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There is a dignity, a responsibility that needs to be respected. I think that Mr. Fillon is beyond that.
Mar 24 2017
Francois Hollande has been quoted 408 times. The one recent article where Francois Hollande has been quoted is France's Hollande says French suspect likely involved in attempted Antwerp attack. Most recently, Francois Hollande was quoted as having said, “It seemed to involve a French national, with possibly a certain number of weapons in his boot - it's up to the judges to make a statement on that - who was looking to kill or at the very least create a dramatic incident. Therefore we must continue to be on high alert and mobilize all our forces.”.
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The threat exists. The far right has never been this high for 30 years. But France will not give in.

If Europe is strong and united, Russia will want to keep a lasting and balanced relationship [with us].

The UK's problem is this: it had thought that in leaving Europe it would tie up a strategic partnership with the US. But it now happens that the US is closing itself off from the world. The UK has made a bad choice at a bad moment. I regret that. In my mind, the UK, even outside the EU, should be associated with that. This is not just about emotion or fear, it's a political reality for four years.

I'm president of France until the beginning of May. That is my only task and focus. When a new policy is raised, I hear more and more often the line: 'We don't want to pay more than we get back.' It's the return of Mrs Thatcher's phrase: 'I want my money back.' Britain has left, but that bad attitude has remained. Europe makes good decisions, but too late. As for ideological operations, they must be uncovered. There has to be a clear explanation of who is with who, who is financed by who. And why all these far-right movements are more or less linked to Russia.

We can't have demonstrations in our country, in our Republic, that question our institutions, the work of the judiciary or of the police in the course of an inquiry.

There is terrorism and we must fight it together. I think that it is never good to show the smallest defiance toward an allied country. I wouldn't do it with the United States and I'm urging the U.S. president not to do it with France. I won't make comparisons but here, people don't have access to guns. Here, you don't have people with guns opening fire on the crowd simply for the satisfaction of causing drama and tragedy.

There is no life as a community if there is no respect. These young people deserve respect when they are stopped for police identity checks, when they themselves are confronted with violent situations. Respect.

This operation undoubtedly prevented an attack whose terrorist nature leaves little doubt.

European unity is essential. Europe isn't a cash-box, not a self-service restaurant, a Europe where you come and take what you need, where you take your structural funds or get access to the internal market and then show no solidarity at all in return. Europe was built to be stronger together and it's that rule, that principle, which should be driven home in March.

A lot of countries should think of their future first of all in the European Union rather than imagining I don't what kind of bilateral relationship with the United States.

To appoint an ambassador, better for him to believe in the institution with which he would have to work. It is as simple as that. Who knows what the president of the United States really wants (on NATO)?

Those who would like to establish bilateral relations with the US are understood. But there is no future with Trump, if there is not a common approach.

Many countries have to realize that their future is first in the European Union, rather than who knows what bilateral relation with the United States. Who knows what the president of the United States really wants (on NATO)?

I salute the courage and determination demonstrated by the military this morning.

To be very honest, what threatens Europe doesn't only come from outside. It is also from inside. This means the rise of extremists who use external factors to cause disruption internally.

It is clear that aerospace is moving towards a modus operandi closer to automobiles, where the large manufacturers like to have large suppliers covering the world and capable of efficiently managing their industrial processes.

The President of the Republic welcomes this fine industrial deal which will strengthen the French aeronautics industry.

Europe will always be willing to pursue trans-Atlantic cooperation, but it will base its decisions on its interests and its values.

Only direct talks between Israelis and Palestinians can lead to peace. (…) It is reasonable, it is necessary that the international community seriously thinks about the best way possible to guide the two-state solution. And I confirm that this solution is the only one possible for peace and security.

It is not a question of dictating to the parties. Only direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians can lead to peace. No one will do it in their place.

The world cannot, should not, resign itself to the status quo.

The objective is to reaffirm the support of the international community to the two-state solution and ensure that this solution remains the reference. But I see that has weakened, on the ground and in the minds (of the people). If we let it decay, it would be a risk for the security of Israel.

I cannot accept the status quo, letting people think that the conflict would resolve itself. It is not true. That is why France took the initiative of a conference on Middle East.

They have to be led under the auspices of the United Nations within the framework agreed in Geneva in 2012. The parameters have been set so what needs to be done is to invite the concerned parties, all the parties, except fundamentalist and extremist groups, and to act in the Geneva framework.

We are working with the aim that the state can remain a minority shareholder, we want a multiple shareholder solution.

We have a common enemy: it's terrorism, it's Daesh, it's fundamentalism. This enemy, we need to hunt it down in places where it exists – in Iraq, in Syria. But also we need to understand the links which exist between these terrorist groups and a certain number of individuals who are manipulated and who organise attacks in several countries.

But we have not finished with the scourge of terrorism. We will have to continue fighting it, abroad, that's the aim of our missions in Mali, Syria and Iraq.

You have continued to live, work, go out, circulate, cherish freedom. You can be proud of yourselves.

We must also prepare a political solution for Mosul's post-liberation so that its inhabitants can live together.

Everything that contributes to reconstructing Iraq is an additional step to avoiding Daesh strikes on our own territory.

In history, there are moments when everything can change dramatically. We are living through one. So, in less than five months, you will have to make a choice. It will be decisive for France.

Democracy, freedom, social rights, Europe and even peace, all of that becomes vulnerable, reversible. We saw it in the United Kingdom, with Brexit, and in the United States during the election in November. We see it across our continent, with the rise of extremism.

You've continued to live, to work, to go out, to move around, to cherish freedom. You can be proud of yourselves. But we're not done with the plight of terrorism. We have to keep on fighting it. This is the reason for our military operations abroad, in Mali, in Syria, in Iraq – Iraq where I'll be going the day after tomorrow (January 2) to salute our troops. Vive la République! Vive la France.

This is the reason for our military operations abroad, in Mali, in Syria, in Iraq – Iraq where I'll be going the day after tomorrow to salute our troops.

I decided to grant Jaqueline Sauvage a pardon of the rest of her sentence. This pardon will end her detention immediately.

I haven't stopped talking to Russia. Russia doesn't abide by its commitments. It's time now that we reach a truce.

The condition for all this to happen is a ceasefire and it's what the European Council must demand: a ceasefire and the evacuation of all the civilians and eventually a political negotiation. Europe must make its voice heard.

