you for one day or one hour -- this is not a charity game. We need to improve, raise our level, compete hard and hopefully enjoy the challenge.feedback

After a difficult two weeks of testing we're prepared to face a difficult weekend in Melbourne. We'll do our best with what we have and there's a lot of hard work and collaboration happening within the team, but the lack of time before the first race means you have less options for big changes.feedback

I think the car is good. From the analysis we can do compared to the other cars, around the corners we don't lose time in almost all corners, but we're 30/40 km/h down in every single straight. Adding up all the time lost on the straights, you get the gap we have to the faster cars.feedback

I get a positive feeling from the new rules, in general. We can attack the corners, we can feel there's a lot more grip, so that was a nice and positive surprise. Now we can drive flat out, the way we like, not like little kids to keep the tyres alive, to prevent strange things from happening, etc. That's the best way to feel a Formula One car, so it's fun to be free to attack and all that is missing is going down the straights at the same speed as the others.feedback

This is not the Australia-spec engine but it's an evolution from what we had last week. For Australia we'll have a different evolution, so from that point of view there's still hope to gain some power and reliability with the final version. But last week's spec didn't deliver the results expected and this week's spec is also going bellow expectations. For Australia we'll have to hope for more, we have to be hopeful because the last two specs we worked with didn't match our expectations. We'll see.feedback

I don't know, it's a question for Honda where they are lacking power. I am not an engineer or an engine designer yet, maybe in the future ... but I don't think it is a deployment issue because many straights here, so in one straight or another you deploy until the braking zone and you lose 30 or 40 km/h in every straight.feedback

As of today we may have even less power than last year, but we're running with settings that are not even close to the ones we'll use in Australia, for different reasons, for different problems we have in the engine. The full power of our engine won't be seen until we all the problems we are experiencing are sorted.feedback

Every lap we do we are improving the situation slowly. The oil tank was quite an amateur problem that we had that day and then from day one we keep unlocking a little bit the situation in terms of power and in terms of reliability. With more laps you discover other things; temperature in the rear caliper or bodywork that is not properly tight -- things that normally you discover in day one or day two of winter testing.feedback

We have only one problem: that is the power unit. There is no reliability and there is no power. I think we are 30 km/h down on every straight. When you are 30 km/h down on every straight, it is difficult also to have a feeling on the car. Everything feels good, but when you arrive to normal speed you don't know what is going to happen.feedback

It is not a surprise, last week was not ideal for us. Today more or less we knew we were in front of a tough day so we tried to learn as much as we can.feedback

We are not fully ready to complete a grand prix yet.feedback

One of the best places was Spa because of the conditions of our engines at that point. The second best was maybe Malaysia because the weather could play a big factor in the race.feedback

Even if I start last then hopefully we can recover places quite soon.feedback

Everyone will be surprised when I announce may future.feedback

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