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This near perfect hexagon, a wonder of balance; three maritime coastlines: the English Channel and the North Sea, open on the Anglo-Saxon world and on the northern vastness, the Atlantic coastline, which for centuries has given us the open seas, and which hands us its adventures; the Mediterranean coastline, home to some of history's oldest and richest human
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May 02 2017 Penelopegate
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which François Fillon is associated, including France, Russians, and reform. Most recently, François Fillon has been quoted saying: “As of now, I accept full responsibilitv. This defeat is my own, and it is up to me and me alone, to carry it.” in the article French vote: The mainstream losers.
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My foreign policy priority will be the destruction of ISIL because it is threatening us directly. This will only be possible the day when all big powers really act together. The more the USA, Europe, Russia, Iran, Turkey and the Golf States are divided, the longer victory against Islamic totalitarianism will be

I have been warning that we are confronting an Islamic totalitarianism: in other words, an ideology that is radical, organised and expansionist. I've not stopped warning the government and my compatriots about the breadth and depth of that totalitarianism whose goal is to destroy our civilisation and crush all enemies from south-east Asia right up to west

In the fight against militant Islam, like on everything else, Emmanuel Macron stance's is

It's not the media who decide the rhythm of the campaign, who decide the questions, who decide the

I've a feeling we're going to rewrite the scripts the others have devised for us … We'll make

Immigration must be regulated because we have an economic, social and housing situation that doesn't enable us to welcome as many people who want to come here. (But) a moratorium makes no sense. What threatens us is not immigration, but the surrender of our values and our history. If we are proud of our history and defend it, then we will integrate foreigners more

We feel everywhere the temptation of barbarism ready to surge in other guises ... No, we will not let them do

European treaties are destroying Europe. I am not destroying Europe ... I'm not provoking nationalist feeling

I'm not asking you to like me. I'm asking you to back me, because this is about what's best for

There is still everything to play for. The days ahead of us will be

We are in a world of competition where each defends its interests tooth and nail. We should do the

As everyone knows that the vast majority of French don't want to leave the single currency (72 per cent according to the latest poll), that means in reality that Madame Le Pen will have no economic policy, as it will collapse the minute the French vote against leaving the single

I won't be intimidated. I'll take you to court for

The economic policies that hinge on leaving the EU will collapse when the French reject the

I am entitled to the presumption of innocence. I didn't acknowledge errors. ... I'm still here and nobody will come intimidate me. The French will make a judgment in a little less than three

If I had any doubt about my guilt, I wouldn't be a candidate. I provided a means to eliminate me from the presidential

We can consider it an enemy and prepare a clash or adopt a second strategy to try and engage in a serious and frank dialogue to put in place conditions for peace in

There is enough unwelcome interference in this electoral campaign to not need to go and seek some in Russia. We're sufficiently capable ourselves. Today, it's a new cold war even though our priority is to defeat Islamic totalitarianism. We've always had a difficult relationship with Russia. It's a country that doesn't have the same democratic system as in the West so it's a country that is

Those protests are an insult to democracy ... the more they protest, the more French voters will support

I am going to accuse the president of the republic. Tonight, I solemnly ask that there is an investigation opened on the allegations raised in this book, because this is a scandal of

You have newspapers today which receive documents 48 hours after they were seized in searches, for example in my office in the National Assembly. Who gives them these documents? The government. I will go much further. I blame the president of the

And, oddly enough, the Socialist party, Mr. Macron and Mr. Hollande pounce on these

The real serial killer, is Marine Le Pen with her plan to leave the euro, rampant inflation….feedback

I may have committed some errors, I have faults, who doesn't, but I am

I completely disagree with Emmanuel Macron who praised the German chancellor when he was in Berlin for (refugee) policies that turned out to be bad policies and which are now criticised by her own allies in

You are dragging the country towards veritable economic and social chaos, which would lead to the ruin of both borrowers and savers. The way this crisis was handled has created an enormous problem for

I may have made mistakes. I have defects. Who doesn't? But I have

I have some flaws. Who hasn't? But I know how to run a small town, a region, a

You want to drag the country into social and economic

We were all being told this was going to be a triumph for the extreme right. And yet again the outcome shows that it's the (political) center and right that provide the best bulwark against populism and

There's only one thing that could prevent me from being candidate. If my honour was affected, if I were put under

Those who don't respect the laws of the Republic should not be allowed to run. There's no point in talking about authority when one's not beyond reproach. There is only one thing that exists in a democracy: it's the people's will. The French will

I see that my privacy is being investigated… and this treatment is reserved for me. Who is trying to hurt me, I do not

Politics is tough but it must remain dignified. I will not tolerate my party using caricatures that use the themes of anti-Semitic

I understand the anxiety this could have caused because it evokes the drawings of a dark period of our history and conveys an ideology I have always fought against. The political battle is tough, but it must stay dignified. I will not tolerate my party publishing caricatures that use the codes of antisemitic

I think about the words by Joan of Arc facing her judges, ignore, I ask you. I think of these words today. Ignore, ignore the attacks which are targeting me, ignore because like you, millions of French people, refuse to let their votes be pre-empted and