When there are no civil servants, there is no State any longer. And when there is no State there is no France.

I think the biggest single risk event will be the French election, where in the event Marine Le Pen wins the election, I think people would be very nervous about what the implication of that would be for the euro zone going forward. The outcome of the recent primaries appear to have reduced that probability, but I think we've all learned the elections are becoming increasingly unpredictable.

Today I am aware of the risks that going down a route that would not gather sufficient support would entail, so I have decided not to be a candidate in the presidential election.

I have decided not to be a candidate in the presidential election.

I will not let the image of France be spoiled ... in the coming months or the coming years.

As a life-long Socialist, I cannot allow the dissipation of the left, its breaking up, because it would rid us of any hope of winning in the face of conservatism or, worse still, extremism.

What's at stake is not a person, it's the country's future.

In November alone, 43 individuals have been arrested by the anti terrorist services, of which 28 have been handed over to the judiciary.

It was largely because of your contribution, because many years ago you started putting this topic on all the agendas.

The agreement was historic. But what we must say here is that this agreement is irreversible.

The United States, the most powerful economy in the world, the second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases, must respect the commitments that were made. It's not simply their duty, it's in their interest.

November 11 marks the memory of the First World War and of a rising wave of nationalism that could not be contained. We must continue to remember it.

My duty is to make sure we have the best possible relations with the United States, but a relation that is based on frankness and clarity.

This American election opens a period of uncertainty. I would like to approach it with lucidity and clarity. The United States are a leading partner of France and what is at stake is peace, the fight against terrorism, the situation in the Middle East, economic relations and the preservation of the planet. These are the main issues. I will engage without delay in a discussion with the new American administration.

At this stage, there are no sanctions linked to the Russian intervention in Syria. If there are new massacres, bombing, we'll need to start by sanctioning the Syrians who are responsible; if it continues bombing, Russia will also expose itself to a response from the EU, but we're not there yet.

I go into this European Council to convince the Europeans that we should apply all the pressure required to prolong the truce, to allow humanitarian aid to reach the population and to have a political discussion.

What happens to Aleppo and more widely in Syrian territory, due to the incessant bombardment by the regime and its supporters is unacceptable intolerable, and unbearable. There are three hundred thousand victims since the beginning of the revolution and the war.

The opening of this facility is an additional sign of France's attractiveness. With the decision by Britons to leave the European Union, it should lead us to attract even more investments.

It's not about taking what Britons have, but once they've made this choice, they must live with the consequences and we, France, must become the point of access to the European market.

So we have to see these negotiations to the end, while maintaining the principles of the European Union, notably that of free movement.

They have decided to leave. I think the worst attitude would be to contest their choice or call into question the very foundations of the European Union.

And yet, they quite shamelessly demand 8 billion from BNP or 5 billion to Deutsche Bank.

So I'm ready to meet President Putin at any time – if we can make progress on peace, to stop the bombardments and to declare a truce.

Britain wants to leave but not pay anything. That's not possible.

There must be a threat, there must be a risk, there must be a price.

The U.K. has decided to do a Brexit … Well, then we must go all the way through the the U.K.'s willingness to leave the EU. We have to have this firmness.

France is able to host big events – recently with Euro 2016 but also with some 40 world and European championships across all sports these past years. We have the know-how and the technology to host big events while ensuring safety.

We want to remind you, and you know it, that France is able to host big events - recently with Euro 2016 but also with some 40 world and European championships across all sports these past years. We have the savoir faire and the technology for big events but we can also ensure appropriate safety. We have ensured security for the events I just mentioned. It is our main priority and everyone can understand why.

We have the savoir faire and the technology for big events but we can also ensure appropriate safety. We have ensured security for the events I just mentioned. It is our main priority and everyone can understand why.

I am certain that after the elections that will follow until 2024, all the presidents will want to pursue what we started.

I don't know how the world will be in 2024 but it will be dangerous. There is no country, no capital that can think they will be protected, immune from this.

I have no idea how the world will look like in 2024, but it will necessarily be dangerous. There is not a single country, or capital, that might think it will be immune. We have been confronted by this reality for a while, but we have what it takes to protect an event like the 2024 Olympics.

The situation is unacceptable and everyone here knows it. We must dismantle the camp completely and definitively.

I also want to restate my determination that the British authorities play their part in the humanitarian effort that France is undertaking and that they continue to do that in the future.

If we want to ensure human dignity, solidarity and protection, we must dismantle the camp of Calais because it's in accordance with the principles of the Republic, because it's in everybody's interest. I also want to reiterate my determination to see the British authorities play their part in the humanitarian effort which France has been doing here and will continue to do,'.

To accept that there is a city ... where the population is starving, with humanitarian convoys attacked, with chemical weapons used and with children who become victims every day – it's the responsibility of the entire world.

We must ensure that the action taken is sustained and I am of course talking about all the measures taken to foresee attacks, deter them and stop them. It's a constant battle that will require yet more resources than those I have already called for.

We must ensure that the action taken is sustained and here I am talking about all the measures taken to foresee attacks, deter them and stop them. It's a constant battle and will need still more resources than those I have called for.

The spirit of our meeting was to take stock of the mistrust Europe inspires in Europeans and the hope it must bring.

Europe can, must move forward as long as it has clear priorities: protection, security, prosperity and the future of the youth.

Protection, which is to say security; the preparation of the future, which means being able to be a great power on the global scale in terms of the economy and creating employment; and lastly to give hope to youth.

Everyone is aware of the situation. Britain has decided to leave and there are questions about the future of Europe.

We must cooperate this way to be able to give Europe the conditions to have its European defense policy. Jobs that will be created here are not detrimental to French or German workers. New jobs here will lead to the creation of new jobs in France and Germany.

We risk facing a new kind of attack: A terrorist campaign characterized by explosive devices in places where there are crowds.

Information we were able to get from our intelligence services allowed us to act before it was too late.

I won't let the image of France, the influence of France deteriorate over the coming months or coming years.

Is the freedom to come and go a legal nicety? Is freedom of expression a legal nicety? Is freedom to worship a legal nicety? Is being presumed innocent - something that's useful when defending one's self a legal nicety?

The immediate urgency is to ensure the (climate agreement) is put into action by year-end. That's far from being achieved. I ask you to double your efforts to push countries where you reside to ratify the accord before Marrakesh.