No one can stop me from being a

Are we alone? The success of this demonstration shows that my legitimacy as a candidate remains very strong. I can unite (the party) for the campaign and for government… No one can prevent me now from being the

I believe that my project is supported by a majority of voters from the Right and from the centre and that I demonstrated this

The day I'm recognised as innocent by a judiciary that I have not lost faith in – even if I have reservations about their initial actions – my accusers who were too quick to point the finger will be ashamed of

No one can stop me from being a candidate. I committed the first error in the past, in asking my wife to work for me. ... I shouldn't have done that. And I committed the second in hesitating about the way to talk about

You should not surrender to worry or

They attack me everywhere and I must, in conscience, listen to you, this immense crowd pushing me on. But I must also ask myself about those who doubt and are abandoning the ship. They bear an immense responsibility, as do

We shall show the strength of popular will. Hold firm! France deserves our courage!feedback

Elites are often more conservative and more prudent than the French people. Our main enemy is ourselves... our harmful tendency to ridicule our own

In the first three months, we'll have created a positive shock and launched the powerful dynamic favoring

Thank you. I've known better, and I will know better. I tell you with gravity, don't be fooled, don't let anyone rob you of your choice. I ask you to

This campaign is a strange battle. You are brave but you are being intimidated. They are attacking me, but what they are really trying to attack is our national

Don't let anyone deprive you of your choice. I ask you to

I have been singled out by the judicial system. It's as if I had to be brought down at all

Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, the machine to grind me down with scoops and rumours has set itself going. But let me tell you, I have no intention of giving

It is indeed a political assassination. But through this disproportionate attack, without a known precedent, through the choice of this date, it's not only me they're assassinating, it's the presidential

I will not give up, I will not surrender, I will not withdraw. I will be in this until the bitter end, because it is not just me who is under threat, it is democracy itself. I am asking you to be with me. This is not about me, My rights or my innocence, it is about

I remind you that we are in a state of emergency and yet the government is letting this happen. It is necessary that the government ensures that conditions for the smooth running of the elections and that it enforces the rule of

You are my companions, and with you at my side I can feel your strength that feeds my strength to win. Our determination to fight for France's recovery is more intense than

I have decided not to give in to intimidation and pressure. I have chosen to stand in front of the French, to face their

Not only does le Canard Enchaine try to cast doubt, wrongly, over the calculation of the net average salary of my wife but it commits numerous errors in analysing information on the pay slips. Only a desire to cause harm can explain this report which is full of lies. I now understand that it was naive to believe that justice would be served sensibly and

There is no plan B. I am the only candidate who can bring about a national recovery. I am the candidate of the Right and I am here to win. Her job was vital for my role as an elected official ... All of this was legal. It was a mistake, which I deeply regret, and I apologize to the French

Her salary was perfectly justified because her work was indispensable to my work as an MP (member of parliament). To collaborate with family members in politics was an accepted thing, it is not accepted today. I am sorry and apologize. Tonight a new campaign

I want to tell millions of French people who chose me, no one will steal your

Nothing will turn me from my duty to be candidate in the presidential election. What was acceptable yesterday ... is not today. It was a mistake. I deeply regret it and I present my excuses to the French. They call this job fictitious. Her salary was perfectly justified because her work was indispensable to my activities as an elected

All acts described (in the media) are legal and transparent. It was a mistake. They call this job

Hold the line. We'll get through this ordeal together and march on to

I want justice to be done quickly. But I cannot deny that I'm really angry. I'm in a cold rage against these hounds, who are pleased with their demolition

People are not seeking justice. They are seeking to destroy me, and beyond me to destroy the Right and steal an

When I was a Senator I occasionally paid my two sons for legal work that they were qualified to do. It was and is within the law, so

Facing the anesthesia camp, I am the labour and purchasing power candidate, because a country that works more, earns

Three months before the presidential elections, and coincidentally, a scandal has erupted. Through Penelope, they try to destroy me. I am afraid of nothing. I have a solid backbone. If they want to attack me, they can attack me straight in the eye, but they should leave my wife out of this political

If we continue to try to destroy credible candidates in the presidential election, this is how it'll

Without the work my wife carried out I would not be where I am

I am convinced that the economic sanctions are totally ineffective. We must find another way to talk. I do not want (U.S. President Donald) Trump to talk with Russia at our expense. It would be damaging for Europe if Trump went above our heads, which is not

The state should only be a shareholder in strategic

I think 500,000 (jobs) is an achievable figure, particularly if we negotiate an increase in working hours. I am a Gaullist and I am a Christian: that means I would never take a decision that is contrary to the respect for human dignity and the human

Instead of looking at the facts, my detractors suspect me of wanting to 'privatize' health insurance and cut down on spending there. This is quite clearly not

We have a window of opportunity by the end of the year, we must use

It will be a clear signal given to the Greek people and the Greek government so they can continue their

This term ends in political mess and in the decay of

We are in a country which is riddled with debts, where public state functions take up nearly all the country's resources, a country with terrible debts which will have to face higher borrowing costs in the months or years to come. So, this is a country which is no longer investing. How do we make investments when we don't have money? My own view is that I want to restart on