France prefers to look things in the face. These discussions cannot result in an agreement by the end of the year. The negotiations have bogged down, the positions have not been respected, the imbalance is obvious.

The negotiations are bogged down, positions have not been respected, it's clearly unbalanced.

It is more than time to stop this massacre and France is calling for an immediate truce.

These multiple, contradictory interventions carry the risk of a general inflammation, so the absolute urgency is a halt to fighting and a return to negotiations.

She had invented not only a style but an attitude, a way of life and gave women freedom of movement.

To have security we need frontiers that are controlled, so that is why we are working to reinforce coastguards and border guards.

Europe should have a framework of protection. For security we need to have borders that can be guarded. We also want there to be more coordination in the fight against terrorism.

This war, it is a new genre. It presents a global challenge for democracies. And this is the reason why France is committed both far and wide, and here. By fighting in foreign countries our armies defend us because it's the same threat, they are the same murderers that we face in Iraq, Mali, Syria and at home.

At the same time and along with the government of Manuel Valls, I will do everything to protect the French. I also owe them the truth. The threat is there and is going to last. We must ensure security without abandoning life as we want it, as we understand it, because this is essential. Terrorists present two challenges: We must defeat them and we must remain ourselves.

Can Islam accommodate secularism? My answer is yes. Clearly yes. Nothing in secularism opposes the practice of Islam in France, and this is the essential point that complies with the law. What needs to succeed is the construction of an Islam of France.

His excesses make you want to retch, even in the United States, especially when – as in the case with Donald Trump – he speaks ill of a soldier, of the memory of a soldier. If the Americans choose Trump, (it) will have consequences, because an American election is a world election.

French people must know that they're under threat, that they're not the only country - Germany is too, as are others - but that their strength depends on their cohesion.

I also owe you the truth: this war will be long. It is our democracy that is being targeted, it is the bulls-eye and it will be our shield. It is our unity that makes us strong so French men and women, let us form a blockade, that is how we will win the war against hate and zealotry.

What terrorists want is to divide us, separate us, set us against each other.

To attack a church, kill a priest, is to profane the republic.

We must lead this war with all our means. He was calling a meeting on Wednesday of representatives of all religions.

We are facing a challenge, and yet another one, because the threat level is very high and it remains very high after all that we've been through in the past few days, years even. We are dealing with Daesh (ISIL), which has declared war on us. We must lead this war with all means necessary, respecting the law, which is what makes us a democracy.

Never until the end of my mandate will I consider the state of law as an obstacle, because it would mean it would be the end of the State.

It is clear that we must do everything we can to fight against this scourge of terrorism.

Why Nice? Because it is a city that is known worldwide, one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. Why on the 14th of July? Because it is a celebration of freedom.

We could deploy them to places where we need them, in particular at the borders.

We will further strengthen our actions in Syria and Iraq. We are facing a battle that will be long because facing us is an enemy that wants to continue to strike all people and all countries that have values like ours.

We must respond to this challenge and do it in the right way – without hesitation and using all necessary means.

Nothing will make us yield in our will to fight terrorism. We will continue striking those who attack us on our own soil.

The terrorist character (of the attack) cannot be denied. All of France is under the threat of Islamic terrorists". It was not immediately clear whether the driver had accomplices.

Those people, including the populists and extremists, calling for their countries to quit the EU, should know they are consequences for the people themselves (if they do leave).

History connects us. France and the United Kingdom are very close, connected by a tunnel, with a very significant presence of French people in the United Kingdom and of British people in France. ... And we have with the British a very close economic relationship.

If they don't want free movement, they won't have access to the single market. The City of London would no longer be able to act as a clearing house in euros.

As fast as possible, the U.K. must submit its notification to leave the European Union.

Why not to lose time? Because nothing is worse than uncertainty. Uncertainty causes political behaviours that are often irrational, uncertainty causes also financial behaviours that can be irrational also.

We respect the result. We have clarity for the UK to go its own way. Now is the time for us to behave seriously and responsibly. David Cameron has his responsibilities for his country, we have our responsibilities for the future of the EU. You can see what is happening to sterling on the markets. I don't want the same thing to happen to the euro.

More than 20 years ago Britain and France completed a tremendous construction – the Channel Tunnel. Since then we've been united like never before and I hope the British remember that when the day comes.

Great Britain must stay in the European Union, that's my wish. But at the same time, we need the union to move forward. No country should have the right to veto. No country should be exempt from common rules and common authorities. I don't want to make people scared but we have to tell the truth. There will be consequences if Britain leaves the EU. There will consequences in many domains.

If the outcome is to leave the EU, France's position in the aftermath of this referendum would be to draw the right conclusion and to consider this vote as the departure of the UK from the EU. And that would be irreversible.

To accept that there is a city ... where the population is starving, with humanitarian convoys attacked, with chemical weapons used and with children who become victims every day - it's the responsibility of the entire world.

This is undoubtedly a terrorist act. The attacker wanted it to be recognised as such. He was neutralised thanks to the work of the security forces.

Light will be shed on the circumstances of this abominable drama whose investigation, under the authority of justice, will determine the exact nature.

It's a threat that exists, and I wouldn't be in this position as president if I didn't tell you very clearly that there is a threat. It's a threat that will be around for a long time. So we must take every precaution to ensure this tournament, Euro 2016 will be a success. And it will be.

Our initiative aims at giving them guarantees that the peace will be solid, sustainable and under international supervision.

The threats and priorities have changed. The changes make it even more urgent to find a solution to the conflict, and this regional upheaval creates new obligations for peace.

Switzerland has not just built a tunnel, but opened a route to the future of Europe.

We are side by side to tackle the challenges of today and first of all the future of Europe, because, as we know disappointment was followed by disenchantment, and after doubts came suspicion, and for some even rejection or break-up.

This law will pass. I will not back down because too many governments backed down and therefore I found the country in those conditions when I took office in 2012. So, in these difficult situation, I cannot back down while a compromise has been found, reformist unions are backing this text and a majority of socialists are ready to back it.

I've been told there is a code of good conduct. If it's not applied there will be consequences. If this council does not react firmly, the first decision will be to make general (shareholder) assembly decisions binding.