For three years now I've forged my way by listening to the French people, with my plan, my values and progressively I felt this wave that broke all the written scenarios that came before. That which unites us is so much more important that that which sets us apart. That is why tonight I hold out my hand to all those who want to serve our

What unites my camp is more important than what divides it… I must now convince the whole country that our project is the only one that can lift us

Syria is ravaged by Islamic State which comes and kills our children on the streets of our cities. It's ripped apart by internal fighting and is bruised by the bombing of its civilian population. If we don't create the conditions for a real international coalition, if we refuse to form an alliance with Russia, then Islamist totalitarianism will continue to cast its shadow and spread

What is brutal is the mass unemployment which is ruining millions of French people. What is brutal is the delinquency that is destroying entire districts. What may be brutal in the future is the day when the debt wall collapses on

Alain Juppe does not really want to change things. He's staying within the system, he just wants to improve it. My project is more

France will need a strong president, a president first and foremost who's decided to make reforms, courageous reforms, fast reforms, credible reforms, and reforms without being

With this manifesto, within two years we can fix the situation. In five years, we can halve unemployment, that means get closer to full employment like our neighbours, and in ten years we could once again be Europe's number one

What I'm simply calling for is for us to sit down round the table with the Russians – without asking for agreement from the Americans – and along with them, try and recreate a link, if not of confidence, then at least one which allows us to moor Russia to

There is a rise of fundamentalism in the Muslim community, fundamentalists are in the process of taking the Muslim community

I never meant to call into question the Jewish community's attachment to our common values and to the respect of the rules of the

I would say to the French people watching: don't be afraid. Don't be afraid to go against the polls and the media who had already decided everything for you. Choose to vote for your convictions. That's the choice you deserve, it's the choice France

The French are proud and don't like to be told what to do. Don't be afraid to contradict opinion polls and the media that had decided it all for you ... Vote for what you believe

France needs to decrease the cost of labour, not only on low qualified jobs, but on all kinds. France sees precisely a decrease in the quality of its economy because of those

[Tax on capital revenue] is 30 percent in Germany, it is 60 percent in France. How can we have French investors with those conditions?feedback

Today we've deployed police at Roissy to do the job of security and surveillance work. Everyone must understand that we cannot take passengers hostage during the Christmas season, it's just

I simply think this one has really come too late, 20 years after the events. As far as I am concerned, this will not alter the personal relationship that exists between Jacques Chirac and the French

I take Standard & Poor's decision to place all the eurozone states under negative watch, as a call to eurozone heads of state and governments to embark quickly on the path of reforms, in order to give the eurozone more governance, and to give the eurozone the ability to react and to fight back more efficiently. So, that's it, I consider that S&P is sending us a challenge, and we are going to take up that challenge during the European

The October 27 deal is our common roadmap. It has to be implemented as soon as possible. France needs to lead by example, by implementing everything

Certainly the breaking point has not yet been reached, but now is the time to be firm and it is now that the international community must be

I'd like to remind you that this crisis is not a euro crisis. The euro is indisputably a strong currency, it's the second world currency, it's become one of the main reserve currencies. This crisis is more a crisis of confidence with regard to certain countries of the euro

The right to strike is not the right to prevent access to a fuel depot. That is an action that is illegal. Nor is it the right to prevent access to the workplace to those who want to

No, we will not abandon a rise in the retirement age because if we do this our pensions system will collapse under the weight of

France strictly respects EU directives and national laws. We, together with other European nations, will continue to work on the question of the integration of the

However we do have agreements with the governments in the region and in particular with the Mauritanian government and with the Malian government to hunt down these terrorists and bring them to

Right now, the euro is still a strong currency and the Greek crisis is not a crisis of the euro. It is a sovereign-debt crisis, that we are in the process of

I would like to indicate that the decisions we are going to take regarding sustainable development have to be better coordinated with all European countries, so as not to widen our gap in competitiveness with our neighbour

We weren't able to convince (the public). The balance of power established in the 2004 regional elections remains globally the same and that is a disappointment for the UMP. I accept my part of the

We were not able to convince the electorate. I take my share of the blame and tomorrow morning I'll speak about it with the President. We have to analyse this vote and respect

It's still wide open because no one party can lay claim to the electors. Next Sunday they will have to chose a team and an issue for their

Nuclear cooperation is rooted in both our countries' intention to value technological innovation and energy

These agreements are also proof of the solid relations between China and

France is open to cooperation with Russia including

Foreign policy is driven by the head of state who is elected by the people and it must not be negotiated by parliament. That is why I ask your approval of this

Today's disagreements are often tomorrow's shared viewpoints. So let us try to agree here and now, all

We do not give lessons to people because we are not starting from the same point. We don't have the same history. What is important is that we have dynamic

I have come to support the police officers, fire crews, doctors, all those who, in difficult conditions for three days, have been working for a return to calm in these areas. They need to be supported. They should know that the government is totally determined to restore order as quickly as

The government will not renege on its promises because it does not have the right as far as the French public is concerned. It does not have the right as far as the French people who finance the deficit of these special regimes are

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