This law will be passed. I will not give in, despite the difficult circumstances. Too many governments have given in, thats why the country was in the state we found it in in 2012.

Boko Haram is the most barbaric and deadliest terrorist group in the world, even if it's difficult to draw rankings in horror. We must therefore support the Nigerian army and neighbouring countries, we need to help them be more efficient, to train personnel and share information.

This terrorist group [Boko Haram] has been weakened, it's been pushed back, it's been chased around and has given up the territories it was controlling, and as a result it's being even better targeted and fought. However, this terrorist group remains a threat.

We need to mobilize the necessary financial resources. We need to ensure that our words become actions.

France stands by you and France is concerned that security is boosted in Lebanon through military cooperation.

So it was important to reaffirm very clearly that the British decision does not bring in to question the engagements which were taken with respect to the countries from the Balkan region.

We must come back as quickly as possible to the Schengen procedures, while ensuring the dignified return of those who were unable to stake their claim to settle in Europe, and that's the sense of what's been found with the accord on Turkey and Greece.

The second decision I have taken is to close the borders. We must ensure that no one will come here to commit an act like that of this evening.

The 28 have agreed on a proposal. It was late in the evening, but it has been done.

Cooperation with Turkey doesn't mean we accept anything and everything that Turkey asks for. We have to be extremely vigilant, and I am, about certain measures, decisions that have been taken, notably about press freedom. The press needs to be free like elsewhere and especially in Turkey.

The Hinkley Point project was a "pillar in the two countries' bilateral relationship" and a key element of UK energy policy.

The Russians, through the voice of Vladimir Putin, accepted this principle of negotiations on the basis of UN resolutions.

There is the will to have a financial regulation which can be applied to all financial capitals of Europe, and there is no right to veto.

No country should have a right to veto, no country should escape the common rules, the common decision-making bodies.

The removal of a person's nationality does not have to result in them being made stateless, but we must have the power to strip French nationality from an individual convicted for a violation against the fundamental interests, against the interests of the nation or for an act of terrorism, even if that person was born, I say 'even if born in France' as soon as he has another nationality.

Deprivation of citizenship – is it going to improve anything about the protection and safety of our citizens? No. Is it consistent with our history, our traditions, our constitution? Why do we call into question these basic principles?

I have decided to prolong the state of emergency because I know there's a threat out there and we will not give an inch. We will not give ground in fighting these people, nor in defending our freedoms, and this video only disqualifies ISIL from any role to play.

France will not be deterred by any kind of threats of terrorism. We will take all measures that are required to protect democracy. Therefore, the decision was taken to extend the period of emergency in France, so that we can take all the necessary measures – we will always protect the values for which France stands. This video brings discredit to the perpetrator of these crimes.

The idea we have in mind is the one of an intergovernmental agreement between the two countries in order to allow the firms involved to go all the way. It is this intergovernmental agreement that will allow a commercial transaction.

What counts is to go all the way with reforms, to do the reforms that are expected without thinking about anything else other than their effectiveness, the utility and pertinence. On that point, I will go all the way and I urge everyone to take part.

What counts is to go all the way with reforms, to do the reforms that are expected without thinking about anything else other than their effectiveness, the utility and pertinence.

France condemns this unacceptable violation of Security Council resolutions and calls for a strong reaction from the international community.

Brexit will effect no consequences on relations between the European Union and South Africa.

There will surely be initiatives to take after the British referendum, whatever the decision is, even though we wish Britain stays in the European Union.

Social Democrats must respond to emergencies … and prepare Europe's future.

Today I can announce that France will dedicate 6 billion euros to the project between 2016 and 2020.

We are living a historic day. Never before has a conference hosted this many authorities from so many countries. And yet never–never–have the stakes of an international meeting been so high. Your presence raises a great hope–which we must not disappoint. Billions of people are watching what we do.

There is a need for checks on people who pass through the Turkish territory, and we know that there are foreign fighters who have that intention and who use this route, and secondly there are also terrorists who could infiltrate: we have seen that in attacks in Paris.

We want an agreement to be reached, not just any agreement, but one that is ambitious and binding, an agreement which can be reviewed so as to reach our aim to limit global warming to less than 2 ºC by the end of the century.

Because, despite the tragedy, despite the blood spilled, France has kept its principles of hope and tolerance intact.

We are going to intensify our airstrikes, and choose targets that inflict the maximum possible damage on this terrorist army, and our aircraft carrier that has just arrived in the combat zone has a clear mandate to hit ISIL hard.

I have decided that I will ask parliament to prepare a new law extending the state of emergency for three months, and adapting it to suit new technologies and new threats.

We need a regrouping of all those who can really fight against this terrorist army in one big, single coalition. It is with this in mind that I will be meeting Presidents Obama and Putin in the days to come with a proposition to unite our forces.

Some have wanted to establish a link between the influx of refugees coming from the Middle East and the terrorist threat. The truth is that this link exists because the inhabitants of areas in Iraq and Syria flee because they are martyred (tormented) by the very same people we are attacking today.

We all need a coming together of all those who can really fight against this army of terrorists in the form of a large and unique coalition, that's what we are working on. It's in this spirit that I will meet with President Obama and President Putin in the coming days to unite our forces and reach a result which has been put off for too long.

We need a coming together of all those who can really fight against this terrorist army within a single, large coalition. With this in mind, I will meet Presidents Obama and Putin in the coming days to unite our strength and achieve a result that, for now, is still too far in the distance.

But we are at war with jihadist terrorism which is a threat to the entire world.

We have to make sure that politicians are able to decide beyond the terms of their mandate, and even beyond their own lifespans. I mean that we should make sure that those who hold the future of our planet in their hands can imagine that they will be judged after they are gone. That's what the Paris conference is about.

No one is prepared for such a test. That is why we must give you all of our solidarity. And the whole country, France, which I represent today, is absolutely shocked and overwhelmed by this disaster that could have affected any one of us.

Coming here to Athens is also a salute to the lesson in democracy you have given in the past months. It is that of a people who became masters of their own destiny. It is a nation that faces the circumstances it finds itself under with courage.

Social dialogue is important. When it is interrupted by violence and contested in an unacceptable manner, we will see the effect it has on France's image and attractiveness.

Well I assure you here, and I am saying this quite candidly, that if we don't make this decision in Paris it will be not just late. It will be too late for the world.

Egypt is the buyer that I considered as the preferred one because of our military cooperation with Egypt. I might remind you that we have already sold them Rafale fighter jets, because Egypt is playing a key role in the Middle East, and finally because Egypt wants to have a democratic transition which is not easy and we must support those efforts.

Assad must leave, there has to be a transitional government to avoid chaos, that is in everyone's interest. To those supporting the Assad regime saying only it can prevent chaos, I say they will end up with both the most hated regime and chaos.

France is ready to assume it's share. The European Commission proposes or is going to propose sharing 120,000 refugees [among EU Countries] over the next two years. That means 24,000 for France. We will do it.

It is a responsibility that can not be left to one particular country. It concerns all of Europe. We see the tensions that can arise, and I fully concur with the comments made by Angela Merkel about what happened in her country which has shocked us to the core.

Your heroism will serve as an example and a source of inspiration to many. Faced with the evil that is terrorism, there is some good: humanity. That is what you embody.

Beyond the issue of distribution and prices, I have asked that there should be an emergency plan for French livestock and dairy producers.

I propose that we revive Jacques Delors' idea of a eurozone government adding a specific budget and a Parliament to ensure democratic control.

We are mobilized. And I don't want the French to have any doubts about the measures that have been deployed. Currently there are 30,000 police and military officers deployed to ensure the security of sites – 30,000 and it will last.

The spirit that I bring to this summit is responsibility, because this is a major European issue and everybody has to do his job; solidarity, because we must overcome once and for all these difficulties, if they are superable; and, finally, speed, because we have to act quickly.

Saturday's meeting is crucial because we are on the eve of default. On the 30th of June, Greek authorities will have to face demands for payment.

Commitments were made by the U.S. authorities. They need to be recalled and strictly respected.

Progress has been achieved in the last few days – even in the last few hours. The Greek government has put forward new proposals, stronger and more precise – it's taken them a lot of effort. The Greek government wants to get out of this crisis and has accepted its responsibilities.

It is not because Italy is in the South of Europe that it should together with Greece and Malta, be the (only) ones to make an effort for the benefit of all. It is not Italy's duty to take care of this operation and this mission, other countries are to be concerned.

David Cameron will present his proposals, we'll discuss them and we'll see how we can move forward so the British people can be consulted in a way which will allow them to make the choice that best suits them.

Seventy years on, these hatreds re-emerge, bearing different faces and under different circumstances, but always with the same words, and the same intentions. They target innocents, journalists, Jews and policemen. The French stood together on January 11 to counter this deadly resurgence because they're never afraid of defending their freedom.

There cannot be quotas for these migrants. An asylum right doesn't obey to quotas. We can't recognize asylum following the number of people to whom it would have been already granted. If refugees come to the same countries all over again, we need to take care that other countries also receive refugees and have their share, that's what I call distribution.

If some soldiers – for the moment I don't know more – behaved badly, there will be sanctions at the same level of the trust we have for our armies. Because I am proud of our armies. I will, therefore, be strict with those who may have behaved badly, if that is the case in Central Africa.

To give the French people confidence: they have it with regard to their armies, they have it with regards to the political authorities who take the decisions, but they should know the necessary funding is being made available to achieve these goals. Security, protection, and independence are principles that are not negotiable.

It was a surprise for us, for our forces, to be able to free this hostage, as we didn't have any information about his presence. But knowing the existence of this terrorist group, the fact that we were able to launch an attack, preserving his life, it's really satisfactory.

I want to confirm that all measures have been set in motion to know more about the circumstances of the accident and to find the victims.

We wanted to re-confirm this agreement, the procedure it entails, and even ask for it to be accelerated. That means reforms that can be presented as soon as possible by the Greek government in the frame of the compromise reached.

I don't want to forget the seven other victims and their families who are mourning them.

If the planet keeps warming up over the next decade this will bring about wars, it's not just a matter of disasters but also that it could lead to wars and more disasters.

We demand her speedy release. We are trying to locate her and we will do everything we can to have her released.

There are risks which will increase if the truce is not respected.

An agreement has been reached. We are no longer at odds over the issue. But the agreement doesn't guarantee lasting success over the coming days. It implies that we remain vigilant while exerting pressure and that we continue with our efforts, which were undertaken thanks to the initiative the Chancellor and I started.

We must do everything and until the very last moment of this meeting, the Chancellor and myself will push for an agreement, a comprehensive settlement.

If we don't manage to find – not a compromise, but a lasting peace accord, well, we are perfectly aware of the scenario. It has a name, and that is 'wa.

Greece is in the eurozone, it wants to stay in the eurozone and Greece will stay in the eurozone.

They did this to save hostages' lives and to neutralise the terrorists, the killers.

This is an act against journalists who had always wanted to show that in France it was possible to defend one's ideas, and exercise their rights guaranteed and protected by the Republic.

It's a big step forward, the law represents a big step forward as it responds to many more situations than we can currently imagine. Dying with dignity in order to live your life to the full, that's the wish that the lawmakers want to enshrine in the laws of our country.

For the two years that I have left, until the very end, I intend to reform my country, to make it stronger. I am doing all I can so that, by the end of my mandate, I will be able to be, not proud of myself, but conscious of having been useful to France.

We also have to adjust our budget policies in relation to growth stakes because if everyone applies austerity, which isn't the case for France, there'll be an even bigger slowdown in growth.

We must consider the programme for youth employment as one of the programmes for supporting growth in Europe. It's what's at stake for Europe. If Europe is not capable of offering hope to the next generation, people will turn their backs on Europe. We see the risks, we see the danger. Europe must once again become an opportunity for young people.

Other actions are expected in the coming days with the same goal to weaken this terrorist organisation, and help the Iraqi authorities. By that I mean Iraqi troops and Kurdish Peshmerga based in Iraq.

Further actions will take place in the coming days with the same goals of weakening this terrorist organisation and helping the Iraqi authorities, which means the Iraqi soldiers and the Peshmerga fighters from Iraqi Kurdistan.

I clearly affirm the necessity of this air support. We will not go further, there will be no troops on the ground and we will intervene only in Iraq.

If this were the case we would not be in a democracy but under public opinion, which, hopefully, is not included in the Constitution.

I'm not going to jeopardize the way I work in the service of the French people and especially the human relationship that I have with the weakest, the most humble and the poor in society. Because I'm at their service and it's my reason for being.

I want to pass on to you the gratitude of France. It is thanks to you that it is again a sovereign country, it is thanks to you that it became a permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations after the war. To the young of Africa, I want to say we have not forgotten the sacrifice of the old and that France knows what it owes them.

To those who are desperately regarding the peace process in the Middle East, what better message can we deliver than today's message. The history of France and Germany shows that will can always win over fatality and that people who were seen as hereditary enemies can, within a few years, reconcile.

The crash site is difficult to access. It was important to secure the area, and we have. As soon as possible, all bodies will be brought back to France, all passengers' remains.

It is being taken to Gao and so will be analysed as quickly as possible. What we know already is that the plane's wreckage is concentrated in a small area – but it is still too early to draw any conclusions. They will come in due course.

If there's no progress on these three points, the Council (of EU member states)… would take more measures.

We will also simplify Europe, make it more democratic and control immigration in a way which is consistent with our values and principles.

I must underline the decisive contribution of the people from what we called the Soviet Union. We also have to recognise what those people did for our own liberty, for the victory against Nazism.

We sat down at the table and talked for some 15 minutes. I can't say it was a detailed conversation but nevertheless we touched on the main issues related to the current situation and to the development of our economic ties. I support the position of Mr. Poroshenko that the bloodshed must stop immediately in the east of Ukraine. He has a plan of how to do that but you'd better ask him about that.

Yet freedom is always a struggle, it can never be taken for granted.

We still have our duty to do, preserving the legacy bequeathed to us, the duty to move the peoples of Europe forward, to reinforce the role of the United Nations, to defend human rights, everywhere.

The priest who opened his church for protection, which sometimes can be a curse when a shell hit.

We have to ensure these Jihadists, of which there are around 700 in our country, who have already been, or are still over there, can be followed and be prevented from causing disturbances where they are. Namely upon their return to France or Europe.

The Russian people gave millions of lives for our freedom throughout World War II. If there hadn't been an eastern front, there wouldn't have been the landing we're about to celebrate on June 6. That's why I told Vladimir Putin that as the representative of the Russian people, he is welcome at the ceremonies.

If Russia takes measures that destabilise Ukraine – to put it more simply – that jeopeordise the Ukrainian sovereignty, then we will take further actions.

It will be a swift, efficient operation that should stop armed groups, re-establish stability and allow free and fair elections when the time comes.

I assure you…your fight is our fight and we will always be ready to not only give you political support, but our help every time it is necessary.

The important value that makes diversity and unity possible is secularism.

We have worked towards cooperation which can enable the fight against terrorism and at the same time to respect principles. And we are making headway over this cooperation. And there is a mutual trust which has been restored and which should be based both on respect for each other's country and also based on the protection of privacy.

This is an historic document because it's a result of the institutional compromise that you've managed to forge between you, and because it can serve as an example and a reference point for a lot of other countries.

The task of remembering is always painful, but it must be done. What we have to work for is reconciliation by looking for what happened and by recognising what happened.

In 2014 what is at stake is not simply that France recovers growth, which is already taking shape, it's that this growth is the most vigorous possible. We will only succeed with the cooperation of everyone, notably private enterprise.

Everyone comes across tests in their private life. But I have one principal – that private affairs remain private. This is not the time or the place… I won't respond to any question on that subject today.

Ariel Sharon … has been a major actor in the history of his country. After a long military and political career, he made the choice to turn towards dialogue with Palestinians.

I'm calling on all state representatives, especially prefects, to be alert and inflexible. No-one should be able to use a stage show to openly promote anti-semitic ideas.

We will long remember this day, January 1 2014, and especially Father Georges, as it is a happy day when we got our compatriot back. He has been held captive for too long but now he is free.

There is a major point which has been obtained: other European countries will participate in the fast action African force. This means that if we succeed in the future, France will have no further need to intervene as we were obliged to do in Mali and in Central African Republic.

And during the upcoming EU summit, we will resolve the issues being debated, notably the European Banking Union. We've seen great progression.

The head of state expresses his deep respect for the two soldiers' sacrifice and he renews his full support for French forces alongside African forces as they restore security in the Central African republic, protect the population and guarantee access to humanitarian aid.

He had already entered into history during his life, and, in death, he takes his place in the universal consciousness. Nelson Mandela not only changed South Africa – he also sped up the pace of change in the world.

We already have 600 French soldiers in the country. We're going to double that amount in a few days, or even hours. France's only objective is to save human lives.

France will not make concessions on nuclear proliferation. We will maintain all its measures and sanctions until we are certain that Iran has renounced nuclear weapons.

If there are three words to remember after this summit they are: speed because the need to act is urgent, solidarity because we can not abandon a whole generation and finally security because we have to propose jobs and training with real prospects for young people.

We celebrate this great victory together. France is proud to have contributed to it.

We can now seriously think of a diplomatic and political solution, but I want to add, to be absolutely clear that the military option must remain. Otherwise there won't be any pressure. I hope that it can be imposed by the U.N. Security Council.

There will not be a military solution to the Syrian conflict….

The chemical massacre in Damascus can't be left without a response, and France is ready to punish those who despicably gassed the innocent.

If the decision of the Congress isn't positive, France won't act alone, but it will assume its responsibilities, by supporting the democratic opposition in Syria, in a way that allows a response to be given.

Everything must be done for a political solution but this will only happen if the coalition is capable of looking like a real alternative.

It's only with such steadfastness, such clarity, and such responsibility that a political solution might one day prevail in Syria.

This was a victory. I was welcomed in Africa not for what I'd done, but for what I'd decided. Those who took action were the French soldiers. We defeated terrorism in Mali, we haven't defeated it everywhere. We won't wage war everywhere. We waged it there because we were called on by a friendly country, we were supported by Europe within the framework of international law.

We can't accept this kind of behaviour between partners and allies. What are the consequences? First of all, it must stop as soon as possible – I was going to say immediately. Next, negotiations or transactions in all areas can only be entered into after we have guarantees.

Being on the offensive means mobilising all our forces for employment and that's why I made a personal commitment to reversing the unemployment trend – some people said that I rushed into that without enough precaution. But I hold on to that promise and that's the road map for the government.

We need to develop the best level of research and to set a high bar for our educational system, but it also requires change: adapting our production processes, our transport system, making ecological change.

We have an obligation today is to make the same effort, but this time for growth, for economic activity and employment – especially for young people.

Regarding human rights and democratic principles, they are both part of the dialogue that we are having. It should not be seen as an obligation, we should simply put this issue as it should be: as part of frank and respectful political dialogue.

I seek and I call on everyone to seek peace. That means understanding and respect. Because everything now needs to be concentrated on and devoted to what is essential: the economic success of our country and national cohesion.

The policy that I'm putting forward is one of budgetary seriousness. It is indispensable. We must become competitive again, but we must also seek growth. And that can be achieved through a re-orientation of the priorities of Europe.

French banks will have to publish annually the full list of their subsidiaries in the world, country by country and explain their business. I won't hesitate to consider as a tax haven any country that refuses to cooperate with France.

I know nothing of these activities and if they don't conform to fiscal law, I ask the administration to take the necessary measures.

It is unpardonable, it is an outrage committed against the republic and the allegations themselves are intolerable.

The big Airbus contracts are an example for our economy of what it can do, what it must do, in terms of competitivity, in terms of research and innovation. In terms of training of personnel, also in terms of commercialisation.

His capacity for indignation had no bounds other than those of his own life. He leaves us a lesson: to refuse to accept any injustice.

For the moment it's best to operate with discretion to identify the exact place where the nationals are being held, probably in two groups, and to see how we can have them released in the best conditions.

France is in Mali and will continue in Mali until its mission is completed.

I am referring particularly to a terrorist group called Boko Haram which exists in this part of Cameroon.

France recognises the decision taken by the Pope, but we don't have more to say about something that is a Church matter.

We need to think about the place of our currency, the euro, in the world. It can't fluctuate according to the market's mood. A monetary zone must have an exchange rate policy or else it ends up being subjected to an exchange rate that does not match the true state of its economy.

A compromise is possible, but it must be reasonable and therefore we will have to reason those who want to cut the EU budget beyond what is possible to accept.

France has no intention of remaining here in Mali because it is Malians themselves, Africans, who will achieve security, independence and sovereignty in Mali. This is how I see Franco-African relations: respectful, democratic and transparent.

The fund will help our press adapt to the digital age. It will also help investment and innovation, which is good for the French press, for content and also for Google.

We will have to take these decisions in the next few months in order to enhance the European economy and the currency union.

Our mission is not over. Remember, it is to prepare for sending in an African intervention force, to allow Mali to recover its territorial integrity, in line with the resolutions of the UN Security Council.

You're asking what we will do to the terrorists if we find them? We'll destroy them, make prisoners if possible and make sure they can't do any more harm in the future. We are in an operation that is not simply to defend a line. Which line by the way? There are no frontiers in Mali's interior.

The fight against terrorism also means we have to take all precautionary measures neccesary here in France. I have asked the Prime Minister to reinforce France's national security alert system, and to establish surveillance of public buildings and transport infrastructure.

I, on behalf of France, responded to the request for assistance from the President of Mali, supported by the West African countries.

Mali is faced with blatant aggression, so I have decided that France will respond, alongside its African partners, to the request of the Malian authorities. We will do it strictly within the framework of the United Nations Security Council resolution. We are ready to stop the terrorists' offensive if it continues because it is a duty of solidarity and responsibility for France to uphold the Security Council's resolution.

It isn't for the abductors to tell us what to do. Or how to negotiate. The best way to get our nationals out of the hands of those who have kidnapped them is to say as little as possible and not to enter into any sort of debate.

For 132 years Algeria was subject to a profoundly unjust and brutal system. This system has a name, colonisation. And I recognise here the suffering that the colonisation inflicted on the Algerian people.

I don't think there are very serious prospects on Mr Berlusconi's front. He himself seems to have excluded his candidacy, however what is true with him one day can change the next day.

I have also asked that during Monday's meeting of the European Union's foreign affairs ministers, our Foreign Affairs Minister, Laurent Fabius, continue our work of convincing his counterparts, so that the recognition which France given can be followed by other declarations from European countries and even from the European Union.

My mission is a simple one: it is to recover growth and reduce unemployment. And it's on those results – and only those results – that I seek to be judged.

It's not an issue for Jews, but for all French citizens. This guarantee should be a priority in all schools, because no child should be scared of going to school.

The eurozone is on the point of coming out of the crisis of uncertainty and instability, but we are not at the end of the road yet. We need mechanisms, rules, and above all, action.

There was a deal last night, a good agreement, on timetables, taking all banks into account with the will to establish a mechanism. It's a good agreement, and must be seen as such.

There are proposals to strengthen budgetary union. We'll discuss those later. For the moment, banking union is at the top of the agenda for this summit. That's why Mrs Merkel and myself will discuss those next steps, but first we must complete the step of banking union.

I equally want to direct the attention of the French-speaking community to what is happening in Mali, a French-speaking country, where terrorism has entrenched itself in the North. Once again we must affirm our determination to fight against terrorism and guarantee Mali's territorial integrity.

What's urgent is to create growth conditions, to better control financial markets, to reinforce the eurozone, to install a new European control system and that's what we, France and Germany are working on.

When we drew up this reform, I thought how important it is that those earning way up there show a patriotic example.

I must set the course and the pace. The course is recovery for France. It has high unemployment, weakened competitiveness, considerable deficits and is historically indebted. My mission is to see our country recovers, and I'm going to give it two years. You tell me to speed things up, and I do!

I've had to put up taxes in circumstances where I would never normally have done so. But I did it because the duty of the government is always to act in the general interest, and therefore to correct the deficit and make reforms is crucial if we want the economy to grow and create employment.

And it's very important that not just the people, but more so the markets who are watching us, are also convinced of this permanence… of the cohesiveness of the project.

The Republic will doggedly pursue all anti-Semitic acts and remarks that could cause French Jews to feel anxious in their own country.

We should see Europe as having different speeds, taking what it wants from the union, and each can act at its own speed, while respecting the other countries, and this is the way to build a relationship of trust and a strong relationship.

I am hopeful that thanks to a reinforced cooperation with certain countries, we will launch a tax on financial transactions quickly, and when I say quickly, I mean for 2013.

We have economic power. We are a group of countries with a great history, with all the conditions to secure our future but we, ourselves, must make efforts.

This operation will begin in July, it will be put into place and completed by the end of 2012. Until then, everything should be done to make sure that our troops fulfil their obligations, but with the highest level of security and the utmost vigilance for the lives of our soldiers.

The regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has behaved in an unacceptable and intolerable manner and has committed acts which disqualify it. No solution to this situation is possible without the departure of Bashar al-Assad.

It's up to me and others to convince the Russians and Chinese, but also to find a solution that is not necessarily military.

Our withdrawal will be orderly and co-ordinated. More than 2000 of you will be back in France before the year's end. It's a big challenge to organise and in logistical terms. As the General has said, it's a real operation, and there will be risks.

I respect the views of Mme Merkel, when she says, Eurobonds are not an instrument of growth, as such, but they are an instrument which may allow growth under certain conditions, so that debate that will continue.

We share the belief that Greece must remain inside the eurozone, and that everyone must make an effort to achieve that. The Greeks will be consulted again in June elections and I want to send this message to the Greek people.

The country needs healing, reconciliation, bringing together. This is the role of the president, to contribute. For all of the French to live together.

I will propose to my European partners a pact that ties the necessary reduction of deficit to the indispensable stimulation of the economy.

There is no date set yet. I must prepare. I said that I was ready, now I must be completely ready to take up my role.

I imagine presiding over France is not a rest break, so I'm not campaigning intensely to become a pensioner tomorrow.

I would renegotiate the treaty signed by the outgoing candidate and the heads of state and government. I'm in favour of being serious and disciplined about budgets. More than a year ago I said a balance should be found in 2017 for our public accounts.

Our Europe can be the lever and the solution, unless it condemns itself to austerity, which is the direction the outgoing candidate has chosen, with the chancellor of Germany.

Even on the German side, things are changing. There's a new way of thinking regarding the ECB and eurobonds. There is a new mindset. I promise to come, the day after the presidential election, to renegotiate the policy and win vital support for promoting growth in our economies, to reduce unemployment and to solve the debt.

The jobless rate has gone up. If you take into account all of the people who are on lists, the rise is more than one million. This means there are four million people recorded.

If you look at the number of people who do not have any work at all, there are three million jobless in our country, this is a rise of 700,000. This is a lot, this is extreme, this is a record high. So, Nicolas Sarkozy, you said in 2007, that if the jobless rate does not go down to five percent of the active population, you would consider that as a failure. It's a failure.

I understand the suffering of many. I want to answer their call. Yes I want to reconquer the men and women who are angry and who sometimes give way, yes, a hundred times yes. But promises to compromise, a thousand times no.

I will renegotiate the treaty signed by the departing candidate, and the Head of State and the Government. I think there is an awareness which goes above and beyond the European left which may even involve conservatives who say to themselves 'it is not possible to continue along this path, otherwise it will be the populists who will take power.

I said before the first round that I would renegotiate the European budget treaty. You can't do away with it completely as it is essential. But there must be growth and activity and there must be a framework for Europe to lead us into the future and not to have austerity forever.

Here the supporters, sympathisers, citizens have only their job as their source of wealth. There is no difference between real work and fake work. Over here, we work. And when we don't work, we want to work and we ask for work…..The candidate of so-called 'true' work has been the candidate of true unemployment for the last five years.

I've understood the messages from the election first round. Firstly a message of rejection of the incumbent candidate, but also a message of anger and sometimes of suffering. So I must listen and transform these indications given by the voters.

In this battle, I'll tell you who my real adversary is. He has no name, no face, no party. He will never stand as a candidate, so will never be elected, and yet he – it – rules. This adversary is the world of finance.

So many unkept promises, so much recklessness, unadmitted failures. This justifies no second mandate!

I know the size of the task that awaits me. It's heavy. It's serious. I will have live up to the expectations of those French people who cannot stand any more of Nicolas Sarkozy's policies.

We knew this piece of news was coming for a a long time. We've always known it. The candidate president has been a president candidate for the last five years. No sooner was he elected than he was already campaigning. Barely was he incoming than he was already outgoing.

What I disapprove of is this useless controversy. It's these wounding divisions, it's this strife… do you realise an interior minister who should be putting the country in order, that's his peaceful mission, has just fanned the flames of division and discord, that's enough!

I would tell her simply that if we want growth as well as controlling public debt and containing expenditure, Europe itself must be a growth factor through the value of eurobonds.

Tomorrow we'll be in the real battle, the democratic battle and then we will have only two opponents: the right and the far right.

I felt people's concerns about our common future, the financial problems, the excesses of globalisation, the insufficiencies of Europe and the many attacks on the environment. I want to give to our nation, this big country which is France, the conscience to find, a project which will….help us to move forward again.

I've heard the concerns of Arnaud Montebourg's electors, who above all wanted to say something about the lack of rules governing globalisation, and on the importance of the financial sector.

Let's make it possible that on the night of the second round in a week's time, that I am the candidate who will allow France to regain its confidence, confidence in its future. I am the candidate of change.

France will once again be able to trust in the future … with a candidate of change.

It is up to him to decide himself what he would like to do, on both the personal and political front. Whatever has been said, a man with the abilities of Dominique Strauss-Kahn can be useful to his country.

The reform consists of asking for an extra effort from those who started their professional life early, who had the most demanding jobs, and who have worked for the longest.

There's unease and everyone feels it. Unease to see a president in such an unprecedented situation and unease about how long ago these things were going on.

If there is nothing to hide, then let's do things openly. As this inquiry will include all political parties, no information will be withheld and suspicion will be – I hope – removed. One question remains, should we be supplying the regime of Colonel Gaddafi with arms?

Why make the connection between immigration and national identity? I think the answer is in the words, the use of vocabulary.

If this information is confirmed, it would be extremely worrying because it would mean that the Interior Ministry is working for candidate Sarkozy.

What authority does the state have? How could the state fall so far, because of you?

There was one decision to take: don't sign the law and therefore withdraw what we call article eight, the first employment contract, the CPE. Instead of doing that he signs the law and announces he's going to talk with social partners – which at the moment don't want to – and spark more opposition to the law. I really believe he's complicated something that should've been simplified.

Our 'yes' must be clear; we are not making any confusion as to what it is about. For us, the sole subject of the consultation by referendum is the Constitutional Treaty; it is in no way Turkey or any other candidate for EU membership.

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